Kevin Durant's injury could fuel the Rockets' chase for the No. 1 seed - Max Kellerman | First Take



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    Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman preview the Houston Rockets' game vs. the Golden State Warriors, who are slated to be without Kevin Durant for the game, and break down and what a win for James Harden and company could mean for Houston heading into the 2019 NBA Playoffs.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Fernando Torres

      Going for Houston I want them to win series 4-3

    2. Paul Arlukiewicz

      Hope he get better soon i like durant

    3. Vule

      KD will always be a snake.

    4. Shawn Hammack

      Awe damn, da nigga got hurt.

    5. Michael Kelligan

      Its those gay assed sneakers he was wearing lol

    6. NotBlackJustDarkSkinned

      When are they going to fire that annoying chick

    7. Michael Kearney

      I don't care if their the 4th seed, 8th seed, or Hennessy... Dubs in fo'

    8. Steven Porras

      Harden playing defense? Cut that bullshit out.

    9. Rachel Hall

      Perhaps if took those woman’s shoes off he wouldn’t be falling like a drunk woman in heels

    10. Pierce


    11. Billy Clob

      If you dont wanna play, dont fake and incident. Just tell your coach.

    12. Daveed da sick

      Those pink shoes lowered his testosterone

    13. 2 0

      SAS loves to show love. Shoutout from Htown brotha!

    14. Free R kelly

      Is this Faggot wearing pink shoes?

    15. Pat Smith

      Pink sneakers?

    16. Kilmer Porter

      You know, are you talking heads seem to miss the fact that Kevin Durant normally gets injured around this time or close to it. All that happens is he gets healthy and destroys in the playoffs and then wins a championship, So just stop

    17. Samantha Board

      Take off pink tennis shoes

    18. Wayne Tucker

      Don't forget about about the spurs they can beat any team in the west de Rosen is playing really gud ball rite now two okc with Paul George and west brook Steve Adam's which I think can beat the rockets they forget bout other teams I think that worriors and rockets will get knock out by 2nd round depending on who they play

    19. young Nuketown

      rockets could lose to the dam spurs

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    24. 3 Hotz N a Cot

      prob those pink sneakers

    25. S laRock

      Basketball is trash. Espn is trash. I like to trash the trash. Straight basuda.

    26. porgy scorgy

      Not a warriors fan, but they are going to win it all yet again this year. Their saving their all for playoffs and finals

    27. More Power

      Pure joy, LMAO.

    28. Mustafa Shah

      What is this lady talking about she trying to get involved but it’s not helping

    29. L. Torrence

      Why is Max whispering?!

    30. Brie The Princess

      Don’t ignore her when she talking to you Max... I hate how they treat women and I only clicked her bc them pink shoes fyeeeee 🔥 but fuck that white guy

    31. T0nyMc420

      Oh its not like they don't have 4 other all is gay

    32. Ishaan Kharbanda

      First of all who is wearing those fucking pink sneakers in the thumbnail ? 😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Keontae Carter

      Pathetic pink shoes, nice tumble on the ground apparently XD

    34. I wish I was wrong

      Haha, now take off those ugly fuckin shoes klutz.

    35. Yoboijr

      Follow me on Instagram for amazing fights if not you’re gay @moneybagsjose

    36. gorillawarfair

      Kinda messed up this is trending because someone got hurt and all anyone cares about is who is gonna win this year...

    37. Tebby

      Nice shoes tho

    38. Nate Dembowski

      Doesn't matter....Bucks in 6

    39. dreamtimej

      Warriors looked really good with Cousins with out Durant.

    40. Juice Juice


    41. Uriel Maldonado


    42. The Jason Station

      If you need to rely on a player getting injured to consider yourself now capable of beating that team, then you're a really shitty team. Period.

    43. troll ko ito

      How about now? Rockets lost

    44. Orthodox 1 1

      Pink shoes ??????????????????

    45. DSkehan2004

      Pink shoes?

