Joe Rogan Experience #1283 - Russell Brand



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    Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book “Mentors” is available now, and his podcast called “Under The Skin” is available on Luminary.

    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Camillo Dipiero

      Its very true that we're all a work in progress. We live in a cruel world, very unforgiving, everywhere you look is temptation, its hard to sit on the sideline and watch it flow by. Russell Brand believes in an interconnected web in which all of our minds are connected to, its very true. As we go through life we encounter many ideas many ideologies, why? Where do Ideas come from? We already know they come from an external force, why can't we all believe in the oneness this world has provided, all i see these days is violence and negative energy, its extremely rare to find someone or something that brings joy, if you ever find something that gives you joy make a life out of it because you'll probably never find it again. I live in Australia, you'd think everything is fun and rainbows but its a dark country, we have the same issues that all countries have, poverty, drugs, crime etc. Its all destroying me, If we all woke up to the fact that we are all one. Consciousness makes you believe you are you, ego. But awareness makes you believe you are nothing, you are everything and nothing at the same time. You are that guy walking down the road, and you are the man typing this comment, nowadays there is so much competition, jealousy, greed, people can't see value even if its right in front of them and its frustrating, people think they're gods among mortals. I don't know if humans will ever find the truth, but I do know if we do find the truth, we will progress 10x quicker as a planet. Why must we belittle this gift of life by focusing on country to country, we should be thinking of the whole world, not just an individual country. Yeah religion is apart of the issue here but religion is just unexplained science, for all we know it couldve been aliens that genetically modified monkeys to be human we shouldnt be so quick to judge or dismiss outlandish ideas. They are only ideas! they cant kill you... thankyou joe rogan for making this video i will continue commenting on your videos in hopes of connecting people to a more positive ideology, and joe! if you find this comment, then please get back to me I think we could have some incredibly good discussions.

    2. sly angler

      Russell's had a unique life experience from being homeless and people walked by him like he did not exist. Then on the other side he's standing on a stage with thousands of people listening to every word he speaks. Totally twisted extreme's.

    3. kumkum jain

      u forget tht matriarchy hs always aligned wth patriarchy +may buy high heels fr th daughtr to seduce men her fathers age

    4. kumkum jain

      a bikini is preparatn fr a girl to bcom an adult....

    5. Bradley Hancock

      "It's about time Jamie pulled something up in this episode" --hilarious

    6. Carla Marlene

      this conversation brought me to tears. it was stunning to hear all my thoughts put into words. and these 2 dudes are so different and so alike. i love hearing them speak

    7. LM 12

      Insane conversation, just real men

    8. kumkum jain

      russell everyone is vulnerable +flawed but they dont hv th confidence +guts to show it to others

    9. kumkum jain

      AI will accept th efficiency of our negavities +deficiencies of our positivities...

    10. kumkum jain

      if people r afraid of u as th outsider, they will not accept u no matter how much u change yrself

    11. kumkum jain

      slavery still exists, its a kind of relationship, both personal as well as community based. it jst looks different now

    12. kumkum jain

      media equals editors equals businessmen...

    13. Nate Knute

      Best topic brought up in the podcast, peoples laziness!

    14. isaac anthony

      How do we NOT have anti-trust laws that apply to Amazon? AND the most profitable corporation in America isn't paying ANY TAXES??? Republicans would rather people die homeless in the street, than vote that we should tax Amazon.

      1. isaac anthony

        Our government is overflowing with greed and apathy. Republicans are giving the country away to corporations, democrats are only consumed with achieving power, while maintaining corporate control and monopoly of markets. ALL of these capitalists are desperate to keep Americans from voting for Bernie. CNN completely ignores that Bernie leads democrats in donations and popularity, focusing instead on Elizabeth Warren who would be destroyed by Trump in a debate.

    15. Artist And Vegan

      im vegan 4 the humans. cholesterol destroys our kidneys. dr morse heals cancer.

    16. Artist And Vegan

      pomme de lu hell peche - you and me. it is winter. clove and cinnamon interacting. one, deux. king bee queen large wall of sound hum buzzing.

    17. Keilah Lenahan

      he needs to put a fan up for the guests. They are always getting too hot.

    18. lukecage275

      Real men talk workshop.

