Keith Eats $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    There's no food quite as goud-as cheese! Watch Keith eat his way through $500 worth of gourmet cheese! 🧀
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    Jason Louis, Cheesemonger @cheese2meatU
    Kelsey Darragh: @kelseydarragh
    Becky Habersberger: @becksmecks2
    Lauren Hill: @lauren.a.hill
    Grace Helbig: @gracehelbig
    Special thanks to Bon Vivant for providing the cheese!
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Brie Goertzen

      Keith: “Thank you Brie” Me: “You’re welcome”

      1. Brie Goertzen

        Keith eating the Brie: “that’s one of the most intense things I’ve put in my mouth ever” Me: 😏😏😏

    2. Sonya Phillips

      I speak on behalf of the African American community that watches your videos ( the 10%). Please try and compare all fast food chicken sandwiches popeyes included lol.

    3. Lena Curry

      Nanny McBrie returns

    4. yvonne Sherwood

      I thought that was ..americas .. Cow ! Lol 😂😂😂

    5. scottydontshoot

      I wish you would do eat the menu of Buffalo Wild Wings... and rate all the flavors

    6. Allyvia Howell

      Mmm now I want cheese. Y'all should try Mango Habeñero it's soooo good. And please let next eat the menu be a little bit better for Keith and not make him sick lol

    7. MsLilyth

      Experts in cheese? Wisconsin checking in!

    8. John Marrows

      Lactaid missed an incredible ad opportunity...

    9. Cheese

      Boo stop eating us

    10. SanguinaryStrife

      Why do I find him so funny? I can't stop laughing.

    11. Jon C

      This is better than T.V for the most part. Not my favorite stuff, but very high quality. Good content.

    12. Marte K

      Please have Keith eat all the "unusual" things from a fruit and veg market. 😁

    13. stephaniee1109

      As a person who can’t have very much cheese, I’m really wondering about this: Can a person who has no problem with dairy, eat this much cheese and still feel okay? Would this make them feel sick? It’s a lot of cheese.

    14. Noah Noah

      11:30 18 actually

    15. gabriel vivian

      That Meredith one is so good I live there in aus and it’s heavenly

    16. Monica

      I want this experience... badly lol I loooove cheese 🧀

    17. .Jazz.Unger

      I am also Lactose intolerant, but I really want to try these cheeses.

    18. Paul Rebolledo

      I have never salavated at the idea of cheese

    19. 8 preceps of death

      5:16 Bobby dukes 😁 ...😮 "I want dat"

    20. Hot Bunsss

      God bless this sweet man

    21. itsjustpreston _

      I cant tell if i just watched a porno or a food review

    22. Sophia H.

      watching this is making me really want cheese

    23. Shema shu

      6:42 someone please tell me what this song is called

    24. SirenWillowTree

      6:23 Keith has a spiritual experience

    25. Crimson monk


    26. A Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit

      I am now eating grilled cheese with grocery bought swiss cheese and it is delightful

    27. Toad Day Get Toad

      I need damn near all of these.

    28. M Alexander

      I love cheese. Brillat-Savarin has to the one of the best soft cheeses. I found it, fell in love and then the FDA blocked it coming into the country but it's baaack! Barbers 1833 is wonderful too. I need to try some of these other cheeses, they look divine too. Thanks for this episode.

    29. Jackson Dinger

      He reminds me of Remy from Ratatouille

    30. D S

      “Someone who looks like they can’t sing that well.” Lmfao you mean like ugly people

    31. Anika Carterby

      Ayyyyye I’m from humboldt!

    32. Shannon Chapman

      OMG I lost it at the Brie aux Truffes!!!

    33. HeKilledTheCat

      Oh my gosh taste all the pastas or pasta sauces

    34. Erin Myers

      I think eating cheese might be the only kind of culture America has been able to hang on to (if you ignore American cheese)

    35. Kevin Cerny

      Keith eats everything at Buffalo Wild wings

    36. Loraine Koford

      As a lactose intolerant, who loves cheese, he'll enjoy this but then be f'd up for a week, especially whoever lives with him lol

    37. Big Boss

      Keith is gone crazy this time 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

    38. SpookyBoy147

      I vibe cuz I love cheese and I’m also lactose intolerant

    39. Megan W

      Kesley washing down her lactaid with wine is my forever mood!