    46. Kerlin johnson

      Irene Nicholas is a witch

    47. joshua holder

      Saying the Warriors have a “Must win game” in the regular season is such a joke

    48. ClickClack99

      5:07 anyone else hear that?

    49. Dillard Hudson

      Max why are you doubting 3 core players of the 73-9 Warriors with Boogie

    50. Jose Prieto


    51. TeamSwagGod

      What pink KDs are those? Thanks

    52. Matt Kay

      Bucks will forever be #1. No doubt

    53. Mark Jacob

      Those pink shoes are so Gay.

    54. ClickClack99

      Golden state is still unstoppable with just klay and curry, Durant is just insurance

    55. Cosmo Kramer

      Glad he’s hurt!!..🖕

    56. Wicked Wolf

      Nooooo KD

      1. Wicked Wolf

        I'm a TRUE Warriors fan FAM

    57. Von Eddie20

      I’m here after the game, go warriors. The rockets trash.

    58. arabion knights

      Let K D rest, the play offs are coming.

    59. Natasha Favero

      Warriors won without KD 💁

    60. James Matthews

      Snakes 🐍 don’t deserve to have legs

    61. DDTV

      KD’s my boy, but warriors always play better without him. So I don’t think Houston losing to KD less warriors is bad.

    62. Jon Oz

      Yes, they're 3 & a half back to the 2:1 but that doesn't mean that the second or even the third seed opens up. The two one would have to come into play for that to even be a option thrice.

    63. Michael Bryant

      Maybe he wouldn’t gotten hurt if he wasn’t wearing girls shoes.

    64. Ian Bower

      Bassgod curse

    65. sarad Limbu

      in yo face MAX... rockets lose hahhahhha

    66. Eva Lyn

      What about the nuggets?! They literally skipped them completely. 😂

    67. Kevin Loera


    68. Kevin Loera

      Still won without KD !!!! Say mouthafucking something

    69. Eric Cartman

      #23 on trending

    70. Stanley Odoemenem

      who came back here after GSW are looked at MAX as stupid and reaching for nonsense

    71. Tom White

      Steven A says 31-11 (73.8%) is "flat out balling", then in next sentence says 14-5 (73.6%) is "not that impressive"

    72. Juggalo MAGA

      All y'all gonna eat some blazer dick.

      1. DemPrincessBoyz

        or nah

    73. bee boo

      Again I'll say it. It was those DAMN PINK SHOES !!!

    74. Peter Burman

      Harden isn't the leading MVP candidate lol Stephen A hecka ignorant

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    76. Jesse Flores

      That's why they lost

    77. Ross Martinez III

      *He can still slither around....*

    78. Tim Macon

      Sas is a clown he don't no shit about basketball

    79. EBM 350

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    80. ShirtPants

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    81. IWillSub2 Pewds!

      everyone here knows he failed this rite?

    82. p3rryn

      fuel what? they took an L right? oh ok..

    83. Captain Cartman

      Yeah fuck the Nuggets right? ESPN you suck.

    84. Bilir Kasuh

      quick throw a pokeball he's weakened!!!

    85. Kronos92

      The rockets are trash 😂

    86. Gaming Anika


    87. Shane Chambers

      Dunno what he was expecting wearing those trash shoes

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    91. Aqil Huggins


    92. Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano

      If the refs are same like last season in WCF then there will be ABSOLUTELY no problems for GSW to get to the NBA finals AT ALL. I mean Rockets literally deserved to be NBA champions of the 2017/2018. THEY were BETTER than GSW in last season Western Conference Finals! FULL STOP!!!

    93. Chris Renshaw

      Max is deluted

    94. Dennis Tayag


    95. Eduardo Ruiz

      They were saying?

    96. Tony Green

      What kind of idiots only program is this? I guess I just answered my own question.

    97. Something On Youtube Like for me, please. Thank you!

    98. #NO SCALE#

      Seguirme en US-new porfa!

    99. SAMZIRRA

      James Harden, the worst defensive player in the league

    100. runtrat9

      And then the Rockets lost to the Warriors w/out KD....