i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different



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    hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
    Thank you so much for watching!

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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. SethEverman

      hey guys i'm back

      1. PenaGelada

        Bald guy

      2. 4aid3r lol


      3. Nullstein


      4. KardTrickKid

        Guess who's back

    2. Jacky- Adaja

      Wow. Beautiful. No words needed.

    3. NerdyProGeek


    4. Chase Williams

      Funky fresh dude

    5. Tyler Durden

      When he said 🎶 i really felt that ugh

    6. Marsupi X

      Thank you US-new recommendations!

    7. Adehm

      I want a full version of the song. It slaps so hard 1:25

    8. Cjstar01 Jones

      Boi! I literally sat here for 1:30 like “wtf? This isn’t ain’t no sunshine? This sounds like rocky maybe” and then he hit me with it

    9. Queen Fae

      I...I have no ovaries now

    10. LadyAhiru

      Wait. He can sing too?! What the he’ll can’t he do?

    11. LeonArdo

      One Piano Man !!!!

    12. The Final Illusion

      Sing me to sleep my King

    13. 2000 Abos sans vidéos ?

      Me : I'm about to do what's called a pro- gamer-move Also me : *Likes The Fu**ing video

    14. Eric Blenkush

      Damn I did not expect Seth to be such a damn good singer

    15. MonarchBorf

      I need more of that singing.

    16. OkayWhatThe


    17. Bizzare Gaming

      Agen 47 trying to be rocky

    18. TheRebel Gamer

      We need a full version of the Gonna Fly Now and Still Dre Mix.

    19. Adriana Rebel


    20. SUPERGLB05

      388k like

    21. Flakencio Jones

      Lo tengo de tema del despertador.

    22. Dominick exotic doggo

      OH YEAH

    23. Curious George

      1:24 is the joker

    24. Totally a nerd

      Me inte he beginning: ok ok ok... Me in the middle: I knew it! I fucking knew it! Damn it. Me a little bit later: wait what Me later: ?????????

    25. Jonastain

      This guy is so a legend fuck you

    26. ZaveRay

      bald couch abuse man sings well

    27. Aschamdon

      god is bald.

    28. Auf dem Laufenden

      He is even better at drums than me and I play for 6 months now.

    29. Arnaud Birou

      WoW the transition was magical

    30. Korrupt

      Full cover when?

    31. Rachel Latham

      We missed you 🤧

    32. Chris Pattengale

      "Gym that I will definitely never use" I feel lied to. :(

    33. David Sargent

      I was not prepared, omg. Truly beautiful voice, my dude

    34. • j a y n i n i a •

      Cool so when r we getting more vids of u singing

    35. AntoRaimbow2 xDD

      Seth Balboa

    36. Lisa Le

      brilliant. just brilliant.

    37. alextrutru


    38. Josephi Krakowski

      sexy voice got me all erect.

    39. Yeho

      Classical meets rock meets instrumental rap meets pop. Amazing video!

    40. Stas Glodkowski

      Please record you singing the whole song

    41. Lucy Liang

      how to fall in love in 1 minute and 48 seconds

    42. Cassandra Hedberg

      "a bit"

    43. Paula267

      The beginning sounds like Fantasy from Vixx. Hm 🤨

    44. triforce 4351

      Love it dude, just love it!

    45. Dranz

      Have my babies please. I beg you.

    46. That Pixcl


    47. Ignacio López Cesario

      He is evolving!!!!!!

    48. Kakke12

      The music boi is back

    49. klayray


    50. o worm?

      Give us the full version seth

    51. MrHurzler

      This guy has serious music skills. No kiddin....

    52. qantux

      ugly af

    53. zeko 。

      wow, finally something thats quality classic music ✌️✌️

    54. Alan Marcolongo

      Hahahahahah please do mooore, your tracks are INSANE.

    55. chicken wings stan girl

      what is that song at the beginning where you play the two or three piano notes quickly? help a girl out.

    56. Sang Eun Lee

      About 10 months ago... us-new.com/online/video-QOQXyXZ7OTk.html

    57. Bwatapizza _

      This is my life now

    58. Parnkie

      Finally. I've found true art.

    59. Jonathan Andersson

      Lol!! Earned a sub

    60. ayşenur ksmn

      heyy seni yeni keşfettim . bence youtube un en komik ve enn sempatik kanalı sensin. (çevirirsin artık)

    61. Felipe Queupil

      For a minute, i forgot that was the intro of ain't no sunshine and took me boy surprise

    62. Abi Cambo

      “a bit”

    63. SnakeEnthusiast


    64. aiyeim

      oh damn he sings tooo

    65. Stefan Zilovic

      I’m Back I Play Pokemon Go Everyday

    66. Alejandro Velasquez

      Every single second of this video was a masterpiece and anything else is trash compared to it

    67. Kutaru Tales™

      Ngl he do be vibing tho

    68. Henrik Lindborg es18a GD

      idk what to feel about the fact that i instantly realized what you were going for when i heard the first notes

    69. anna p

      This is so good

    70. Maycon Hubs

      I wish I could revive it again as the first I saw it