KINGDOM HEARTS III - Winnie the Pooh Trailer (Closed Captions)

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    Sora returns to 100 Acre Wood with KINGDOM HEARTS III! Check out additional gameplay revealing Sora’s team-up attacks with Rapunzel and Captain Jack Sparrow. Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches!
    KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. Big Jim

      Almost a year and still trying to figure out what sets this one apart.

    2. Normah Mohammad Noor

      Okay my brothe play kingdom hearts to!

    3. Mr. Gibus

      1:04 umm the frick there's no enemys to fight in that area, only on your first time visiting twilight town are there enemys and by then you wouldn't even have access to Hunny Spout keyblade.

      1. DroptopGazer

        Mr. Gibus That was what you mentioned, the first fight of the world with the nobodies but I believed they scratched the keyblade out after release but just picked that spot for some reason to show the hunny launcher

    4. Vegeta Briefs

      OK! Square? Next game...Make the Hundred Acre Wood "story" be based around The Tigger if you're going to make it mandatory to complete the story like this game at least give it some substance!

      1. Infinite Games Denderotto

        I think Hundred Acre Wood is done, at least feels like it in KH3

    5. Lina Zhu

      I just loved Sora. He is nice and make friends very easily. 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    6. ARMS Can

      I thought Johnny deep it’s going to be in Kingdom hearts

    7. Shucayb Karie

      Xehanort's New voice

    8. punchparty 400

      I’m glad they did something about Winnie’s massive caveman eye brow thing from KH 1 and 2

    9. Petar Djurisic

      Souless come for Pooh Sora:Are you ready? Pooh:Blood is sweeter than honey... Sora:What? Pooh:What?

    10. Asri Anugerah Gustini

      Utada Hikaru never fails to sing this theme game

    11. abe perdomo

      First verse of the song reminds me of me living in the United States of America

    12. lanojo87

      “Tadashi would’t want a Baymax who hurts people.” Geez, just stab me in the feels why don’t you?

    13. shannon boundy

      2 more day's been waiting for this for 13 bloody years cry's so glad I'm still alive to play this I poor sorry for the people who past away don't worry you will be in our hearts helping us to take on the heartless and darkness :D

    14. shannon boundy

      dam im crying Winnie the Pooh says i want us to be together forever :[ that making me cry ffs AHH

    15. Veadeo Spiele

      I was kinda hoping they ditch the winnie the pooh story now for maybe a different disney character like maybe oswald?

    16. Drifter 1

      A few more days Guys!

    17. Devin Dyquisto


    18. Maximilian Bernard

      I wonder if Sora would always visit Pooh and his friends whenever something dark/tragic happens in the game (KH3)?... ;(

    19. JS A


    20. Andre Wu

      You tell nicob before he plays

    21. Kirby Kirbs

      I'm gonna love the mini games

    22. Specter TV

      Switch Port?

    23. Brandon J Larry

      0:30 look the ground is that Raidant Garden???

    24. Ski3hub

      Soras voice is so weird.

    25. Ocean Anderson

      I think terra's lingering will is going to take back his body in this game

    26. Assassin Strife

      damn you square enix Leonard nimoy is the only xehanorth.

    27. Assassin Strife

      did hayner try to kick ansem?

    28. A.J. DeNofa

      As excited as I am, this new game looks kind’ve complicated. I still haven’t found anything on a strategy guide for it. I hope the story has a happy ending like Sora takes Kairi to all the worlds he has been to (minus Monsters Inc because she is too hot to be made into a monster) and show her the time of her life. And for an epilogue, it takes place 16 to 20 years into the future with Sora & Kairi married and Roxas, Namine, & Xion have been reborn through them as their children. Roxas & Namine are twins while Xion comes is born a year after them. I was thinking triplets, but i don’t want Kairi to explode.

    29. Alexander T Great

      Who is it at 0:37?

    30. Groisu

      Good lord why did yall have to call it the Xiblade that was to confuse people on purpose right? Like theres no other reason

    31. 𝕍𝕆𝕃𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔼

      I made a tribute video for Kingdom Hearts Face My Fears if you'd like to support, I can't wait to play this!!!

    32. Arionna Oglesby

      "Tadashi wouldn't want a baymax that hurts people" "O K A Y"

    33. PlayerOne Gamer!, Vloger!,

      OHHHHH. The Lingering Will is back!

