Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - TGS 2016 Trailer [DE]

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    Sieh dir den neusten Trailer zu Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue an. Er enthält nie zuvor gesehene Szenen eines geheimnisvollen Treffens der „Propheten“, der fünf Schlüsselschwertmeister aus dem Film zum Ursprung von Kingdom Hearts, der in der Sammlung Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] Back Cover enthalten ist. Der Trailer zeigt auch überarbeitetes Gameplay in HD aus Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD und neue Kampfszenen aus Aquas Abenteuer in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage -. Wenn du während des Trailers hinhörst, kannst du einem neuen Remix von „Simple and Clean“ von niemand anderem als Utada Hikaru selbst lauschen.
    Folge uns, damit du keine Neuigkeiten zu Kingdom Hearts verpasst:
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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Suki_ _BTS

      que cancion es? el shazam no la reconoce

    2. Par Vee

      My other half's number one franchise, aqua being her second favorite character. I will buy this and play it for the memories.

    3. Kingdom Heart Lover

      I'm so excited!!!

    4. niko urbach

      Hätte nicht gedacht als ich mir Kingdom Hearts 2 ausgeliehen habe das ich eine Spielereihe gefunden die mich heute noch nach 7 Jahren immernoch fasziniert

    5. Asuka _Chan

      I love this it's gonna be my ,#1 game

    6. Josh Sykes

      well i'm so getting it and can't wait for it so much longer...

    7. Shaheer Chowdhury

      Well, this remix is a favorite for me! Where can I get this? Simple and Clean (Ray of Hope Mix.) Might wait next year then.

    8. Irose Art

      thanks to this trailer I know want aqua as a permanent playable character in kh3

    9. XBlade_Gamer Krajewski

      i love Kingdom Hearts HD

    10. Romeo

      You know, I don't think The fanbase has shipped riku with a definitive girl yet. Roxas has xion and namine(that playa!) and Aqua may have strong feelings for Terra, but What about riku, people? XD

      1. Magic Man

        Aren't Riku and Sora both potential suitors for Kairi?

    11. BadAss Tran

      my whole life in one picture!!!!! >:O

    12. PirateNinjaKitteh

      I just let out a squee cuz I saw the world ends with you =w=

    13. HailieSue Gonzales

      I'm so excited

    14. Konan

      Dam delayed? Well at least its only one more month. Hyppeeeee

    15. Daichi

      Am I the only one just noticing, that we have the new generation of guardians of light? The "Traitor" as the one bear-dude calls him is Terra, who was taken over by Xehanort and the other keyblade wielders are Ven, Aqua, Sora, Riku, Kairi and Micky. And if that's the case, then we know, what'll happen, as soon as Kairi and Sora become masters... the new keyblade war, in which the X-Blade will be forged, will take place. Awwww that'd be soooo epic! Seing Ven and Aqua fighting alongside the others in order to save Tera from Xehanort's grasp! Can't wait for it to finally happen.

    16. suicide boy X

      it looks like they have to fix the text's to.

    17. IAmKidAlpha

      This damn music put chills all over me

    18. OriginalJM


    19. Brendon Jefferson

      2:19 Did she say "Okay Ven" or "Okay then"? It's so hard to tell lol

      1. Shenir's Light

        It's sounds alot like "okay ven". I'm guessing this happens after the venitas fight and he told her to destroy the dark spirit bomb.

      2. Giorno'

        It's "Okay Ven", i think

      3. terpsman184

        Im gonna have to put my money on "Okay then."

    20. DKF

      Why did they move the release date to 2017 I thoughg it was coming December 2016 goddamnit.

    21. KeeperOfLight

      You know that even Arby's is in on advertisement of Kingdom Hearts! Square's trying to get new fans too! IT'S SO COOL!

    22. Le Sephiroth

      were is sephiroth

    23. Brandon Choque

      KH III for 2018 sadly

    24. Lord Kerboodle

      Is the dubbing official or fan-made?

    25. CrazyTurtle

      2:20 "Also gut" :P

      1. CrazyTurtle

        +Tydi but I do not speak German soooo T-T

      2. CrazyTurtle

        +Tydi ik its in German

      3. CriticalTydi

        Also gut,wenn du meinst jetzt einen auf profi zu machen xd It's german.You not understand german or?

    26. Brandon Milelr

      Please bring kh 1.5 and 2.5 to ps4

    27. SuperLegendOf364

      I almost want to say that the remix is a little too happy sounding for how dark this entry seems.

