Joe Satriani "Lies and Truths" - Front and Center



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    Taken from Joe Satriani's performance on Front and Center, a series on public television. Filmed at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City on June 9th, 2014 to celebrate Les Paul's birthday.
    Joe Satriani - Guitar
    Mike Keneally - Guitar, Keyboards
    Bryan Beller - Bass
    Marco Minnemann - Drums
    Directed and produced by Pierre & François Lamoureux.
    Music produced, mixed and mastered by François Lamoureux.
    Recorded by Lance McVickar.
    Use by permission.

    Published on 5 years ago


    1. linc thomas

      brian the legend

    2. BiTheWay Yes

      hell yeah...feelin it

    3. S D

      Joe you are incredible

    4. Luiz Augusto Soares

      Satriani is a monster ! Incredible drummer too.

    5. Gio Frongia

      Poor Joe,such an astonishing song, but with that drummer, almost all the attention goes to the drummer. Thats why he had to send it back to Mr. Govan...

    6. Jerry Miller


    7. wahyu christian

      When the profetional just play them music on....

    8. Crazy 8s Drums

      Vinnie's performance on the album was truly amazing! Vinnie is always amazing! Marco's performance here is equally amazing...but very different. Marco is always different...and amazing! I hope Joe does more recording with them both!

    9. krlos emilio

      OMG hold that keyboard XD

    10. cicimbello bello

      What a fury, , amazing!

    11. Shad Chollack

      hope they would come through canada

    12. Opie DeLetta

      Just Bad Ass!

    13. maleman julpax

      That drums though. It blends so well. Marco is the best

    14. locksley84

      Thumbs up to the bass player and tech assistant who kept the keyboard in place just in time! Unexpected factors play in all stages, from humble to world class musicians such as these. The drummer kicks ass also!!

    15. Dhyra Avenged

      Profesional musicall..the prof.👍🤴 whatever happens, music continues ... joe "the number 1 great guitarist in the world..👍

    16. Adam Spears

      Lies: "Your keyboard is gonna stay put." Truths: "You shouldn't rely on your Set Tech to secure it for you."

    17. youtubesuckfornotlettingmekeepmyname

      so where can i get a symbolic fox shirt like marco's??? i have most of his mucis from the aristocrats, steve wilsons works, solo albums... dig the fox shirt!!!

    18. Gilbert Sam

      Joe satriani 60 years old doesnt even look it

    19. Asep Firdaus


    20. Kalp Kumud Kumar

      Marco ........ what an asset for a band. hats off !!!

    21. Moises Horacio

      damn, When you look "the accident" You realize how pro they are.

    22. coal1987

      That roadie is fuckin shit

    23. Diego Francisqueti

      omg marco 😀😀😀

    24. Luciano J.

      marco the fucking minnemann YEAH! FANTASTIC

    25. Martin Madsen

      fucking great. lol at 1:05

    26. Chris Cortez

      damn Marco idol!!!

    27. dre vdh

      Marco is a god......

    28. David Gaffney

      Useless roady twats.....

    29. Kalp Kumud Kumar

      Marco is flawless !!!

    30. Слыш ты чё конь педальный

      не люблю сатриане - посредственный гитараст - самый говённый звук у гитары ибанез смог придумать этот бездарь

    31. LuisNavarro

      que pasa con el teclado?

    32. Kris Mier

      who did the drums for this on the album though?

      1. Alysson Rezende

        +Kris Mier Colaiuta

    33. Zack Brannon

      when half of your band is the Aristocrats

    34. Shad Chollack

      Nucking Futs!

    35. Yura Prachev

      Виртуозный лирический рок Сатриани . Андреналин!!

    36. skullkap1

      Love that song. Such a great chorus, too.

    37. Brian Rogers

      JS is my favorite. Have a listen to this song by yours truly. I think it sounds like Joe's style. :D

    38. DonnaRae Wisor

      Just realized that 2/3rds of the Aristocrats are here.

    39. Vitor Isaia

      The 'keyboard fix improvisation' in the beginning is a great start for a fenomenal song!!!! Great band!!

    40. FrodoBaggins44

      Joe's incredible. He just kept playing like a pro.

    41. Marshall 94

      Scotch tape for mike :)

    42. Tibor Trnka

      Joe is phenomenal no words just guitar - famous