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    Published on Month ago


    1. Jester

      GUYS I MADE THE PUPPY AN INSTAGRAM! Go follow him: @thepomoli - instagram.com/thepomoli/

      1. Lucas Belcher

        Wut throws a fridge out a random window

      2. Jesi Wahl

        A Pomeranian! We love them.

      3. Jesi Wahl

        No Cursing

    2. Ryan Ferguson

      Jerman sheperd

    3. Andy Barrera

      jester is cool

    4. Gamer brawler Zambrano

      Wow it’s so cute

    5. Victor Verhovsky

      love your videos!!!!

    6. chrissy Leveque

      jester that’s right his eyes turned red

    7. Faheem Akhtar Khan


    8. Isathebest


    9. Martin Bukovski

      OMG THERE 7:40 EYE RED!

    10. Billy Joel Torino

      what if u drink the puppy potion will u turn into a puppy

    11. Hat kid

      GUYS THIS COULD MEAN SOMETHING THE DOG EXACTLY LOOKS LIKE KONG FROM LOGAN PAUL AND IT'S HAUNTED what if, He came back to kill the animal that killed him

    12. Graham Duensing

      this video has to be the happiest video you've made to date.

    13. 2eloma

      I was gotta name her Marley

    14. Getsemani Cruz

      At it crazy 😮

    15. Getsemani Cruz

      Omg 😮

    16. Louis Loao

      The puppy is so cute ❤❤

    17. Imagination World

      I would call the puppy teddy

    18. C Stick

      I heard what the puppy 😹😹😹😹

    19. Hanane Ait


    20. Kimberley Michalak

      Not real. 1 ther wher lights.2

    21. da p1zza man

      Me: jester i want poshin and puppy toy . jester: yes your sophia😄

    22. Nubia Delgado

      Give me a puppy puppy potion to turn Sonic real

    23. Maegan McColley

      i golden revier

    24. Kelsey John

      I want a puppy

    25. Kaylen Savona

      I do want one

    26. Audrey Thompson

      I would want a small little Yorkie. I would name it Pumpkin. I don't have a dog yet of my own and I really want one.

    27. Dil Subha Pun

      I want the same puppy.

    28. Colleen Julian

      I love dogs

    29. Sophia Seward

      Awwww my god!!!! He’s super cute!!!! 🥰😘🥰🥰😍😍😍

    30. Alana Autrey

      I want a puppy potion! I want the kind of dog that you got Jesse!

    31. Fredbear Fredbear’s famliy diner

      There going to be a new Annabel movie called Annabel come home

    32. latitude2


    33. Portia Gale

      Could you give me the puppy potion please

    34. wolf cutie

      I want the puppy potion I want the exact same one you have

    35. AnthonyPigSg YouTube Gaming

      The smaller the faster

    36. james lingafelt

      Golden Retriever

    37. Jacob Marriott

      give him a channel

    38. Raynold Anaction


    39. Scottydottydoo O

      you:Puppy potion 3AM! Me:ooooooo ☝️oh its click bait…😐

    40. Sabrina Love Heart

      No need to buy an expensive dog just do this

    41. kleyton sudario

      Pause the video quickly at 5:30 ITS NOT 3am ITS DAYTIME

    42. Lauren Russo

      The dog is cute

    43. Braps Fake

      I want the same dog

    44. Braps Fake

      For the dog

    45. Braps Fake

      Buy me a potion

    46. jessica eggins

      Wait call it baby

    47. angela kirkpatrick

      His name should be teddy

    48. jessica eggins

      If the dog is a boy call it maxi but if it’s a girl call it bella

    49. Maria Rendon

      The dog you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😆😆😆😆

    50. Sports Facts

      You already had a puppy,we saw it the newest jeff the killer video like if you saw👇

    51. Sports Facts

      Make this blue if you're subscribed to jester👇

      1. Sports Facts

        Not the unlike button

    52. rusty russell

      bro how cut was that!!!!!! any hater will not be hating this vidio

    53. Mona Clampett


    54. Amanda Buhagiar

      Next time buy a dog instead of the dark web

    55. Jariel Maurin

      So cute and so scary the dog

    56. Kieron Porteous

      Yes please

    57. miniktef geby

      Hay puppy hay jester

    58. Kennice Biancarose

      do it on the next video

    59. miniktef geby


    60. scarla darla


    61. Israel Gaming

      I want yo kill the dog

    62. Fern Beyor


    63. Yohan Abante

      Jesse well done your vlog

    64. Ender killergamer20000

      I would like to get a puppy potion for free

    65. Josie's Weekend

      Waittt.... if it was 3:08 am and ten minutes later...

    66. Haley Brown

      My dream was to have a Pomeranian

    67. Paul Barranco


    68. Germ Germ

      Hi but man

    69. Deon LaTender

      Awwwwww he is soooo cute and also jester can you buy me a owl Potion because I have a stuffed owl so can you? Man like I wish my stuffed owl can be real please jester please?

    70. King Poe

      the same as you

    71. Lmao why are you here T_T

      Awww so cute but when his eyes turned red it looked like he had laser eyes!

    72. David Prashanth

      I really want the puppy potion if I get that I will German Shepard

    73. jove gajdhdjskhfja

      Jesie I want the same puppy like that I'm in Macedonia makedonski brod sremski front house number 4

    74. Marie Ranes

      puu waa waa

    75. Nelson Chen

      I want a puppy toy that is absolutely the same as yours 😍

    76. Donna Leonard

      Golden retriever

      1. Donna Leonard

        I really want a golden retriever I would name him/her Bella

    77. Christi Degler

      doggo is on meth he has cat nip

    78. Meli V

      And her/ he so good.

    79. Meli V

      I want a little bule dog please .I want it so bad please!

      1. Meli V

        Me to dude

    80. Brayden Mangrum

      french poodle

    81. Fnaf Bruce

      i want a pipple

    82. Christine Lucien

      Evil jester is here I'm going to kill you👿

    83. lighting wolf girl

      puppy 😆

    84. Lisabel Cantu

      It looks soooo cute

    85. marlon mendez


    86. Leslie Sanchez

      II want a puppy because I lost my puppy

    87. Emanuela Alvarez

      It isn't 3am

    88. Emanuela Alvarez


    89. Krzysztof Razniewski

      Please let me have your poiaon🐶🐶🐶🐶

    90. Elinor Ivanova


    91. Natie Bella

      I just scream😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    92. maritza Rivera

      Wat it's name

    93. Željko Vuković

      I whont same dog :3

    94. Željko Vuković

      Name him cutey

    95. Cool wolf Bravo

      Name him Bosco

    96. Travis ERnes

      Why you say its the best sog i have a dog like that to but its bigger

    97. SantiagoZebra

      Awww 🥰 you’re puppy is cute

    98. Denden Dominic

      I need it for my stuff animal dog Mia :edit oh if I do it I'd have ghosts and and a killer puppy and I noticed the color is different than the stuffed animal

    99. Denden Dominic

      Puppy!!!💞 And that is how You get a free 🐕