I Steep Myself in a Bath of Tea and Address the RuMoUrS About Me

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    Next time you guys assume the worst of me i'll try iced tea (:
    ~~~Today on SimplyNailogical I answer your bURNing questions about my real personality, making that US-new money, how often I wash my hair, my first kiss, and how I feel about my boyfriend proposing, marriage and kids :0
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Simply Nailogical

      Everybody asking WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BATHTUB lol - the real tea has now been uploaded on my second channel: us-new.com/online/video-qQiJunQxFRg.html

      1. Megan Lindy

        Faldo this again but and sugar and milk 🥛

      2. Megan Lindy

        Simply Nailogical you should do this again but add sugar and milk to it.

      3. Treasure Scott

        If you do this again I have a question:are you the same person you are on camera

      4. Petronella McSparron

        One day shel make a video saying she adopted a baby ans it will turn out to be a cat

      5. Radioactive Mustard

        What tea do u drink?

    2. Denisa C

      My anxaiety went __📈 when you entered in the bath tub with sweatpants

    3. Crystal

      So no one else is commenting on the fact that Zyler was just randomly chilling in the bath tub in the beginning?

    4. Diane Magnolia


    5. Isabel wincentsen

      So she doesnt speak emotions.... huh me tooo......

    6. Jazmyne de Leon

      8:03 when Ben actually says eh like any stereotypical Canadian

    7. Jana İnanç

      Ah also wasn't popular in high school! And heading home for my 20 year high school reunion this weekend!

    8. Jana İnanç

      Greetings from Turkey. I've recently started watching you (and growing my nails). I love your honesty about not wanting kids. I mean human kids. You already have those two adorable kitties and if that's enough for you, that should be the end of it!

    9. Brigette Udall

      I assume you have very good pours


      I am so so worried for ur coochie steeping in that tea ngl.

    11. katmandoot

      I regular use tea bags in my baths but never this much tea! (I do cup of Dead Sea salt or Epsom salts, a cup or two or magnesium chloride, and 5 to 6 bags of green tea).

    12. cooleustary

      hi i'm chandler i make jokes when i'm uncomfortable

    13. Happy Hana

      Honestly i tried sitting through this video and paying attention to what she was saying. But i sincerely couldn't take her seriously while sitting in a bath tub full of tea, sipping on starbucks tea while sweating her makeup off

    14. The Fat Bat

      This is what i like to watch on a Sunday afternoon

    15. Purple Paw Studios

      Random person: I’m gonna spill some tea 😏 Kristein: WHY WHOUlD YOU SPILL THE TEA!!!!!!

    16. Virginia Martens

      Love the Bulk Barn 😏

    17. sara neziri

      She could've just used multiple normal sized tea bags instead of using hundreds of dollars just for that much tea, but OK!

    18. L김 미

      This was the only video I didn't like of hers because it was unneededly wasteful.

    19. Pinkie's Awesome Adventures

      After watching this video over 8 times i just realised the tea cup says "Oh Holo There"

    20. Kitty Gamer

      I assume your a serial killer :) :) :).

    21. JXENVYX

      Omfg I want to get on their level!!. Christine and Ben are role models and it makes me so happy to see them be such a popular channel because more people will want to be like them they are smart, saving their money, continuing their careers, promoting getting an education, and having a channel that has given them a comfortable lifestyle yet they stay so humble!! We need more of this on US-new 💜💜💜💜

    22. JXENVYX

      Omfg I want to get on their level!!. Christine and Ben are role models and it makes me so happy to see them be such a popular channel because more people will want to be like them they are smart, saving their money, continuing their careers, promoting getting an education, and having a channel that has given them a comfortable lifestyle yet they stay so humble!! We need more of this on US-new 💜💜💜💜

    23. Iliana Demas

      2:58 Cristine: Wooow it's so preeeettyyy Me:That looks like blood

    24. Kristina Supa Hill

      Her phone at the bathtub edge had me cringing the whole time😖😖😖😖

    25. Sarah Khan

      Your parents are watching an educational video about learning languages *While you are watching a girl bath in tea* = *My life story*

    26. asma moon

      u arent married to Ben WHATTTT thats new

    27. bellajaid

      Wait, are you really a Crime Statistics Analyst? That's so cool! You're a bada**!

      1. bellajaid

        Also, I'm pretty sure my husband and I still wouldn't be married if it weren't for the benefits. We also wouldn't qualify for common law for another year if we hadn't gotten married because we've had to live separately so many times. You don't need the government to validate your marriage!

    28. Hope OConnell

      '8:04 the Starbucks employee wrote "oh holo there"

    29. Emily Tunstall

      I’m 35, don’t have kids, don’t want any, never did!!

