It's Like Writing On Paper. It's Not Paper

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    The reMarkable tablet features an e-ink display similar to an e-reader (Amazon Kindle etc.). reMarkable is fine for reading but where it really shines is as a digital notepad.
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Saba Kvavilashvili

      500$ for that? Really?

    2. Kaushal Chauhan

      Download Notability for IOS, get a pen, it's 100% better then this.

    3. Andrew Miller-Thomas

      These guys are really shooting themselves in the foot with the price. Students seem like the obvious target market for something like this, if they priced it at like $200 (which is still pretty steep) they could put one of these in every backpack. $650 is insane.

    4. Emilio Gonzalez Peralta

      Do you know if there is any similar product but at a more reasonable price?

    5. Debbie Rowlands

      Why didn't you review the standard pen =( The thing is so expensive already I don't really fancy buying another pen and replacing the one it comes with if I don't have to

    6. TruePilot

      One day someone’s grandad is gonna be telling their grandkids about the precious resource called paper..

    7. 3y3 -

      Clickbait was good though Realistic eye > kid drawing tree and sun

    8. Zane Robbins

      Lmao who would pay $500 for something that still has a micro USB port?

    9. Alex Torres

      700 jesus

    10. Paula Tennant

      I have had mine for a year. I use it daily, and it is very helpful for my graduate courses. I keep a my journal, research pdfs that I write on, quick notes, work schedule and even sheet music. I can even email my documents. I never lose my notes because they are all in one place, and I don't have to carry around a bunch of notebooks. I use the phone app if I need to reach the content quickly. I have only one complaint. The sketching could use some improvements because it is not responsive enough for shading. It was expensive, but worth it since I use it so much.

    11. Matthis Welt

      dude 500..... wtf

    12. WhiteLion

      Kinda like this product but I still think that an iPad Pro could do much more, the only downside being the battery.

    13. Steven Marte

      With that you wouldn’t buy more notebooks for school honey

    14. HydroxidOH

      I never understood people drawing the sun like an rectangle not even as a child. I mean the sun is obviously round XD

    15. Pawan Raj Verma

      $500 for a black& white sheet of paper experience which is slow to work is not affordable at all. Did you listen? Not affordable.

    16. David Oyega

      We'll, you convinced me! I'm getting one!

    17. jake gibson

      pretty cool, but note 10 plus does all those things and more

    18. Xerkies

      Ima stick with the rocketbook

    19. SAHIL KHAN

      To save enviroment they made boxes out of cardboard killed animals for leather used plastic cost 500$

    20. Ioannis Anifantakis

      It is not at all about writing at this thing. The writing experience might be close to that of paper, but as I saw it doesn't take into account pressure levels of the pen, so the overall experience won't be as great after all. The important thing though is that it is an A4 paper size e-ink tablet, while all other e-ink tablets serve for novel reading only. That said, most other tablets, you can have a representation of A4 PDF manuals on that. This is the really cool stuff, carrying a million of A4 printed pages at your palm...

    21. Yuvi Cambero

      Can they make this sort of display for a drawing/animation tablet? That would be awesome.

    22. BloxExpert

      3:22 you know, a evdvdhvsfbwehdktvlihldrebhferbrtvei

    23. Francesco Dalle Vedove

      Hi thank you for the review! I have a question though: do you feel like it's possible to study a 300 pages book on this thing? Like something for university, serius study I mean. Thank you!

    24. Edgar Renje

      Make less stuff, but with more style or for a higher price. Just like Apple. Rich kids will be like: "Dude, what kind of shitty paper you got there? I take out my $500 alternatives, that can't send emails in its own." Once I made a calculation how many sheets of paper you would need to cost the same as a Surface Pro. This one makes it even more insane.

    25. Joe G.P.

      priced high because it's niche ? yeah, no, you can get a similar product on ebay for $15, you just can't save your drawings

    26. Index Clone

      Lol $500 = switch lite and 4 $60 games But all you can do is take notes. Talk about that killer value.

