Impeachment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    With a national conversation underway about the possibility of impeachment, John Oliver discusses whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Joey McCann

      He mixed up Huffelpuff and Gryfindor

    2. Mark Kuiper

      Trump 2020 😝

    3. Ding-a-ling

      The losers channel.

    4. Denise Nova

      Wait - Was Cliton impeaced because of the Monica Lewinsky thing which was consensual? How come Trump is still in office then who has been accused of and admitted to groping women?

    5. Vignesh Rangaraj

      Wrong: the house for cowards is Hufflepuff

    6. Sean Moore

      Trump is truly a piece of shit, and we are stuck with him.

    7. Nathan Groenevelt

      If only. Also, no shit impeachment doesn't = gone from office, they have to follow it up with a vote for removal. How do you not know this is you are over 30(ish). We discussed it when i was in jr high.

    8. Joshua Erny

      I would love to see trump hooked up to a device that would shock him every time he tells a lie. How long do you think it’d take before dinner’s ready? 😂

    9. Anon¥mus

      Basically what's going on is a middle schooler has misbehaved and the PTA is afraid to take action because if they do, the principal won't allow the annual bake sale next year.

    10. Elli Kim.

      I'm not from the US, but the old lady being surprised about Trump not being an angel reminds me of a guy in my lecture on US politics in university last week. You could guess from his previous statements that he's a Trump supporter. Anyways, when our professor recapped the scandal about the separated immigrant children and that was Trumps fault, he was genuinely surprised and somehow thought it was Obama's fault?? And now all I can think of is that really most Trump supporters don't know shit about him. Srsly where are y'all getting your information from?

    11. qwer 1234

      John Oliver is fan of Troump!

    12. Walter Luhm

      we dont need to impeach him just vote him out.

    13. TheConspiracy Realist

      Download the report yourself-read it and IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER!

    14. TheConspiracy Realist

      Fucking Pelosi... DO IT!!!

    15. David DeLaney

      ... of COURSE Emilio Estevez has a condom flattened in his wallet. --Dave, i'll be in my bunk

    16. Foster Dad Denis

      Liberace just hasn't met the right girl yet... it could happen!!!

    17. HiSomebody TrackingMuch?

      #ImpeachNow before we completely lose our country to this megalomaniac wannabe dictator

    18. Alison Diaz

      The best way to understand why impeachment won't work on trump is to read the Mueller report in full. I would rather we as a country vote him out. Especially in the light of what has been going on at the border and those "detention centers" and how stupid pence looked and claimed that we as americans would be proud of how badly these people are being treated. These clowns show no remorse for how they truly are: assholes to any person who is not white bread enough.

    19. mkw050791

      I'm a republican and I approve this message

      1. Your Neighborly Trash Birb

        I'm a birb and I approve this message approving that message.

    20. taxiuniversum

      It seems as if only the good Americans are dying.

    21. Ou Queer

      John Oliver has become such a partisan hack. His older stuff was better

    22. Mike Todd

      This is the most uninformed comment section on US-new!! I don't like the orange man, we must impeach. Good luck with that, he will win again, after all he's running against a group of socialist and Communist.

    23. Raikiir

      I think lying to your relatives just to "ease them into dying" ist cruel and disrespectful.

    24. Mike Todd

      They want to impeach him because they lost, period. Get over it you bunch of cry babies.

    25. Phreak Azoith

      I would rather set a focus on candidates than impeachments. Stop dreaming. Win elections if ya can.

    26. MegaTinni


    27. MadLane

      ok Trump is honest and he knows life, i love that clip where he said "you don't call the FBI, life doesn't work that way" this is so true, who would reject information on their opponent and call the police lol, not one single politician, life is a fight and you want to win it, every billionaire knows this and had done very unmoral stuff to get there, it's a fact.

    28. Deadpool

      I was high and giggly when I started watching this. The things Trump said immediately obliterated my buzz and replaced it with feelings of dread and impending doom.

    29. Bill Tierney

      I am still waiting for the impeachment to start. See date of posting. An impeachment would involve discovery, cross examination, and hearing the other side, without the MSM filter. I would love to see it. Not only would there be a massive landslide for Trump in 2020, the Dems lose the House, and become a small regional party. I am looking forward to it. I am still waiting.

    30. A.T.H

      Respect to John Oliver. Brilliant.

    31. Sherwood Ang

      Honestly most of the stuff in the Muller report are speculation nothing really tangible

      1. sunshynff

        Sorry, but you are wrong, if that were true then why won't they release the report, or full report, instead of believing the lies AG William Barr said in his press conference. Mueller had to make his own statement, which he very rarely speaks to the press, stating that “While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” Also, if your statement is true, then why have there been 34, let me repeat that....T H I R T Y F O UR.....people, all members of Trumps staff at the time or currently, that have been indicted on charges related to the Russian Collusion case. Several were senior staff members, 7 of them have already been convicted and are in prison.... Hmmmmmmm

    32. HOT MOVIE

      WOAH 😱😮😲 👇💯👍

    33. Chad Krause

      “You don’t get a phone call saying someone had information on your opponent and report it to the FBI” I kind of agree.

