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    This week on Basics I'm going to talk to you about one of the most important steps of making great food: care and maintenance for your kitchen tools. I'll show you how to clean and season your cast iron, sharpen your knives, and more.
    Special Equipment & Tools
    Steel wool
    Knife sharpener
    Whetstone (two-sided, grits of 1000 and 6000)
    Honing steel rod
    Bar Keepers Friend
    Solution of 1:1 water to white vinegar
    Food grade mineral oil
    Boos Block Board Cream
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      NOTE: I accidentally said olive oil during the cast iron seasoning - I meant vegetable! Only use neutral-flavor oils like vegetable, canola, sunflower, or shortening!

      1. Cameyboy123

        also, drag the knife the opposite way when using a whetstone, you make sure the burr does not stick to the edge when sharpening when doing it that way

      2. Ryu Kai

        Is peanut oil okay to use?

      3. bigwetbutt

        @king james488 People have used flaxseed oil for a realllllllyyyy long time, every oil painting dating back to 600+ years ago used it as a binder. It's a very good oil,

      4. Mr. BlueSky

        Binging with Babish unless it’s sunflower oil from Eastern Europe, that stuff is definitely not a neutral oil lol

      5. king james488

        I'm not buyin this flaxseed thing... people seasoned cast iron for years without it.

    2. Ja C

      I really advocate people learning to sharpen on whetstones. It's going to take some time and a lot of frustration and even some pain, but once you're got it and you turn a 1-2 hour bumbling sharpening session to a 10-15 minute efficient session, not only will you feel great about learning something but you will mentally be familiar with how a blade sharpens and can pretty much ad hoc sharpen a knife on any hard flat surface for fast touch ups.

    3. Butool Hasnain

      Would have appreciated the video even more if you didn't have the water running the whole time while washing the cast iron skillet.

    4. eltiolavara9

      how are dull knifes more dangerous than sharp ones why do you need to do all that bullshit with the pan

    5. Lancealot Wade

      Babish try the work shark knife and tool sharpener easier than a stone

    6. benkovac boy

      If you want to sharpen a knife scary sharp buy a lansky sharpening system,it puts the angles right for you

    7. MikeTrack

      Vegetable oil? Dummy

    8. Sprok56

      That’s not asmr that’s nails on a chalkboard

    9. autofigure

      That was a very helpful video

    10. Luke Mckenna

      Babish: Stabs wooden counter Also banish: Do you respect wood Wood: Am I a joke to you

    11. Luke Mckenna

      You should use a lather strop after sharpening with a wet stone to remove the bores that built up from the wet stone

    12. JZPotter

      Real question, what's your opinion on red copper pans?

    13. Sunbir Gill

      Place the cast iron upside down when baking. Oil or coating is debatable. Respectable restorer uses vegetable shortening actually, if you don’t want to shell out the money for flaxseed oil. What do grandmas do? Cook bacon and actually use the cast iron. Don’t think they be using hipster oil.

    14. Carlos Garcia

      Tiny whisk?

    15. Jihad Toom

      Ahhh yess no knife tastes great without a generous seasong of kosher salt and freshly ground balck pepper

    16. darkySp

      Just looking at your gorgeous kitchen makes me want to create an exquisite recipe of my own...

    17. Teina Kore

      That's nice

    18. Adem Gun

      Man I love your sense of humour

    19. david whipple

      OMG what is that pan with the four stainless steel rivets?? I NEED one!!

    20. -RMz KING-

      I thought that you have to use olive oil when cast iron seasoning

    21. MLC - the_skrllex aka LACK4ANAME

      Can i use ajax instead of bonami

      1. Deboniako

        I have this question too

    22. Daniel

      its better to keep the stone moist when grinding. and many people slide the knife in the other direction too

      1. Deboniako

        Doing the motions in the other direction is not quite good. You get your knife so sharp that you can cut the stone surface. That also means that you have to start the sharpening process all over again.

    23. Sem Petro

      Dude ... Like wow... Like dude WOW !!! Speechless !!!!! WOW

      1. Max Hilliard

        Sem Petro Dude shut up like wow

    24. Fawad Alam

      that noise made me vomit

    25. Pt0wN973b0iI


    26. Lucas James

      Use a diamond stone instead unless you want to spend 100 on a lapping plate to flatten your waterstone, btw those are waterstones by definition, the term whetstone refers to any stone capable of sharpening, to mimic the 6000 grit side, use a leather strop

    27. redsquirrel0249

      That’s not why they call them whetstones, but ok

    28. Fury

      1:20 no steel in cast iron. You would know that.