    19. Mitch Buscemi

      LOL teenage boys are the worst... sounds like clockwork orange

    20. Caveman Dan

      Gonna rewatch this 2 of my favourite people.

    21. Phillip Zimmerman

      Two of some of my favorite people in one sitting.

    22. Britt Hill

      I would like to see Joe talk with Robert Zimmerman, the man in the room. And Mr. Gowdy, as well. Even at the same time. With Dr. Peterson helping out. Now THAT would be a bit of a show.... (no peace💘)

    23. Matthew Peters

      This is an awesome podcast. Definitely one of the better ones!!!

    24. Silla V

      Russell is a walking thesaurus

    25. The Real Infinite Barz

      Would love to have sit down with Joe,Russell Brand,Jim Carrey and Bill Cooper(rip)...

    26. LifeIsMusic

      We need Dave on here

    27. The Dutchess

      Shit up Joe it’s not true, especially about black ppl not being allowed live in certain areas in the South! Wake up, you don’t experience cuz u live in a bubble! Tell that to my white kid who can’t play on the playground ya our nice neighborhood freely was occupied by ghetto black ppl , the same with school which used to be # 1 in our county 4 years ago and now is last to the last!!! Tell that to my child and other ppl who bought homes in nice areas and now forced to live in ghetto, not cuz black ppl live here, it’s cuz these black ppl turned into ghetto, it’s a fucking fact, drug dealers, u r bullied for being white, they trash everything, move in 30 ppl in one home, it’s a roach nest! Our homes sit in the market for a year and went down in value in a half! And it’s not us, it’s them who want to leave in this tribal ghetto, pushing the other race out bully us! We live in the age of reverse racism, when black ppl can do anything intimidate you threaten you not to call police when they deal drugs on the playground during the day! So shut the fuck yo, come fucking visit or shove a foot in ur mouth!

    28. nero eagle

      Kevin Hart is so positive..... ummmm, you need to talk his wife, and his side chick, and the girl that was sitting on his lap when his car crashed.

    29. Wicked Alf


    30. Parker

      I'm high af, but when he said making sure the forest people get funded, i laughed.

    31. Carol Leathern

      We have a full moon in Cape Town tonight - can't sleep - so watching this - enjoying it so much probably won't sleep at all!

    32. paul sticks


    33. Stiv Pecaj

      Quite an interesting guest. Sooo different from what the media portrays him


        Learning is fun!

      2. Wenyi108

        Stiv Pecaj agreed

    34. Jasonm Gavitt

      Russel brand!objects and things and substances are not gateways! Your fucking mind is the gateway!thats what makes you do shit.not some object like a jar of salve.

    35. Jordan Holliday

      I don't think Joe understands what an addiction is, just because you love doing something doesnt mean you're addicted

    36. lostinyoureyes32

      I’ll never forget when Russell went on MSNBC and made Mika B look like a damn fool

      1. ladymcbeath

        Honestly, it's not that hard to make Mika look like a damn fool. She does it to herself every time she opens her mouth. But Russell made it so much worse, and did it with such style!

      2. Carl Willis

        Was a joy to see

    37. Олександр Кира

      I thought my English is good before i've heard Russell

    38. Autumn Abbott

      maybe Joe should come to the blue group booking this person on his show...

    39. MarsArtist

      I like that Joe doesn't always know the depth of certain conversations, but totally helps unite more people and let's his curiosity lead the narrative. His curiosity is eye opening imo. >_

    40. Lindsy Says Official

      so here's an idea. have Elon Musk and Russel Brand back on the show together and have them talk about AI. i'd like to hear that conversation

    41. Scott F

      Emanuel God Here with Us Coming soon 1 Counterfeit then 1 Savior ;- }

    42. Scott F

      Pit of Godless Vipers. Sounds Familiar ???

    43. Scott F

      Robots ??? Just add Weaponry ??? Clean up Boston Ma Laser equipped. The Sweet smell of Brimstone YUMMM ;- |

    44. Scott F

      We live in A Digital Plasma Matrix >>> Creation = Creator ;- }

    45. Harris Scoggins

      Never thought the creator of "inside of you" would be so deep. Great!

      1. Exoaura band


    46. darrengilles darrengilles

      I love how shrooms gently push your hand off the rudder letting your mind rest and they never steer you wrong

    47. Earth Fan

      Hey Joe, can you share your HGH protocol with us? Also, check out this, Hey Joe:

    48. Sandra Real

      Joe Rogan's rant at around 2:49:00 He needs to run for president!

