KINGDOM HEARTS III - Accolades Trailer

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    Fans and critics have fallen in love with KINGDOM HEARTS III! With over 5 million copies sold, this has become the fastest selling KINGDOM HEARTS yet. Join Sora’s journey that spans across Disney and Pixar worlds, and experience the excitement and power of KINGDOM HEARTS!
    KINGDOM HEARTS III is available NOW on Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. BooBop1987

      Nice Video!

    2. Vincent Romei

      85% of this game was a very beautiful waste of time.

    3. GigaStorm 2559

      So much wasted potential, still, it was at least Okay

    4. Tan

      I wait for you, Kingdom Hearts 4!

    5. KSAP QaiNs

      I swear i had a dream about this

    6. Jana


    7. Anh Valentine

      10/10 years of waiting for nothin "A WTF kind of ride." "Truly not as memorable as the last game." "Fast, easy, and blows past important plot points." "One of the best looking remakes of every Disney movie." "Did somebody say treats? Cause I beat the game and still waiting for one."

      1. Anh Valentine

        and 1:06 never really happened (wah wah)

    8. SSJWired 64

      Thank you Disney & Square Enix for taking the time you needed to create a beautiful masterpiece.

    9. CrisSC

      Gente peço uma atualizaçao urgente para o jogo lara croft relic run pois o brilho ta muito forte e tem muito lag durante as corridas nos tragam de volta o nosso querido jogo de antigamente sem esses trava trava

    10. Oliver Nanetti

      Please dont forget FF7 us fans have been waiting too long

    11. DusRoy Games

      Pls make a new kingdom hearts sora don't need die

    12. João Pedro da .S. Vieira

      Meu nome é pedro

    13. Bryan Carvente

      make the game for PC or nintendo switch please

    14. pablo gamerXD

      when will it be for PC

    15. pablo gamerXD

      Cuándo estará para PC ?

    16. Vio Kedet

      Square enix, please make a moba game. All your game character is truly awsome. Please moba game.

    17. EsportShadow

      Are pistols coming to Just Cause 4?

    18. Jake Beoulve

      when are all these companies going to stop giving THE FREAKING MAIN CHARACTER IN ALL THE BIG GAMES & SHOWS THE SAME FREAKING VOICE ACTOR?????????????????????????? Cringing...

    19. The Rose Experience

      Kingdom Hearts wasn't anything but a colossal disappointment that greatly missed the Final Fantasy aspects of the franchise. Stilted writing, Disney filler, corny mini games, back loaded game where almost everything important happens in the final third.

    20. zamon8er z

      Bit of subject but plz add new game + lv1 to final fantasy xv. Its no fun at lv120 and I don't wanna get all the equipment multiple times again

    21. Nour Gilinsky

      Sora for Smash Bros dlc.

    22. Rohit Jaisinghani

      KH3 taught me something. It taught me that I love devil may cry and don't really like dynasty warriors.

    23. SKULLx xNX

      Can you please make a game about Ventus’s experience in the dream world when he’s sleeping. because when he woke up he said “I saw these strange creatures” referencing to dream eaters

    24. GiantEnemyMudcrabz

      "Best ingredient finding simulator of the console generation" - Dualpincers

    25. keekaboo

      Soooooo many questions 😧

    26. TheyCallMe Kumar

      where the duck is the dlc

    27. Maria I Gallegos

      I want a KH3!!!!!!!😢😭

    28. Yellow Ent

      This game is disappointing. I hate the fact that there were no ff characters and it was extremely easy and short.

    29. PrincExile

      Tetsuya Nomura! Square enix! Disney! This game is a masterpiece!

    30. BulbaWhat98

      . Game gets critically acclaimed . Around 97% of people liked the accolades trailer . Comment section is filled with people complaining and thinking this would be dlc despite the title Wtf?

