1. Ash Cash

    It's a whole vibe 😌

  2. Rave Moments

    Obsessed with Khalid and Xavier White - It's Only You 💙💙💙

  3. caitlin wilson

    Vegan 4eva

  4. Johanna Alvarado

    I listening everydaaaay🧡🧡🧡

  5. ashley strong

    This song is amazing 😉

  6. Yvette Buck

    Director: How many colors do you want in this music vid? Khalid: Yes

  7. Yvette Buck

    Director: How perfect do you want this music video to be? Khalid: Yes

  8. Sompop Buntharik


  9. Eboni Brown

    This song is dope af!!!

  10. Sonya P.B

    Damn! What a beatttttttttttttt! ♥

  11. YourDad

    Hotline bling type vid🤣

  12. WDBMRT

    This Dude is talented...

  13. Marilyn Rose


  14. meufun Zellsckey

    I'm shy so lonely we'll die -_-

  15. Prince Akimn

    This song makes me miss my ex...

  16. A yusuf

    Can we just talk zaynab

  17. Maki.Music

    Givin me Destiny's Child vibes with these color blocking frames 😂

  18. Nuttapon Seesena


  19. Shai Smith

    You’re my favorite, always and forever

  20. Alligator


  21. BTG GoGoGirl

    put this @ 1.25 speed

  22. raeganscanlan

    why does this remind me of like american eagle commercials

  23. โอ๊ต' เองงง



    And this is Khalid..the coolest man on video

  25. Sagar Mankar

    This video reminds me of how beautiful Africans are

  26. Aa Aa

    กูตามมาจากยังดำ5555 ชอบไปเลย💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  27. Lemfao


  28. มะนาว มะนาว

    So good , I like it. 💕

  29. Lan House

    se vier de propaganda vai levar deslike!

  30. Alivia Strickland

    This song is so good 😩💕💕 video is dope too

  31. aglah boi


  32. lil momma

    Love Love Love this song!❤❤❤

  33. Leah Burns

    He never fails with his music! 😍

  34. ninanile

    Lovely 😊 Please give *Dear Diary* by ninanile a listen. I wrote it, hope you’ll like it ☺️

  35. H. S.

    Can we just talk ?😊

  36. Brian Nyakoi

    How many wish they would be listening to Saturday night instead of this?

  37. Zachary Davidson

    I just filmed and edited a homies new music video, give it a view if you have time! Thank you❤

  38. วิษณุ มีศรี


  39. bt.

    Bruh, Its criminal how little credit Disclosure is getting for this beat in these comments

  40. Sara


  41. Rachel Richmond

    Don't know why, watching this just make me feel happy. I wish everyone who read this a lot of happiness!

  42. Trevelle Williams

    I can see CTR remixing this haha

  43. Jiratchaya Noppraphai

    One of dancer wear a MuayThai pants 💗💗💗 cutee

  44. Shanieka lewis

    Speed 1.25x.....

  45. Karen Boy

    Love this song so much🥰💕💕

  46. Zahara White

    I love this song ❤ ❤

  47. J


  48. TommyLeigh Tatted

    He is the PG usher

  49. s0ulEaTeR1012

    looks like hotline bling but it's better

  50. chanelxseavey

    His mini-little dance moves give me life 😹

  51. Luna Lim

    can't wait for the live performances and listen to khalid's soothing voice at 3 am.

  52. Rafael Rosario

    Isso é música negra amigos

  53. Edward.R

    BEST SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. abdul babatunde

    I Thought ed sheeran sang this song lol

  55. Ghostly Feeling

    This is the second hotline bling, especially considering the background

  56. Kazperian

    I know when that hotline blings...

  57. Alyssa Lizette

    This has been on repeat

  58. Abdirahman Hussein

    The best in somalia and in east africa

  59. Beem happ


  60. feyfey7088

    Khalid is so cute

  61. Pickachufob 87


  62. NateFumbilwa


  63. Danny D

    This is the first song I’ve heard from you and I can barely understand what’s you are saying 😂 (not hating. I really like your voice and this video. I really love the beat also. You are very creative 👊) ) the only other song I’ve heard from you is a Marshmello song ft. You.

  64. P.J

    This is It’s a hard knock life you can’t fool me, producer guy

  65. jessica impert

    the bright ass colors looks so good on the melanin skin YES

  66. Katara

    Khalid is one of those people you listen to when you want to chill 🙂🥰🥰

  67. What channel

    มีคนเอากางเกงมวยไทยมาใส่ด้วยยย โว้ยย ไปไกลมากเเม่

  68. Ally Narciso

    The soundtrack of my spring til summer

  69. Letosha Shondell

    Baby this is for you. You make me feel some type of way. My CNO Cone.

  70. Victoria Muah

    giving me 2000 vibes i love khalid!!!

  71. Rakcha Por

    กางเกงมวยไทย? 1:32

  72. วีระชัย สุพลริ


  73. blues watchin

    Whoever produced this copied this melody and no one notices. Word

  74. Tricky 1766

    Lit. 🔥🔥love his music


    I like this song

  76. Eileen Rada

    I really love the colors, the song, the flow, EVERYTHING! It's just p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

  77. Lea's Life Adventures

    yes we can just talk , i like your awesome video

  78. Alphonse Solis

    mumble rap left the group

  79. daniel12345yay

    does this sound like sam kim - make up to anyone else lmao

    1. Sasha Rekesh



    daaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. R C

    Bruno mars+Drake =Feeling 🌹

  82. Swayde Annassis Edwards

    That good we can talk

  83. Yolanda Williams

    This man is wonderful! I love his voice, and he's very handsome! Love the orange he has going on. Keep doing you!

  84. carlton matlock

    Good song no Sex or fancy cars Just a good song

  85. Christian Davis

    I thought it was trey songz

  86. 19 96


  87. Kayla Williams

    Don't you wish you were the person who made a song that was already made?

  88. Nim Phiouphanh

    He has real music. For real

  89. Nim Phiouphanh

    I'm just now figuring this Khalid. Omg he can't make any bad songs.

  90. grace medhin

    and im over here TALKing about how colorful this is lol

  91. christ auriel

    saludos de un venezolano me gusta tus músicas ..saludos brothers :-)

  92. Mystic Moods

    So good

  93. brown knuckles

    Khalid so pure

  94. Sofia Andrade

    Can't we just dance?

    1. Sofia Andrade

      Of course we can 😊

  95. Livy

    The song is amazing but the video is weird

  96. Italya Ann

    People of color dancing in different colors👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽yaaassss the representation!!!!

  97. King Animalejo

    2 0 1 9 ?

  98. Leo Zhan

    Hit after hit

  99. blué chérry

    I've been listening to Khalid for 2 years and I'm just now realizing I was subscribed to him when I made my US-new channel. I can't- this- yes.

  100. Asha-gay Kerr

    Good song and 😚😙good vibes