    29. Rondre

      Why season your knife 2:13 That made me laugh so hard

      1. A Journey

        Wehn in dought season fresly wiht sælt adnd pepr

    30. Telamon8

      Note: quick sharpeners are no-good for sushi knives and other Japanese-style knives. Traditionally, those knives are sharpened only on one side and the other remains flat. A quick sharpener and other shortcuts sharpen both sides, which ruins the edge.

    31. Clayton Smith

      Bald bitch

    32. Clayton Smith


    33. marvin

      10 passes on the stone?

    34. Geremy Hayes

      Would I go by the stainless steel method for copper pans?

    35. LancerHalsey

      What was that stuff he used to clean stainless steel? My flatmate fucked up a while ago and every time I see the brunt mark on the pan I want to whack him with it.

      1. LancerHalsey

        Nevermind, I just realized the video has subtitles.

    36. Valerija Skrivanj

      My wooden boards live a long life with just a good scrub and olive oil.

    37. baseballhunter42

      You want as thin of a layer of oil as possible when you season your pans, that's the trick to avoiding a splotchy seasoning. After applying oil, you want to wipe it away to the point of not even being able to notice it's there. Also, don't get fooled into buying 'food safe' mineral oil, which is going to cost more. You can just go to any pharmacy, walmart, cvs, etc., and buy mineral oil there. It's sold as a laxative, it's meant for consumption. It's naturally food safe, labeling it as such is just a gimmick.

    38. Peacemuser

      Can you also use sandpaper instead?

    39. Nimbly

      Bar keepers friend is a wonderful product. If you have a hazed windshield on a car, or buildup on your gas stove, or deposits on your cookware. Hell, if you want to polish about anything.

    40. Aidan Patton

      shouldn't you sharpen the blade with the edge coming toward you?

    41. thehulk372

      I was always told NEVER EVER put soap on cast iron. It actually hurts the pan. Salt works perfectly though when cleaning!

      1. baseballhunter42

        It hurts the seasoning, which is why you want to avoid for normal cleaning, but if you're stripping the seasoning to start fresh it doesn't matter, it won't hurt the pan.

    42. Human Being

      5:21 Pan on his left: you didn't get my back bro! P.s.: Reflection of the cameraman can be seen on the side of the pan!

    43. BlackJ

      4:09 thats not how you use it.

    44. Daniel Miller

      Do you respect wood? I’m hoping that’s a Curb Your Enthusiasm reference

    45. MrSandman

      Lets be honest, im poor as fuck, and everytime it gets really bad i only eat dry cheap nudles. But watching Babish while eating it makes it feel so much better

    46. he yuhao

      3:08 22.5 degrees :P JK Great contents as always :P

    47. MeSoyCapitan

      You said the stone had 1000 and 6000 grit sides, but called the 1000 side the fine side. Pretty sure that's wrong. More grit per inch means the finer it is. 6000 is the fine side.

      1. SkeleMusic

        MeSoyCapitan correct, higher number = finer

    48. bobbyblazes1

      Soap in cast iron? Veg oil?? Goodbye.. please anyone reading check out food wishes

    49. H H

      If your wet stone gets uneven buy a brand new one and rub them together to flatten out the stone. Only use the flattening stone for flattening the other stone

    50. Bouvard C.

      I love you babish but you need to read up on your knife sharpening.....

    51. Happy Frog

      I thought he was gonna make a cast iron

    52. blah blah

      3:21 Sooo... Let me tell you the story of how Andrew helped me find my ideal ASMR trigger sounds.

    53. Tori Smith

      This is so helpful! Thanks! I was suffering though when you turned on the noise for knife sharpening. Idk why but that noise bothers me to much! Haha

    54. AchilleH

      Damn I could’ve saved so much research time if I found this earlier

    55. The Llama Sandwich

      My cast iron is a doubledecker and a built in rack for different seasoning and a complimentary house with a unnecessarily large kitchen

    56. ReeganTheFish

      Just a couple things, flaxseed oil has been deemed the best for seasoning cast irons but is expensive. You also generally want your oven as hot as it can go. Also, those pull through knife sharpeners takes off way too much steel. Just go whetstone all the way. You also should be finding the angle that your knife was ground at the factory. Do this by placing the knife flat, and increasing the angle until the knife is flush with the stone. Then sharpen at this angle as you normally would. Aside from that, loving the content babby.

    57. ichaukan

      With utmost respect to the both of you, I have to say you're my other Alton Brown.

    58. Steven DelValle

      2:47 For those curious, they're called whetstones because whet literally means "to sharpen".

    59. grimTales1

      Does Babish have a video on maintaining non stick fry pans?

    60. Peter Parker

      5:28 cutting board sanitizer.

    61. Peter Parker

      Never ever stab a chef knife into a butcher block, that's how tips get broken and it's disrespectful.