    34. Marco Peña

      3:05 Well, exactly. That describes Trump close to perfection.

    35. Agent Active

      Impeachment won’t go anywhere. You’re wasting your time

    36. Sara BenBella

      "Every asshole succeeds until finally, they don't." Hit a note that I needed to hear.

    37. Deja W

      Its kinda sweet how they lied to him but if there's an afterlife his ghost is probably pissed.

      1. Jarmy Fuzble

        @Deja W No, I can't. This is my first day reading. I'm actually a cat, and when I take a big rip off the bong I can't slightly read and type for about 6 min-meow meow meow meow meow meow meow....

      2. Deja W

        @Jarmy Fuzble I said "IF". Can you read? Lol

      3. Jarmy Fuzble

        There is an afterlife? Can you prove that in any way? Any evidence for that?

    38. Nicholas Miller

      It is worth noting that if the public tends to think that Mike Pence would replace Trump in the case of impeachment, this may influence their opinion on impeachment going forward. Basically if someone has an intense distrust of Pence and thinks he might replace Trump, they may see impeachment as unfavorable.

      1. Jarmy Fuzble

        Actually, that's how it works. If the US president is impeached the VP gets the job. Pence may definitely be the greater of two morons. Or is it evil?

    39. Tainá Barcellos

      When are you talking about the Glenn Greenwald leaks brazilian judge Sergio Moro and #vazajato? Also, you are awesome!

    40. Kyle Mouttet

      "Those who sincerely seek enlightenment in this age of information must be prepared to overcome the dire obstacle of disinformation." - Oscar J. Franklin Also I just made that up.

      1. 1111 2222


      2. Jarmy Fuzble

        Well, it's on the internet, so it must be true.

    41. Ignat Darius

      Let's talk about six John-Lets talk about six - LFC FOREVER !

      1. Jarmy Fuzble

        What about seven? Or eleventy-seven?

    42. Danny Big D

      Lol... all this fake news. Impeach for what? Tried to stop something.. which MUELLER said NO one in America did. What you will see is the left and dems will keep TALKING about it.. but NO ONE will ever do a thing. MOST of America does not want this. But BACK TO THE FREE STUFF! Do you people have any clue whats going on OUT side America? We hear about CAMPS! There are such CAMPS in China.. no one in the media is talking about it.

    43. MrPooPooJohn

      Trump supporters are too ignorant and stupid. The rest of us are just too exhausted and jaded.

      1. MadLane

        who are you to call them stupid? unless you did better in life than Trump you will never be able to talk shit about him because you still a loser in comparison, and no i'm not a supporter or even american, i just find moronic that people that have done nothing important can criticize a man that literally became president of the most powerful Nation in the World.

      2. Jarmy Fuzble

        Any Trump supporter screams uninformed. And they don't even know it.

    44. RustedPieces1

      Has anyone noticed the photoshop of OJ that they did for the “you look great” joke. Idk I’m in support of trump and I also find this super amusing and persuasive but really? A photoshop of OJ for a joke? Also the joke on the old lady for only watching conservative broadcasts/reports... as opposed to what Democrats?Why would she watch that? She said she is a conservative! Not saying it’s bad but there is truly no middle ground reporters these days and it makes it hard to get the full truth. I’m not saying trump is great he is a horrible president but if it were my wishes I’d wish for an independent, or to just be bombed already! This country is killing itself

    45. Lord Prosperity

      So how is the Steele dossier by Clinton legal? Didn't she accept info from a foreign person? Hypocrisy.

    46. Kim Jung Un

      He's just being honest ; life DOES NOT work that way. Grow up. It appears you can't handle the truth .

    47. JS/07/M/378

      Why do I even have to say this... Christopher Steele .... info from Russians... you know... Steele Dossier. That thing you leftist loonies love so much and still believe. The fuck is wrong with you and your fans? How can you be this daft?

    48. Dee Trigg

      In a USA voting problem with impeachment is..wait for it.............if you impeach this dick, he will forever say "They wanted me out because I was getting to much done, I was blah blah." Vote him out and shut him up FOREVER! !!!!!!!!!

      1. Focux

        You're going to be real salty these next 4 years...

    49. Dawn Witmer

      LMFAO! Idiot PLEEZE! Trump is NOT going to be Impeached, dumbass, he is going to be REELECTED by a LANDSLIDE WIN! CRY LibTARDS CRY!

