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    Welcome to KINGDOM HEARTS. A truly unique video game adventure from Disney and Square Enix. Journey through magical Disney worlds and team up with your favourite Disney characters. Join the ultimate battle of good vs evil… courage is the key!
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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. MpSDoesGaming

      Now that Kingdoms Hearts III is coming to Xbox, I hope that at some point in the future that this game comes to Xbox as well. I loved Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 back in the day, but since switching and staying with Xbox I haven’t had the chance to play and enjoy the games barely at all, and with Kingdom Hearts III coming out for Xbox in 4 days has made me so happy that I can finally play Kingdom Hearts again.

    2. Red Predadtor Doragon

      Square Enix should remake this game for Xbox one.

    3. Raphael Luck Lucas

      Alright Square Enix, you gave us the KH HD 1.5 + 2.5. Good. Now.....can you PUH-LEASE GIVES US ANYTHING RELATED TO KH3???

    4. RedSonic7 RickOverload

      for god sake we already got those remakes at ps3 which are good but we need kingdom hearts 3 not another remake that some of us already have

    5. Brendon Lopes

      Tem em todas as linguas menos portugues '-'

    6. SirBuckford

      To be honest, the only reason I want KH3 to come out as soon as possible (I'd rather them take as much time as they need) is so that people will finally stop whining about it...

    7. PSGamer

      Kingdom Hearts+15 years+Awkward Relationships+Me Still Happy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-------------------------------------^=Game Of The Year Since 2002 ^_^

    8. Quambles

      How bout that winter kh3 news we were promised?????

      1. Animagination

        we're not getting it. Winter ended a while ago my man. ;(

    9. Joseph ANIMATIONS

      i get it now they won't bring kh 3 until the 20th anniversary think about it 13 seekers of darkness 7 guardians of light i see what you are doing square

      1. Oscar Guzman

        They should release KH3 for Switch

      2. Joseph ANIMATIONS

        @MewStor unless they do a yearly games to put on Xbox one and switch lol

      3. MewStor

        KH3 is on the road next year. Unless they will remake 1.5/2.5.

    10. Joseph ANIMATIONS

      happy 15th anniversary

    11. Emily Fields

      To all the people demanding for KH3.... I am with you but I will wait for however long it takes. Shigeru Miyamoto “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." So I will continue to wait because I want the BEST KH3.

      1. Oscar Guzman

        Emily Fields what about Mighty No. 9

    12. CaptainSellers

      have you fixed the save crashing on kh2 yet? I refuse to play it until it's fixed.

    13. MimkageArts

      I get that maybe they don't want to show us trailers of kh3 but god, we can only play the same game and see commercials for games we already played over and over before we start to get sick of it..

    14. Luna Mage

      I have this game and playing this since I have spring break ^^!!!! Riku and roxas are my fav. Ik ik I got a sora picture but that's cuz I love how it looks like lol have a nice day everyone !

    15. The Animated Gamer

      sigh really hope all these trailers will be over

    16. Spidey9994

      If you people do not stop asking about KH3 you will have no Sea salt ice cream.

    17. Top Hat Productions

      Happy anniversary everyone!!!!!

    18. Blagden Le Corbeau

      Kingdom Hearts 3 is like Half-life 3, both are so expected that if they come out the universe will shatter.

    19. Joey Cruz

      the shorter tv spot version! still find it weird how square didn't really promotote this much till after it came out.. I want KH3 stuff darn it!

    20. Toon Link

      Young Sora is so precious.

    21. Phye

      Ah now I see why there have been no patches for a few weeks. They're wasting all their time making stupid trailers.

    22. Kris

      Already bought it along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 😁

      1. MewStor

        They see that there weren't enough sales most of us had it already on PS3 ^^.

    23. Nixas

      145 videos in my feed from this channel

    24. Iftekhar Ahmed

      Why did Nomura break his Winter promise?

      1. bornalive91

        Iftekhar Ahmed you're telling me a developer broke their promise and when they said they were going to make an announcement or release again geez that's never happened before

      2. DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE

        idk i think the plans for those announcements were canceled considering FF15 and 2.8 was delayed. those delays must have messed up the schedule.