    49. Anonymous Filth

      Does Joe rogan aware of Karl pilkington .

    50. AT jordslife

      I'm smoking a blunt in my back garden while watching this and I just got finished at the gym and realised that I'm not depressed anymore

      1. Aidan Huggins

        That’s awesome man! It’s a great feeling

      2. Patti Franks

        AT jordslife If you are sitting in your garden smoking a blunt you maybe contribute to your depression.

      3. Jessie Evangelista


    51. Joel West

      Get Steven West from philosophize this podcast

    52. Logically Vegan

      Hey Joe. You were featured in an Ethical Vegan video.

    53. Top Mysteries

      Anyone else want to see Russel Brand and Alex Jones on the same podcast?!

    54. Sandra Foss

      To Joe Rogan: Thank you for your interesting interviews. I know you enjoy learning as much as you can, however your information is lacking when it comes to food and nutrition. Before advising people on what to eat, it would benefit all greatly if you did some more research. Your platform reaches too many people to be irresponsible.

      1. Jacob Johnson

        And for the record, I don’t hunt, I never have, but hunting does more for conservation than a vegan diet does.

      2. Jacob Johnson

        No pet of my comment was an attack. It just seemed a safe assumption. I’m well aware that Joe doesn’t need me to fight for him, that wasn’t my intent. I asked a question, there were several points made in this podcast regarding nutrition. Judging from your responses here you seem the stereotypical “holier than thou” vegan that refuses to entertain the possibility that it’s not the only way to eat healthy and ethically. Come off your high horse, calm the hell down, no one attacked you.

      3. Jacob Johnson


      4. Sandra Foss

        Wow! lol.

      5. Jacob Johnson

        Which part of my comment was an attack? Do you run around being the victim all the time or just online?

    55. Keifer

      I used Russels book during my recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. Love the guy he really put that book together for every one.

    56. LeCaissie

      Please get Jordan Sather on ;)

    57. Teddy Wave

      Interview David Icke!!!!!

    58. Kieran Donaghy

      I dare anyone... *to try play fifa during the Alex Jones segment* by the way for our yank friends, type in the Welsh Alex Jones..

    59. Audra T

      Ouch I have to pee! Lmaf

    60. Unapamm Collins

      Fantastic to hear you guys speak about poverty in this way. I say adopt a Human today. Humans need love and care just the same as an abused animal, more so, in my opinion. I am the poor and impoverished, yet I will still pick up a fellow human and care for them. The little I have I am willing to share to someone that has nothing at all.

    61. Koneko Yagami

      Dont worry, google maps will lead the robot human money murder cannibal cant knock it down super soldiers to the middle of nowhere and fustrate them to the point they will gouge their eyes out.

    62. Koneko Yagami

      I love Chappell and Hicks. I love Rogan and Brand too and Neil Brennan. Rusell brand reminds me of bill hicks in the way that their stand up philosophical.

    63. david brother

      @ 39:00 yes, mothers are the more dominant, natural parent, just because they actually had baby inside her, you know? "Men are what their mothers made them." wrote Emerson. If Russell Brand ran for US President against Trump, I bet he'd win! Go Russell!

    64. Jack Nicholls

      1:04:45 “ow my brain” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    65. Koneko Yagami

      Kids in high heals?! Why do they even make that?! Seems like there are a lot of pedophiles in the garment industry.

    66. Koneko Yagami

      A 2 year old in a bikini?! Yikes! Why do they even make that?!

    67. Koneko Yagami

      I'm not worried about ai because Google maps is horrible and youtube rarely suggests I want to see.

    68. Loretta Player

      OK,are you kidding me? Have you not seen the vid of Bill Gates saying he's going to depopulate the world by putting nano poison in Chem trails?He says this and acts proud about it!

    69. Amanda Littlewood

      This has got to be one of my favourite JR podcasts. I'm from Britain too and was never into Russell Brand ever. Seeing a really knowledgeable and interesting guy. Well done. Also yes Keanu Reeves next please!! 🤞

    70. Elbownian

      I'm sure of one thing - Ben Stewart is a fucking hack. Thanks for the ad Russell!