    50. Anshu singh Rautela

      it seems trump needs a book "how logic fucks"

    51. Gonzo the great

      3:01 Praise to the light engineer, who maneuvered the lights in such a way that a small Hitler moustache appears on John Oliver's upper lip. The perfect place for such a mustache to nestle. Yes, John, I'm calling you a fascist.

    52. Jason Coomer

      When talking of impeachment. The propaganda Owl actually said... "The public is against it but..." #EaglesNotForeignPaidFifthColumnOwls

    53. Nick G

      Sure are a lot of white ppl in Russia. Yet, Oliver points out how white Norway is. Race baiting. He also points out someone who only watches Fox news, yet conveniently leaves out all the ppl who only watch CNN. Gee, I wonder if it's because John Oliver has a left wing biased agenda. No, that couldn't be it. Couldn't be.

    54. jack deininger

      Trump 2020

    55. SrcMaker

      I'm here to watch TDS running wild. (Trump Derangement Syndrome)...

      1. Chunkboi

        You need to watch a Trump rally, then, because those are the people deranged enough to support Trump.

    56. Daniel Peterson

      Which has been proven a lie by the democrats and democrats Russia disease bought by Haley the democrat and know it also shows to demonstrate President in the past is part of it and Helay was paid 165 million dollars to keep him out or and get him out of the office and that has been proven you liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar and liar.

      1. moose 1477

        Bro you having a stroke?

    57. Dalí_Hemingway

      The Gipper literally got away with lying to congress about the Contras, selling weapons to a sworn enemy aka Ayatollah Khomeini and asking said enemy to HOLD THE US HOSTAGES UNTIL HE GOT ELECTED, allowing North to fly drugs into the US while going public about just say no to drugs, and much much more. Impeachment was not on the table for the Gipper and neither were indictments because, after all, Reagan was such a nice guy. Unlike Reagan, or Nixon, DJT is guilty of stupidity. You cannot impeach a president for being utterly stupid, otherwise, Dubya would not only be impeached but in prison.

    58. Joe Hernandez

      What do you call destruction of 30,000 emails and several cell phones containing evidence? Why no outrage over that? Also, removing Mueller - which was definitely within presidential power - would not have stopped the investigation. A new and even more aggressive special counsel would have quickly been appointed and the investigation would have continued. Not sure that has any affect so how is it obstruction. Mueller never disclosed he had a prior personal dispute with a Trump owned country club. Can’t blame Trump for not wanted to be investigated by someone he knows has a personal vendetta. So much info not reported.

      1. sunshynff

        First off, I am NO fan of Hillary, but you know damn well that whole email scandal was bullshit, every single politician, including members of Trumps current senior staff, did the exact same thing, it was just more convenient and was a grey area as far as the rules go. It'd be like a cop watching 200 people jay walking while on traffic patrol, then busting the 201st person for it because the guy is dating his ex wife. I get her being investigated for Benghazi, but emails?? Second, Trump DID fire the head of the investigation, Comey, who was also head of the FBI. How many lead investigators does Trump get to fire before he gets one that will kiss his ass? Btw, firing the head of FBI was within his presidential power, firing a person appointed by congress to head up a special investigation against you, the president, definitely not within his power. Trump tried to get Mueller fired or taken off case, he couldn't.

    59. Kunal Patel

      I can see the argument of justice however I must say there must be accountability in the voter body to prevent this situation in the future. If he is impeached we have an easy out he's out of the way, but our voters don't learn their lesson. Those who support him will turn his impeachment into a metaphorical martyrism. Those who don't will become complacent with the system yet again.

    60. Competition Sports (Subscription Channel)

      Trump's not going anywhere triggered Liberals, keep whining, he's going to get re-elected so you might as well start dealing with it now. Remember when John Oliver dared Trump to run because he thought it was a joke. Too bad people look tothis show for education when its a comdey bit.

    61. Jose Gomes

      I remember the time when this was a comedy show, not a political cometary

      1. Peter Korman

        It's a comedy show about the news of the week. This fits the bill.

    62. Jaren Ward

      James prolly doubled it in Vegas the next day B E T

    63. WeDontThink

      when someone say to be honest, does that mean that whatever was said before was not honest?

    64. Robert Sanchez


    65. Random name

      Wow! The dumbshit that comes out this midgets mouth.

    66. british people yellow teeth

      go back to uk idiot!!!!!

    67. Don Juan

      Fake and gay.

    68. Rob Vespa

      Trump, his administration and those who support him should be removed from the United States. It's the only peaceful solution that has a chance of healing the nation.

    69. Rob Vespa

      The United States will never recover from the Trump administration.

      1. Z In Chains

        Nope. And the minds that are poisoned by it will degrade our society for decades to come.