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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
    Thank you so much Shane -
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Lucia Mencaraglia

      Do what you have to do we are not your subscribers we are your supporters. the reason we watch you hard working people is not beacause of the content you struggle to make it's beacause we love watching warm hearted men do what they love and be happy. some people should not be holding you back if they are your "fans", if we are your supporters we help you grow and you help us just by being yourself. Also god dam you've been working your tails off since you were 14 and most of your viewers are 12 and are just watching you because you inspire them and thats why there is so many youtubers in the community because of you people. Love you Ethan & Grayson from Lucia your number 1 supporter pls read this also did you move?

    2. Tomato Power

      DANG, THEY ARE ONLY 19!??!!

    3. Helen Reid

      You guys are going through a life change! Embrace it and let the feelings come! It’s a growing pain! Better on the other side!

    4. L T

      52:58 online it says Shane is 6 foot, and the twins are 5"11. Here it looks like the twins are taller. Anyone know their real heights?

    5. Super Fizzy

      I'm so glad Shane helped them out, they seem like they're going to be in a better place for the future :)

    6. Super Fizzy

      "I feel good...about youtube too." :D

    7. Famous Infamous

      me: *sees that one twin is wearing black and the other is wearing white* me: UNUS ANNUS *UNUS ANNUS* i had to. sorry lol. but all jokes aside, i love e and gray. theyve been through some serious shit and i feel so bad since their literally 19. theyre such strong people. 💞💞

    8. Hafsa Ali

      If they make a remake of VD and they use Grayson and Ethan I wouldn’t mind tbh, they’ve been 19-20 for like forever.

    9. Kai Robinson

      Yall probably wont see this comment but if you do know that I am praying for you both and also get some rest! Grieve, be with family, and allow yourself to be able to be present. I am not a consistent watcher of you both but I realize and I hope that others realize that yall are human beings first and youtubers second. Yall can come back and yall can show growth. But grieve please. Take the time you need.

      1. Kai Robinson

        I do love yalls videos however you are not responsible for me. The responsibility yall put on yourselves is so kind and I think 100% how we should all live. Others > ourselves but you can't pour from an empty cup.

    10. April Chamberlain

      I just started watching this channel and love watching you but you guys have to do what makes you happy and if you're neglecting your happiness and your lives for US-new videos it's not healthy. You guys are so young and have your whole lives ahead of you please go out and enjoy them. Losing a parent is hard. I am 41 and lost my Dad when I was 18yrs old, he was 50yrs old. He raised 3 girls by himself so he was my everything and when he died it shattered me in ways I couldn't ever imagine. It's been 23yrs & to this day it still feels like yesterday. From my own experience you will always grieve for your Dad but it will get a bit easier as time goes by. You never ever get over losing a loved one you make room for the pain in your heart. You guys are awesome & I wish you the best of luck in whatever way you guys decide to go!! I really enjoyed this more serious side of you, thank you for showing that!!

    11. Liz is Living

      💜 💜

    12. ye

      they should get matching tattoos

    13. Daniel Villa Art Studio

      Over ten minutes until I got the purpose of the video...the suspense.

    14. Grayson and Ethan For life

      The way Ethan’s voice cracked put me in my feelings 😫😥😭💔

    15. Grayson and Ethan For life

      I feel so sorry for the twins 😔 bc I know what it feels like bc I lost my anti when I was was just about to turn 10 and her funeral was the day after my birthday and she was the only anti my family talked to and it just brakes my heart bc my dads side of my family didn’t even know it was my birthday 😭💔I’m sat in tears bc she didn’t make it until I hit double digit💔😭and the twins are the only people that make me smile through my hard times 😭💔stuff like this makes me so sad😥R.I.P Anti Melinda 😭💔

    16. Sara xox

      It actually hurts me because you guys are so young and people expect so much from you but they don’t realise that you actually have a life to live and you only get once to enjoy it so do the best you can because we don’t want you to be hurt cause you think your going to let us down which is not true at all you guys a fucking amazing and keep being amazing and not to put too much pressure on yourselves

    17. Absolve M

      Shane hit the nail on the head with all this. Growth is inevitable and paramount. Embrace it, live it.


      We love you, not uploading for sometime isn’t going to change that and you guys be happy first cause your happiness really reflects to your content and make time for yourselves.❤️❤️

    19. Fallon Lineberger

      I don’t watch you guys a lot bc like Shane I don’t think I’m the demographic but I will def tune in from now on because that shit was REAL. That’s what people want to see!! That’s what makes youtubers legendary! Showing real life stuff and opening up to your viewers. You guys are great and shouldn’t feel guilty about any of it. Live your life-that’s what your dad would’ve wanted!:)

    20. GabyGirl Garcia

      watching this a second time watching this got me crying because the fact that Eathan tryed not cry is so sad and at that point i just wanted to hug him

    21. Solomiia Skorokhod

      the 12k dislikes are the people that didn’t finish the video :(

    22. Kollin Kae Findley

      Thank you Shane for helping these amazing young men.