    27. Demonitized

      Its like writing on paper, only you cant color and THERES A HUGE INPUT LAG


      Did you hear that? But there's a background music! Are you serious?🙄

    29. Daniel Eccleston

      i saw this tablet like 5 years ago(probably wrong) and boy did that price blow my mind

    30. meme lerdd

      "Do you hear that" Background music: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

    31. NingWing

      Can it play osu as a tablet???


      Others: Awesome Tablet Me: Why is he wearing a cap indoors?

    33. Kevin

      Get an affordable iPad and an Apple Pencil and get over it!

    34. 8 Bits


    35. Hangry Grampa

      You can't fold it into an airplane

    36. le fu

      So a sophisticated magnetic drawing board (the one that they give to kids on airplanes as a freebie) priced at a humble 6 hundred dollars.

    37. El Señor Xan

      No colors???

    38. ElizaShakiraMassani

      Looked cool until I found out the price... I already have an iPad I don’t need something else lol

    39. Mushe

      What's the problem with micro USB, everything is micro USB to USB

    40. George. C

      How the fuck are we suppose to hear that if you’re playi loud ass music in the background

    41. Alan Chen

      400 is a cop 500 for micro usb is a pass

    42. Tevhid Sanat

      04:06 i m trying to do some watercolor from yt diy and i think its completely same (even better) but not

    43. Suyash LoneWolf

      You can get a Kindle and over 1000 physical notebooks in 200$

    44. sinai Eunice

      Isn’t there screen protectors for iPads that have the same effect ....

    45. Kal Varnsen

      Id pay $10 for it

    46. Charlie Cheek

      Theres also somthing called a galaxy note

    47. Historical Accuracy

      For $500 you can literally get some ipads with a paperlike screen protector and an apple pen for that much

    48. PlumBerryCherries

      Better if it were worth $200. Not $500.

    49. aci yaaa

      Just use a paper

    50. Jack Davids

      If it were 200$ I would get it

    51. Vlk Etto

      Can you may the screen brighter and darker screens like that hurt my eyes more

    52. a yu

      Only vsco kids would willingly buy this

    53. Netherite Ingot

      It's like a Wacom but useless

    54. Sebastian Trygg


    55. Soyboyzzz

      For the price I would get an iPad Pro and a paper screen protector, those would be a better buy for me

    56. Midwest Monstaz

      I could see Kim Jung Gi using this. I wonder what the resolution is like for the sketching?

    57. Deleted Account

      Yeah you can get this for like $600. Or you can get an ipad with an apple pencil and a matte screen protector thingy that makes it FEEL like paper. FOR THE SAME PRICE. But with games and youtube and social media.

    58. Quincy Nelber

      when your going to school, this would be the best notebook to carry around. one notebook just for like 5 classes that you have. instead of carry five notebooks for the five classes, you can have one notebook for the five classes. simple as that.

    59. Asta

      "it's like writing on paper" Me: So why don't you use paper? *Stonks**

      1. HyperAndFriends


    60. typical _taź

      Year 2020: writing on a tablet paper 📝 in class 😳😅

    61. hoseokgram

      ngl this would be so good for schools that way they dont use so much paper

    62. Bob Bobby Bobson

      Oh yeah but can you turn it into a paper plane or a paper boat


      Its like sniffing cocain *ITS NOT COCAIN*

    64. Yeehaw

      2:18 it-it's black and white...

    65. Ravenfyre

      Lost me at $500

    66. rolf johansen

      I need a device without facebook and twitter , I need focus , focus, focus

    67. NathanDrake

      I mean if the LED’s never die then thats litterally revolutionary. If its not single-use than this can completely replace paper. Not that it will, sadly, cuz no one rly cares enough to invest into something like this but, replacing paper would be a great way to start turning around global warming, and it would be rly cool if this is what replaced modern paper. Even if its not this exact model theyre definitely onto something.

    68. Medusa NekoChan

      600 bucks? Lol my ipad and apple pen didnt even cost me 400 🤣

    69. Farouk

      i thought this was paper at first what

    70. Manish Amatya

      600$...saving your time Thank me later