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Dolan Twins

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    Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
    Thank you so much Shane -
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Eliana Marcus

      so there are no more videos that will be posted??

    2. Amy Ford

      If you need a break we get it. We want you guys to be happy and only happy. Always be who you are!

    3. Malxjxseph

      WE love you Ethan and Grayson we will always remember Tuesday you deserve better 💗✨FOREVER THE DOLAN TWINS ✨💗

    4. Nylah Salazar

      It’s sad how many times I thought the giraffe painting in the back was a painting of a hand

    5. Avery Kayleigh BFF


    6. avinalaughmate

      It’s so rough for these guys.... just seen their Snapchats on private jets... they’re so just down to earth and live in Hollywood. Tearing down their studio and not posting a video to the internet all the time is such a big change. “Can’t relate “

    7. Kiko A


    8. Amaris Deleon

      Why did I almost start crying because I felt so bad😭

    9. Bella Boo

      Take all the time in the world!!! I will still be here for you!!!! I ❤️ u guys💖💖

    10. Emma Samantha

      So are y'all just never going to upload another video EVER again or....???

    11. Joel D

      2 weeks and NO new video!

    12. Wolf Brittany

      I know how hard it is to lose a parent I was 12 when my mom passed away. I'm 26 and it's still hard, you think about what they won't be there for. We didn't have the best relationship but the last day we were able to spend together was best. I love you guys. Take all the time you need we will always be here for you. 💜

    13. Ankle Breaker 101

      Who else is waiting for a new video

    14. Stephanie Garza

      😭😭😭😭😭😭SAY GOOD BYE TO THE DOLAN TWINS!!!!!!!!

    15. Libby Salopek

      omg when they started talking about how shane went through it too i was like “oMg ArE tHeY gAy??” lol SO STUPIDDDD but funny too hehe

    16. XxAmazinglyBasic YT


    17. Eva-Marie Briones

      I love you

    18. Chrisnathalie Hojnatzki

      I miss themn

    19. Esperanza Leal

      I couldn't watch the entire video when it was posted and I still can't bring myself to watch it today because I feel like I might cry or be upset so I'll just read the comments and wonder and wonder about this video😖🤭☹😑

    20. TheEnderChicken

      When Grayson said “I wish I could cry” I felt that

    21. Ash Marie

      Why do people say mean and rude things??🥺...

    22. siloe merced

      Therapist is just someone who listens, advises and cares. Once you have people around you that DO and HAVE those things, it will always help you with any situations you might be lost on what to do.

    23. Tan Yanita

      Do they legit have the camera that started it all under their 10 mil play button?!!? Am I crazy? @1:02:16

    24. Flora 19

      Are you guys quitting US-new :(

    25. Dakota Stubblefield

      i lost my dad, not like he’s dead, (this sounds so insensitive and i sincerely apologize for this) but my dad was honestly my best friend and nothing could have changed that but then i moved to live with my mom an hour and a half away and then he decided that he didn’t want anything to do with me anymore and for months i’ve been hung up on it because it’s not easy to lose a parent like shane said. i still hurt to this day and he still wants nothing to do with me. like as soon as our court order goes through that it’s final that i live up here, he’s giving me up. like terminating his right to me and that honestly kills me every time i think about it because i still love him no matter what because he will always be my dad. and i get what you guys are saying to the extent and i’m still so very sorry for your loss

    26. Chenin Gonzales

      Where have I been the last 5 years?? This is so touching...glad I found your channel!

    27. Christine roberts

      We Will Miss You It Was Hard Enough To Have To Wait For Tuesday Now We Have To Wait Forever I Still Will Keep all The Merch I Have And Will Keep The Signiture LOVE YOU GUYS.

    28. lia flantzman

      Am I the only one who got her heart broke because they didn’t say peace ✌🏻 💔💔

    29. Nina Vogt

      44:56 exactly and that's also what I think most of the audience thinks the twins/ you guys want to do. But the thing is that now you have a big amount of people listening to what you have to say and looking up to you. But that's exactly the thing that makes the twins/ you feel pressured to upload so much and every week, never skip one Tuesday and if you do then with a feeling of guilt and not of relaxation and resting. And all of this is what I think leads to you not having the energy, motivation, passion and creativity to spread your message and so your videos become less and less of an artwork and more of a forced and kinda faked thing (saying that without trying to judge in any way). So at the end I think it's better to have a little fewer people listen to you (which I don't think is going to be the case) and upload less (whatever that means to you), but then to make these people, who do really listen to you and want to hear what you're dealing with and what your opinion is, really connect with you and be able to really get your message and learn something from your videos. btw sorry for any grammar mistakes or misspellings I'm not a native speaker.