    23. Esmee Damming

      You guys are really brave to talk about this and I truly hope that you will find the happiness that everyone deserves in life!

    24. Alama Henry

      omg Its 2020 and I'm just rewatching all their videos...yea I know no one asked but

    25. kirstyn samuels

      who else is laying in their bed and crying while they are talking about their dad

      1. Ryan Dransfield

        kirstyn samuels you

    26. Ari Grande

      I'm hurting too and I was trying to hide it for so long, I always thought I was just sad, but it's more than this, now I have to put my life on hold bc of my mental health and I totally understand what you're going through guys(maybe not fully), if you don't have the mental health you need then nothing is possible, take your time, true fans will always understand and support ♡

    27. Kids Kanafani

      No one is stopping u to do the things u love do whatever even if u want make videos a year no one will stop u

    28. Beth Smith

      Hiatus is such a sign of strength & health! This is NOT a stop. This is a PIVOT. You’re moving forward because you’re growing. Your dad would be so proud of you! Such wonderful advice from Shane!!

    29. Katrina Selby

      i agree w shane. i think i would be more excited if you guys delayed ur weekly posts bcuz i would be more energized and thrilled to know what's up with you guys. health and ur personal life matters especially at ur age you should be having fun and living ur life than staying inside ur house nd going on ur electronics.

    30. Nicole Mikhail

      Whoever disliked this doesn't understand how hard this must be for someone to just talk about all this especially talking about a loss of a beloved, and someone who they said was "a brother to them and it was just like it was just the 3 of them" and to be honest that is a side for sure that i never thought i would see from them,but i really am happy and appreciative of seeing it.

    31. REEE kid

      I would pay a whole lot of money to have Shane as my therapist who else would?

    32. Alyssa Blondin

      Damn. I love you guys and I am so proud of you.

    33. Alyssa Blondin

      I really really really really wish that I could be with you guys right now. I really just wanna give you guys a HUGE hug and just watch a bunch of movies wrapped up each in our own fuzzy blankets. Like I just wanna give you guys a hug. I know this was posted like 3 months ago but still. I just wanna give you guys a big hug!

    34. Tanaya Diwanji

      hi. i know exactly how you feel, i lost a parent almost six months ago when i was 18 and i was forced to go back to my reality just because i thought it was what i needed to do. as i hear you guys saying that you guys were really close to your dad, i was really frickin close to my mom. and it happened in such a flash that none of my family members could even comprehend what's happening. I, too, have a sibling i can lean on and you guys are lucky to have each other. i 100% agree on maturing with your content and if you guys think that weekly updates aren't working out then go for it! all the best, and more power to you! this video made me rethink a lot how i felt about things. thank you.

    35. Enessa Kara

      you guys are so awesome... love how genuine this video was. Thank you

    36. Tara Fraser

      Shane is truly an angel on earth ❤

    37. Grace Soares

      Keep doing wht ever makes u happy... Just think abt yourself and prioritise your happiness over everything els... Everyone who isnt a shit head will continue to love and support u for who u r!

    38. Litia Okesene

      I respect this so much!

    39. chocolatevanillaswirlwithcookiecrunchflakes

      can someone summarize i have homework

      1. Kodiak

        They're not making weekly vids anymore. They're still gonna post but they're gonna put a lot more time and effort into the stuff they post.

    40. Shayssa Richardson

      Why does this only have 546K likes🤨

    41. Emily Kelly

      I can honestly say that this is my favorite video of theirs. it was a whole rollercoaster of emotions, but that's okay because it's the truth and it's what every one of us feels all the time in our lives; at first, this was so sad, and then towards the end it started to get inspirational and happy, but most of all this video was real. it was so genuine and real, and that's not only refreshing to see, but it's so great that you guys were able to share about this and try and better yourselves and work on making yourselves happier, it truly was heartbreaking, yet inspirational and beautiful, thank you.

    42. shelby beninati

      they havent been happy...and i feel bad.

    43. Mary Narcissus

      dat just shows how not every1s perfect

    44. AvexGab

      I’d pay an unhealthy amount of money for a therapy session with Shane.