    40. Bec Gathmann-Landini

      i laughed so hard through some of keith's challenging cheese faces that my kids thought there was something wrong with me.

    41. Chelsy Abou-khalil

      My dad stood right behind me wen Kieth was talking about sex cheese... THANKS KIETH ! 😂😂😱

    42. My penis is unbelievably small, but

      Is it bad that I want to be in Keiths place?

    43. Kelly Farrell

      Buffalo Wild Wings!! You bring it up so much! haha

    44. haleyluvzreborns

      I Love Jesus

    45. Lia Herrick

      All 12 of my chickens are named after cheese: Feta, Cheddar, Fontina, Gouda, Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Swiss, Parmesan, Pepperjack, Mozzarella, Queso, and Fondue. Gorgonzola lays blue eggs she's the real MVP

    46. Carcelity

      Sadly no austrian cheeses 😔

    47. Vicky Hale

      Ok, I love your channel but really, why all the cursing? You can get your point across without all of those nasty words!! Guys, come on, I am sure that children watch your channel!! At least be respectful to them!!!

    48. Will Scott

      these guys are getting 2+million views a video, pumping out multiple a week all while being monetised. Leaving BuzzFeed was a risk but this project became a job giving each member a good $1millon a year. kudos

    49. Leo W.I

      Even though we are happy, we get happier watching Keith enjoy our cheese in Denmark

    50. Laura Westenra

      when the cheese-monger speaks all I hear is "ntz ntz ntz cheentzzz." Linguistics, human variation--- fascinating. everyone is different!

    51. Alice S.

      Sooooo just one cheese from Italy? mh

    52. Heather Shields

      Sbrinz alpage ways more than me

    53. Laura Garrett

      It’s 1am where I am and I just went to the store and dropped $30 on cheese

    54. Jennifer Crowder

      Keith is peak Keith in this.

    55. Ariella Shahal

      I love watching Keith ruin his intestines so I don’t have to. Dairy sensitivity is a real thing.

    56. Amplify

      The villan in the snowdonia Chronicles would be Brie Aux Truffles and it's soldiers would vomit when around it

    57. George Farrar

      Where can do this?! I want all the cheese!

    58. Mason Treviño

      Humboldt fog!! I live in Humboldt!!

    59. yotalksalot

      You're gonna be in Melbourne soon and that's super close to where Meredith's Goats Cheese is made! (Also if Becky is coming to Melbourne she has to go to Milk the Cow, it's the best cheese and wine bar)

    60. Melissa Glatz

      This was hilarious 😂

    61. What Day Is It

      Go to're welcome 😂

    62. Lauren Havens

      Hahahahahahaha, under the name of the cheese there a label of what milk was used and where it’s from. Buttttt I thought that was the name in English, so the whole time I was thinking, why is that cheese called Cow I france😂😂😂

    63. Oval Place

      definitely more than $500

    64. Sophie Turner

      6:09 "the prophecy is true"

    65. Bruna Gomes

      I love Zimbro cheese! Lots of love from Portugal! Zimbro is great with toasted cornbread!

    66. Megan Checkers

      "White bitches love cheese, and I think it's because they love wine." Me, a white bitch, eating cheese, drinking wine, watching this content.

    67. Yusra Baig

      I ❤️ how Keith talked about Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh for all us nerds. ☺️☺️☺️

    68. Nicole Mazo

      Please keep feeding Keith! These videos give me life.

    69. christopher messmer

      kieth needs to try gourmet ice cream

    70. Jenny Yuan

      I think you all missed out on some of the world's greatest didn't have any Wisconsin cheeses and various WI cheeses placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the World Champion Cheese Contest (2018)'s 121 categories. It amounted to 146 placings...out of 363 places in the 121 categories, or a little over 40% of the cheeses that placed!