    62. 2lazy :T

      5:19 that sounds like some gay BDSM stuff

    63. Tobias Buch

      If you have a double sided whetstone with a side of grit 1000 and a side of grit 6000, you should use the 6000 grit in end not the 1000 grit, since the grit 6000 is the finer of the two. 3:48

    64. James Boyle

      Man I like cooking pretty well but I can’t imagine taking an entire weekend or 3 or 4 to do all of this maintenance.

    65. Maria J

      is anyone gonna mention that Babby didn’t use the BKF on the bottoms of the skillets?!?!?! lol! I always do both sides to ensure it looks brand new.

    66. Paul Hazel

      I’m sold on babish doing infomercial p

    67. Shawn Rotstein

      Thank you so much for the tutorial it saved my frying pan. We watch your videos when they come out you are awesome.

    68. Richard Burgoyne

      I would hone your knife before and after using it. For anything.

    69. Zuriel Guillen

      Wait, did he use the 6k side of the stone and THEN the 1k side??!!!

    70. KP

      This video is so useful.

    71. D. Steven

      Kitchen care?! You can't eat that.

    72. G4Tanus

      *Not even kosher salt and freshly ground pepper can save your knife Babish.*

    73. Paul Roberson

      "Pain in the nads" is the best version of that saying!

    74. Nicholas Pipitone

      Some whetstones need oil, and others don't use water/oil at all. Whetstones aren't called whetstones because they need to be wet. (If you actually care, "Whet" is a ye olde english way to say "sharpen". Ie, it's a Sharpening Stone)

    75. Quantum Plays

      Babish, what about burn marks. I have a bunch of pots where the bottom and side are covered in burn spots. I cant seem to get them off.

    76. Anastasia Rene

      Thanks for this. I loaned my great grandmothers cast iron pan to someone and it was returned to me encrusted in what I think was rock-hard burnt cheese. Seriously, even the outside bottom of the pan was coated. No clue what he did! 40+ years of seasoning down the drain… Had to boil the damn thing to get the crust off, then soap it heavily and scrub it with steel wool, then hit it with some heavy duty Easy Off and then re-season.

      1. Pt0wN973b0iI


    77. Namita Sharma

      Thank you so much! :D helpful to know

    78. R Coca

      3:24 Thanks!

    79. 2PacPRNDL

      The Knife Spa got me good

    80. Okemos Tech

      Based on advice from an old-timey sharpener at the local farm market, I went out and found Flax Oil for all my cast iron. The initial odor is a bit strong, but I've never seen better seasoning. Highly recommended. Also, it's "whetstone", not 'wet stone'. But yes, make it wet before using.

    81. kawasakininja13

      I've figured it out, he sounds like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

    82. Blacxout _

      I liked the wink personally.

    83. king james488

      *stabs knife into table a min later "do you respect wood?

      1. Raphael

        king james488 Curb reference

    84. Chauncey J. Brandom

      That wink😍

    85. ann f

      We need an episode solely expanding on the plot of 2:07-2:19

    86. SnowMonkeySoFunky

      If I'm sharpening and honing back to back, which should I do first?

    87. Raed Skerek

      Why no love for my simple man Non-Stick :(

    88. Ash Holloway

      Hey Babs, love the videos - bought a whetstone because of you! Regarding the cast iron seasoning: Would clarified butter be an acceptable fat to coat the pan with? I feel as if the dairy issue would be removed at this point leaving only a high smoke point fat.

    89. Sarah Weiler

      “Shouldn’t have winked. Just then. That was weird.” No Daddy. You’re just fine. Juuuust fine.

    90. PinkDuck

      I really love this video because kitchen maintenance is very important to and alot of people forget about that

    91. DaryleneZ

      like your voice and jokes

    92. OptimusPhillip

      Oh, so honing is basically stropping.

    93. Ryan Miller


    94. OnkleFester Adams

      @Binging with Babish, I hope to do a crossover with Burrfection on Knife Sharpening.

    95. Saia Kakaru

      How do you sharpen serrated knives?

    96. Gab Stevens

      I thank you for teaching me how to feed myself like an adult 🙃

    97. Mike Roach

      I was really hoping you were going to show us how you keep your sheet pans so pristine. I've been thinking you must buy new ones for every episode, they're so clean!

    98. Bejita Sama

      When you season the knife, that killed me 😂😂

    99. Anime McAnimeFace

      Those pull through sharpeners will kill your knife. My grandfather used those on his hunting knife and it looks like a filet knife now.

    100. SuffuFFaffiss

      PLEASE don't use a carbide sharpener like that one. You can see the steel being peeled off the knife. Use a stone. It's harder, but your knives will last so much longer.