Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion

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    Gav and Dan travel to South Korea to film the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s amazing high flying martial arts combined with gymnastic feats in slow motion. Team members can launch themselves 30 feet into the air smashing wooden boards on their way down. Their spectacular flying, flipping, spinning, twisting, gravity-defying theatrics, showcasing the board smashing is a thrilling spectacle in slow mo.

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Alex Coreable

      This is so crazy it looks like CGI!

    2. Reagan Harder

      Those are thin boards. When I did taekwondo, we broke boards twice that thickness. Though, we never did more than one or two mid-air targets in one move... Breaking the boards in itself, not that impressive. I could probably twist one of those boards in half with my bare hands. All the aerial and multi-target kicks, much more impressive. that's a considerable combination of strength and coordination.

    3. Danyel Lima

      I'm from Brazil Eu sou do Brasil BOLSONARO2022

    4. Jae Kim

      Not a circus, actual kick, wow try kicking 8 time in the air, lol

    5. Jae Kim

      Ok these guys are breaking the laws of physics lol

    6. Sithmaster0

      3:34-3:40 How come they changed the actual scene? I'll bet they asked that to make them look better because if you look at the final kick from 2:23-2:24 his heel looks to just barely miss the other guys hand but still solidly hits the board, but then they replaced it with him hitting the board with a much more unimpressive ball of his feet kick. I wonder if this was an intervention on the Taekwondo studios part to make themselves look better?

    7. jxnniie

      Once you reach black belt gravity becomes a joke- This is not original but anyways lolz

    8. Loftus YT

      Neil Armstrong: look at me I can float around in zero g Taekwondo Demonstration Team: *Hold my beer*

    9. Lucia Smith


    10. 이서용


    11. Jaeden King

      This is absolutely insane

    12. 유쾌한 예규씨 Jolly Mrs. Yekyu

      저도 태권도 잘합니다^^

    13. 유쾌한 예규씨 Jolly Mrs. Yekyu

      멋져요~~~ 태권도가 한국에서 인기가 최고죠~~~

    14. Gman Ghost

      yo where is marvel to hire these guys for action scenes?

    15. Mr Cat Nip

      8:41 the noise you make when you get popcorn bits stuck on your throat

    16. Marge Nyicyor

      Newton : gravity exists Gravity: yes i do Taekwondo : what?? Newton and gravity left the chat🤣🤣

    17. Michael Reynolds

      They board breaking little gods lol.

    18. Zach

      Its funny they put in the step sounds on the two phase jump

    19. IRONHEAD

      That was sick!

    20. fleetflocks the gamer

      I really love taekwondo. I still do it today and I am a red belt.

    21. Robert Hawley

      But the cat in the bloopers tho

    22. Marcus

      "Bunch of roundhouse kicks"..... Um no but more impressive than that.

    23. Joe L

      When the girl kicks at 4:32, they show it twice. It looks like they edited two clips together, the board is broken in different places...

    24. UselessGaming

      I really hope that when Gav shaves his beard off they do a video of it in slow mo

    25. screamingmimi90

      1:13 Gav has awkward robot hands.

    26. abipandabug 7

      It's pronounced TAY kwon do not "tie"

    27. Gabriel redrico

      These guys have leaps!

    28. Roman Legionary

      3:01what a solid piece of wood...

    29. Elliott Harris

      Some of the most beautiful footage yet.

    30. Swivel_Z

      That one at the end was at least 3 and a half times that guys height, the accuracy that takes would have to be insane. How do they not freak out in excitement from this kind of stuff every time they do it?

    31. Lawrence Borah

      @#9:08 INDIA FLAG. Indians please like...

    32. Cristhian Fuentes


    33. hans hundesemmel

      7:33 👂

    34. Slender Man

      The South Korean Space Program. *Puts boards on the moon*

    35. Gamerwannabe123

      8:45 HE MISSED THE LAST ONE! Still epic though...

    36. Albin Hermansson

      anyone could break those boards by just pressing them

    37. Nala 305

      I would be honoured to be kicked in the face by one of these guys

      1. Nala 305

        +Juicy Pear 😂😂😂

      2. Juicy Pear

        ouch you'd be missing a nose afterwards

    38. Milad Vaziri

      these two are real morons

    39. Noah Mitchell

      Just one thing about those wooden boards. Notice how 9 times out of 10, the wood breaks into the same exact thirds. They’ve obviously been weakened before the stunt was done. Edit: Obviously the acrobatics are still a huge accomplishment

    40. Maou

      there exist lightbulbs that use at least 15 times more watts than the human mind

    41. bigchode haver69

      people who lern taekwondo be like: 𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀𝐀

    42. Munni Aditya Mishra

      Thanks a lot of

    43. Luana G


    44. Ran Li

      now u guys made us asians have a harder time explaining not all asains are kungfu masters

      1. Coldblooded Code

        I am not Asian but I know how you feel

    45. Jethro Perez

      I want to be them

    46. Jrezky

      Those boards can be broken with a lone pinky, but the style is cool

    47. Kardelen Ucar

      Is it strange that I teared up watching this?