    30. young gamer 4 ever

      If u want cat videos come to m channell im working on posting cqt videos in the future

    31. Piece of trashes

      Metal finger. Suuure

    32. Roosa Törnroos

      I greet animals first too, but I see no wrong in it. Im socially awkward (not including my social anxiety) and feel better hanging with the animals. So, if you ever come to Finland, you are welcome at my home, to drink from my tea stash and we can play with my cats while ignoring each other completely 💁🏼

    33. Louis

      WHY didn't you just turn on the cold water for 10 seconds to cool yourself off??? XD

    34. Maia Cruz

      You should've put holo gliter

    35. Kate Torn

      "Why do YOU want kids?" Because society has brainwashed us into believing that all femme-presenting individuals should want marriage and children. From one gal who doesn't want kids (no matter how much my mom tries to guilt me about not giving her grandbabies) to another: Good on you for knowing what you do and don't want and being open about that.

    36. KeeblerOrc

      Guest visits house... "Why does this Tea taste like Ass?"

    37. Alysa Gustafson

      Cristine: i will share my over night oats one day 2019: that day has come

    38. Nova Kuik

      Just marry HIM in sweat pants

    39. L. Nguyen

      Looks like wine that made out of tea. COOL!! I want to know what it taste like.

    40. Violet Theresa

      This is off topic but ermm I got expelled st my new school for backing a birthmark on my face

    41. Taylor Goetz

      Ok but she looks so good in a red lip

    42. sj4iy

      I am married with two kids but I don't understand why people automatically assume that everyone must do the same. I have friends who have been together for as long as we have and aren't married, I have friends who are married but don't want kids...just live your life how you want to.

    43. Makuna Matata

      Christine: WhY dO yOu WaNt KiDs? Me: I........im 12?

    44. DarkRubberDucky

      I'm 30, and I have known since I was 15 that I DON'T want kids. I just never have and I never will. So I hate that "so are you gonna have kids soon?" shit. No. I don't even want to deal with children for longer than a quick visit. XD

    45. DarkRubberDucky

      That must be the nicest smelling bath ever.

    46. Dino lady T

      You secrectly want to shank all the people who ask you if you want to be married to ben

    47. Kalyn Brehaney


    48. Shannon Burlynne

      I had my own chamomile tea with a splash of milk while watching this, I love it.

    49. Melinda Stewart

      100% agree on the no kids thing (aside from fur babies), and 100% agree that it is freaking annoying being asked why I don't want kids or that I'll change my mind when I'm older.... um no I won't. I appreciate that you understand that. Also you and Ben are relationship goals lol

    50. Bee Blake

      Did you notice that her cup says “Oh,Holo There”.

    51. Kaitlin Nelson

      my mom asked what she was watching and i didn’t know how to explain this so i just said a nail art channel

    52. Nina_K

      As a 32 year old with no kids who gets asked so many times “why don’t you have kids?!” I just answer “why do you ask? Ever thought that I might not be able to have kids?” The embaressment and the look they get is just ❤️ 😈. I love to make ppl feel just as uncomfortable as they cause me to feel because of that question. F*ck off It’s none of your buisness! Maybe I just hate kids, or maybe I don’t want to be a slave to a little terrorist human. Don’t ask that ppl, and don’t assume everybody loves kids or wants kids. Thanks bye!

    53. punch me I’m bored.


    54. Aurora Galore

      The side effect is happiness 😂😂

    55. ArtGirl ASMR

      I live in a VERY Jewish community and am female so everyone assumes that I want to get married and have kids but I really agree with Cristine. D.i.n.k for life!

    56. WHO I AM

      I saw your bra when you went under the tea Sorry just wanted to let you know

    57. Audreysaurs Stories

      Sanity? What is that I only know saniTEA

    58. Petey Guy

      She looks like she has so much anxiety

    59. The Vineyard System

      No hate, but drinking to much *Green tea* can make it harder for your body to intake iron. So try not to drink to much of that. Just a little teaip (bad pun, sorry I'll leave)

    60. Madeleine Berls

      Ben is like, the best boyfriend someone could ask for.

    61. Jorja Kelly

      christine: because i look stylish and thre're comfortable me:necause i look stylish, the're comfortable and i live in canada lollololololololololololololololoolololololololololololololololololololol

    62. Paddy Waddles

      When she sniffed the tea... I could smell it... what kind technology is this?!?!

    63. Greyc00ch

      Looks more like hannah baker bath water ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    64. LilMegz boiz

      Ben is like your personnel tea uber

    65. Alyissa Hoxie

      In japan there’s a spa with tea bath and also wine.

    66. Diddly Dammit

      "That's true, I'm really bad at... - Emotion..."

    67. Ha-Eun Oh

      See, but I've been the complete opposite. like I feel like by the time I hit 30, I'm gonna be too old to have kids so I wanna have as many as possible while I'm still young and all my organs are working properly. Lol

    68. Jessica's world

      I just relized that on the side of her cup it said “oh, holo there”

      1. Fire ferret Gillett

        thats what i said IT WOULD BE THE COOLST THING

    69. teM FLakes

      10:57 *beauty* *vlogger*

    70. Elizabeth Rule

      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Beeyyyynnn and Christine I am new to the channel and cannot get enough of you!! Respect and love that you guys don’t want the kiddos. I’m 31 and do not want kids I want to spend my money in travel and holo taco!! ❤️❤️ from Kalamazoo!