I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF



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    A WOMAN claims that her pet monkey has stopped her from getting a boyfriend - but she’ll never give him up. Stephanie Fusco grew up dreaming of owning a pet monkey, and her dreams came true two years ago. The 26-year-old's monkey, Alexander Laurence Fusco, also known as Xander, is a white faced capuchin lives with her in North Carolina, where it is legal to own certain exotic pets. Capuchins are medium-sized New World monkeys, native to Central America, however their intelligence and adaptability has made them sought after pets. Unsurprisingly domesticating a monkey hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks and Stephanie admits that her dedication to Xander the monkey has even affected her dating life. See more of Xander here: us-new.com/client-MonkeyXanderr
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Gail Crowe

      When they grow up they rip your face off! They’re wild animals and they can never be domesticated, silly girl.

    2. ryan olson

      A monkey isn't a pet... It's a perpetual toddler.

    3. Mariëlle

      Jezus you can't keep a monkey as a pet. How stupid can you be?

    4. Denise Savannah

      You spoiled this monkey thank you for taking care of this baby your a great mom ! Not many know how to take of monkeys you do.

    5. guascone brazo

      Che bella scimmietta👍😱👏

    6. Daniel Kirkland

      Do you also pull your babies teeth out ?

    7. TRUTH

      I want to shoot that thing

    8. Stan Chesnut

      Kim Kardashian and her new pet

    9. Alexis Fuqua

      2:47 he said give me head

    10. Shelby Daugherty

      What kind of money is he?

    11. murtaza hassan

      Why don't you get laid and have a real baby... raising a human baby would be worth it then raising an animal

      1. mike s

        @murtaza hassan who knows if it was taken from the mom or the mom rejected it or passed away. If that happened then it us best to take care of it. Plus we take cats, dogs and other animals from their moms and siblings at a young age. Should we give them bsc k to their mom and family?

      2. murtaza hassan

        @mike s you took my point the other way. My point was that it's not bad to keep a pet like a baby but then why not raise a real baby. That would add something good to the world. The monkey must be returned to it's real mother isn't it.

      3. mike s

        Why don't you tell that to other animal owners that treat their dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish and etc........ Maybe ask around and look into it before saying and judging.

    12. whitexchina

      She took him from his mother!!! Monkey breedees are disgusting!

    13. Merlin Krisp

      Man you are gorgeous 🥰

    14. Kamalini Malhotra

      Her face looks like made of rubber. She is so cute.

    15. Stephanie Price

      Everybody bitching and complaining about her having him and another one as pets... Do your research and listen to their stories. She did not get her monkeys just to be trophy show-offs. Her and her husband take very very very good care of these animals and deserve to be respected so shut your naysaying mouths up

    16. Shawn Leaks

      Aye i live in Summerville

    17. John Doe

      How much does it cost to keep him. That cat tree alone looks like it cost $1,000.

    18. R R.

      He looks like his mommy...same lips.

    19. Carolyn Genc

      Madam, don't you think you are a bit uh........unusual?

    20. Gail Crowe

      What an ugly thing.

    21. Pamela Radell

      3 weeks old? Don't you feel terrible ripping that infant from it's nursing mother? It's appalling what people do, selfishly. You certainly aren't thinking of the monkey, it's all about you. What are you going to do when you can't handle him any more? What then?

    22. Edsel Tan

      So cute of him

    23. daniel wilson

      What a cool pet Hope Yous are well

    24. mnym8ts

      because of people like you breaders can make money , that poor monkey was ripped from his mother so bloody sad

    25. Stormee McKinney

      At 45 he is being funny

    26. Marlene Hall

      great video love it. I 2 live in summerville SC.

    27. I'm Fine

      Where did you get him?

    28. Tyler Lea

      Why not have a baby if you want to bottle feed some the and put a nappy in it poor thing its pathetic its an animal

    29. rocmoine linton

      As human beings we all act like animals anyway. So, I don't see why cant we invite the wildlife into our habitats.

