Jeff Fisher on Antonio Brown causing distractions, talks Gruden defending AB | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher joins Undisputed to discuss Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden and Oakland Raiders. Hear why he thinks AB's foot issue and the helmet controversy are potential distractions for the team.
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Jeff Fisher on Antonio Brown causing distractions, talks Gruden defending AB | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Do the Raiders regret bringing in Antonio Brown?

    1. Hardcore Raider


    2. Edwin Verzosa

      While gruden is hoping to get a second coming of tim brown, he is having a keyshawn Johnson in disguise of Antonio brown

    3. Hardcore Raider

      Thank you Jeff, Rob, & Gregg for some love, positivity and actual good perspectives👊 Actually Carr had a one of his best stat years last year. That dude needs to do his research b4 he opens his mouth💥👊 2019 YEAR OF REDEMPTION THE RAIDERS WILL RISE 💯💪 THERES ONLY ONE NATION, RAIDER NATION- ALL OTHERS ARE FRUAD ARTISTS TRYING TO STEAL OUR SLOGANS AND NEED TO STOP RIDING THE RAIDER NATIONS COAT TAILS!!! RAIDERS BRINGING NIGHTMARES TO THE NFL 💥👊

  2. Robert Johnson

    Yes ask a loser like fisher.

  3. Gregory Kosins

    My favorite coach of all time.

  4. Rich Morgenstern

    AB needs a team meeting to learn how to conduct himself? Pitiful.

  5. Rich Morgenstern

    FIsher is so loathsome. He lacks credibility.

  6. Nunya Biz

    I would play for Jeff Fisher in a minute and his former players speak glowingly of him. The only exception is Vince Young.

  7. Gerard Williams

    Can't front...Greg Jennings suit game is legit. Prolly shops in Aaron Rodgers closet.

  8. baze

    What’s crazier? That Antonio brown wants his helmet or everyone freaking out about it? Do these people really have nothing better going on in their lives than browns helmet disputes?

  9. baze

    Love how commenters act like they know more than an actual nfl coach, Fischer. Narcissism is rampant.


    jeff knows cant paly with ya cant win with ya cant coach ya cant do it i go too war with 11 guys instead of 12 for i know if one guy is more about him then the team then that is the world of chaos peace and harmony is what teams need if they want too win 1 super bowl ring if not many.

  11. Everett Sutton

    This is the same coach that has ruined more QB careers than Lawrence Taylor.

  12. Duke

    Who’s the guy with the pink shirt? Derek actually had his best statistical year in his entire career, as far as yards and completion pct with one of the worst receiving corps he’s ever had. That guy needs to actually research his talking points and not spew hatred

  13. Policarpio Icedo

    Regardless of what ab does kids watch and will act like him....sometimes its not good to be a part role model.......

  14. Big Dog

    Jeff stop I’m surprised around the nfl

  15. King P

    I don’t wanna hear anything from Jeff Fisher. The rams would still be terrible if he was there

  16. Slade Wilson

    I want to see Antonio cost himself 60 million over a helmet. Stupid wins.

  17. Gabriel Story

    This mediator is so annoying

  18. Jose Valenzuela

    Regardless of what anyone thinks, let's not forget Jeff Fisher coached the Titans to a superbowl and several playoff appearances. There are coaches who have had more wins than Jeff Fisher who did not even make it once to the superbowl. I am not saying Jeff Fisher is great or good coach, but his coaching style and offensive schemes became predictable. Give the guy a break.

  19. Donnie Staats

    I really wish they woulda put these clowns on first thing and brought chris and nick into fill in for shannon. No offense to Rob or Greg but my god this is dull

  20. Harrison Craig

    I really wanna know how Rob Parker still has a job. Does anyone like that guy? I don't think he has ever once opened his mouth and said something slightly intelligent.

  21. manofsteel

    To much drama in this day in age. Just play ball

  22. Justin Lupica

    They had him on 4 days late. Jeff Fischer day is August 8th (8-8)

  23. Lil Toast

    Hahahah Jeff Fisher

  24. Addyston Tucker Ray

    Why does Jeff Fisher look like he smells like cigarettes and bourbon?

  25. Elvis J.

    Why did they bring this QB killer on?

  26. Gnasty G

    Why would Fisher talk bad about AB an Gruden??!?! This dude is looking for a job!!

  27. Johnny Baca

    Lol jason jason jason smh, u will never understand how to to prepare as a athlete, all u know how to do is get ur nails done whiten ur teeth do ur hair gtfoh

  28. gilbogilbo79

    Wow Jeff literally said nothing. At first, I tought he would be interesting and opiniated....not. He probably wants to be HC again annd can't make enemies.

  29. Eddie Cardwell

    People trash Fisher, but he’s a master at finding talent. He’s always built great rosters. He’s not an amazing coach but he deserves to be in a team’s office for his help scouting and overall experience.

