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    A school for kittens is rescuing and socialising stray cats so that they can be adopted into loving homes. In 2012, Shawn Simons, 50, set up Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats in Los Angeles after recovering from temporary paralysis caused by a double disc rupture in her spine, and giving up her life as a high flier in the television industry. Shawn developed her own curriculum for the cats and has dedicated her entire life to changing theirs. Since then the ‘Headmistress' has successfully rescued and rehabilitated thousands of cats. For more information on the work they do and to donate, please visit:
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    1. PAPLO 9669

      I love this viedeos❤❤

    2. Jake Hunter

      Good bless her. #Jakehunter88

    3. Katherine Gonzales

      They are so cute 😨😭

    4. sahra said


    5. ninja_girl2k

      I hold my 4 month old cat like a baby and he likes it

    6. Anonymous Anonymous


    7. z. alvarez

      God bless you for what your doing! I’ve tamed a few feral that became the sweetest companions one could ever hope to have.

    8. HAIL4HASH


    9. M7_4D

      So awesome

    10. Kawaii hawaii Perezz

      I love cats and I have to so she's my new best friend

    11. Karisa Pustka

      I love cats so much! Glad you guys rescue them and try to get them adopted to new homes. 😺💗

    12. Ash's playing channel

      0:31 .... i am ... OOF

    13. Avner

      What? Cats can have herpes?

      1. Avner

        Kitty Bungalow I will ask my vet about it in a week. I think it was just before Christmas when a semi friendly stray cat had her 3 kittens in a shed in my backyard. Another stray cat attacked her, the Humane Society person came to pick her up and take her to their vet, but I don’t think she lived. So I had to learn quickly about bottle feeding newborn kittens. They ate A LOT; in 7 weeks I had spent $200 on the milk-replacement, wow. They have been to the vet for the spay and neuters and vaccines, but I don’t think they checked them for any diseases. I’m at a new home now in a new town, so I will ask the new vet what’s up with the cat diseases. I hope you are finding plenty of people to adopt your kittens. I am in Bastrop, Texas and sheesh, nobody wants a kitten out here. I couldn’t find anyone interested. So I am a first time cat owner of 3 kittens, good. And I actually like it better than I did being a dog owner.

      2. Kitty Bungalow

        Yes! And chlamydia. Neither are sexually transmitted or human type.:)

    14. Jenna Winters

      Truly amazing woman!!!! I love her!

    15. AL F.


      1. feaťhèr ģáçhàz

        ...? Whate thee

    16. שחק מלול

      "And pussies" Excuse me..

    17. Lu Kaplan

      You are all doing great work! 🐱💜💜💜💜💜

    18. 199077sara

      awwww soo awesome!!!

    19. Olivia WolfFam

      My Cat Was a rescue she was in a semi for a weak my dad got her out she was so little when I first saw here I didn’t even know what was happening because they woke me up at 6:57 am and I had a kitten in my face she was a sleepy kitten but her ear was burned so we toke her to the vet and fixed her up 💚 I been wanting a kitten for a long long time and I got one just wait and you may get one or adopt one from your shelters

      1. Olivia WolfFam

        My cat is a dork she sleeps in a baby walker sleeps under my blanket she plays with my sisters cat toy they moved away and she plays with it it sweet

    20. Greg

      Nice to see, your all doing a great job.

    21. Sean Peck

      Awww that is so sweet keep making cool vids

    22. Joyce Lin

      Great video! I hope all the kitties find nice homes!

    23. margaret Robinson

      Yay! I love these videos