    48. Tyler Hand

      There pre cut not impressed

    49. Oemer Suermen

      The Girl at 4:07 hits the first board while still being on the ground sooooo.... she only hits 2 boards while being in the air...... Me: *eating Chips* "Bruh she Trash ...."

      1. Sankeeth Ganeswaran

        nice try copying another comment you'll never be special because you can't be creative on your own.

    50. Mike Liu

      you guys should hit up some trickers and do videos with them. Especially Michael Guthrie

    51. Zoe Syverson


    52. Taylor Steer

      *Turns on a million lights* Okay hit the board Board bursts into flames for a frame then gets scared.

    53. Danskheart

      Honestly those boards are designed to be very easy to break.

      1. Mike and Ike

        Yeah, the boards at my club are 45+ pounds of pressure to break

    54. Karo KÖ

      Could you make a video with Simone Biles ?

    55. Ken - Kunal K - Kansas

      Sensei Jedis

    56. Jani Vauhkonen

      I love the lights on background ❤️❤️

    57. Mr DMc

      6:58 impressive but guy missed the first board. It was hit by one of the prop guys.

    58. Jooho Lee

      두말 할 필요 없이 짱 멋있음!!

    59. Eunbin Kim


    60. Adam Marshall

      Gav: I think there ready Taekwondo kid: BLEEE

    61. Tomb plays Games


    62. Archive 405

      Absolutely amazed.

    63. Harri Goston

      Nice to see another video from Gavin Free and Chilly Gruchy!

    64. perk perkalater

      kicking azzz

    65. Chris Kweon

      Big luv from South Korea

    66. JoroPlays

      Wish it could be good for fighting though

    67. V Lad Gaming

      I do kukkiwon Taekwondo but my Taekwondo is old fashion and classic without stunts

    68. delphinouli

      it makes me wonder how interested the team was in seeing the slow mo video

    69. Ulugbek Shukhratkhon

      Ninja guys sound like they’ve just gone through some exorcism

    70. Unknown

      Pfft who needs gravity?

    71. Isaiah Wheat

      that will be cool if i could see with my own eyes

    72. Buenas Intenciones

      i would not feel safe with those taekwondo people around. They live for advanced violence

    73. hot potato hot potato

      10:03 me running to class because I'm late

    74. Toxie Cookie

      All of their movements look like their weight is about 15kg and yet the strenght of their hits show otherwise, it's amazing.

    75. 이창수

      이건 우리가 봐도 신기하네

    76. JN Gaming

      I’m a black belt in taekwondo. I can kick the boards in half.

    77. Maryam Hussain

      "i've never felt more worthless" same

    78. Mason Guy

      This is cool and all, but their screams are just so silly...

    79. Devendra Mahajan

      The Indian flag up there!!

    80. Jennifer Kattail

      Incredible video. Might be my favorite!

    81. Lucca F

      Planet slow mo, with Dan and Chilly

    82. Blueberryymuffin

      I wonder if that guy would get in trouble since he missed a board

    83. Jammy


    84. Winnie Tan

      do rhythmic gymnastics in slow mo!!

    85. The Unholy Smirk

      look how curled and straight her feet are. CURLED AND STRAIGHT!? Cashier: How would you like your fries cut? Curly or regular. Dan: How bout both?

    86. Moto Rider IND

      Amazing 👌👍

    87. Justin Franks

      I would have liked to see the team's reaction to at least some of the footage.

    88. Станислав Наумов

      That Was Awesome!!!!!!!

    89. Garreth Fordon

      Chilly Gruchy made me laugh way more than it shouldve done

    90. Xíren Seo

      i wonder if it's possible to mathematically calculate and estimate by january 2020 how many beats of the drum have ever happened

    91. A. DUBITANTE

      Slo Mo guys are the only ones from the old time I still follow: they have actually gotten even better with success.

    92. Colleen Winter

      These guys should try for a record in the books

    93. Jose R Garcia Lapeira

      The guy breaking the 8 panels sounds like a rabid

    94. MrsRedFreak123

      Dan is very intrigued by the wood dust

    95. 햐꾸


    96. Steven Paige

      Nosy neighbor, trash bag full of trash. What happens next? Hopefully a different ad

    97. Josiah Estrada

      7:34 when your mom says you're grounded

    98. Jake Schultz

      11:15 “I’ve never felt so worthless” Well good for you. You guys have 12M subs and are using no skills at all. You are literally just two people who could afford a really expensive camera. So you’re not wrong.

    99. jacob elgan

      6:38 that franku scream

    100. Mr Toxic

      Pretty impressive although the wood is fake. They are easily broken by almost anybody. They don't even hurt which is the funny part