  30. GL

    Jeff Fisher needs to be on the same show with Ryan Hollins it would have a million views

  31. Travis Cook

    Jeff Fisher and Chris Broussard need their on show on FS1. I'll watch them just say random sh#$t. Must watch t.v.

  32. Jake noneya

    Carr had the most passing yards in his career last year

  33. James Jones

    Fountain of

  34. James Johnson

    Just came to say who cares what Jeff fisher thinks, he sucks as a coach.

  35. Pierre Harris

    I dont know why a black man chooses to go to a white babrer.

  36. Mrg Blue

    And everybody said he wouldn't get another job. 😜

  37. Tom Gibson

    Fisher is a real football guy.

  38. Justin Mueller

    Nobody cares about Antonio’s helmet it’s the fact that he thought he could scare the league about retiring. Hey Antonio Brown the NFL doesn’t care if you play or not so quit crying play football and get that money. Oh and I’m a Broncos fan I’d be happy not to play against AB twice a year.

  39. Wade k 21

    This moderator dude, yeah, not doing it for me.

  40. Brodie O’Mally 5

    Damn Fisher getting free smoke for his coaching in the comments!

  41. Chris Mendoza

    Jason is a hater

  42. Coach Zach Gray

    AB is one of the best wide receivers in the game. Gruden has to defend him. It’s the professional way whether he likes it or not. When enough is enough it will be handled. But AB just got there. So calm down.... Then again it’s the Raiders lol 😂

  43. Rey


  44. Fyah Isreal

    Benedict Arnold of the Titans. Leave him where he is. I’m still holding him responsible for killing Vince Young career.

  45. Jose Rodriguez

    I’m a titans fan since 99’ Jeff didn’t get along with all his QB’s try to ruined Mcnaire , did ruined young and try to ruined Goff. The man never innovated and that’s why you will never head coach again.

  46. Jose Diaz

    Jeff Fisher had success with the Titans

  47. From, Jimmy

    If it ain’t Skip & Shannon. It ain’t it. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. I would have loved to see Skip, Shannon & Jeff

  48. kevin perry

    "Cairotherapy"? I dont think Egypt is the best place to prepare for a season Greg¡

  49. kevin perry

    Undisputed just trolling for views having this quagmire on, next week OJ is on defending Aaron Hernandez.

  50. Phil A

    The feet = stupid accident, let's move on since they'll heal in a few weeks if you leave 'em alone. The helmet = All AB. Players have known for years that the changes were coming

  51. dl smarg

    These all just sounds like excuses for when Juju has better numbers this year. "Oh but his feet" "Oh but his new helmet" "Oh but Derek carr sucks" Save it.... Juju>AB


    He is a cancer. To any team he plays for !!!!!!!

  53. Emmanuel Mveto

    Lol who are these guys?

  54. Picasso Pete

    He will destroy your team... but hey, he works hard! 🙄

  55. Treymane Barfield

    This lil Mexican guy✋✋👎👎😒😒!!!

  56. Peter Joseph

    They are making a lot of BS excuses for AB......smh

  57. Kudee Fudd

    People who don't play sports like the host say anything..

  58. k2gees

    Dude said a lot to take in and then just named individual parts of the offense. 3:55. Hey genius, he is one of the best WRs ever bro. I think he can learn the offense. He tried to make it seem like he doesn’t have a valid complaint about wearing the same helmet for an entire 12 yr career. The foot thing....... yeah I got nothing there. Knowing how serious he is about staying in shape, he shot himself in the foot.

  59. Lenin Barahona

    Hispanic dude dumb asf

  60. Ryan Morgan

    Why is the guy fisher wearing long sleeves and a jacket... the wall the rams needed to break through to find a winning way... old coaching concepts from the 80’s will be the image of this guy...

  61. MotorcycleMan

    That’s the problem. Leeway given based on talent. Treat them all the same. It’s ONE team!

  62. Tahj Clark

    Jeff ain’t a good coach but he not dumb. Just cuz he can’t coach 53 man from all over the world y’all wanna hate him to his death

  63. Eric Webb Jr

    Watch my ESPN Parody! Thanks for the support

  64. Eric Yarbrough

    I can’t respect him or listen to him. Period

  65. lifeofnate

    It's hard to imagine a table of more dislikeable people than this (except Greg Jennings)

  66. Obiora Abiakam

    The last Oilers coach. lol

  67. Mello A

    Jeff Fisher ? A proven loser gets too publicly state his “expert”. Opinion? Next they will have jay cutler on talking about how too improve your accuracy 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Jayce Jon

    One dude said nobody taking about how AB was showing up to OTAs, why’s he acting like people should be praising AB for him showing up to his job?

  69. MEGAman

    Jeff Fisher arguable the worst head coach of all time 😂

  70. Peter Sun

    Jeff Fischer's forehead: wrinkle wrinkle Wrinkle Wrinkle