KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind [DLC] TGS 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

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    KINGDOM HEARTS III is available NOW on Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind DLC is coming this winter. Challenge yourself to new boss battles, master Sora's new form, learn more about the members of Organization XIII, and more!
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. DEATH ANGEL1178

      what song is this

    2. AhhNick

      Just want a bunch of boss fights

    3. Film Thread

      Are we going to have to replay the entire game in order to play these new add ons? It would be cool if they added a "Chapter select' Feature so you can go back and play any level.

    4. David big

      データを修正することはできませんが、TwitterアカウントはKHUx Saveです! そして、ゲームはこのエラーメッセージと言っています! どうしたらいいかわからないので助けてください! 私は私のセーブを保存したいと考えています! キャラクターID:4457910

    5. Keisean Campbell

      Man I’m getting so excited 🤪🤪

    6. Ale Zanetti

      Perdo la testa

    7. Austin Johnsen

      Current gen Naminé looks cute doesn’t she?

    8. The Doctor

      And still not a single Final Fantasy character. Awesome

    9. n543576

      Hmmm DLC for shit that should have already been in the game eh? Guess im one of the few more disgusted then excited. 13 years waiting for a game that was ultimately incomplete when it came out so DLC is needed to cover it up.

    10. stripe801

      just beat criticaL mode & was pretty disappointed. hope these new fights get crazy. i Loves being other characters besides sora

    11. No One

      Looks like intro cutscenes to some of the fights as well who knows

    12. Saulman

      After all this time; my autism sweat still leaks over this shit. I've already preordered.

    13. Nathan Williamson

      Please have a kissing scene between Sora and Kairi That will be a great happy ending note for them.

    14. shaggy raggy

      Ventus: Skates on top of his ice covered keyblade. Me: "Oh so that's where roxas got his skatboarding skills from in kh2"

    15. Kaitlin Hanson

      All most there

    16. Nadia chii

      Can someone please tell me in what order to play all sequels plz? It's really confusing.... I've played none.

      1. Nadia chii

        @Katie Pendock omg thank you so much for spending so much time and sharing all you know (´゜艸゜)💕 really thank you!! (ಥ_ಥ)💖

      2. Katie Pendock

        I would recommend: KH1 > Chain Of Memories (Or the Remaster) > KH2 > KH: 358/2 Days (the movie in the ps4 collections is ok but if you can find it on DS, it's a worthy play if you're good with the grind of in game "daily" makes the story hit you in the gut that much more) > KH Birth By Sleep (Or Remaster) (Terra, then Ven, Then Aqua) > Re:coded Movie (eh I am not too fussed about digging out the game for it, take it or leave it, but the lore has some key concepts, pay attention to worldlines and datascapes!) > Dream Drop Distance (3DS or PS4 are both fun, whichever bundle or platform you dig is good ^^) > the Back Cover X movie > Birth By Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage (The name is almost longer than the's a tech demo where you get to play as Aqua! It's Rad!) And then you're good to go for KH3. If you have time, you can also sneak in some KH Union X on your phone but it's not critical for KH3. But it will be pretty important for after KH3 events. There's some overlap of things timeline-wise...but this is about as good of a blend of release order and emotional impact and storyline as I think you'll get. Enjoy the ride!

    17. Darius baldas

      I wanna european dub please

    18. RoXas 2000

      The theme in the back is The 13th struggle right? I mean at the beginning lol

    19. Kavya

      @all OK, I believe you comments: Jump in the line, rock your body in time!

    20. demiraichan

      Oh look its the part of the game they didn't finish on time. Dlc should not be IMPORTANT STORY PLOT

      1. Shinso Percival

        @Spencer C 100% agreed

      2. Spencer C

        if anything it being dlc is an improvement

      3. Shinso Percival

        @Аюр Раднаев exactly

      4. Аюр Раднаев

        Pffff, not in Kingdom Hearts case. Every game in series have added story content later.

    21. GPhoenix

      So if the data battles are going to be much harder versions of all 13 organization members is there a chance that we'll fight young xehanort with his bbs powers? Because my square button would like to object to that.

    22. Stone Free


    23. lemwolf232

      ....I'm still lost with this story.

    24. EDGE DUTCH

      dumb AF

    25. Pronicktheblade

      KH Lore: 残酷な瞬間 Me: Idk I'll just play the game like a casual

    26. The Boss

      So , cut content as DLC.

    27. Michael Garrett

      DLC huh excited even though I can’t understand what’s going on

    28. Young MX

      Hopefully we'll get to fight Young Xehanort in toy world and Vanitas in Monster world.

    29. Zx xX


    30. Tyeler Nelson

      *"Coming This Winter"* Ah shit, here we go again

    31. --


    32. Zaneurus

      This better shed some light on that before and after credits scene..