    30. Cliff Chadwick

      Are you going to stop vids

    31. Sequoyah Hilderbrand

      Today is the first day of the rest of your life! 👏

    32. Brenda Boza

      It’s been 2 weeks & i miss them so much...

    33. Emily Fox

      So much respect for you guys. I cannot even fathom the strength you both possess. You both deserve a long long break. This is super interesting. I feel like Shane can do a whole series on US-newrs and how and what their life is like and what they deal with etc

    34. Khia Cooper

      This broke my heart to see them go and I never got to go on one of their shows as my family can’t afford it I’m going to miss them so much as I don’t have a dad I only have a step dad but he loves me like any other dad would and even though my mum has problems I love her like I love u both the Dolan twins

    35. kate müller

      Soooo when are they gonna post?

    36. Khia Cooper

      I am in tears right now I’m going to miss them so much the Dolan twins made me who I want to be so thank you Ethan And Grayson even though I do have a crush on Ethan I will love you both forever and I will be here for u no matter what 😓😓😓

    37. Billies Bil Sack

      When Grayson said something along the lines like ‘I see comments about how the video helped them that week but not posting next week makes me feel like I let them down. Why should my happiness matter when someone is on the line’ (he said something like that) it hit me hard. Like, everyday I have an awful time at school. I always used to get excited for Tuesdays while walking home from school after having an awful day. But, I respect their decision about not posting weekly. Happiness doesn’t always last forever. I had a feeling that this was coming. But I’m glad they made the decision now rather than later. I love you guys❤️

    38. Riverdale Edits

      Who thinks that to keep us updated they should post on Snapchat so it’s balanced

    39. lol yo

      21:19 thats everyone with a normal job

    40. Riverdale Edits

      Can we talk about how they feel so bad about making their selves happy I love you guys so much I got the Dolan twin hoodie and will support u unconditionally while and after you decide what you want to do ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕

    41. Rob Grant

      **ATTENTION** To all you haters out there who are putting negative and nasty comments about the the twins need to just fuck off and get a grip because obviously you are not true dt fan's. These guys are two of the most genuine honest and funny people around and with all the shit in the world right now why the hell would you put them down for it? Can I remind you haters that they have at times painted a smile on their faces and brought us true fans loads of fun, laughter and joy evan though they themselves have had a tough time in their personal lives (loss of their dad for one) but they thought of us and wanted to still bring us a video every Tuesday. (Personal lives suffering because of it) it's this simple, if you do not have anything nice to say just say nothing at all and just piss off and leave us TRUE dolan fans to enjoy them. They don't need to read negative shit . FOR ALL YOU TRUE FANS OUT THERE GIVE ME A LIKE and lets show the negative people we support the twins!

    42. Blenda Draper

      I get that you are tired of weekly posting and its consuming your life and all that stuff. You need to now 99% of us are with you and know you deserve the relief of not posting Every Tuesday. I still would like to see you twins everyone in awhile being the true goofballs you are. I'm Defiantly gonna miss the couch and Prank wars, challenges. BTW the penis on grays car f**king Genus. You goofballs Have My support. Love Grace White

    43. Kity Bennett

      Take the time you need ❤️ true fans will always be here for you both and understand xxx

    44. LouChoob

      This was an amazing video guys. You need to know how proud we are of you for opening up about such difficult things. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Please ,in the future, do what makes you happy, not what you think people want to see or what will do well, because the most important thing is your happiness and well-being. You could take all the time in the world and I’d still love you the same as before, because I’d know that you were living your best life and doing things your way. You both are such wonderful human beings, and I know moving on from something you’ve been used to for so long can be hard, but it’ll only get harder if you don’t part with it when the time is right. Go and live your life guys, we all appreciate what you’ve done for us and we will continue to support you with whatever you choose to do in the next chapter of your life. I love you guys. ❤️

    45. LouChoob

      Some people are actually so sick in this comment section, it’s very saddening😔

    46. Jadon Walton

      We're here to support you guys through it all! 💙

    47. Pranav Singh Pawaiya

      miss u guys.....