    25. Diana Rodriguez

      when i see this trailer i see this an essay that i started 45 minutes before it was due even though i wasnt gonna do it in the first place

    26. kez

      Absolutely LOVING KH2 final mix at the moment, thank you for making this 1.5 and 2.5 bundle!

    27. -Fancy Dragoon-

      lol ok this shit is getting out of hand. you can make 4 trailers for a game thats been out already but cant make a quick kh3 trailer/announcement just to get people off your back. sqaure/ guys are dicks 😂😂😂

      1. khpitbos17

        -Fancy Dragoon- I don't even know where to begin with a comment this dumb so I'm not going to attempt to.

      2. DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE

        Square hasn't promoted this game at ALL so i'm glad they made at least 4 trailers. if you want KH3, wait till E3.

      3. Theclaw Yaww

        -Fancy Dragoon- what you say makes no sense these are tv spots for a remasters. Also I rather they dont show more KH3 til they are ready to announce the realese date

    28. Skadelol

      I'm a simple person, I see Axel & Roxas, I like. 😄 Love the game and the remakes so much, this year makes 10 years for me since I've been a fan of the KH franchise. Thank you Square Enix & Disney for all the amazing memories. Just keep being you, I love you very much. You have my thanks, my wallet and my heart! 😂 Now I patently await for the KHuX maintenance to be over and play UNION CROSS!

    29. rob19ny

      Welcome to one of the greatest series ever made!

    30. Ralph Dunasco


      1. Key-chan

        MasterEthanaterRoyConliGamer LOL YOU MADE MY DAY XD

      2. DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE

        in the dungeon of Square Enix where it's being tortured and beaten to death until disney saves it.

    31. Vedish

      I love how when they put these videos out for 1.5+2.5 BBS just doesn't exist.

      1. DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE

        they showed bbs numerous times, it's just not as big or exciting as KH1 or KH2.

    32. RiceGum Radio

      is this a remaster?

      1. Dortek96

        RiceGum Radio are you living under a rock? xD yes is a remastered collection for the PS4 that was announced last year, includes all games and movies in 60fps and with other improved stuff compared to the PS3 remasters

      2. OldSch00lGaMER32X

        RiceGum Radio Yes it is man

      3. NdieCity

        It's a full collection of 1.5 and 2.5 for PS4, containing KH1, 2, BBS, re:COM, and cutscene movies of re:Coded and Days, all with 60fps gameplay.

    33. Eddie Chung

      Oh boy, 4 AM!

    34. Osamah Alshamrani

      really no kh3

    35. nari chan

      Where's kh3 where's kh3 where's kh3 ..can you people stop asking 'where's kh3'? It's not like they'll answer you, also we waited 10 years we can wait a little longer

      1. ack dca

        this didn't age well

      2. Mr.2ndAmendment

        nari chan fuck off white night

      3. 水Hyper

        shandriser false.

      4. 水Hyper

        nari chan no, they should be ashamed that it takes 10+ years to make a game.

      5. Oscar Guzman

        It should be guaranteed a KH3 trailer for this years E3 they have not shown a trailer since 2014/2015 I believe. If no footage of progress is shown a lot of fans will be very upset. It has to be shown this year

    36. Sa.m

      best game on ps4😻😻

    37. Uncle Death

      So we can have 4 trailers for the same game, but we can't have kh3?

    38. MeowserTheGamingKoopa

      You guys should have finished off the video with "...and May Your Heart Always be Your Guiding Key."

    39. KeybladeChili

      What's with these trailers being so sloppy and badly put together?

    40. Hexzus

      I have a dream! That some time this year the "thirsty" for information kingdom hearts fan base will get a release date window this year!

    41. bryan martinez

      so sloppy.

    42. Nathan-Leo Wagen

      where's kh3 😞

      1. Shenanigans Nuts

        Expect the big reveal at E3

      2. rishawn98

        Nathan-Leo Wagen nobody knows lol

      3. Bellybell14

        Nathan-Leo Wagen No

    43. KreativAce

      ... Seriously where's KH3

      1. MewStor


      2. KreativAce

        Bellybell14 😚

      3. Bellybell14

        KreativAce just stop

    44. jaykuza*