Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas

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    Music video by Katy Perry performing Cozy Little Christmas. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC

    Published on 3 days ago


    1. SeKa 23

      Она беременна от меня

    2. André Venturi


    3. Hércules Martins

      aaaaa + linda de todas ❤️😍

    4. Natalie Berry

      Cutest Christmas song to date 🎄❤️💚❤️💚😍

    5. Panda10 Panda

      Katy: *Drinks milk * *feels drunk* *faints* Me: ... what the hell did you do to the milk !!

    6. Kuroashi 07

      1:43 that would be the elixir of life

    7. Luis Gustavo

      Slayed my Xmas

    8. Logan


    9. Ester Peony

      OMG! I just love Katy! She is so gorgeous and talented! I really hope to meet her one day! Heya guys I also do music and I'd really appreciate If you could check out my music! Love ya all🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰

    10. Ángel De la verdad

      That's a cute Gift from Katy Perry to bring this cristmas song to us.

    11. Ju Bolinho :3

      Que voz perfeita ❤✳️

    12. luksurias

      I just dont like this song!

    13. Mr. Unique

      I can't believe how much her songs are underrated...

    14. Tory Sama

      She's Hideous!!!

    15. The Starman

      Cozy song

    16. 11_ 11

      It ain't cozy in hell did Lucifer tell you that when you took the oath you industry puppet

    17. The Starman

      Its Xmas

    18. Jonathan Smith

      Cute song Ms. Katy Perry.

    19. Wilson Macias

      Muy buena canción navideña ❤️KP❤️

    20. TheSouthAfrican

      Thats Christmas in South Africa..hot and sunny..spending the day at the beach

    21. Dam Garcia

      1:47 It's so weird seeing Katy with black hair now xd brings back memories

    22. Valerie Smith

      Lovely song.

    23. Ducky1Pilots

      Ive never been a die hard fan of Katy but this song is awesome! Music video is hilarious and jolly too :)

    24. Denisa Zota

      From Romania.

    25. My Nguyễn

      Can anybody tell me what does "We don't need to keep up with the Jones" means? Thanks

    26. Ciara Sarmiento

      I don't think we need anymore Christmas song (not hating just saying we have enough) btw I luv ur music ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

    27. Cora :D

      Ok but like she brought back the black hair for this and my heart is like ✨🥺💕💖✨✨💓💓🥺🥺💗💓✨💕💘✨💗💓🥺💓

    28. Alana Wray

      Gosh she looks good with black hair! Good to see the old Katy Perry.

    29. Yesh_ #23

      Is this the next big Christmas song?

    30. Tucie K.

      LMAO Look, she's in flordia on christmas day

    31. Petronella McSparron

      Santa in a hawian shirt Me:what

    32. Cristina Arcas

      Idk why people need to invest this much money into these kind of videos; yes they may be fun to warch but it s just pointless; there s so much sufference and misery in this world and people just choose to focus on the wrong things

    33. GTR TOM

      Got your house back yet?

    34. Tiana A

      This is a great song ♥

    35. Adam آدم

      Not a fan of the melody but it’s still an overall good video

    36. Eduardo Moncada

      Don´t you love her madly???

    37. DHGspy122384

      Santa is a pedophile Satan=Santa rearranged

    38. Emmanuel •

      J'adore ce son, c'est mon préféré parmis ceux de Perry ❤️🌹

    39. fionaytd

      Horror ad trailer that can't be skipped before the video :((

    40. Greed


    41. Emma Reyes

      Before 10 million?

    42. Emma Reyes

      Streaming Full!!!

    43. no way


    44. RiSHi Negi

      Its my dream come true...... because in this video *Christmas came early on summer*

    45. Greg B. Ramos

      pas terrible. pas aimé... dsl.


      So... Where the cannibalism at? Or the dark twist? Cook up some venison or melt the snowman!! So tame, so laaaame.

    47. Vadim Volovoy

      Is it just me or is this a winter version of California Girls

    48. Perla Garcia

      My fav Christmas song now!🙂😁

    49. CU to CP

      I question this definition of "cozy little christmas" if she can have bedazzled eyelids lol. that can't be cozy.

    50. Benelliot Schmitz

      Best Christmas Song I‘be eher heard

    51. Kani Garcia

      Vamos por los 6 millones ❤

    52. carola tortul

      Plis contá plis conts

    53. Karar Zanboor

      video vibes of California gurls video

    54. Dk Fn

      English: like Frensh: message Espanol: like and message ^. ^ \-_-/ {. } ¬. ¬

    55. Daddy

      This is so well done! WOW!

    56. dehlia

      SO PROUD

    57. andrea ramos


    58. Harley Quinnlove

      I went on iTunes to download it. The year it came out it says is 2018. But the video came out 3 days ago. Am I missing something? Also yes Ik artists don’t always release the music right away.

    59. Guadalupe Villalobos

      Thank you for your ad Kari Perri love to hear

    60. Sinister Kent

      I love this so much. Cutest video😍

    61. Agus Yogaswara


    62. Keren Alicia

      Um natal bem brasileiro no calor 😂😂😂❤️✨

    63. Purveyor of Awesome

      Thank you for being you Katy!

    64. Joel Cw

      Me recuerda a la era teenage dream. 💙😍

    65. Kristy Baumgardner

      Anybody remeber when this was an amazon exclusive last year

    66. Brenda Cordeiro

      Música de Natal atualizada com sucesso✔️

    67. dżassmatass

      This is so cute I can't even.

    68. Ryan Lawrence

      Now I want another live action Grinch with Katy as Martha may whovier. Or Fred clause with her as Charlene

    69. langland

      Will this get suit because she copy someone else music again? This music sounds so familiar....

    70. Liz I.

      Ah this is why I was recommended all those vulnerable therapy videos of Katy... there's always promo warnings.