    30. Delmi Mencia

      He is so cute

    31. Monkey Tribe

      Very very nice and cute.

    32. Beanie boo

      where did you get the monkey and how much did he cost?

    33. Sarah Quill

      He's cute now, but just wait until he hits puberty. Surely we should all know by now that these creatures are not meant to live in captivity?

    34. bernard brown


    35. bernard brown


    36. fandom encounter

      Thousands of orphan kids could only wish for that huge house and all that space for themselves

    37. Sippin Wid Sharlele

      I need to get that ball pin swing in my life 😭😂

    38. Bunny Maiii

      She seems like a great mom I wish people would see that that he is being taken cared of and he's happy.......not in a zoo for people's entertainment

    39. TheCatsMeow PrettyHorses


    40. R D

      Was confused which one was the monkey

    41. Xtina Nunyabizz

      So you paid a breeder to rip a baby away from a mother just so you could have a “pet”.

    42. Michael Jefferson

      Was I the only one who thought that the monkey was in her shirt at 4:00

    43. J M

      I live in Summerville

    44. Kugelblitz

      She is hot tho... Btw 3:19 has a flash

    45. TinFoil Overlord

      Have a baby then come talk

    46. Dave A

      Cute little Monkey. You must have a great paying job to pay for all the lip botox and old lady white hair dye. What affects your dating life is your grotesque look. You look very pretty in the pink tanktop shot. Loose the lips and grow your natural hair and someone would definitely date you or you will wind up looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein and all alone!

    47. Inna Mariya

      Прелесть, какие они классные!!

    48. Andrea Dodd

      Where is his mom? This is sad.

    49. Jessie Hughes

      I think I'll just stick with my pet motorcycle's! LoL 😂😂

    50. Monkey Baby Bin

      cute love you

    51. Eduardo MG

      Is her intonation proper of an educated American? Her pitch goes up and is prolonged... I have seen it in many people and I always wonder, do college students speak like that in the USA?

    52. D S

      You cant leave them 8 hours ,these ppl dont have a job?

    53. Wolfe 123

      She says capuchin wrong it’s caapuuuuchin not said capuuuuuuchin

    54. blueinfinite

      Very nice

    55. Antwain St.fleur

      Suck it

    56. Shalintha Perera

      Thats abu from aladdin ❤

    57. uncooked shrimp

      As she should

    58. Demetrie Alger

      Why not return him to his natural environment?

    59. Yu Chang


    60. gloria hodge

      Why not adopt a kid?

    61. Cheryl Staples

      Most monkeys are done nursing way before 2 years old , should not be on the bottle.

    62. David  Morris

      So wrong

    63. Fluffy Talguw

      You are truly dedicated. Was that your man in the back? I bet he feels neglected 🐒 🐵 🥺❤️

    64. Cayla Benjamin

      Baby MAX!!!!!

    65. Robert Curcio

      Stephanie has some nice plump lips.....i have a little monkey she can play with !

    66. Bianca Alejandro


    67. Brimmy Burner


    68. Dudley BoyZ

      Hey I'm from goldsboro area of North Carolina can you recommend a breader

      1. Nicole Towns

        Dudley BoyZ Ok cool.

      2. Dudley BoyZ

        @Nicole Towns I checked today with my local animal control and they said it is legal.

      3. Nicole Towns

        Dudley BoyZ it’s illegal to have pet monkeys in the state of North Carolina.

    69. Veøsity

      0:34 omfg I'm gonna cry... this is so cute😭😍

    70. Jadzia

      So... This lady is trying to substitute healthy relationships with humans for a monkey, while doing absolutely no good to the poor animal. Yes, I'm judging and I won't apologize for that. Monkeys aren't pets: www.primaterescue.org/10-reasons-monkeys-should-never-be-pets/

      1. Primate Exterminator

        This monkey IS a pet, and you can’t do anything about it.