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    thank you louis vuitton and youtube for sending me, it was AMAZING!!!!
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Sophie Hoogerhuis

      lmao the fact that she was sitting on her hotel bed with mens calvin klein underwear makes my day


      Love it when you go to watch an Emma video and you get an Emma ad too🤠

    3. Emma S

      curology has entered the chat

    4. Sophie Hunt

      BRUH homegirl went to FRANCE and spent half the time in her hotel room eating broooo 😭😭😭

    5. Kaitlyn Donaghy

      soooo you wanna drop a workout routine cause I need me a stomach like that

    6. trinity p.

      cut ur hair girl! SO CUTE

    7. That Girl

      where is that brown like leather jacket she wore visiting the eifel tower from? i need that

    8. Marissa C

      I love how she’s not big shit about all of this 😂

    9. Sarah MGN

      whats the brand of the jean at 12:15 please

    10. Pippa Jacobs


    11. TUNES# FIRE

      I've been watching since 100k you're the fucking best and pls keep up these amazing vids their so entertaining and this video made my day love ya

    12. kmc100000

      Song at 18:58

    13. Hayl Deready

      I mean Louis Vuitton is French 😂💁🏽‍♀️


      How does Emma feel that this video has 7 million views and has her Ireland pics in it? Just wondering.

    15. Lola Alvarez-Maldonado Trabucchelli

      I'm confused (THIS ISN'T A HATE COMMENT BTW I LOVE EMMAAAAA) if shes's vegan what is she doing eating eggs?

    16. Its Nat

      What camera do you use to film? I wanna start vlogging more like you.

    17. lazy fox

      I like the dress but not your face :)

    18. Meow Mo

      The food is so good Because it’s not made of plastic Americans

    19. Mia Timson

      I love Emma bc she gets to do all these cool things but she still acts the same as any other teenage girl

    20. jonyji 2011

      You’re too ugly for fashion week

    21. Nika

      I was on a plane for 11 hours. And i slept 8 hours. And the other 2 hours... Quick maths Emma. Quick maths

    22. Keidence Steitz

      Emma don’t cut your hair you’ll hate it

    23. Diva Lila

      3:20 you think 11 hours is bad? i was on a plane for 2 freaking days TWO

    24. Hayley Deville

      I wanna see what she would look like with short hair

    25. Toni Costa

      her full suitcase, plus the stuff she bought in paris is STRESSING ME OUT. HOW IS SHE GONNA GET ALL THAT BACK ON THE PLANE?!

    26. Maribel Navarro

      12:47 just shut up instead😂👏👏

    27. Picturesque Girl

      as I'm watching this, I can relate to how umm how do I say this umm well crappy because I woke up so sore and I have to sit in the car for three hours *yay* ugh sometimes my life feels like a piece of crap heh ugh

    28. Julie Socha

      Amazing look 😍💖

    29. Megan Small

      I actually feel blessed that you were in Dublin, please come back so I can meet you😂❤️

    30. May The giraffe

      cut your hair like the girl

    31. marc

      You dont look that beautiful honestly

    32. Mersa Plys

      You look so beautiful I jealously love u the most

    33. sunsetcu1t :3

      draw me lik 1ne of ur French girlz

    34. maryam alattiya

      13:57 i was at zara a few days ago and i was soo close to buying that clear coat.

    35. nothing interesting

      every time you look stupid

    36. Aarlyn Vega

      You look like a Barbie lol (at the end)

    37. George Pulliam

      Good for you bitch

    38. Julia Grutters

      She was more impressed by the food than the hotel room. Mood 😂😭😭

    39. Mathilda Yap

      I lost my last baby tooth on the Eiffel Tower. Yeah.

    40. Grace Radbone

      *when you get your nails did*

    41. Tenzin Jigmey

      That fashion show every weekend in Paris?if yes how can I join in the show because I wanna be model 🤞🏻! Right now I wanna see how it’s look ! Thanks

    42. Ice Meows

      Wait, was your coffee precisely a teaspoon of coffee and a gallon of milk because thats kinda what it looked like

    43. leaa

      is it just me or she looked better when she was wearing the leggings and crop top lol

    44. Hello! 101


    45. santa henriette

      cut your hair!!

    46. Tee Jaaye On The Day

      EmmA F#CJING CHAMBERLIN u can rock whatever BUT shut your face. That girl is swag but ur as swag as is !

    47. Sandy Aguirre

      I watch to much of her whenever I see someone drink anything all I hear is 2:19

    48. Yellow's Top 10

      I made a video about emma and Grayson check it out

    49. RandomRachel

      For half of this video I thought Louis Vuitton was that guy from one direction

    50. Ariel torrez

      te ves re linda sin esas ojeras de mierda!

