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Little Lia

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    I Tested The PH of EVERY BOTTLED WATER! Trying all the water brands and doing a a ph water test with Dasani, Evian, Voss, Aquafina and more! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! WATCH me tasting them all us-new.com/online/video-J0e5KDzzmCg.html Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. kyoukei katayaburi

      Wow i learned so much

    2. Elizabeth Satterfield

      Vsco girl: ArE YoU uSiNG PLaStIC

    3. Savage Barbie

      Im drinking Aqyafina right now.....

    4. Prince Jason

      Im from fiji and the water ph is neutral...btw I so love all your videos and your fun vibe personality

    5. Spazmic Paradox

      Did she buy some nestle Watr?

    6. Ali Al Araimi

      You need 15 milliliters of water to get an accurate result.

    7. Salma Sagir

      Green is neutral not blue Blue is more alkaline

    8. Kimberly Vasquez

      Loved this shit tbhhh

    9. Lauren Loves Life

      U just saw this channel Sniper. You’re name is Lia?

    10. Rimas Syed

      Vsco girls be like:OmG aRe thOse plAStic BOTles?

    11. angel _demon_gacha

      i drink core ,fiji, and bai water

    12. Jenna The Potato

      You should take the worst and best water, taste and compare them

    13. Choo Jia Li

      Now i know n I also learnt a lot too😂

    14. Cara Mayes

      Vsco girls are QuAkInG

    15. Zoey the cat

      My mom is the one that bottles the water

    16. Karina Juarez

      Try nice water I drink nice water

    17. Noor Paracha

      Legit she says i forgot Dasani then I look down I’m drinking Dasani then she say but I know for a face Dasani is bad for u me throws water

    18. Iz_Angie Playz

      *you ain’t no vsco girl,YOU’RE USING PLASTIC. lol*

    19. Howard Johnson

      Watching this video is like watching the nerdy side of Lia lol. She understands the science behind the pH and is genuinely intrigued by it. First ever serious video I've ever seen her in.

    20. Nangamso Majola

      I look up to you because you're not only just another pretty US-newr but you're also smart

    21. fernandotween aguirre

      You should've done tap water

    22. yeetus feetus

      So witch is the best water?

    23. Moren Din

      the fancy water voss is from norway hihi😄😄

    24. Victoria nunez

      Where did u get the ph tester bcz i need to find one for a school project

    25. Nathaniel Garrison Jr

      Hello, here's you favorite french US-newrs Lia and me

    26. Nathaniel Garrison Jr

      Wow, 24 I would love to be you Lia!

    27. Chocolate Fox

      When you love water so so SOOO much

    28. Tyler Shereace

      Next; Fluoride Test please

    29. Gacha Things

      I drink Evian both of them soo I guess it’s okay

    30. Cece .303

      My fav french US-newr where you at?

    31. Jenna Quintana

      You should try water in a box,

    32. Sara’s music 234

      where im from you can buy water in a can

    33. Care Bear

      I’m drink Akaline water, although it’s from dollar general 😂❤️🤡

    34. Artsy Mc.S

      I love water, liquid, 2H0, hydro, melted ice, liquid ice, So many names for water

    35. Panda Master 203

      honestly I think that this is the coolest video you have ever made. It's so cool to know the PH level in water and what you are really drinking. You should test the PH level of waters from restaurants.

    36. EJ’s Channel


    37. Jessica Ducat

      Omg yad

    38. QueenGil 05

      U forgot JUST WATER

    39. Jaka Rina

      What a nerd project

    40. Itz Panda

      Ah the PH scale.. ...loved learning that 😂😂

    41. Trxshy

      I’m still drinking Aquafina. 😪👋

    42. Heather Ayres

      LOVE YA

    43. Lillyah And tater tot

      The turtels

    44. Itz_GalaxyGamer_

      Me drinking body armor Lia :testing body armor Me: scared it wasn’t healthy Lia: it’s not lying it’s healthy Me : sighs in relief Me: ima get this for ever

    45. Jada-li Drummond

      Yay mine was purple

    46. Corrinne Geyer

      can u still drink the water?????????????

    47. Kelli Mcconnell

      U forgot mountain inc

    48. Grace Schrader

      Normal food dye?

    49. wolfie sky gacha

      I'm in the beginning of the video and I can alredy tell you arrowhead is the least acidic

    50. Cookie Cray- Doh

      Guava Juice already did this... but wtvrrrr

    51. Karla Martinez

      Vsco girls be like: am I a joke to you??

    52. Sailor¿? joon ?¿

      I’m using this for my science project lmao

    53. Aannaira V


    54. Katie Cobb

      Where is ice mountain?

    55. Frankie Scaglione

      I buy great value

    56. Bradliche Jackson Jackson

      Dam Lia you should become a Proffeser .Professor SSSniperwolf

    57. Jayson Lloyd

      Dasani is actually the best cause it goes through a reverse osmosis process this whole video is just worng

    58. Mayssam ElHamdani

      Question when will you go back to making videos of overwatch

    59. Bla bla Blood blob

      This was a very edumacational video😂

    60. Manolito Maningo

      that a lot of water bottles !!😱😱😱

    61. lady ema


    62. Cutiepies Videos

      Ok she doesn’t know about the environment 🥤

    63. hamalama dingdong

      And i oop

    64. Moon Light

      Wheres the diet water?Lol

    65. Ana's Life

      vsco girls are screaming😂

    66. Xander Mouser

      Dear park

    67. Kim Hill

      I drink poland spring

    68. Kim Hill

      How comes no one tests Poland spring water

    69. Lexi Nguyen

      The water that I drink is Aquafina

    70. TheMystic Pyro

      Fact Did you know at theme parks they sell Dasani because Dasani has a slightly bigger salt content so it makes you want to buy more