    48. Alexis Ryleigh

      I’m 19 and I can’t imagine what the two of you are going through. I agree with Shane . You need time to live your lives meet people. Start your own families. Those are the important things. Social media isn’t everything. I understand it pays bills but tomorrow isn’t promised so make the most of it. Spend time with people you can be your true self around and genuinely enjoy your time with. I’m sure your fans love y’all but people that have personal connections with you with love the real you. I catch myself getting so caught up in social media and worrying about what others think it honestly depresses me. It makes me want to delete it all. Take time for yourselves. Self care is so important. Your fans will be okay. If not fuck em. You come first.

    49. Little Hero Production

      Wait... is shane the cameraman?

    50. Gia Loren

      i think what you guys need to do is live life how a normal 20 year old would. it would be good for you guys mentally. totally agree with you guys. its not normal to have a set in your house. you're only young once. enjoying 20 year olds. have fun. spend time with family. find yourselves. and slow down on social media and youtube x love you guys

    51. Gia Loren

      you guys shouldnt hide your real life struggles. honesty with your audience and in your videos are the only way you can do youtube for a long time

    52. Gia Loren

      you guys have to know that if you change up your content your younger viewers may stray away but you'll gain older newer viewers too. don't worry about your audience. there will always be people who want to watch you!!

    53. Gia Loren

      i feel like the connection with losing your dad and being tied to a weekly upload schedule/the guilt of not being able to be with your dad because of your upload schedule has made you guys turn off of making videos. you guys need to take some time off and process your dads passing and learn about your selves as people away from youtube and social media

    54. Gia Loren

      :( :(

    55. Gia Loren

      im so sad :'(

    56. Gia Loren


    57. Arianne Bareng

      We will miss u guys

    58. jade rose

      Dear Ethan and Grayson you guys deserve the world you guys can take as long as you want. we only care about you, not the videos, you guys make everyone smile and laugh every single day. we support your decision 100% again as I said to take as long as you want to live your life your only 19 and you care about us!? we appretie it thank you from all of us. your not letting us down your making us happy even know you guys care about us and our happiess so take as long as you want and we'll support you along the way love you guys xoxo

    59. Prabhjot Kaur

      i get it, i support you guys ♥

    60. Milou Post

      Omg I can’t even imagine, OFCOURSE YOU CAN TAKE FOR YOURSELF. Everyone will understand ofcourse they will. Because if you are a fan you want your idole to be happy and take time for themselfs. Because otherwise they aren’t thrue fans❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️lots of love

    61. Emmy Quan

      Grayson and Ethan were going to cry when the set was gone and so was I

    62. Cssndr Mks

      I need Shane to stop saying he's old. I just turned 30, he's giving me a complex, lmao!

    63. Drasputin209

      No matter how old I am I wil go back to the past and rewatch all there videos

    64. Gayatri Jadhav

      You guys are the most important thing for us. We love you and completely understand you guys. Don't feel even for a second that u let us down, you've brought smile on our faces in the toughest times and I'll forever be thankful for that. We'll love you and support u both no matter what u decide ❤

    65. it’s your girl 408

      we all have to understand that every single you-tuber has a life too and they need breaks at times

    66. Simply Amya

      When you needed them because life comes for you when some people you love stop showing up ( I totally support your decisions but, it’s hard....)

    67. Paul Angelo

      Don't underestimate your fans, because we care about you too...Relax and take care of your family and create your videos in a new light. Move ahead and think quality and not quantity. You are highly valued by us fans...everything will work out great.

    68. Mariana Orrego

      After talking to shane you can def. see the difference and its everything, even the small detail of actually cursing on camera and not cutting/bleeping it out was great

    69. queenie salahuddin

      I no longer be waiting a video every tuesday... After hitting 10 Million? I hope you did a good decision...

    70. Emma Beatriz Sutherland Seas

      Sorry I put a trumps down that was boring