      1. Famous Infamous

        Stephxxgabm X i would pay an amount that would be way beyond unhealthy lol

    45. some bitch

      I feel so bad cause everything they do is for us, they wasted their childhood making us laugh and they can't grow cause they are scared to let us down, we don't deserve that ☹️😣

      1. charcs_7

        some bitch they don’t deserve that**

    46. Briseidy Padilla

      Keep being your selfs

    47. Greathan Dolan

      Sry this is rly long but I thought you guys should hear this I’ve been watching you guys 2014, and I’ve seen u guys grow as people and youtubers and it’s been such and enjoyable rollercoaster and I’m not planning to get off anytime soon and you guys have never let me or your subscribers down by any means in any way. You guys have put in so much hard work into making us happy and I’m so thankful for that and all I want for you guys is for you to be happy and healthy and if that means not posting every week I’m 1000% fine with that. Idk I jst figure it was something you should hear from me

    48. Rene Garcia

      I thought you guys where goin to say your gay because you went with shane

    49. Rene Garcia

      Is Grayson and James charales dating

      1. Isabella van Rooyen

        Rene Garcia no lol they don’t even talk anymore 🤷‍♀️

    50. Fan Of me

      I always say this to myself. Cause I usually put others above my happiness. *U can’t expect to make others happy if your not happy within yourself* I know it’s sooo simple. But it is soo true.

    51. Sleepy.K1ddo

      1:02:07 Yo we love the tat on the top..

    52. M E R C E D E S B I R K L E Y

      Ik I’m late late but y’all 20 years old if you want to slow down and do something different then go ahead yo real fan will understand that y’all want to do something different or you want to stop posting so frequently it ok babes like Fr y’all to old like y’all getting older y’all wanna chill and if you want to slow down then go ahead do y’all and yo fans get mad den they ain’t real fans tbh your feelings matter your mental health matter ok babes

    53. Jason Bailey Fint

      One of the most powerful videos you have ever put on US-new,. It was honest, real, and showed the world the real Dolan Twins....the REAL Grayson, the REAL Ethan. I lost my twin brother when we were 19. He committed suicide. I lost my dad, to a major heart attack.and I watched cancer take my mom in less than 9 months. Sometimes I feel broken, lost, and so alone in this world. You two remind me of my twin and I. His name was Grayson. My name is Jason. Thank you for being so real, so honest. Your unbreakable twin bond is amazing, and your videos, this video chases away the darkness and lets some light in my world. Thank you both, and I love what Ethan in the moment...I say “live life, don’t just exist”.

    54. Skylar Powell

      “It’s a whole f*cking mental thing up there” Shane: “you need to deal with that” Me: ‘maybe I should deal with mine too’

    55. Karla Torres

      This video was posted on my birthday!!!!

    56. Caitlyn Serafino

      genuinely good people. i’m so happy you guys are growing and realizing what you need. my favorite youtubers & viners by far, and so excited for the quality content you guys have coming

    57. Leilani Toro

      I lost my mom when I was 15 to cancer and I really appreciate y’all talking about it it makes me feel more normal in what I went through and still go though

    58. Nina champion

      They made $300000 from this video

    59. Ramon Rodriguez

      Wait I thought there dad died

    60. Ta Cechova xd

      just finished the video with my face wet, not gonna lie :') but i feel like this video gave me something. Something, that idk how to describe, but it's the feeling i've never felt before. I'm soooo proud of you guys making that change. This made me realize, that some youtubers like you are giving youtube and their fans too much time just to make them happy. They are putting their fans over all and even over themselfs. Happiness is such a nice feeling that not everybody can experience because their life is not giving them any chances. But you guys make me feel like so happy. You two are really such genuine and so nice. And the fact that you are that young and can not even visit your family cause of the weekly videos... I'm so glad that you've made this change. And no matter whatever, no matter what videos are you gonna post (we all already know that they are and gonna be amazing) us, your true fans will always support you. *LOVE U THE MOST

    61. Star Hope

      No matter what u guys do your great because you can't stress your self. Take time for your self because no matter what we all still love you your mental health is more important. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sending love and hugs and prayers. Bye 😘hope u have a great day

    62. Ariana Malaimare

      We totally understand you

    63. VlogswithTamyea

      Wow completely forgot about him until I seen the video about them and James

    64. Rashmi Rao

      I saw this video after two-three months after the upload! And I’ve not been more in love with them and for the first time in a really really long time I’ve related to somebody better than ever! Lots of love and support ❤️

    65. Thanks Anavacado

      From 7:11 to 7:18 I don’t know why but it looks like Grayson owned the house 😂

    66. Daisy Aguirre

      Bro wtf I thought Ethan was Grayson lmaoooo

    67. cherrytiffilms

      there’s so much behind the scenes that we don’t know about. ethan, grayson i’m so glad that you were able to reflect upon yourself and are opening up. i know it’s hard what you’re going through and honestly i can’t imagine what you’re going through. i hope you guys are happier now and are able to climb back up from the abyss. sharing your emotions are a great way to feel better, i love you guys so much. please, take as much time as you guys need to grow and improve your mental health. your subscribers will understand, we don’t want to see you guys hurting. once again i love you, and i hope you guys are doing better now.

    68. Grace Stehling

      i know im late but i’m so glad that you guys are genuinely happy and i wish y’all the best for the years to come :)

    69. Ken Purackel

      Is ev is Judah

    70. Rekaya Waizani

      It’s like Shane is a therapist that should be his job he’s good at it