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    Find out more about Kingdom Hearts 3:
    "The light is gathering together
    Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose."
    Originally aired at the SQUARE ENIX E3 2018 Showcase.
    On their quest to defeat the darkness, Sora, Donald, and Goofy run into familiar friends and foes as they adventure through Disney and Pixar worlds, including Frozen, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Tangled!
    KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Heathsroms2

      it's sad how people have actually disliked this dis is an amazing game

    2. Akash Sharma

      Xemnas: Nothing will please us more than Roxas's return. Roxas: Fat chance, you slime.

    3. Rhyperior Ranger

      Lol we actually thought Aqua got Nort’d

    4. bayoo3

      So uhhh anyone here after finishing the game?

      1. HailedSpace25

        bayoo3 yes

    5. BlueNation's Bin

      My dad told me if I give his m8 RDR2 for a week We can kingdom hearts 3 for a week Kingdom hearts looks like shit

    6. E.M. L.

      Is that Utada Hikaru singing? 😲I still remember her song, Simple and Clean when the first Kingdom Hearts came out. edit: And is that Kairi at 2:55?

    7. Slainby

      soo many spoilers tho =(

    8. Fishfish212


    9. endronesian

      29th... Can't wait

    10. thepantweaver

      "Mickey, you're too late" being said with such a straight face and no irony is so aggressively dumb and also everything I love about this series.

    11. Brandon Kohout

      Only Sora can save his friends and the entire Disney universe.

    12. Fishfish212


    13. Yello Duzzit

      "Give me Strength!" Vyse?? Oh no! Im having a lack of Skies of Arcadia attack

    14. Cloud .fantasy

      12ans et pas de vf👎

    15. Cloud .fantasy

      Pas de vf😨🗼 foutage de gueule😠

    16. Starry Angel


    17. BenevolentToaster WithFries

      God dammit. I've avoided the trailers as I heard there was a pretty big spoiler, but read in a random comment on a post completely unrelated to Kingdom Hearts about Aqua falling to darkness. I caved and watched it after that. Devastated to see it's true, worst Christmas present ever!!! Noooooo

    18. hirviherra


    19. Wan Fathanah

      I love Roxas more than Ventus so if he is bring back just for Ventus,I am gonna get very angry.I also want him to comeback as a human that have heart not as a data.

    20. 6900 subs With no vids???

      I think only non kh players think this is anime cuz of their hair lmao

    21. snowykitten

      Did anyone else laugh when Sora got pushed out of the way by Donald and goofy when they went to go greet Mickey and riku?

    22. kayla ramirez

      Monopoly in person jkkko the next

    23. Scrat Powell

      Why did they use the coronation version of Elsa in Disney kingdom hearts 3

      1. Scrat Powell

        Evelyn L. She supposed to be in her regular dress at the beginning the middle and the end and even a whole appearance with her regular dress on in the whole actual real game of Disney kingdom hearts 3 which is her dress after the let it go song and the rest of the movie frozen

      2. Scrat Powell

        Evelyn L. She is supposed to be in her regular dress in this game at the beginning the middle and the end that's the whole appearance in this game

      3. Evelyn L.

        Why not? That was what she looked like before Let It Go.

    24. اذلفقار Alaa

      مسلسل لو فلام

    25. SIKU Jacob


    26. Yuri Estevam

      I mean, It've been 5 years that I'm hyped for this

    27. mystyle _jm

      Do you think Adam Nimoy, Son of Leonard Nimoy will take his father's place as Old Master Xehanort? Just like Christopher Doohan voiced as Montgomery Scott in Star Trek Online in place of his father James Doohan. Imagine in English Credit, it will says in 'loving memory of Leonard Nimoy'. I wish for Vulcan Salute.

    28. Jacob Drake

      I really hope I cant beat this game in 3 days. so many games are so short they arent worth the wait at all. hopefully they will deliver

      1. plumex

        Well i saw that one of the leaker said it’s about 30 hours long :/

      2. Vivalafred

        80+ hrs

    29. Blue Caban

      I know now without a doubt... KINGDOM HEARTS IS LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    30. Thomas Ivan Gallito

      Sora should have a keyblade "Everafter"

    31. Sir Yeetus XIV

      Is that the Demon Tide I will literally die happy if we get to fight that mound of shadows again, great fight.

    32. Ronan Ja

      Frozen and tangled are in this game awesome plus pirates

    33. Ronan Ja

      I’m definitely going to buy this game

    34. Jacqueline Roberts

      Looks like Sora can cook food just like you can in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

    35. feliciaSC

      Where’s my boi Ventus

    36. VANBB


    37. creativevision

      Why do none of these characters ever stay dead?

    38. Spectra Light

      Yay Roxas wasn't forgotten!

    39. Venn

      So Hayner tries to kick Ansem and fails so Ansem sends a mob of heartless after him so he runs and sees Sora and just casually says hello to him and keeps on running. Best game 10/10

    40. Rubisenia Zamoracruz

      Oh boy am I excited!

    41. _Monty97

      3 more months ... I’ve literally spent my whole life waiting for this game 😭😭😭😭

    42. MoiWaifu

      1:56 to 2:07 is supposed to be dramatic and stuff, but they forgot to add in the sound effects

    43. ParkerTheOne

      *violent chair banging because there's no chance of a switch version but it's kingdom hearts 3 so hell yeah*

    44. Xemnas 13

      You know I just realized! There were seven original keyblade wielder's. Ira of the Unicorn. Invi of the Snake. Aced of the Ursus. (Bear) Ava of the Vulpus. (Fox) Gula of the Leopard. Including Luxu and the MoM (Master of Masters). The five of them died in the war, MoM vanishes and Luxu observes the outcome of the war. Now this is My Sora the incarnation(reborn) form of the Master of Masters?! Think about guys! Only the MoM can use 2 keyblades and create more of them!!

