Joe Rogan Experience #1395 - Glenn Villeneuve



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    Glenn Villeneuve is a hunter, fisherman and TV personality, best known for appearing in the show “Life Below Zero”, which showcases the life of the Alaskan hunters particularly during the harsh winters.

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    1. Joey Miller

      hopefully someone offers him his own show, id watch it for sure. the show could be so much better. i'm almost up to season 5. i'm sad to hear glen is no longer on the show.

    2. MaZ

      I couldn't sleep last night so put this on - and it had me enthralled for 3 hours! Great stuff, guys! As a Brit, I'd never heard of 'Life Below Zero' but will definitely seek it out.

    3. Thomas Kelly

      Glenn and Sue Aiken are my 2 favorite outdoors themed podcasts. Great people, great storys.

    4. keith ahlstrom

      Yup, flush toilets are a liability.

    5. stonebay2111

      Dave canterbury was the one who lied about his military resume on dual survival. He is a veteran but his training was grossly exaggerated.

    6. Peter Ben

      I would watch his YT channel for sure.

    7. wildcard

      Joe “when I say Jackoff I mean it with all due respect” Rogan

    8. chris glennon

      Who knew that Journey's Steve Perry was so into outdoorsmanship!

    9. Les

      im here from the Joe Rogan Interviews A Real-Life Cannibal edit

    10. Humphrey Bogart

      Glenn was the best part of the show..Maybe that's why I don't watch like I used too.Im tired of the dog sled routines..

    11. H

      Such an interesting guy.. The patience of Jobe.

    12. smokestrong1000

      It'd be funny if this guy is just an actor pretending to live out there. He doesn't seem like he really lives out there.

    13. Kevin Johnson

      I feel alot more confident about my bull shit education! This guy is smarter than our family dr. ,our veterinarian , and a nutritionist.

    14. Bran

      That world war wolf story is horsehit

    15. 1550 Nanometer

      9:33 "Its a frozen Puerto Rico" Lmao....damn

    16. Michael Nightingale

      Start a US-new channel Glenn!!!!

    17. Chris P. Bacon

      I was skeptical at first but this guy has won me over.

      1. Chris P. Bacon

        @haydog About him being an interesting person.

      2. haydog

        Skeptical about what?

    18. T Sun

      Awesome Podcast. Only regret is Joe did not take him up on it when Glen said "I seen some weird shit out there". (I bet he did!)

    19. Justin Trimble

      Glenn was 100% my favorite person on Life Below Zero. Stopped watching when they dropped him for the boring guy running his dogs. I really hope Glenn gets a US-new channel or something.

    20. Kyle Hayes

      let me lure him in with this tasty treat lol

    21. Kyle Hayes

      the stolen valor is def something thaws messed up. my father in law continuously lies about a stolen valor event hough he has been called to on it numerous times.....WTF

    22. Tim Cade

      I love Glenn. Big mistake on their part to not have him on anymore. My favs are Glenn, Erik Salitan and Sue Aikens. You gotta try to get Glenn back on. Be cool to get Erik on too.

    23. Mark Lego

      Glenn is obviously trying to deny bigfoot for its protection

    24. Invin

      1:10:16 "You can get as primitive as you want" * long intense gaze *

    25. Invin

      Still can't get over how many times "meat pole" was said with a straight face.

    26. Luis Garcia

      This looks like MrBeasts dad

    27. biggsly5000

      A new fave for sure.

    28. Jay Smith

      this guy is all about teach a man to fish and feed him forever vs giving a man a fish and keeping him enslaved. The Lefty Commies are all about giving the poor "free" fish to keep them enslaved and on the plantation, they want people to be victims and in a state of powerlessness. WAKE UP. Become Independent . Live your Dream or else you live someones Elses Dream. God Speed

    29. I. Yuso_physique mr_4pack

      i feel like wanting to go in the wilderness and shoot animals to eat them

    30. DersButlet

      1:57:05 hahahaha

    31. Sean Rambo

      I love sheep...... yea

    32. JeLlYBeDRS

      Joe is high af on god

    33. Kevin McLaughlin

      Is it just me or could this guy easily pass for a brother of Harland Williams.

    34. neu dae

      barefoot is the best!!

