I Went To Area 51



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    I went to Area 51! With all the talk about storming Area 51 and all the memes, thought we would go ourselves… LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! WATCH Funniest Marriage Proposals us-new.com/online/video-W6L_lMZc2Ng.html
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      Hey guys! Gunna upload a restaurant/food review from the ONLY a restaurant in Area 51 on my 2nf channel (little lia) tomorrow!!

      1. DJ Cheetah


      2. Olivia Jones

        I love u soooooooo much x

      3. Kadynce Jarrett


      4. samantha wilson

        If i were alien i would rather DIE r.i.p

      5. Lexie the dog

        Snipppperwolf i am a wolf aswell wich a winged one

    2. ooo.

      I wonder if any of the officers were watching her on camera and fangirling that she’s there lol

    3. PenaPVP


    4. Pricey Mango

      Lia you have good 🍈

    5. Cynthia S

      Is that Akidearest?


      "i know 2 persons in there right now sneakin in with their go pro cam subs to me i need a 1000 so i can show you guys as its happening"

    7. sooyoung

      “My printer ran out of paper” White privilege must be nice

    8. Zenish Khumujam

      I didnt come here for the aliens.

    9. Phillsopher Slav

      Don't lie to yourself. You came for 10:16

    10. Angel Orea

      Watch the video " killdozer" and that will let you inside area 51 with literally nothing stopping you!

    11. Александър Георгиев

      You sexi and teen wolf

    12. FBI


    13. Galaxy Playz

      I commented this on the 20th of September and 21st of September, we are sending some people nearly all the people storm area 51 to the Bermuda triangle on the 22nd of September even though I'm pretty sure there is going to be god's in planes and military in planes

    14. the m&m jacker

      It's the 20th when I'm watching this (September)

    15. DarkCraftYT

      I can't get away the fact that people still believe there's alien hidden

    16. flames games

      4:57 secs in nobody reported dying in Area 51 of course how would they report it.

    17. Articwolfship24 AJ

      Creepy TOWN🙄

    18. Cam Alex

      Just say sniper stop sniping and you won't get shot

    19. Nyabot2000

      Today's the day---- lets do this--

    20. Articwolfship24 AJ


    21. poiewhfopiewhf

      Your butt is big

    22. Moses Reid

      0:30 OOOF

    23. Kiara Primeau-Day

      The raid is CANCELLED

    24. Callmeh Fernando

      Alien cafe looks so cute

    25. i'm a yeeter

      Lol I'm watching this on sept 20th

    26. scarlett grace


    27. aidan 3000

      Your pretty

    28. Michael Mimitte

      That answers my question do you damn curs

    29. Healyourself4life EveMan

      “Hey Cop sir! We are just US-newrs and we are just kidding” you got pranked!

    30. ntm en thaïlandais

      Eleven where are you?

    31. Mr spooks

      What is happening

    32. Luke Davies

      This “raid” isn’t a raid, this is just a tourist attraction

    33. BackOnCrackk

      did you see some Alien booty?

    34. B.A.F Production

      Omg Akidearest was there too? 😂❤

    35. 『 』

      lol wtf is Joey and Aki doing in the backseats lmfao

    36. Potato Fairy451

      Is your friend Akidearest?

    37. Ricardo Gonzalez-Argoti

      So this is what gamer bois are obsessed with lol

    38. Janely Zuniga


    39. MauriTube

      I really met Alien From Area 51 👽 and playing with him 😅

      1. Nyabot2000


    40. Thomas Garrett

      Why is your boy wearing a jacket and it’s 106

    41. Dan Dan

      Ибать сиськи

    42. Countdown To Midnight

      Funnier if you got tazed.

    43. CaitlynTheKootGamer YT

      Oh snap

    44. Tamic platenburg

      Plot twist plot twist twist I just like to say plot twist that's all...

    45. Mirashimo

      Gurl stop begging for likes🙄

    46. Thanos

      Should have taken sausage and had him storm area 51 he would have made it all the way in

    47. Monkeydog

      I like your butt

    48. Sapphire._.Moonlight

      WHAT IFFFF We live in Area 51and Area 51 is the exit and THATS WHY WE CANT GO THEREEEEEE

    49. Zerø Kyøt

      People going To Area 51 while I have my own alien and its ME

    50. nitrofish1974


    51. Stephanie Crowe

      Anybody else whating this video on September 20

    52. Hannah Severson

      im getting merch my mom is going to give me some

    53. Hannah Severson

      i aggeree stay lit

    54. Hannah Severson

      lia is luky for not geting arested

    55. ZacB

      U 🔥as hell

    56. Wolfies World

      ... AHHHHG ITS THE 20TH

    57. kim

      whats with ur nazi name, lady?

    58. ahmad sahil

      Woah ,woah didn't expect to see Joey(The Anime Man) and Aki(Akidearest) with you.They probably expected to see Titans(Attack on Titan) in area 51.😂❤👌👍

    59. Denny Yuwono

      I'm watching this video on September 20

    60. Wail Wail

      time to clap alien cheeks

    61. chicken thing

      I wish she got shot at


      I am from 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 Curious to know about area 51. Thank you for the video. Love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ INSTAGRAM :- @i_amChetanpaswan

    63. anuar zainal

      Ayy lmao

    64. King Jahseh Prince Gekyume


    65. XoBrownieXo 28


    66. Dorothy May Manuel

      Imagine the US army commenting to this video

    67. GAMER 4 LIFE

      Police officer:Where are u guys going Them:Area 51 Police officer:u better not be storming it

    68. Monster GMR YT

      I hate your English beacause I am Indian.

    69. Angel’s Animals!

      Can some tell me the real and big story about how Area 51 is so weird and scary I know it has aliens included and also because I’m in Australia and not in that country