    51. abby holloway

      omg why are you so beautiful emma!!

    52. Serena is me

      OMG Emma you’ve grown so fast, I remember like 8 months ago you had 3M subs and now you already haven 7M omg I love you so much congrats🥰😘😍

    53. Jill Martin

      oH MY GOSH!!! The one outfit you wore with the leather jacket the fluffy part on it and the little circle glasses yOU LOOKED LIKE DOC OC FROM SPIDER-MAN 2

    54. Kira Brown

      Shut up

    55. joseline reyes

      she got no fashion sense tho 😭

    56. Shae MUA

      You looked like Kathleen Lights when you were all done up! So cute!

    57. Ella Jones

      Haha Emma you said that you slept for 8 hours and for the other 2 you didn't. 8+2=10 not 11😂😂😂

    58. jocelyn edan

      in conclusion, france has tiny sidewalks

    59. Jacob Tyler

      who is this chick? what is she known for? guessing just another youtuber?

    60. Chicken Nugget

      Girl I’ve been on a plane for 17 HOURS..... 😂

    61. Kimberly Garcia

      I saw u on Hollister!!! Picture boards that they put

    62. Ryker Merlen

      You should have been up on that runway, damn b.

    63. ssarahsmith playz

      Pls post more

    64. maggie gann

      hey guys im kinda like emma im 17 and i made a youtube go check out my stuff i will think u will like it! subscribe hehehehe thanks guys:))))udisahduihk

    65. zden4e

      I literally own the red turtleneck the bear coat and the boots

    66. Old Lady


    67. Hannah Wade

      cut ur hair qween

    68. Sarah Davis

      You looked stunning!

    69. Bernie Almanzar

      Hard boiled eggs? Is she not vegan anymore

      1. noreply

        she said she is vegetarian

    70. TooManyTaco 2000

      She done diddly got her done nails done diddly did

    71. amanda

      I’ve truly never felt so average

    72. Rosemary Tween

      2:24 the struggle was so real!!!lmao

    73. Ariell Toussaint

      You go to Paris... where they speak French... and complain about the workout machinery being in French... lol girl Love you though🥳

    74. Everyone's eyes with me

      She reminds me of Lindsey Lohan in this

    75. Bumble Bee

      YO EM-DOG.. idek anymore. ANYWAY! Can you hit me up where u got dem pants at 13:28 🤨 dAY bOmB 💣

    76. Ingrid Almeida

      I know that there is nothing with the video, but you have not changed much since childhood, I love you and your way

    77. Jessica Uben

      bitch those SHOES. that FIT. omg. love.

    78. strawberry jenkins


    79. Madison Gonzales

      I love you so much and you looked like a bad ass bitch in Paris ❤️😍

    80. Siobhan Lonergan

      I live in Ireland

    81. viv_loves_roblox101

      Emma do a “what assumptions people have about me”

    82. Ammy Geiger

      I was an aupair in Israel, and I speak fucking 0 Hebrew. Anyways, I went to a workout class a few times a week and it was stressful but worth it. Love getting screamed at in a foreign language.

    83. Elle R

      Plz tell the color u picked for ur nails I love them

    84. EllA rOSe

      :))) i love her so much

    85. Brooke Perrelle

      Emma I literally fucking love you!

    86. Alena Nguyen

      *two seconds into the vid* “I gOt A SPraY tAn”

    87. Nicole Oliva


    88. Misha buza

      what happened to the sister squad?

    89. m. knipp

      emma ily

    90. Dayana Deleon

      You look like barbie like of you agree🌹💞

    91. Megan Walker

      omg she’s so beautiful i’m crying

    92. Jonathan Uy

      What happened to the SISTER SQUAD

    93. Tatyana Dunkirk

      shut up u are pretty as u are

    94. Isobel Handley

      I don’t know why your not more excited I’d be fucking blowing up I’m excitement

    95. M

      ur literally so funny and u made my night and made me laugh my ass off. im from dubai and id love to be ur friend.

    96. Pria Olivares

      Cut it!!!!!!

    97. Afsheen The BTS Fan GachaTuber

      “Nice boots dude”👢Eh bee family dad quote 2015

    98. Lucy Bosworth

      Why do you never post. Like BROSKI what the heck

    99. Daisy Blythe

      Emma packing her suitcase is me when I go on vacation 💜 Gotta pack for anything. Rain, snow, heat, apocalypse..... Just kidding about the whole apocalypse thing but fr that’s me packing for a trip😂💜

    100. Double D Daphney Squires

      just shut up instead XD no hard feelings