I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF

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    A WOMAN claims that her pet monkey has stopped her from getting a boyfriend - but she’ll never give him up. Stephanie Fusco grew up dreaming of owning a pet monkey, and her dreams came true two years ago. The 26-year-old's monkey, Alexander Laurence Fusco, also known as Xander, is a white faced capuchin lives with her in North Carolina, where it is legal to own certain exotic pets. Capuchins are medium-sized New World monkeys, native to Central America, however their intelligence and adaptability has made them sought after pets. Unsurprisingly domesticating a monkey hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks and Stephanie admits that her dedication to Xander the monkey has even affected her dating life. See more of Xander here: us-new.com/client-MonkeyXanderr
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Peggy Mahipat

      This what I call loving a monkey and taking good care of him. Not dumping baby monkeys after they have become adults.

    2. Shamara shanya

      I want one sooo bad! But they cost toooo much 😭

    3. Rob

      Why does this Mexican talk like she's from Arkansas?

    4. Ritika Singh

      Okay maybe you should tie your hair 😂

    5. Alaye Cody

      if i get a baby monkey i woyld do the same thing, mainly bc they the animals who are mist like humans

    6. Kevin Mckenzie

      Just have a kid

    7. GMD proxima

      Jae maeks naughteh

    8. GIMIEEE15

      She probably can’t have kids and it’s a way to be mom she’s great

    9. Chang

      That is one jumpy Korean

    10. Angel Queen

      Aw man I wish I had a monkey but I'm 10 years old I'm about to turn 11 this year And my dad calls me a monkey 🐵

    11. siaisjack

      it must be really nice knowing that you will have to change that monkeys diapers for the next 20 years

    12. Anne Marie

      0:39 hahaha

    13. Indy T

      Animal Abuse.... he doesn't belong in a house or cage...

    14. Angel Angela

      They plotting on how to get away from y’all 😂 jk cute as fluff for sure💕💕💕

    15. RR T

      Her voice reminded me of the “I am pregnant and it is Jesus” girl



    17. SESHJonathan

      she gets her lips done but not her nose ok

    18. Robbiatul Adawiyah

      OMG so cute

    19. Hacks fun and more

      Pretty girl, pretty monkey😀😊🐵❤️

    20. Supreme


    21. Lilah Griesemer

      Now I want one

    22. Barbara Patton

      So precious. You are a great Mom of that little cutie❤

    23. QuaziFaraz

      So if you had a baby a human baby i would call cps on you This what my statement to cps will be Cage Cage Cage ...................

    24. Rachel Apodaca

      Hi my is Rachel and I been trying for a couple of years on getting a baby monkey and it is almost my birthday I want to get one before my birthday for my birthday so if you have any information on getting a baby monkey you can email or call me at rachelapodaca9@gmail.com and (253)231-2694 please I really want to get a baby monkey

    25. Jesa Loves Her Cows

      I can handle bear pets, puma pets, bobcats... but not monkeys. I am terrified of monkeys.

    26. HSCI312 SFU

      2:14, the bf is like “f**k this monkey, I get no attention”

    27. Fly X

      It’s funny but super cute how you have a monkey in your house 😂

    28. delilah Oceanic Scuba Verma

      Is it a boy or a girl?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    29. A N

      I always wanted a pet I had 5 and they are all gone ...they passed away they felt like my kids tho but there in a good place now and now I want a monkey

    30. Adebisi

      There not really an accessory for selfies. Typical trashy American

    31. Cynthia Mateo


    32. Taylor Taylor

      when i saw the title i was scared she would breastfeed him

      1. surprised pickachu face

        Taylor Taylor idk why this sent me 💀

    33. Laurence Audy

      And now, where is this monkey ?

    34. Frita Renee

      I wish ppl would care for other human beings the way the care about these pets.

    35. hajnal toth

      I personaly dont agree with monkeys as pets. They are taken from their moms at 3 DAYS old and forced to live indoors without, trees, fresh air and freedom. They are given a surrogate mother, rocking into oblivian. It is truly sad to see how selfish humans can be.