    34. EskChan19

      Yay, Lingering Sentient returns. Is the fight of Sora vs Lingering Sentient canon by the way? I know the KH1 Final Mix fight of Sora vs Xemnas is canon but i'm not sure about this one.

    35. Zenphyrus


    36. nocturne!!

      is nobody going to talk about 0:30? i thought his eyes were supposed to be like a blue-green colour FAR FROM THAT theyre more like,,,yellowey *is he norted?* *i keep getting told he is*

    37. EL Frikki Maniaco NGO

      and if they make dlc of the worlds of marvel and star wars possibly

    38. 2005zhane

      0:25 -- Hayner when he heard there was a vacant spot to be a main character in the KH franchise.

    39. Atlas Nations

      I'm more surprised Disney didn't want to include clone wars in this game

    40. Samin Chandra

      Who is the tiger at 0:36

      1. Uganda Hater

        He's from kingdom hearts unchained and from 2 of the kingdom hearts 1.7/3.14÷9

    41. Bulooo Mister

      My friends from China asked me who is winnie the pooh

    42. Blair Thandi

      Holly shit, they will have the lanterns from Tangled in here, Daaaaaammmmmm.

    43. 0DarkEagle

      Could have sworn Demyx had green eyes in KH2

      1. 0DarkEagle

        @nocturne!! Well if KH3 is the last game in Sora's story then he will probably go back to normal. Whoever he was before becoming a nobody.

      2. nocturne!!

        @0DarkEagle i dont know what he was thinking but im...sad about it honestly. hes my favourite org xiii member and one of my favourite characters in the whole game,, so it makes me sad to know that he got norted,

      3. 0DarkEagle

        @nocturne!! Well they weren't that color so wtf was Master Xehanort thinking when he made Demyx his vessel of all Organization 13 members?

      4. nocturne!!

        or cyan, whatever

      5. nocturne!!

        he did they were bright blue

    44. Will Brown

      This on .25x speed is a riot!

    45. Nightfall Shadow

      Voice acting sounds like fucking shit. Like the kind a fucking middle school kid would record.

    46. Samiul Islam Mahir

      Terra-xehanort and armored terra are batteling i think terra can take back his body

    47. Sonoxas

      Called Winnie the Pooh trailer, but world only makes 2 appearances 😂😂



    49. Willem Rowe

      *Mientras pueda jugar KH3 en japonés subtitulado todo será genial.(no pasaba con las anteriores entregas pero espero que esta si pase x"d)*

    50. Elitza Ivanova

      *Spits out drink* well...... IM READY AND NOT READY AT THE SAME TIME

    51. Marquis Bean

      KH2: The 1000 heartless battle was the epic moment in Kingdom Hearts history. KH3: Hold my beer.

    52. Pastykake

      Old man Xehanort definitely has a different voice actor.

    53. Aidan D'souza

      I’m literally crying 😭

    54. Angelblade717

      Trailer: _mentions Tadashi_ Me: *starts crying*

    55. StickFigure

      From the developers that brought you the 1,000 Heartless battle, get ready for... the 10,000 Heartless battle!

    56. Rinka Chan

      next january i will cry so much 😂😅😢

    57. BooBop1987


    58. 6900 subs With no vids???

      Who tf shoved a pack of cough drops down xehanorts throat jesus

    59. SocLH

      "I want us to be together forever. "

    60. DarkVoidOblivion

      Terranort; 'WHO ARE YOU?' Lingering Will; >:(

    61. Terra A


    62. Lily Shimizu

      Am I the only one who’s really upset that Axel/Lea doesn’t get a new outfit??? Why the hell is he still in the organization’s cloak?? I feel cheated.

    63. Steve Smith

      R.I.P. Leonard Nemoy

    64. ANGG7231

      ❤️❤️❤️ winnie pooh

    65. Sonic The Hedgehog

      Some of the voice actors are umm ok I guess

    66. Adam Scaife

      Why aren't there any sound effects? Is this intentional or a result of dubbing or what?

    67. Whoever threw that Iggy, your moms a Hoe-taro!

      *intense stoutness*

    68. TreyInvader

      Whats that song?

    69. Disney Boy

      Master Xehanort's new voice actors sounds familiar...... but I can't put my finger on it..... hmmmmmm..... Oh yeah...... he sounds like Power Rangers's The Keeper from Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge.

    70. Dead Potato

      My nigga will gonna kick some ass