Khalid & Normani - Love Lies (Official Video)



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    “Love Lies” by Khalid & Normani from the Original Motion Picture “Love, Simon.”

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    Published on Year ago


    1. matheus oliveira

      Khalid FOREVER 😀😀

    2. matheus oliveira

      Khalid! Man

    3. Tofunmi Asebiomo

      The texting between them two is my favorite part

    4. Mahayla Carroll

      "Feels so good but its bad for you" That describes my boyfriends.😂

    5. Brittany O

      At about 2:00 someone in the a/v or filming or something screwed up. The foot steps aren't consistent with the video.. I'm so picky.. She took an 'extra step' that isn't accounted for in the audio..

    6. tyshawn


    7. tyshawn


    8. tyshawn

      Normani was on point that girl is a beast

    9. Jayden Pippin

      Our boyband groups have the dance to it

    10. Cassiane FC.


    11. Pheobe Crochier

      My sis likes this song

    12. Joseph Qiao

      pov: u just got Starbucks and see a girl dancing in the hotel right next to the window and see cameras in her direction on a roof.

      1. xd ADAXX

        Joseph Qiao Me: wtf... I’ll just go...

    13. Quincy Simms

      Right Right RIght

    14. Joshua Botros

      Wtf she doing at the window bruh

    15. Kaylane Alves

      Amo essa música ❤

    16. warren brown

      Delete used to date my sister back in the old days

      1. warren brown

        used to date my sister back in the old days

    17. Paladin !

      Sends a chill down my spine I love this song

    18. Alisha's Art

      Normani betrayed Camilla Cabello

      1. Alisha's Art

        @Just A Person ironic that they threw a fake dummy which was Camilla live on stage and ignored it happening

      2. Just A Person

        ironic how her fader magazine came out today and she uplifted camila and all the girls and claimed there was no bad blood between them

    19. Saniece Robinson


    20. xxDeath Corexx

      Is it just me or is Khalid talented af

    21. João Nielsen

      who is listening this in 2024


      I can listen to this so 2 million time and not get tired of it

    23. TheStantriX98

      i willcome here more often to see normani

    24. Tofunmi Asebiomo

      The way Normani popped out of that car I started fanning myself.

    25. Vanessa Acquah

      Who else have a fantasy world where you dance and sing like normani.

    26. chaz brandon serunjoji

      I don't know why have just discovered this song now

    27. NAZAR

    28. afnan geographical sciencesciencey

      is he a muslim?

    29. Paradise Simmons

      Decenber 2019, and onwards. REAL R&B

    30. J M

      Caralho que música top.

    31. Stephanie Cherrelle

      Dancing her butt off!😉

    32. Karin Abdallah

      Love at first ear

    33. Rae ofLyte

      I see your focus, yeah, you're so independent

    34. Rae ofLyte

      I don't know why this song has been stuck in my head

    35. Filipe Alves Cassiano

      Didn't know it was Khalid And Normani too Doope!

    36. ruddiato

      I dunno why I thought the singer originally was a white western pop singer. Good song , interesting video

    37. Sandra Hudson

      This and Waves - my faves ❤️❤️

    38. Ryan Aguilar

      Stream Love Lies 😍💕

    39. Lotoshia Johnson

      This my jam

    40. Cashbilly 23

      With no reason i always shade tears when listening to khalid 😫🔥💯💪🏾💙🇰🇪

    41. Aminah wallis

      I love listening to this song that's my favorite 2019

    42. orchidee1711 Wiz 27

      Wahre Worte 🙏😓🙏

    43. Kiaren Hardy

      Man WHATTTTTTT!!!! This joint is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. 10,000 subscribers with 1 video

      Who is Better? Like: *Khalid* Comment: *Drake*

      1. Abhishek Meena


      2. astralips

        @Medet Kairatovic ikr what does Drake even have to do with this video

      3. Medet Kairatovic

        This kind of comparison is dumb as fuck. Even if the "comment" one is better that the "like" one you still get more likes cause it's way easier to hit a like than leaving a comment

      4. J M


    45. Amazing Amy

      Welp it's safe to say that all of my information is factual lol

    46. miee xxo

      Khalid song always in my heart❤️

    47. Siphon

      What a vibe stillll

    48. Ray john Centeno

      I love his songs

    49. Esteban Ramirez

      awesome song

    50. Percy Edwards

      Go boy

    51. Ryan Hairston

      They couldve matched the clicking up with her walming tho at least😂

    52. wyvern production

      is she ok

    53. Olivia Ramirez

      Khalid it’s not easy to catch my eye Me me finds the iPhone 11

    54. 5adar Gaming Tube

      khalid is an arabian name and it reads 5alid 5=خ

    55. tahsin rahman

      would y'all believe tht he's 20

    56. andro qeburia

      Normani 😍😍😍

    57. High Functioning Asperger's Syndrome

      I love this song and video😂😘🙂

    58. M D G

      Normani needs to pick a talent, because this ain’t fair. She is gorgeous, can sing and can dance? Not fair! I love her though. I’m glad her solo career is taking off.

    59. rainbow20112011

      I am a guy, and I am in the mood for some chocolate right now.

    60. Gabriel Martinez

      I’m like so happy Khalid if finally getting the recognition he deserves ! He’s got to be one of the best new artists that doesn’t promote nudity ,sex,drugs, violence. And because of it he wasn’t been recognized! Sadly but true! BUT THE LIGHT ALWAYS OUT RUNS THE DARKNESS! See you next time when u come in town Khalid.

    61. Shraddha Purbhe

      This song is a lit🔥🔥🔥 for forever

    62. Ingrid Relativo

      "Valley" and "Ballet"

    63. jax the kid etienne

      Good song

    64. tyshawn

      I used this song for a insta caption ❤️❤️❤️

    65. Bilal Khan

      The King & The Queen 😍

    66. Chan Tep


    67. ze do

      Motivating the poor people the best thing that every body can give with out a fee.

    68. A Slack Jr

      I've been listening to this song for the longest time. They all sound the same. Almost every female sounds like Ariana Grande and almost every guy or group sounds like Jonas brothers.