Irish People Try Disgusting Alcohol Shots - Round 2

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    Yes, one of these is called a "Bloody Tampon" and of COURSE our Irish People tried it... MERCH MADNESS:
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    In a previous video on the channel, we had a select few of our Irish People try some of the most disgusting alcohol shots we could find. Seeing as you all enjoyed that video so much, we decided to bring the idea back - and get a new group in to taste test some unique mixes!
    The Tryers featured in this video:
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. The TRY Channel

      What did you think of the shots this time? Vile & icky or not disgusting enough!? Give us some suggestions for more...unique shot ideas in the comments below! 🍸Did someone say...round 3? 😈

      1. Darlyn Alvarez


      2. Kingdom guy

        Jeppson's Malört straight

      3. AdamW - Karmantreprenör

        You need flatline. Sambuca, tequila (layered on top), then 10 drops of tabasco

      4. Kieran O'Brien

        Should try a flatliner. Half a shot of Sambuca, a layer of Tabasco sauce and the rest tequila

      5. Joel Williams

        I vote for a dewer in the butt. Butterscotch schnapps and dewer’s scotch whiskey.

    2. Gavin Bessford

      We call that first shot a Mexican arsehole... I think its a more apt name

    3. Tim Patterson

      We used to do a shot called the Vulcan Mind-Probe. 1:1 of Ouzo and Bacardi 151. Mmmmm, so nasty. But you had to do it or your man-card would get revoked.

    4. Gale Christensen

      Ah man, you guys got off easy compared to the other video.

    5. Amberlance

      The Prarie Fire reminded me of the time I won a jug of beer for my friends and I - A man overheard me saying I enjoy spicy food and made me a bet that whoever could hold a shot of hot sauce in their mouth for the longest would buy the other group a beer.. he lost it after 2 seconds, then didn't want to buy the beer, his mates all chipped in and made him look like a loser, then they joined us - still makes me laugh, great birthday

    6. LochNessax3

      Hollow knight void a.k.a. Liquid steak

    7. Scott J

      ooooo Richard AND Donal

    8. Metallicskull

      "Periods👏aint👏got👏nothin👏on👏me👏" *WAKES UP AS A WOMAN, DURING A PERIOD*

    9. James Mc

      Black Death in a shot is soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and Bacardi 151

    10. J Tanashi

      I LOVE MC!!!!!!!!

    11. Gaeilgeoir

      John's drinking sneezes are the best part of this video. 😂😂❤️❤️

    12. Sugar Spring

      Vampire teabag 😂😂😂

    13. Symone Rachele

      This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone pronounce tomato “ta-mata”

    14. Helzapoppin

      MC's knees give me life. LOL NO, really, I just want to clone her and have a copy sent over the Atlantic. . . one with really low standards.

    15. melinda watson

      The prairie fire shot I can take without blinking a eye. It’s really good and spicy.

    16. JDEvans2009

      Mexican Nightmare - Half Yager / Half Tequila

    17. elliott turner

      Do irish car bombs exist in Ireland? (The drink)


      The girl in the flannel is wife material


      Have you really had a disgusting shot until youve tried rubbing alcohol and Listerine

    20. Beverly Sullivan

      "Everybody bleeds....", I freakin' love it! 😂😂😂😂😂

    21. AmericanMetalhead100

      I've seen 8 of these videos and not once have I seen Jacksepticeye. HOW!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!? AND MOST IMPORANTLY, WHEN!?!?!?!

    22. Octavia Mcburrows

      All those names are disgusting lol An gross lol

    23. secret asian man

      part 3 wasabi in all shots just with different alcohol

    24. secret asian man

      ljg is the funny guy these guys are the serious guys

    25. Naomi Jane

      I ordered the Four Horseman on my 21st birthday...multiple times apparently...I was told..because I don't remember.... Yeah, these guys need to try that..

    26. Mina Parker

      Make them Gingersnaps! Shot of Everclear with pickled ginger slices, and a sugar cube to suck on after

    27. Dennis Nelson


    28. Candice Carver

      This cracks me up!

    29. Dave McBroom

      Only women bleed, just ask Alice.

    30. Ron Stoner

      We always called a shot of tequila and Tabasco sauce a “flaming asshole”, for abundantly obvious reasons.