    28. FakkaMe NoFakkaYou

      playing bbs aquas combos were my favorite and seeing howing the whole entire combat system look so fresh and gravity looks so cool damn cant wait for it

    29. Spell but prettier

      Am I the only one that's a little bit sad that its only coming out for ps4 :(

      1. One less lonely memer

        you don't buy Xbox for kingdom hearts games it's originally mainly for playstation

    30. Cyrus Daniels


    31. Liza Pham

      I was so excited about kh back cover and then I remembered my khux character dies in the keyblade war

    32. 1XSilencer

      damn square enix first Final Fantasy 15, and now kingdom hearts 2.8 shit you really want my money, well you know what take it, my money belongs to you

    33. Neill


    34. Luna P

      omg this makes my day

    35. DreNerD 510

      i love kh so much but why no new info on KH3 BTW

    36. xChechex1

      That awkward moment when gintoki is the master of masters (If you know what I mean)

    37. FS10

      hell fking yeah!

    38. Nightmare Dancer

      Still sucks that they pulled away from Xbox One release to be spoiled by sony.

      1. One less lonely memer

        lol whoever thought of buying Xbox one for kingdom hearts 3 is honestly very stupid

    39. LuCaaZ7

      When the relase date was more dissapointing that "now in development"

      1. One less lonely memer

        well you want to get a good quality game with no bugs or lagg. am I right?

    40. ColeoIsCooleo

      for the first time watching a kh trailer I got enticed by the characters and stories and not just the disney dudes. Mickey comes in in like the last 5 seconds and I'm like 'oh yeah thats right'

    41. Dank Mickey

      Man Luxu sounds similar to Xigbar/ Braig.

    42. Nobody Watching

      Okay, Luxu's voice actor is definitely Young Xehanort's voice actor. Seriously. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US SQUARE?!?!?!?!?!

    43. Angie Reyes

      Oh no did Aqua said one with the darkness?

      1. Angie Reyes

        @mickle jeff yeah I couldn't agree more.

      2. Keys' Dream

        @- Sora - ya. Like Riku and Mickey in com

      3. The Guardian Of Light

        yes but i think when mickey saved her she changed her mind

      4. mickle jeff

        she been in there so long it probably started driving her mad

      5. Keys' Dream

        It seemed as if she was about to give up until Mickey saved her.

    44. DeltaDeathDogs 21

      Will the remix be available in iTunes for the US and if so when?

    45. MrFanaticGamer

      4 dislikes? Those 4 people are dead to me.

    46. The Players' Club

      the delay gives me more time to save for a ps4

    47. itsddashrock

      Welp. Looks like it's time to start the ole PS4 fund.

    48. itsddashrock

      Welp. Looks like it's time to start the ole PS4 fund.

    49. Lesdork

      Sick amv

    50. Social Sage


      1. professionaldeadmeme

        (.-.) o shit m8

      2. HailieSue Gonzales

        Sameeeee XD

      3. itsddashrock


      4. Social Sage


    51. SlashingShadow

      This really looks amazing but seriously stop giving games a "confirmed" release date if you're not certain on it, FFXV, now this, probably KH3 next...

    52. Tyler Capps

      Now if 1.5 and 2.5 could come to next gen that would be great........

    53. minnymoon1360


    54. Sonic Gamer

      I can't believe it's being delayed

    55. SoulFox


    56. David Ortega


    57. Killika Besaid

      Square Enix just known for pushed back released dates smh but idc its still Square Enix tho

    58. Nick Zanini

      so they basically just confirmed terranort and venitas as org XIII members

    59. Chris

      I just realized, what if the end of .2 is Micky jumping up on a ledge to seal the door with sora just on the other side. Aqua hears this and eventually walk to the cutscenes with ansem the wise.

    60. Gamer18

      dat remix!

    61. eric ribalka

      ich will das lied XD

    62. sonicsora22

      Welp...sure wish I had a PS4...

    63. Alex Arriaga

      I like this version of simple and clean..... I must have it xc

    64. IWatchAnime92

      My fucken Kingdom Heart is filled with joy today.

    65. ThisBirdHasFlown

      Isn't Terra's wayfinder red/orange not yellow?!

      1. Jimmy Rom

        +Alex Chuoy I guess it's the animation all of the wayfinders color is changed a little.

      2. Hyrekan Dragon

        yeah jt was, a brownish earthy orange to be specific. Maybe is yellow because he is currently corrupted by Xehanort.

      3. Jimmy Rom


    66. xeno delta

      Aqua whooo

    67. xeno delta


    68. xeno delta

      This remix is lit as fuck

    69. iron knightgaming


    70. Yesenia The Hedgehog