    31. Mrs. Newton

      Hey square I was wondering that if you are releasing DLC for kh3 that if could add worlds like radiant garden, space paranoids and Halloween town and bosses like sephiroth and the lingering sentiment and key blades like two become one (anti form key blade transformation) or oathkeeper and oblivion i would like to know if you could add these please

    32. GamersRL

      If there was a kingdom hearts 3 DLC version, I WILL GET IT RIGHT AWAY NO JOKE

    33. EverGrand _06

      You guys making kh4 right?

    34. Rinielle 아리엘 Choi


    35. marquvious green

      *A hype video man i thought it was for DLCs or all the games for xbox*

    36. Joshua Thomas

      Kingdom Hearts is about "being woke" Not the politically correct version of woke or the notion that all agendas should be equal kind of woke. But awakened to the realization that there ARE other worlds other than your own, and that *people* live in them. The realization that we are all connected-- Dispite our differences. It's a beautiful story about friendship, true love and loyalty. I know you guys have all watched a Disney movie; but, to those of you who have never played a Final Fantasy game to completion; go do so and I dare you to come back and tell me you haven't reconsidered some perspectives.

    37. Naxaky

      Can we get a Vanitas story DLC pls pls prety please?

    38. paquito royale

      ENGLISH I've played this saga since I was very young and I have to say it's the best videogame saga I've ever played but this third installment has made me doubt whether to continue with the saga since it lacks a little more seriousness like: kill a definitely, a peak of violence and many more things that have been missing in KH3 in my opinion the best kingdom hearts has been the 2 hopefully if there is a fourth game is similar to the two with tears, laughter, seriousness, with a little more of difficulty the most difficult easter eggs because this game has focused too much on making a good impression on the youth and on the graphics that in the true essence of kingdom hearts

    39. paquito royale

      ESPAÑOL He jugado a esta saga desde muy pequeño y tengo que decir que es la mejor saga de videojuegos que he jugado nunca pero esta tercera entrega me ha hecho dudar si continuar con la saga ya que le falta un poco más de seriedad como: matar a un personaje definitivamente, un pico más de violencia y muchas cosas más que han faltado en KH3 en mi opinión el mejor kingdom hearts ha sido el 2 ojalá que si hay un cuarto juego sea parecido al dos con lloros, risas, seriedad, con un poco más de dificultad los easter eggs más difíciles porque este juego se ha centrado demasiado en causar buena impresión a la juventud y en los gráficos que en la verdadera esencia de kingdom hearts

    40. Original Name

      Ok I believe you

    41. 없어수지

      Just admit already that this game was bad. The Story was off and the characters were OC as well. SE can pull it off since KH is a flagship but if it weren't the critiques would suck. It is the same deal as with FF15.

    42. Ron Kai

      I don’t agree with these reviews it was mediocre you know what imma be nice it’s a good movie but not a great game at best from the things Nimora promised us it didn’t live up to what he was telling us.

    43. Iseeyou Shady

      What’s better then fighting organization 13 characters? Why Im glad u asked... using organization 13 characters as playable characters jus like they allowed you to do in 358/2days mission mode..... what the fuck ever happened to that? Revamp every dam thing except that? That of which was so cool, fun, and unique.... ughhh that really pisses me off. Probably the only thing about the whole franchise that pisses me off the most. Other things make me slightly mad but not nearly as that. Was a huge let down that we cudnt play 358/2days on ps4 nevermind mission mode in that particular kingdom hearts game was BADASS. I remember unlocking blindfolded Riku with an oblivion keyblade, king mickey in organization jacket and gold kingdom keyblade, and i also unlocked organization coat hooded Roxas dual wielding oathkeeper and oblivion. All that I mentioned as playable characters completing missions from the story line but you cannot play them when in story mode. Only mission mode cud use and play as these characters aswell as all organization 13 members and donald and goofy 😂 i still have yet to unlock Soul Sora in 358/2days.

    44. GetFKTnerd

      What's that song called?

