Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau are engaged and yes, it's real

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    As of last night, Jake and Tana are engaged?! Tana’s 21st birthday is today, Happy birthday girl, so yesterday she and a bunch of friends took a party bus to Vegas to celebrate. But first, Jake had to give her a birthday gift. But that was only the beginning of the surprises Jake had in store because earlier this morning around 1:30 AM, Tana tweeted, “JAKE JUST PROPOSED”
    Tana & Zendaya back up Bella after Whoopi’s response - us-new.com/online/video-FEmaBGvyI7I.html
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Ashley Ayuso

      Don’t do drugs kids because this can clearly be your future. Jeez, if it’s fake it’s just more annoying shit from these two, if it’s real it actually kind of makes sense because they suck and they can suck together-- for however long that lasts.

    2. yeet bot

      Yes ido

    3. Hope Hmielewski

      OKAY FIRST OFF, they are really engaged bc Jake Paul got Ericka Costell a FREAKING ring pop but he got Tana a REAL MOTHER TRUCKING real ring

    4. Duhcapn crunch

      I hope idubbbz does a content cop on their marriage.

    5. Wade Dumont

      FAKE videos jakepauls videos so FAKE....

    6. Wade Dumont

      THIS...is FAKE........ so FAKE 😒

      1. Wade Dumont

        Jake Paul makes FAKE videos....FAKE

    7. Tiffy

      and i can't seem to comprehend they're barely of legal drinking age lol

    8. ratpiss


    9. Bonnie Alacaçar

      This is like cringey fan fiction crossover from wattpad

    10. Gaming Hub


    11. Tiffany Vandervort

      Tana is my least favorite US-newr idc come at me but she’s stays in everyone’s business I fr don’t like her

    12. Cassandra Blagg

      No jana is not real


      Omg tana has the same b-day as me😝😝😃😃

    14. Adelaide Gray

      I wonder how the divorse is gonna go down

    15. Tori

      Oh ... the shane dawson video series that will come up once his sociopath kids break up

    16. Beautiful Unicorns

      Why would you cheat on tana mongeau like what

    17. Rynne Rawrsome

      Shane Dawson. Bringing narcissists together since 2009

    18. ouch


    19. Isabel Lara


    20. Pinkadotzz

      3 years from now if they still are together I'll believe it.. but for now I'll consider it as clickbait and fake. 🙂

    21. L.T. Entertainment

      thumbs if you think there engagement is fake thumbs down if you think it is real

    22. da_gamer gal

      Is Jake an fboy or...

    23. Sophia Chenoy

      Great another stupid Jake Paul case

    24. brittany leigh

      i hope its real.

    25. Sophia Antonette Cruz

      I really miss jerika!😣😥😥😭😭😭

    26. Cannondale2019

      it'll last a couple of weeks tops, especially when he sees her without the makeup naked in the morning. yikesss!!!!

    27. Gratsiela Ivanova

      This whole thing is ridiculous but I just wanted to point out that calling people BFF's so as not to admit their being a lesbian couple is such a joke and what were you guys thinking

    28. Destination Investigation

      Let's see what happens

    29. DrinkYaTea Sis

      ‘They do anything for clout ‘ -Offset ,Clout ft. Cardi b

    30. dick head

      I dated tana

    31. tricia t

      BRUH I didn’t even know they were actually together. I thought it was a joke lmfao

    32. Martha Alcantar

      No a fence I dont like tana I like erika

    33. Baltazar Rødbroe


    34. zetayoru

      A dude who's gone through heartbreak in a year A chick who gone through two breakups. And an engagement so quickly? I wonder when the divorce will come up.

      1. Naufal Akbar

        Anytime soon

    35. Aesthetically Random UwU

      Jake look like an Old man 👴

    36. Zoey M.

      Did anyone else not even know they were dating or is it just me kind of feel dumb now but it’s fine

    37. Karina Cordova

      Tana should run from Jake

    38. мσσиℓιgнт

      They're going to divorce a week later

    39. IScream Puppies

      The car was a prank it was not real they tried to trick Instagram

    40. Cory in da hus

      He fucked me with a toothbrush

    41. Francesca Troiano23

      If they had kids imagine how they would they act 😓

    42. Alejandro Perez

      Bro tana is ugly and has a werid shaped face

    43. littlebreezy

      Eventually they going to divorce I didn't even know they were a thing keep saying.oh i love you tana and I will stay with you for ever'' 1 week later I divorced to tana then he gonna say my new girlfriend is lily it is just like the circle of life

    44. Metro Amz

      Im waiting for jake to say its a joke

    45. Autumn withrow

      The car thing was a prank tho?!

    46. Deanna Barrett

      Jana is really

    47. yeehaw

      okay.. they haven’t even.. been dating for that long..wtf..

    48. Suwetha Sewmini

      I can’t stand this birch OMGGG

    49. I like cheese wat bout ya

      The end is near...

    50. Awakend Tiger35

      seems like a gold digger sad story

    51. Kenneth Burgos

      So... This video makes me think...??? I thought awesomeness TV was supposed to be awesome.. This is the total opposite .. Nobody talks about this kid anymore ... ?!!? WtF

    52. how I am still alive

      I never knew she was even dating

    53. Annalise Paul

      I wish

    54. Fallon Redding

      Why are people still referring to Bella as Tana’s BFF?

    55. Lorna Brooks

      It is lornas dougter i mess ericka

    56. Ayla Jehlicka

      And let’s be clear. Just cuz there in engaged and it is real does not mean there monogamous. They have made it clear that that’s not something there interested in, doesn’t make they any less together or engaged.

    57. Ayla Jehlicka

      Car was a prank. Proposal is real

    58. jewel robinson

      Honestly i wish that it was real ^_^ they look cute but .... i know its not

    59. Sofia Gaille Mallari

      1=like If you like jerika more

    60. curry withthevans

      What I’m older than her and look 12?!!!

    61. Little_Anime

      I think Erika was a better option for Jake than her

    62. Infinity Mixtapes

      Only a matter of time before a cheating scandal destroys this one

    63. Yo Baby Guuurrrlll

      The only way to know if it’s real is to see is shane Dawson attends the wedding 👀

    64. Estaquio

      Why jake paul? Tana could do better seriously

      1. Typical Weirdo

        Estaquio frfr at least someone gets it

    65. amjad* ar rehman sir is Living Legend ali

      I dont like this channel

    66. Daniel Martinez

      Jerkin was better not gonna lie

    67. Kiana Anastasia

      ...Divorced a week later... I’m sorry don’t come for me 10 year olds but like Let’s keep it real That’s probably what’s going to happen

    68. Tyanni Felder

      nevermind i seen the ring

    69. Tyanni Felder

      they are not really mairied it was a ring pop

    70. Natalie

      He didn't actually get her a car