I Went To Area 51 In MINECRAFT



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    I went to Area 51 in Minecraft! Instead of gameplay you can watch the video where I go to Area 51 IN REAL LIFE us-new.com/online/video-9sfW1kEzmMs.html Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Check out my Minecraft Playlist bit.ly/sssniperwolfminecraft
    Check out how Mantax built Area 51: us-new.com/online/video-aZNnSqEGFAE.html
    DigitalNex: m.us-new.com/chl/UC6wUQzr_KOZXcNpOTdyYQXA

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    1. •Moon•

      BRO HOW MANY DOGS DO U HAVE BRUH?!?! Probably not 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. puffinshi lol

      You forgot poor George you had, peppa mummy pig and daddy pig WERE DA FLIP IS GEORGE **Sobs in Korean**

    3. Aubranna Bain

      That green thing that Lilia said was a creeper had no shirt on or pants on I don't take it was a creeper and did anyone notice lis missed one lever

    4. Aubranna Bain

      Please make a video of you. Playing hide and seek with sasuge

    5. Shawn Arnold

      September 20 is my birthday

    6. Linda Anderson

      5:48 he want a shout-out so bad

    7. Rachel Morel

      SS sniper wolf you are horrible at Minecraft and I have been playing Minecraft since I was three 👇 like if you have been playing for a long time to

    8. XxGacha HannahxX

      Are we ignoring the fact that someone named PotatoChan joined the game

    9. Syarifa Daeng

      i know every single alien that's in the cage above the lava

    10. Tessa Komen

      That is WY you can't brack

    11. Tessa Komen

      You are on advencer mod

    12. Jaymee Cummings

      I get ur joke

    13. Royal cupcakes DIY

      This is how Manny people want sosage in the next video ⬇

    14. Sarah Lollis

      Spoler alert it is where the guvmernet dose stof

    15. Alfonso lopez

      I thought that Digital was skinny but his thicc

    16. Fiorella Oliver

      love your videos

    17. Fiorella Oliver

      look at the arrows and switch the levers in that direction

    18. Royale Rattie

      When will the next Minecraft video come out?

    19. Brock Pursel

      No sausage sucks

    20. Josie S

      You now what UFO stands for Lia:what Undefined flying object

    21. arwel cioco

      I like area 51 because its creape

    22. Yeti D

      Cat sausage in the next video of Minecraft

    23. Galaxy Defenders

      Digital is a alien person mabey he is one that’s why he didn’t get attacked

    24. Galaxy Defenders

      She almost fell in lave when she got attacked by creature

    25. Galaxy Defenders

      Yo u guys do seem like u would me too trying not to be scared every button I press all u hear is alert 🚨 alert 🚨 earth destruction in t minus 20 minutes

    26. Galaxy Defenders

      Did anybody noticed it said sniper (on skeleton)

    27. Galaxy Defenders

      She went I can take them I don’t need this sword 🗡 *throws sword 🗡 *

    28. Galaxy Defenders

      She did the peppa intro

    29. Galaxy Defenders

      Me puts tnt leads guard boom gets distracted by sniper almost dies

    30. Yui Knorr

      Do nothing more minecraft plz

    31. Cristina Guzman

      Me:eating "seedless" grapes Me:sees a loose paper on the package Me:pulls the paper off Package:seeded grapes

    32. CeCe Zamora

      *Plays creepy minecraft music when area 51 shows"

    33. Magical Stonk

      YES of you sausage in the next Minecraft video | | | ↓

    34. Magical Stonk


    35. Dacoda Jones

      A 51 Is taking over I saw A 51 on hey duggy

    36. Pari Panda

      I have a Minecraft pun: Person:what r u doing in Minecraft right now You:I’m just *mining* my own business

    37. Jocelyn Cookie

      “* mY nAmE iS pEpA pIg *” -SSSniperWolf

    38. Haley Richards

      My mom is... In the emergency room when she was pregnant with me I messed up her blood pressure and she could have a heart attack💔 I am only 10 I never thought this would happen I am not ready for this please pray for her we are all very stressed. My mom could die so love your parents because this could happen any day any time 😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Haley Richards

        She is okay 👌

    39. Aleja Fuentes


    40. theogfortniteegggod01

      Space smells like burnt steak

    41. Beth Wallace


    42. Chloe Gervais

      their is no air in space

    43. XxxGamer.OreoXxx

      Perez is my last name

    44. Anna Low

      Guys you can’t break anything cause your in adventure mode :)

    45. Lisa Croshaw

      don't go in please

    46. Lisa Croshaw

    47. Diana Gonzalez


    48. g e

      If you tap on the floating crystal it explodes

    49. Asphen Graille Zarate

      It's not aliens there minecraft things

    50. Naiyan Faith

      If you get a name tag can you name me periwinkle,love 💘your videos!

    51. Harvey_Does_ YT

      Yes get yo mans on this game

    52. RNG Mr.fresh Asian

      19:06 how did he one punch it hmm

    53. Larissa Perez

      “tHaT SmACc mE iN dAH fACe!” ~SSSniperWolf 2019

    54. Unicorn Snowflake

      Sisksk and I opp

    55. The cat is a gacha gamer

      13:39 u idiot (not meant in a bad way) u got mining fatigue from the fish guy! You can’t break anything!

    56. Marissah Crandall

      Name your sheep this Specific name jebb_

    57. Andrej Pokotilo

      That box is a Magma cube and that other yelow one is a blaze that flying thing is a phantom I belive Facts:blazes survive lava but not water Magmas are like slimes Phantoms are the new mobs

    58. Koisa

      Rabies be like...

    59. Katrieze Sotto

      Thats agurdeyan

    60. Ge'Rell James

      Get sausage on the next episode

    61. Ge'Rell James

      Her:area 51 ME: OMG AREA 51 I HAVE TO MOVE

    62. sadie sills

      i love how she doesn't know that all the aliens are mobs.

    63. sadie sills

      it made me SO UPSET when she didnt open the dang chest.

    64. Short Kid

      I follow you on istagram and i subed and ringed the bell cuz im a fan

    65. Samurai

      It is proved by sciencetist that space smells like cherrys

    66. Gamer Girl

      The reason u cant break the iron barz is cos u got mining fatigue. U got it from that thing with the eye

    67. Sniper Wolf


    68. Mao Mao


    69. Alyssa Gessner

      i loved homeie

    70. Kayla the gachatuber