    35. neu dae

      Joe getting tested for worms after this podcast lololo

      1. Lafawnduh Dynamite


    36. Paweł Hetman

      That was interesting but the moment dude started talking this hippie nonsense about walking outdoors barefoot I cringed hard. What a waste of a good video.

      1. Manny Lo Rocket

        Paweł Hetman how is walking outside barefoot cringe

      2. rahma4

        Only cringy shit here, is your comment - fuck you talking about "hippie nonsense"? Grow up you dweeb

    37. Sean Rambo

      The true self sustaining, off the grid dream.

    38. Kibiku Wairioko

      😂Wtf 39:30 "... you can jog behind wolves all day long... " HOW?

    39. b80

      Man has nothing to do with global cooling/ to scientists who don't get paid to have an agenda, or do some research until ya realize earth goes through warm/cold cycles continually.

    40. Magnan Imus

      That was a very intelligent discussion on suppressors. This guy really knows what he's talking about.

    41. Zach Walker

      Steak fat that has been feed corn is like a savory thing even the grass fed. You eat wild deer the fat is sweet tasting.

    42. Teash Drinks

      This one so good had to watch it a second time after listening to it

    43. Zach Walker

      Lol deer see that white pickup guy and they run and they don't look back. Buckshot is fun. Feed game meat to your dog lol you fuck. He's a dog.

    44. Zach Walker

      You can chop all the wood you need for an entire winter in one week if you line it up and work at it.

    45. Zach Walker

      Didn't go to school. Was raised with a freer hand. Didn't get in a bunch of debt. Spent every minute of his life preparing.

    46. Warren S.

      Damn this guy is such a low-key, casual badass. A+ Podcast, this was awesome.

    47. B1a5t0i5e 85

      He looks like the kid in brightburn but if he grew up and had a mustache.

    48. Lawren Garcia

      I miss Glenn on Life Below Zero! He was so interesting and I envied his situation

    49. Sergio Morones

      Love that show !!!!

    50. Mikołaj Badura

      Please Glenn, make a youtube channel!

      1. Feels Man

        He has one

    51. 2010GT500

      Should’ve had an AR15.

      1. 2010GT500

        Umbala Muchala The Village Chief .223 is perfect for wolves. Would have given him high capacity too

      2. Umbala Muchala The Village Chief

        2010GT500 Why it wouldn’t do shit to anything .223 rem is a really small cartridge

    52. jackinthesack

      This guy is so full of shit

      1. Feels Man

        Thanks for your input expert

    53. 2010GT500

      You can carry a gun in a national park

    54. stealthybanana

      This man living the life everyone secretly wants to.

    55. thestcroixkid

      ...after that wolf incident it'd be a 18" Ar-10 for me...

    56. Josh M

      Joe looks like a bulldog that’s been chewing on a hornets nest!

    57. Kevin DeChamp

      It's next to impossible to have a suppressor in Australia, we have this weird philosophy that'll be used for criminal use, can't really own hand guns or semi automatic rifles here. We are pretty difficult, cant even own collapsible stocks.

    58. DirtForce 08

      great guy right? reminds me of Harland Williams.

    59. Explodingtraps

      So he's eating 3 pounds of meat and fat a day.. holy smokes! it must be cold

    60. Douglas Fargo

      Joe you need to get Sue back on the show

    61. Todd Bennett

      Joe says "Whoa " better than any human alive.

    62. C R

      Joe: Never cook it?!?! Glenn: Nauh... just let it sit there....... Lmao. This guy is just experimenting with a multitude of meats, alone in the woods.

    63. Robert Xavier

      Christmas Truce was different from the Wolf Hunt Truce. They played soccer during the Christmas truce, but aired out some wolves during the Hunt Truce.

    64. Alex

      composting toilet....

      1. Sam The Slouch

        The wolf's stomach composts it just fine

    65. Cisco Cabs

      awkward pauses, check

    66. adambunion

      He looks like an older Mr Beast

    67. waowolf

      real alpha

    68. a kamran

      biggest lesson: You don't have to have a high school diploma to fly a plane.

    69. Michael Szczekot

      Dude just described moose chitlins

    70. Mark R

      Their us no consciences on "man made global warming" that is a lie. Do some real research people!

      1. Feels Man

        Yeah I agree, the main environmentalist concern should be on pollution and deforestation, rather than CO2 emissions.