Juice WRLD.



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    Published on Month ago


    1. ImDontai

      Rest Easy. See Ya'll Tomorrow...I'll bring positive energy. I removed ALL ads but the vid is still monetized I DONT KNOW HOW. No disrespect & I apologize in advanced.

      1. Seth Suku

        @ImDontai RIP

      2. Darksaw 31


      3. Darksaw 31


      4. Simon 1

        Can u react to envy me

      5. Cesar Jimenez

        RIP 💔

    2. Isaiah Andre

      I literally cried and I almost never cried in my life honestly X and Juice damn

    3. Tae'Andre Grant


    4. K V

      Rip juice

    5. lick bodys

      They obviously gave him narcan. So wasn't an opioid. Could have been xans mixed ect.

    6. Mini Mall Man

      Dang MrDdizzy94!

    7. Aiden Dunaway

      In rich and blind he said “they tell me the death of me gon be the perkys”

    8. Dogeroblox

      I can’t Evan get over X and after juice died I just tried not to believe it but I knew he died R.I.P juice wrld, R.I.P xxxtentacion 🙏🙏🙏

    9. Yandel Chevere

      React to legends juice wrld

    10. Ruben Campos

      Juice wrld-man xxxtentacion died so young Rip juice wrld

    11. Yuki FN

      It’s just not fair for legends to die it not fucking fair I swear to god this not fair

      1. Yuki FN

        999 forever

    12. Rel Lunatic

      One month today man.999 Forever

    13. I hate school 479

      R.I.P juice wrld🙏🏿🕊

    14. Toddy Woddy

      Rest In Peace ❤️

    15. Susej Da sausage

      do the juice wrld dance

    16. SavageCheetah

      “they know me for my talent, my talent but don’t know how my pain feels” - Juice WRLD

    17. Isaiah Sutton

      came back to this video and I remember when I first heard dontai say “juice wrld has passed away” I couldn’t believe and hated hearing those words

      1. Arise Krypto

        Yeah I found out about his death on Dec 8th it was because of this video. As I clicked on it, I was hoping he didn’t die or anything but sadly he did, sucks to see a rapper blow up then die so soon

    18. n0b0dyFW TuTu

      react to let me kno

    19. Darksaw 31


    20. Elite

      He committed suicide he took a pill and it’s because someone snitched because he had weed (dumb idiot 😔)

    21. Kerry Gutierrez

      Hopefully nobody dies in 2020 but it’s going everyone is going to say protect ski at all costs but somebody might die but hopefully nothing like that happens

    22. Jonathans wonderland For kids

      ''You had me falling and landing inside my grave'' R.I.P Juice rest easy my brother

    23. Dahiana Varona

      This is Just Sad😪🥺😭

    24. Jonathan Vigeland

      R.I.P The best artist ever 💔💔💔

    25. Tyler awsome

      Rip 💔💔💔💔

    26. Julian Turner

      What people don’t understand is that if there’s no drugs there’s no Juice wrld 🤷🏾‍♂️ that’s just him, and honestly all the pilot had to do was fly the mf plane

    27. Benee Calderon

      This is hands down the saddest example of I told you so.

    28. Byren Price

      my grandpa died 2

    29. Lake Forrest

      It’s not annoy


      Juice should have stopped or at least slowed down

    31. Carter Nicastro

      I thought he stopped drugs, I knew he smoked weed but I thought he stopped the percs. When I heard the news and thought I was dreaming, still kinda thing I’m dreaming 22 days later. RIP juice

    32. Teresa Price

      Rip juice world.

    33. MR. RAGE

      Drugs are a big part of rap culture which is why people are so desensitised to them and as a result the issue is treated very trivially as drugs are such a common theme of rap that people simply dont care, dont get it, dont thinks its an issue or just think artists just keep mentioning drugs for the sake of their songs as like I said drugs is a common theme of rap.

    34. røwdyrashawn

      Joyner Lucas adhd 🤔

    35. nle choppa

      i promise to x and juice wrld that no one can replace them both😭❤

    36. Bradley crow

      Wow this was rip juice wrld vid but now its a drug psa so thank for wrecking my day

    37. dobermike

      I hope ski mask doesnt go next. And I know if he does go it will either be suicide or drugs. So if he dies he’s dying either the same fate as etika and Jocelyn or the same fate as juice or peep. I really hope neither happens.

    38. Anthony Ramirez

      Dontai rlly tried helping juice out and we under looked it heavy. damn 😔 we should have listened

    39. Anthony Ramirez

      This goes to show drug abuse is a real serious problem and ppl with this problem should always be approached and helped never under looked

    40. Avery Cortes

      Drugs takes so many life’s these days ... it’s so crazy that lil peep Mac Miller and now juice have fell victim to them ... at the end of the day legends never die and we will always have them in our hearts .. but things got to change before the rappers we love and watch start vanishing before our eyes 💔💔

    41. joelsolomon42

      Damn a lot of people are making videos and putting ads so they making a profit from his death.

    42. Xayla

      Yooo..... I miss Juice Wrld so much, he helped me get over my heartbreaks and over all of my friends dying and I fucking hate it! Ski and Melly are all I have left and like I swear I can't take it anymore. Man I sure hope that Ski is okay, but like Juice helped me so much and now he's gone like what am I gonna do now! Man I know I'm just a die-hard fan and I get hurt, but I really feel bad for his girlfriend and Ski. I just wish we could bring X and Juice and Peep and everybody that died young like this back.