    45. soma.

      as someone who's only experience with this series are hazy memories of playing recoded, I'm gonna try and figure out what's going on uuh, so this light apparently gathered Donald, Goofy, and an anime man(I think) to embark on a quest of self insert fan fiction where they beat up evil armored things with no pupils. he(?) has a magical shapeshifting key that he uses to do basically everything? he- ok they called him(?) sora- is being threatened by a pirate vampire from hot topic, and his squad of yellow eyed edgy bois that want to get this person named rocksas(however you spell it) to come back? or maybe they're lying, they look very suspicious, but sora wants to get him/her back too? from inside him or something? also mickey's there and being talked by another anime chick that also seems to be a bad guy. she's not wearing the hot topic coat, but all the bad guys in this game seem to have yellow eyes. ...I'm kinda confused

    46. Thomas Calderon

      Can we call aqua’s keyblade Kingdom Seeker?

    47. Lani Wahine

      Wow I still have the first game when Sora and Riki was young and when Riki had long hair

    48. Adamatronamus

      Really liked the first game. Hated the second but I don't know why. I'm thinking the converluded story really took me out.

      1. Balnazzardi

        Well you really had to play atleast Chain of Memories to fully understand KH 2's storyline.....overall though I think it was lot better game than the first, especially because the storyline got more interesting and complicated. Anyhow if you ever want to fully enjoy KH 3, you pretty much have to play all the other games in the franchises as well (or atleast watch the cutscenes)

    49. Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo

      Why is this trailer so fucking awkward

      1. Adamatronamus

        No sound effects.

    50. Goggles Veemon

      i love all facial expresions here but Mickey´s, whats with that perpetual smile? they tried to give him the same face as the Mickey mask people use in Disney?

    51. Goggles Veemon

      0:18, gotta love the look of indiference Sora has in this shot, after watching a woman suddenly appear out of nowhere while Jesus runing over a lake he is all like "meh, not the weirdest thing ive saw to be honest"

    52. Curiosità Videogiochi

      Guarda il nostro ultimo video "CURIOSITA' KINGDOM HEARTS PARTE 1" !!

    53. Akz E

      0:57 God damm that line brings back so many memories GIVE ME STRENGTH

    54. z

      I love this Kingdom Hearts saga forever

    55. Vincent Romei

      Unpopular opinion. I’ve been a fan since the ps2 days. And I remember the hype when kingdom hearts 2 came out. The shock and awe of this trailer is nothing compared to when kingdom hearts 2 was brand new releasing its first trailer. I must have watched the “another side another story - Deep Dive” video a thousand times. I’m still excited for this game though. But the 100% magic seems to be missing somehow..

      1. Matthew0337

        Vincent Romei Maybe this trailer will change your mind

      2. Clark Kent

        Because you are older duh. And half these new Disney characters suck compared to Mulan, Hercules, Aladdin, Little Mermaid etc.

    56. Travrinity

      Is Aqua now the main antagonist?

    57. Sir Deus Midi

      Lmao no sound whatsoever

    58. Tazgot Juice

      I can’t waitttt 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    59. Nour Gilinsky

      Sora for Smash Bros

    60. Usual Rain

      "That's Amazing You Can Control ICe!" Literally Can cast ice fire and lightining spell since the beginning

    61. David Welsher

      I was expecting final fantasy tactics... Guess that's not happening... 😞

    62. M T

      0/10 no pc port. what a waste of time, gonna be watching a friend playing on ps4 at 720p hardly 30fps.

    63. chronicle 7820

      Xemnas:Nothing would please us more than roxas's Return, Ofcourse Me:Damn roxas even Xemnas is your fan the hell 😮

    64. Cybercity Oedo 808

      If I was Xeyahnort and possed Aqua I wonder what I would do first?... ... :P ;)

    65. Sk8er907

      I need Master Eraqus to come through. He's been letting Xehanort call the shots for far too long in a shared body. What happened to him being a master!

    66. Penelope Nurse-Pup


      1. 223and_YT

        Aqua wouldn’t be so weak to give in, so I think she gave in to get out and get Ventus out of there though knowing she would do it the evil way. There would be a reason for Aqua to give in.

    67. Rhyperior Ranger

      2:26 So who is voicing not Ansem this time? Because that doesn’t sound like old man Joeseph Joestar. It sounds like Paul St. Peter

      1. Patrick Mahoney

        He sounds the same to me. Maybe because he sounds calmer and more quiet than usual as Ansem here? Either way, if it makes you feel any better, Richard Epcar did make a tweet after one of the E3 trailers here, so I would think it's safe to assume it's him voicing Ansem again:

      2. Rhyperior Ranger

        Patrick Mahoney I know he’s SUPPOSED to voice him but here it doesn’t sound like him. It sounds like Xemnas’ voice is coming out of not Ansem’s mouth

      3. Patrick Mahoney

        Oh okay. Then it's Richard Epcar.

      4. Rhyperior Ranger

        Patrick Mahoney no I didn’t mean Xemnas. I meant the seeker of darkness

      5. Patrick Mahoney

        If by "not Ansem" you mean Xemnas, it's always been Paul St. Peter voicing him.

    68. SophieTheLoaf

      I see how it is Aqua. You tell people you gon' lead them out of the darkness or whatever. And then one year later you fall into darknes... A'ight so what's the truth

    69. MedievalShadows 2

      At 1:47 *just cries*