    33. Luna Rose Snow Quartz

      Me and my friend: *freaking out* Me: Wait- OMG *T E A* Also Me: *BETTER SIT BACK AND BUCKLE THE FUUCK UP, CUZ HERE WE GO*

    34. MrPokemon907

      Sora for Super Smash Bros...ULTIMATE!!!!!

    35. Qwaffle Kwonk

      1:05 fun fact the master of masters is voiced by tomokazu sugita who voiced Jonathan joe star in jojo part 1

      1. mookil lays

        i think you mean joseph joestar from part 2 also, he voiced gintoki from gintama, berry niceu

    36. Lorde Voldemort

      I think the only reason why I stayed to Kingdom Hearts was because of it's music and gameplay, 358/2, KH2 and Bbs were goooooood, I enjoyed them the most plotwise, other games in terms of plot are just *mEhhhhh* 🐐

    37. Treimax 41


    38. VirginieLyon

      We want japanese dub !

    39. Ai Enma

      Hey guys let’s make the story more confusing with this DLC......

    40. Radio X

      Ssdd is what it should be called.

    41. The Last Moogle

      Maybe in this DLC, Kairi will finally do something!

    42. Fco Javier Jurado Anelo

      Hmmmm so close for Games Award maybe and posible sora dlc for smash announcement...

      1. Super Mario Gamer 001

        Yes. YES!!! It needs to happen!!!

    43. Geenaxion

      No info on the price yet?

    44. Just Jun

      What is this a remix of? Sounds so familiar

    45. Blueblur1991


    46. MrPokemon907

      [MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS] Read at your own risk (for having the plot line spoiled for you at all) Okay. Let me explain for you all (who may be wondering). Sora dived into the rift between at the final hours of Kingdom Hearts 3. Let's *CALL* it the rift between life and death. In a sense, Sora is in place for rewriting events through time. {That would explain Namine at all being in this trailer}. With all that has happened, let's just say that Sora isn't content with the way things are and have been. The title Re:Mind is a nudge at a DEEP point for the Kingdom Hearts series. It's never really Re:Wind, but will always be Re:Mind. ((Even edit itself is illusion)) The Kingdom Hearts series is gonna be shaken u BIG time by this one. #Get excited 9/9/2019 - 999

    47. ari saputra

      What sora ada naumine talking about?

    48. Flip Flop

      So like they are making the fights longer and better

    49. Kazuma - kun

      Did you know that if you cut out 3% of the Kingdom Hearts franchise plot, that 3% would be 97% good enough of a plot.

    50. TTVmonstermuffin

      OMG the hypeeee

    51. Ricky Nguyen

      sora vs vanitas remnant?

    52. Troy Rumsey

      When this winter? A. December B. January C. February D. March E. None of the above

      1. Matty Taps


      2. Reza Pahlawan


    53. cristobal caro

      Se viene ctm

    54. Kayla Mchaney

      Does anyone know what song was used for the trailer? it was so good!!

      1. JH24821

        Oscurità di Xehanort

    55. EliYahu

      So..... everything that should of been in the base game?

      1. thatwrengirl

        Was hoping someone else was thinking this too.

      2. No more Man Dead


    56. Ēxid •하니

      My little brother is a big fan of kingdom hearts 3 n gladly he already finished it , i remember he always mumbled to me about kh3 dlc ... Somehow he is actually a cancer patient , something like intestines cancer ? Last week he passed away ..... . I dont ask for sympathy but by watching this trailer made me remind of him , i love u , dainal , may u rest in peace

    57. Gregory Despines

      *see's terranort and lingering will fight* Me: *rage awakening intensifies*

    58. rocketman jeff

      whose ready for the dlc even tho it should all be free and part of the game originally??

    59. Dauon Kim

      Release Date?

    60. Kyrie Espayos

      Square Enix:Not yet good enough Me:Please stop there are too many games to handle

    61. HLGToys

      "Coming this winter" Winter skips for 6 years

    62. Essence Wolf

      Oh so now we get mechanics we already had in KH2?

    63. MissJeon Judy

      What ost is this?

    64. core glitch


    65. Eighth Note

      Someone could explain what's going on? The past is happening without Sora?

      1. Eighth Note

        @binkyboy448 OMG! Thank u.

      2. binkyboy448

        The working theory is that this is what happened when Sora used the Power of Waking to save Kairi at the end of KH3. Now he's focusing on that while the others fight their own battles.

    66. Eighth Note

      we're finally discovering why Xehanort is remarkably important.

    67. illia 123 gamer

      ‌when come language English?

    68. Geek Gamer Totem

      No FF characters and history passing this game

    69. Dillard Elliott

      I would not be mad if the first dlc just beefed up the original story a bit.

    70. hershalvalor

      Even though i haven't played the game i still feel the need to ask if i missed something