    45. I.Escape

      I am excited to see alll the high ratings! Super happy but man I clicked so fast because I thought this was a DLC announcement

    46. Leon Lemos

      I was hoping this was a good spot to find some DLC ingredients!

    47. M S

      Man dlc better be fuckin free weak ass game

    48. LaGrone The Greatest

      1. LaGrone The Greatest

        Did this happen to anyone else when they put in their copy of Kingdom Hearts 😂🏰🗝

    49. Naz Aragon

      Where is Zathura

    50. Aumbreen Khokhar

      Came here to see how many of the top comments are “kh2 was better”

    51. Sekiro

      SPOILERS:if you have not finished the game dont read this. Gonna come out and say cause I can assume at this stage that if you got the game on release you've finished it. The ending was absolute TRASH, great game dont get me wrong love the combat, graphics, the interaction with characters and the fact worlds seem to be alive now. But the ending holy shit is trash, wheres the Coliseum, the other half of twilight town and I really wanted scala ad caelum to be bigger, why does maleficent, Pete and the black box basically have no impact on the story, why does kairi train and then do nothing but play the damsel in distress role, wtf happened to the square enix characters and sephorith, pacing was abit awful but I can live with that and the game was easy I love the combat but you're fed transformations, team attacks and attraction rides every 2 seconds that all do mental damage and I never really felt I was in any danger of dying. I know I sound like I'm nitpicking and tbh i am, but I waited 13 years for the games it's not like square didn't have the time to put this stuff in. I'm not gonna say the wait wasnt worth, it was, just some things I was really looking forward to playing on ps4 graphics like the Coliseum and imagine how good sephiroth would have been in this. My only disappointment was the ending complete fucking TRASH and wtf is yozora all about I thought Nomura said that the secret movie was gonna be major spoilers,and I dont know about everyone else but after I watched it I was like wtf was that all about. Epilogue was the only scene that in any way satisfied me and we still dont know wtf the box is about.

      1. Sekiro

        @CircusKing nah man my expectations where perfectly fine, all of the things I mentioned should be in the game along with oblivion and oathkeeper keyblades considering all of the above where in the past main titles why not this one.

      2. CircusKing

        Adam Madden your Expectations went too high.

    52. DomFromPhiladelphia

      Release KH3 Final Mix!!! Just DO IT!!

    53. Erik Butterworth

      That was a lot of positive feedback and scores from the experts. "A" ratings with the scores and the experts were really impressed.

    54. Alvaro Sanchez

      Nomura i need a story dlc now

    55. Voeris

      We need a harder/critical mode patch/dlc. Also a way to disable Attraction Flow rides. It's a nice idea, but they are intrusive and too strong.

    56. Rafee Shahin

      6.5/10 - The game is stunningly boring.

    57. Lvl99Jew

      Bitch I thought this was DLC!

    58. Ikima

      "I loved every second of it"... and then I met cherry flan.

    59. Christian Rodriguez

      A form of multiplayer with rewards like what birth by sleep had or even better would be great for this game.

    60. julian fishman


    61. Gissel Astrid


    62. wtf why?

      Fuck You Nomura, fuck You. WTF happend with KH3?! What a mess

    63. Glitched Gamer

      I wish I could get a refund. I was hoping for more kingdom hearts then disney but nope it's just all disney with an ending that raises more questions then answers.

    64. Benjamin

      Anyone else getting disney infinity vibes?

    65. hellatze

      Yes. Stunning when you see the story. A trainwreck.

    66. Megan Smith

      Bye bye kairi

    67. Extreme Marshmallow Tobi 524


    68. Archer Langfield

      How can a game that lacks content score so high....because it looked pretty? Idk. It wasnt worth the bucks tbh. I wish I could stop myself and wait for the DLC to come out b4 buying

    69. Xtra Ordinary

      Can’t wait for the HD remix version with new content!

    70. Fred Legend

      Weird flex but ok