I Went To Area 51



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    I went to Area 51! With all the talk about storming Area 51 and all the memes, thought we would go ourselves… LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! WATCH Funniest Marriage Proposals us-new.com/online/video-W6L_lMZc2Ng.html
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      Hey guys! Gunna upload a restaurant/food review from the ONLY a restaurant in Area 51 on my 2nf channel (little lia) tomorrow!!

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      2. Millie Playz

        Pig:SSSniperWolf hey bae Me:TF.

      3. DJ Cheetah


      4. Olivia Jones

        I love u soooooooo much x

      5. Kadynce Jarrett


    2. Funtime_Wolfie _DRAWS_

      Your in Arizona right?

    3. Nyachang Deng

      u deserve a like

    4. Nyachang Deng

      savge girl

    5. Whitefire Gaming

      They were probably SR-71 fighter jets, because they were made in area 51

    6. Eduardo sempre suave

      Eu sou do brasil mas gosto do video

    7. Colte Fish

      if you wot to go back to area 51

    8. Mysterio playz

      my mom lewd in Area 51 and her family to 😦

    9. samantha hernandez

      I thought you knew a lot about aliens... ;)

    10. Jojo’s bizzare adventure David


    11. Musik is my religion

      r you sard

    12. Comikazie 77

      It could be the F22 Raptors or the F35 or the F16

    13. Breeze Sanchez

      I saw the black jets in my dream for some reason

    14. Ellie loves Lego

      👽 I am a massive fan

    15. Lillian Dawson

      Literally everyone is going to hate me for this comment but Area 51 is just a secret air base for military!! AND NO ALIENS

      1. Lillian Dawson


    16. Judy Hanbali

      Everyone's talking about area 51 *But what about area 52???*

    17. Alejandro jose Florez

      ⓂⓂ⛄🏂🏣 "__")14🔰📒🍺📒

    18. James Greer

      Do avideoagian

    19. Emily the Noodle

      As a youtuber

    20. Emily the Noodle

      Omg i love you

    21. soarrr treyy _

      2015: memes 2019: comments are like ⬇️

    22. wolfie playz

      You with akidearest

    23. Trey Bibbs

      damn this girl is cute .

    24. Dowka 29


    25. rob \ niv Owatch

      What of those two black things are aliens? Idk

    26. Animat Yeet

      I know what they're hiding in Area 51 *macdonalds working ice cream machine*

      1. Aryeh Adventures

        This is the best comment 😂😂😂

    27. Leo Gallagher

      👽👽👽👽 aliens 👽👽👽👽

    28. Fredrick Stewart


    29. angelique velasquez

      This is how many times SSSniperWolf said Area 51 ⬇️

    30. Girt Nation

      How do the scientists get out of area 51,how was lt created without being noticed

    31. valerie stanzione

      It's 106 degrees but somehow Digital's still wearing a sweater.

    32. Jed Clampet

      Area 51RAD

    33. Gacha Ruby

      My tooth just came out

    34. Michelle Weed

      I have been one of those stealth fighters there awsome and they're insanely fast

    35. Isaac Cabadas

      dAD WhY iS tHE FBI hErE??

    36. Elena Poposki

      You should

    37. Mike Teeples

      Leave a like if you want sssniperwolf to play Roblox Leave a like here!

    38. kash black

      Sorry to say this but Area 51 is not for aliens .it's a place where they test bombs

    39. Makeup By Eileen

      ._. ‘ ’

    40. Ava King

      No one has died here.........as I know of

    41. Ava King

      This is my driver..............DigitalX

    42. Devendra Kumar


    43. Anna Bastowski

      All we get is 26 degrees where are the Melbourne peeps lol

    44. Adalberto Obando

      Oh my god não Julia ta kkk. é o trânsito em

    45. khloee Salazar

      I'm scared of era 51

    46. Tommy Taylor

      Pshh, is that really Area 51? I don't believe you

    47. vania houle

      1:42 Me trying to go get my chicken nuggets

    48. Jasmine Chee

      You want to new Mexico I live in New Mexico

    49. Maddie Ryder

      Make part 2,

    50. Nia Reese


    51. Moonlightcat Lps

      Wasn’t this a fu**ing kids movie? Area 51? Or was it area 52?. Idk, plz tell meh.

    52. Gachacat2000 meowmeow

      September 20th is my birthday

    53. Auto Francis

      3:10 AKIIII❤❤❤❤❤❤ I LOVE YYOOOUUUUUU You were the one who inspired me to watch and read anime and manga...it is amazing....thank you

    54. Catalina Ventura

      Were do you live😭

    55. LivNRealTime

      nice video

    56. Hannah Precopio

      I almost died when you went in

    57. Eleanor Colvin

      I’ve seen one of the fast black jets in UTAH!!! I know what you are talking about. I could tell what you were talking about by just describing it. By the way I love your vids I watch them almost every day!

    58. Nicster tv Max team

      My bday was before the 20th

    59. Bridget Grant

      You lucky 😐😛

    60. gamer-wolf gacha girl

      You know that girl that's right behind you I watch her US-new videos are so cool I remember that Halloween when is she got shot or stabbed and then there's this little boy who took the candy it's like chicken treating so yeah

    61. Naitik Koundinya

      She could have died 💀

    62. LK Facts

      “Your not gonna storm it are ya?”

    63. XxCrystal WonderLandxX

      I want to go there but I can’t keep track of every Area 51 raid and ect. Also idk if I would be able to go bc, my grandma can’t drive meh there but. What if one of my friends parents drove me and my friends there, I would be so happy, and I’d be a Naruto runner. XD

    64. Kawai Unicorn

      Wait is this real can people actually go with friends! And was the police real police

    65. Bryndlee bimby Whitmer

      read the book where is area 51 it will explain area 52 it is a place where they do all the experapents they find stuff from area 51and take it to area 52 and do experaments

    66. Yo it's Blake and sydney Elder

      How can people raid area 51 if it's under ground ;-;

    67. Alexa Eva

      U are a good US-newr

    68. Alexa Eva

      I love you

    69. Donald Trump 2.0


    70. alex the gamer

      Girl really a jet fast its light to be honest