    43. Bianca CartoonTube

      us-new.com/online/video-s2NwD_8pUYo.html rip juice world I did a drawing for him to pay my respect check it out

    44. Brxndinho10

      So many songs where he says something along the lines of “they tell me the percs will kill me”. And he ignored all of it. Why didn’t anyone actually try n fuckin help him

    45. Brxndinho10

      Same shit I said, it shouldn’t take a legend dying for people to stop, it could’ve been prevented a long time ago. Wish he knew the effect it would have on his fans and family before he carried on. Also wish he meant it when he said he’d stop. Dont think i’ve ever cried so much within 2 weeks tbh. Rest easy Juice 🖤🌹 9 9 9

    46. J.R Junior

      Tbh, a lot of these record label will actually promise artist I can get you any drugs you want once you sign with us. And I believe this is one of the huge problems that needs to be addressed/fixed. I'm not putting the blame just on the label because there's more factors that come into play like the artist itself and reaching out for help and the people around him that are encouraging you to do drugs.

    47. Shea Vanos

      Sick add at the end of the vid real nice

    48. Fireckrackincruz

      Why is everyone quoting things?-FireCkrackincruz

      1. The real Jesus Christ

        “We got a comedian in the building” - Lee

      2. Lee

        We got a comedian in the building

    49. Kristian179

      the world sadly ain't gonna change and more deaths will continue to happen if rappers/ the music industry is pumping this out to fans also the more it comes out people will die regardless of who it is, whether it be rappers or their fans

      1. Kristian179

        don't exclude alcohol too

    50. Scoot mc muffin

      I liked the video,can I see a gang bang

    51. king axxídєntѕ

      Broken Chain We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name In life we loved you dearly In death we do the same It broke our hearts to lose you You did not go alone For part of us went with you The day God called you home You left us peaceful memories Your love is still our guide And though we cannot see you You are always by our side Our family chain is broken And nothing seems the same But as god calls us one by one The chain will link again Rip rih juice wrld aye aye xxtentacion Nipsey Mac Miller Tupac bigg and alot more

    52. Jesziah Brooks

      I feel bad for everyone who was close to juice like his girlfriend,family,and ski.We are losing so many young rappers and it’s turning everything around. I mainly feel bad for ski because he has lost his 2 only people he considered his friends.Imagine losing 2 people you love and have been with for a long time and the die and you have to act like it never happend. You have to go on tour and preform music while you have people tweeting you and telling to to shut the f up and all of this extra ness. RIP juice.Fly high angel 🕊

    53. restricted

      this is weird, juice wrld’s name initials are j a h

      1. CPLG De4d5hot

        J a r a d A n t h o n y H i g i n s

      2. oddie kunthar

        Sarah Davis Jahseh is X’s real name.

      3. Sarah Davis

        What else does JAH stand for?

      4. Trevor Nierenberg


      5. itsLilAkbro

        J a h

    54. no money


    55. Lucas Taven

      Its fack

    56. Isaac Reed

      Shut up About how he does drugs he was struggling so stop acting like if you saw your video he could’ve changed.

      1. The real Jesus Christ

        Isaac Reed He needed help. There’s nothing to it, he was addicted and needed help. You don’t have to be a dick.

    57. potrik

      He is so right i feel bad now 😩

    58. louise !!

      bruh everyone made of fun of dontai for talking about juice’s drug usage too much (including me). it’s crazy how much he called this shit happening SO MANY TIMES n everyone was like goddam we get it. I was rewatching all his juice reaction videos n he knew shit was gon go down frfr

    59. Jelani Smith

      Continue it I Empty I feel so goddamn empty

    60. Meyaa THOMAS

      I feel sad now that Ski Mask has lost XXXTENTACION his brother who he grew up with has no lost another brother (best friend) Juice Wrld Please protect the Ski and Dm or at least go on live and keep him protected because we can't loose these young lives !!! And young people

    61. #3DOne

      U right bruh....R.I.P Juice World #3DOne ✌

    62. TheRealHector

      he sold his soul to the devil. so its the devils fault. dont blame the drugs. rip juice wrld

    63. This Is Eight

      He had a problem with his addiction he was trying to stop it but failed to do so. Rest in peace Juice

    64. Anthony Bautista

      Swear ppl better not be like 2020 my year

    65. Connor Blodgett

      Tragic news that for some reason everyone loves to hear

    66. E T

      BROOO RIP 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😭😭😭😭😭😥😭😪😭😥😪😭😭😰😭😥😰😭😪😭😥😭😥😭

    67. PXM breach

      It happened bc he purposely overdosed on the medicine bc the fbi was waiting at the airport

      1. The real Jesus Christ

        PXM breach He didn’t purposely overdose. It was accidental, he swallowed all the drugs he had to hide them, not to die

    68. sHAde

      Dang Ski must be having a really bad time.

    69. DMANIACK05

      I feel like juice Wrld wasn’t a fan of dontai and was just ignoring him 🤷🏽‍♂️ now look where he’s at

    70. h.

      Dontai was right about the drugs