Jason Mitchell:Sex Lies & Allegations



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    Jason Mitchell recently went on the breakfast club to explain why he was fired from 2 shows. Please share your thoughts and opinions and please like comment and subscribe.
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    1. Bare Essence

      I had to shut down that interview to I think he got the “Im the sh!t” attitude and disrespected the wrong ppl. sometimes you got to humble yourself.this is his lesson...

      1. ETyme

        I agree! Thanks so much for watching ❤️

    2. desiree m

      Homeboy was doing the hammer dance through the whole interview he one of them dudes that it's never my fault 😒

      1. ETyme

        Facts he was all over the place with it!! Thanks for the support!

    3. Taneka Huyler

      I agree with you %100.

      1. ETyme

        Thanks for your support!

    4. Couture Bae

      This was really good I do feel like maybe he was blindsided but he did something because of the incident with that young girl

      1. ETyme

        Couture Bae thanks so much for the support and you just got a new subbie we gotta support each other n these you tube streets!!

    5. MATC AWildboy

      Damn did I say Both sides sounded Trumpish😝 but Jason act like hes Guilty i wish a B!sh would say I tryed to take anything I would be on the news going OFF seems SUSPECT.

      1. Malcolm Skinner

        Etyme I'm feeling your voice reverberating all over my body.Never mine the shy or whosonever is shy❤😍

      2. MATC AWildboy

        @ETyme Right

      3. ETyme

        Right he was sounding very suspect

    6. MATC AWildboy

      My advice for men wear a Body Camera keep them in your home the age we Live in now is sad to easy to be accused of things people on both sides but it's Easier for a man to be accused things the me to movement has a TARGET on Black Men's Back none of these White guys are in jail they out eating Steak and SCRIMPS lol.

      1. MATC AWildboy

        @ETyme Hell yeah like on the Movie SCREAM Everybody's a suspect 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. ETyme

        Loollll I feel that ain’t none wrong with it cover yourself at all cost... shoot woman wear a body cam too!!!