    31. Angela O'Brien

      My people! lol

    32. Ocean Child

      As an irish-american I'm not sure if I'm proud or embarrassed lol🤣👌

    33. Charlie Foxtrotsky


    34. F1rst World NomaD

      Sure half the population gets periods... but if half the population also *eat* used tampons there's something very wrong with your country. 100% of the population shits... that doesnt make shit or the idea of consuming it any less disgusting, now does it? Just sayin.

    35. F1rst World NomaD

      Tiquila and Tabasco is called "Mexican Asshole" where I live... Guess thats racist now thou

    36. Danger X

      Love the Irish trying Channel... But just curious, are they all gay?... Love the good looking ladies though I love their accent

    37. Alfred Stromberger

      Lol Tabasco is not spicy for shit 😂😂😂

    38. Paul Weinman

      Brain shot!!. Duck fart!!!. Gross!!!! But try! Yummy!

    39. champion_of _fuckups

      1:36 to 1:40 has been my favorite clip of any one these videos ever

    40. Charline Blueunicorn

      I LoVE this Girls 🤣💕

    41. dnielsen1118

      “Well that was unpleasant”. Laughing my ass off!!!! Binge watching Irish people entertaining. In a dysfunctional sort of way :)

    42. Carey Turner

      Is he wearing a "New Retro Wave" t-shirt, cause that is cool if he is. @8:28

    43. Rachel Hamilton

      "That's a really good combo-" "*screaming* Y-yes!"

    44. Nightsgrow

      “A dark cloud of sad” one of the best sentences to hear in an Irish accent

    45. j255173

      We need an Irish people try Mexican Tequilas!

    46. Raver Magik

      lol They were really lovely... Your fucking nuts.. lol soda all over my monitor.. Now i have to clean up.

    47. Ben Whitehurst

      When are you going to do disgusting shots roulette

    48. Simone Tanzi


    49. Damian Guzman


    50. G. M.


    51. P Demo

      I think you girls can drink the others unger the table lol. Now thats a video.

    52. Horny Ducks

      Claire trying to be gross makes her more attractive. Am I weird?

    53. Tami Ramos

      I'd like to feel the burn...but NEVER the Bern!

    54. Lisa 11:11

      Let's go to a bar(f) 😂

    55. TheSeeker

      In the words of Alan Partridge, “............disgusting.”

    56. brinbrin62 62200

      OK, well, that was unpleasant...

    57. Ace SJ

      2:00 3:22

    58. W Min

      Other than the worcestershire sauce one, I've tried all of these. Idk about the names though lol.. kinda think they just made those up. None of these are bad btw. Tabasco sauce and tequila is actually pretty good tbh. I just think they put wayyyy too much hot sauce in it.

    59. Olaf Olaf

      Whiskey and heroine

    60. Cody Dowdy

      Irish accents are the best accents

    61. Tim Siemssen

      please try south african drinks

    62. The World Is Mine

      Is every irish man gsy.. wtf bruvv

    63. John Cottengim

      Last one reminds me of the time three vampires walked into a bar. They sit down. The bartender, terrified, approaches and ask them what they would like to drink. The first one grins and says I want a bloody marry. The second one licks his lips and says I am dying for a shot of blood. The third one stone cold says hot water. The bartender surprised says hot water? with all of this excellent stuff we have you come to a bar for hot water. The vampire shoots him a death look and says yes now get it. The bartender retreats and gets the drinks. The first one begins his drink smile and says perfect. The second one takes his shoot and goes mmmm I love AB- blood. The bartender stares at the third vampire as he gives him the hot water. The vampire smiles pulls out a used tampon and goes tea!


      Richard could be the Great Grandson of Terry Thomas aka Algernon Hawthorne of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. I can see him saying, *"You're not very much without that.......WRRRETCHED MOTHER-IN-LAW OF YOURS!!"*

    65. TheGreyEevee *

      I recently saw a monogrammed bag for tampons called vampire teabags, and this reminded me of that.

    66. Joelynn Minton


    67. The Wail of a Dying Coyote


    68. SydneyRey

      "yeah lets go to the blARGHHHH arr."

    69. Abdias Arevalo-Garnica

      This lot got off easy!!! These shots weren't nearly as disgusting as the first!

    70. Ziverge Dev

      Love the videos, hats off to the whole team, thank you