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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Jester

      GUYS I MADE THE PUPPY AN INSTAGRAM! Go follow him: @thepomoli - instagram.com/thepomoli/

      1. Renee Harold


      2. Renee Harold

        YOU are asum jest

      3. Renee Harold

        DOGS DOGS DOGS!!!!JESTER I LOVE YOU!!!❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

      4. Ivan LeBlanc

        Is eye red because of the battery

    2. Laura liis Põld

      Fan girls: *going to dark web and buying puppy doll and puppy potion*

    3. Fire Fox1

      Guys why do y’all think this is real at 3:52 there’s a animation

    4. Brittney Squires

      I want a rottweiler puppy n the potion to get it

    5. Brittney Squires

      Awe hes sooo cuteeeee

      1. Dezzy Marshall

        Puppy potion❤

    6. GaChA SuNfLoWeR

      How dare you call him evil his name should be Gabe or bean or bear or banana :3 PS can I have him :3 xd

    7. Helen Morgan

      I want a puppy like yours

    8. Mary Zalecki


    9. fake name rose Angela nicole

      Cute puppy

    10. Ceejaye Jimenez


    11. Châu Nguyễn

      Very cute here 1 like and give a 1 puppy like that pls

    12. ll Viper Hyper ll

      Awwww sooo cute😗

    13. Scarzz

      Click bai lmao 😂


      Who else watching at night?

    15. Emilio Marines

      Jester what kind of dog it is I really want one pls can y guess it to me

    16. skullcrusher101 gamer


    17. pixel foxqueen

      omg that puppy was soooooo cute! I would want to die by that thing

    18. wolvex water princess


    19. Lori Wagner


    20. jiaqian yu

      I want the same dog

    21. Fiery Burnheart

      1:30 HOW IS MY FAVORITE COLOR WIERD (It’s turquoise)

    22. XXKOPSINGXX Vall

      nice edit

    23. ERO NNA

      That puppy is a Pomeranian

    24. màßtēr Gamer dab

      A Pomerania dog

    25. Britney Blevins

      The dog bit behind the chair

    26. Brooklyn Edwards

      EVERY VID** lol I am so angry I can’t spell

    27. Savannah Solano

      I want husky

    28. kittystreem epick

      Name hem jester

    29. kittystreem epick

      Omg i love puppys i hope that my drems come true

    30. corinnamatt

      this is asking alot but could i have your dark web account i want a dog

      1. *August• Marie*


    31. Faith Terrill

      Oliver. What a Handsome Name.

    32. Fortnite Battle Royal


    33. Julia Anne Zamora

      I want puppy😊🐶

    34. Нищо Особено


    35. Angela Vannoster

      name it charley charley

    36. tiasa dasgupta

      i would suggest a husky

    37. Kayleigh Dickerson

      Me please

    38. Kris Doyle

      i want a husky!!!!!!

    39. julius calabroso

      are you sure the all light are why at your back are on?

    40. Maegan McColley

      Call me oliver

      1. Maegan McColley

        I would like tarrier

    41. Jim Carbonilla


    42. Petrona Espinosa

      I want a puppy poison

    43. Petrona Espinosa

      I want a

    44. magdalena gallardo

      Pies i need a puppy i love to get one

    45. JC

      Name it bear

    46. Mani Bharati

      Please go watch rageelxir and subscribe his channel is getting shut

    47. Maslinda linda

      Maybe oli

    48. Cristina Cortez

      Jester i want a german shepherd. Or a husky

    49. Xx_galaxy_wolfxX gamer

      I would call it fluffy

    50. Glennia Olin

      Yo that's my little brother name dude.

    51. Emerson Pilapil

      I love cute puppy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    52. Reagan Liaw

      I mean lie

    53. Reagan Liaw

      This is a loe

    54. Connor Gamer16

      U fruits hug Grundy Ttuitt

    55. Dabbing Pikachu101

      I saw a ghost opening my door while I was taking a poop and then he left

    56. charlene Lansi

      What breed is this puppy

    57. Jiro Maverick Torrente

      Well his a puppy have a powers that mean hes a superpup i want to call that in comic a super hero puppy heros

    58. Brendan Q

      Minaizpeyt only a week I get a week of a great 👍 is my last time for my first time being here for the first week in the past and it for great 👍 day and a week great 👍 is my week to the next time or you can have great 👍 is it for the little one ☝️ is to do the first week in my opinion or the next time you or you get it to be the first time in your business you will do a day day you can get a do or get you to do great 👍 new and a week great 👍 will get ay and day day and get to the next one ☝️ was my last time you or do it or get a day and day day and get to the week and do you have the time you get it forever ♾ was your time to the next time or day or do I have it and do it and do a day day and get it and I get you to do something for yourself do I have it and you will do something and I do you do great 👍 day or you day and get it for the little week you or me get you a day and get you a great 👍 was it great 👍 is it for the little girl 👧 day you get the little one ☝️ is my last time and you have the time you will do a day day and get it for you do a day day and get it get you to do you or do a get a day and day day and do it or get you to do you get to the day you and do it will do a day day and get

    59. Ahyat Rana

      You could also name him/her Coco cuz it’s a boy and girl name and it’s very cute

    60. KittyKat-Kun

      Terrifying in the video in a later video she's a normal dog

    61. KittyKat-Kun

      Now we know we don't have to adopt a puppy get a puppy stuffed animal AND BUY THE POTION

    62. KittyKat-Kun

      How in the world was this evil?

    63. Rebecca Hunt

      I think you should name your dog Mike

    64. Chad Garabiles

      that's a pomerain

    65. Nur Syaidatul

      Can i have a cat??

    66. Denise MadPotato

      Name him cookie or sugar cause he has Brown Fur

    67. Jorge Corral

      Name oli

    68. Jorge Corral

      Jester you have Oli and i have two puppy's Bob and Rosie

    69. Analee Ortega

      Oliver is so cute

    70. Zubair Khan

      I want a potion for a puppy