Jack Gray

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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Jennifer Cummings

      That shirt though...

    2. Branson Underwood

      does Jack Black only own one pair of pants? he can have some of mine

    3. Grow Roots Landscape

      So pointless, it's entertaining

    4. mae_ _mumbles

      Hell yes! This makes me so happy!

    5. spilleren

      I want an album of Tenacious D singing A Capella of all the big Rock Classics

    6. vilhelm schmit

      I remember years ago Jables wanted to get together with Jack White for a collaboration. White seemed above them in his tower at the time. Glad he came around.

    7. viola mammola

      Jack White looks like Michael Cera dressed as Jack White

    8. AJAX 214

      Shit Kyle Gass really got old

    9. Dan Orman

      You are the band!

    10. John Poronga

      Anybody know where the image at 7:42 comes from?

    11. Jack Gray

      This is a W

    12. iTOD Q

      where's the pizza dude ?

      1. iTOD Q

        on Tenacious D movie

    13. Cindy Campos

      What an amazing show at Lolla! Im still so hyped!! lol I was so happy to see those dad bods on stage! SEXY CHICAGO REMEMBER ?!?!

    14. Ryan Sumawan


    15. Dallas Segno

      i wonder if Jack gray will sue them

    16. Jayson Mitchell

      So glad I wear the same underwear as Jack Black.

    17. Mike

      awesome editing @mrtaylorstephens

    18. Bryan Monk

      Ha! 17:00. I had a sprained ankle too at my last show! I didn’t realize it until I was off stage and carrying my equipment back to the truck!

    19. esgarramanter

      10:00 makes me feel like i'm gonna have a bad time

    20. GameSnippetsUK

      The clap at 5:54 made me look behind me damn

    21. GameSnippetsUK

      I saw him with that toy sax like 11+ years ago at Reading Rock fest. I wonder if it's the same one lol

    22. Gabriel Dnemaz

      Ya'll gotta respect jack for wearing a sans t-shirt...

    23. Michael Crilley

      At long last, Jack White finds a way to contribute in a meaningful way to the music industry

    24. Jean S

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Jack Gray You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won't mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever.... connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.

    25. i Marven

      cool cool cool cooooool

    26. Erin Weatherly

      Two million views. Eh no ones excited about this

    27. Hello.

      Dude the james bond health bars in the beginning 💪💪😂

    28. Ryland

      It's cool knowing Jack Black doesn't mind shitting in porta-potty's like the rest of us.

    29. Tom Carter

      Jack and Kyle please can you wear your seat belts you are precious

    30. LJTeam

      Jack Black is a very strange man... jack white deadset either paints his face white or sleeps in a coffin and only comes out at night.. possibly partial to a glass or two of blood. All valid options.

    31. Huck Z's Quality Menagerie Land

      Sweet! When did you start jamming with Letterman?

    32. kruz trump

      W ith fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2016-07895 Doc No. C06131616 Date: 11/03/2016 Message Headers: From: H To: Huma Abedin Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 09:13:36 -0400 Subject: Fw: Honduras: Maybe, maybe

    33. Taco Defiler

      Every pizza is a personal sized pizza if you believe in yourself....ha! You guys are loving life, that's so awesome. Keep the badassery coming and thank you for being yourself "Jablinski", love you guys

    34. Andy Martin

      Coolest dudes ever (Jack and kyle)

    35. Big-boned Pikachu

      The golden eye watch face was a nice touch

    36. K J

      "Reaffirming once again that it is impossible to eat sensibly on tour" lol what part

    37. Jared Martinez

      Is that motherfucking Jack Black with a Sans shirt on.

    38. Lewy Sav

      doesn't matter if you're Jack Black or white. Dude.... i lost it XD how long were you sitting on that bad boy for? hahaha

    39. BubbaZen10

      A lotta people cite Zep, Hendrix and so forth for their inspiration, but The Kyle Gass Project was where it all began for me man.

    40. Jessica the warrioress H


    41. Will M

      Jack white is so far up his own ass. He gets mad at black keys for "stealing his sound"? Fuck you! Helter skelter by the beatles is the only sound jack white has ever explored. Runs it into the ground, he made a career/5+ albums on ONE sound the beatles touched.

    42. Abraham Lincoln

      Jack white looks Amish

    43. Ian McDonald

      Why so many people what show was that??in the first part of the video??

    44. Lauren Smith

      Am I the only one who thought KG was David Letterman?

    45. Davi Silva

      10:33 🎶 "I wish you were there"🎶

    46. paint 67

      How many lines 👃👃👃🤯😉

    47. Jack Gray

      Don’t get it

    48. TooTrue

      Jack has had a lot of great moments in his career...but none come close to the most masterful artistic achievement that is Airborne.

    49. Jacob Edwards

      how Jack Black hasn't forced a stroke yet I don't know. (god forbid) so intense

    50. deerl0rd

      i need that fucking great ape shirt, my guy

    51. Nihal K prakash


    52. Jonathan

      GoldenEye hud display +1.

    53. Jpilgs 333

      Fuck yeah its perry farrell

    54. Tetrin Trancy

      I love the Sans shirt!

    55. Tiago Lageira

      Jack White + Jack Black = Jack Gray

    56. Bette Baldwin

      *sorry.... the evil stuff is just getting old and worn out... that's all they seem to rely on to be funny... imo...*

      1. Eric Lopez

        What part was evil??

    57. James Fondren

      you are a nut

    58. Gam3rDam3

      He has an Undertale shirt!

    59. Tyler Thorne

      The editing on this was on point! Good job JB!

    60. edgeofeternity101

      I knew I screwed up clicking on this.

    61. mariano gregorio

      thank you Jack for being a big fan of Dragon Ball Z , this man is a legend . Tenacious D for the win

    62. james vincent

      Master Jables aka Baby Jables aka King Koonjezz

    63. Dugsart

      What is the music at the 15:30 mark?

    64. Salami

      I just wanna remind you guys that the guy from Tenacious D just wore a Sans shirt in front of the guy from The White Stripes

    65. Mark McCann

      Is there nothing Jack Black can’t do. Just bloody amazing entertainment.

    66. My Neighbors

      this is what i was actually waiting for

    67. jxa66

      that dbz gohan shirt thoooooo

    68. Amanda Murphy

      I love seeing that Jack Black just played himself in School of Rock. I’m sure they didn’t even give him a script, they just let him be Jack Black and it was perfect every take.

    69. FOuR20 4LiFE

      9:29 I think that was a mixture of two different Michael Jackson jams 15:58 I think that was a mixture of two different Jim Carrey flicks

    70. Carlos Last Name

      4:02 i think he forgot to edit that