    36. Lianne Ekhart

      How would you feel iff your moneky keeps you as his human pet... you crazy woman...iff you care about this monkey you would bring him too wild where he BELONGS!!!

    37. Ryan Duffy

      She put a nappy of the monkey 🤣

    38. Jade Laurel Johnson

      Idk I'm sorry, but I don't believe monkeys should be pets, and I know for a fact that monkey breeders are ripping infants from the arms of their mothers FAR too early, which emotionally destroys the monkeys being bred. Yeah, I know they say they have to in order to socialize the babies, but I'd prefer they just stopped this industry all together. They just aren't pets. And yeah, I do feel that way about most exotic pets. Dogs and cats willingly formed mutually beneficial relationships with humans thousands of years ago. They also leave their young in the wild at the age that we tend to take them, so we aren't ripping them from their mothers. Monkeys live in troops their entire lives. So... Yeah. It's cute. If you close your eyes and block your ears to the suffering behind the monkey trade.

    39. Come Peace

      Is it even legal??

    40. Cheeku7777 7777

      Sexy 👄

    41. Natividad Cruz

      That Amazing Story Information About Your Pet Monkey 💪🏻🇺🇸🐵

    42. Bailey Shay

      as soon as she said she got him from a breeder, i had to stop watching 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

    43. Reiko Tanabe

      Omg my sister got ADOPTED?!?! sister: how dare you!!! Me : HEH >:3

    44. Latres Lingerie and Living

      He's too active

    45. Isis Smith

      Getting pet monkey is very selfish these animals are wild they live and hunt freely when a human takes those abilities away from them they are taking them out of their ailments and that’s not right. Human are more wicked, selfish and irresponsible than any other species in the world.

    46. Sidonie Fafa


    47. Hi !

      When the monkey has a temper tantrum... that’s when you have to start praying

    48. Milky

      people may have a problem with this, but their habitat is being destroyed very quickly and the world needs more people like this lady willing to co exist with these little guys when they run completely out of space to live in the world

    49. __

      He'll probably end up eating her.

    50. Susan Buckley

      Awww... bless you.. beautiful story

    51. Leslie Mccann

      Capuchins are cool.

    52. rk h

      im confused, which one is the monkey?

    53. Elliot Snook

      I love animal videos on US-new as much as the next lad, but I don't think glamorising monkey ownership like this is a good idea. Even if this monkey is happy, all these videos do is make having a primate as a pet seem easy and fun and it just creates more demand and produces more animals that will end up unwanted when the owners realise that it's not actually as simple as a US-new video makes it look.

    54. NanaPearl pearl

      Someone please get this woman pregnant LoL 😂.

    55. Keith Weller

      should make him a bigger ball pit! yall could go wild with play time!

    56. D S

      Hope he learns how to take off diaper and shirts all over your house.because it's a wild animal not a child.

    57. D S

      He like the jungle. Not cages. And diapers ya freak

    58. yy lunaa

      Reminded me of Ross from friends lol

    59. Giuseppe Dion

      this definitely is a way of life. she does it well

    60. Molly Davis

      Those k9s can be painful if he decides to test you,.....and he will test you when is reaches adolescents. Be careful.

    61. yenlee

      justin beiber hates this video

    62. Dixie Sedgwick


    63. Dixie Sedgwick

      thats kinda...weird

    64. Leszek Piotrowski

      Weź pod opiekę jakieś biedne dziecko nie wstrętnego małpiszona tu nie miejsce dla niego babo

    65. Leszek Piotrowski

      Ale to paskuda jak można ja przytulac

    66. the_gifted_one

      What kinda camera did u guys use???

    67. the_gifted_one

      Wheres the sex tape ???

    68. the_gifted_one

      And it keeps her sober....

    69. Felix Felix

      Wonder if she plans on getting married and having kids. This might be difficult .