I'm Dating a Celebrity?! | Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita

Lele Pons

Lele Pons

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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Lele Pons


      1. Ožbej Ban

        I like when you speak spanish

      2. Hope Baker

        You make the best video ever

      3. Katelyn Seow

        I already did😊😊☺😊😊☺☺😊😊😊☺

      4. Miss Tropique

        I love u so munch !

      5. Mohamed Roshi

        Are you punchbuggy5

    2. Raj Jammu


    3. keiry marquillo

      At 1:58 they called her lele instead of anna

    4. Park Chim Chim

      I won’t show u issac I’ll show u issac

    5. kaoutar

      If you give me another chance, I won't show you Izak, I'll show you Izak HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    6. _snoopy_ beats_

      camila canbelo be like:

    7. nabs joof singing

      At 1:57 seconds they said Elle not anna

    8. Scarlett Keys

      hi lele

    9. KitKat_Cake

      The fugly thing I've ever seen is your face😤😤😤😑😑🙄

    10. khalama gomez

      sub spanish

    11. oodragonooo Life

      O m g 🤣😂😂🤣

    12. Famke De Vries

      I just don’t like that sandra

    13. Lin Kay

      the way lele smiling in the end make me scream. ARGHHH SO CUUTEEE

    14. The Squid

      Like si halas español

    15. Stephanie Stafford


    16. will mathake

      Her inspiration is camila cabellos music video liar ...

    17. Hsbdjfnfj Bdjdbejbf

      What are you guys are bullies bully bully bully people

    18. It's Dosik

      я пришёл после клипа тимати

    19. Tessa Balemo

      Will do lele 😝

    20. Dian Clemmings

      Your content just gets getting worse and worse at least it’s getting so bad it’s funny

    21. Chelli Chaima

      I won't show you exactly I will show you Isaac XD

    22. Chelli Chaima

      That's hilarious

    23. shaylla prahardini

      Subtitel indonesia please.

    24. Krystaline Angel

      "good gracious," she said 🤣

    25. azyadet martinez

      Jajajaja que mal que no entiendo el ingles 💔

    26. alison matute

      I love u 😁

    27. Maria Araujo

      That twilight part😭🤣🤣

    28. Serenityy_x

      this sounds exactly like Rudi from Ballerina?

    29. sara colmenares


    30. sara colmenares

      Im from Venezuela

    31. Aroob Khalid


    32. Upamaayn ZzZ

      When they call her *lele* instead of *anna* 😂😂😂

    33. Jeff The Winner

      Wtf am I watching?

    34. Sache Na'tine

      Lele : Is..is it a- Juanpa : Diamond? Yes *with a big bright smile and put it on top of lele's head Lol 😂

    35. Lareese Jackson

      Aren't they already celebs

    36. shiningstaer

      Do porn

    37. amelia Surjoo

      Dis is so cute

    38. Mikee Pineda

      I like Juanpa's eyes.

    39. MHA Fandom

      Okay. :I

    40. Galaway

      this is like a realistic version of legit every stupid "she falls for the celebrity" movie ( besides Starstruck, that movie slaps )

    41. hen ko

      who lowkey ships juanpa and lele 👇🏼

    42. sponge bob 2.0


      1. sponge bob 2.0

        @SALTY PEANUT ok isis


        Sub to meet rey


        Rey heyyy


      Lala rey hewo

      1. hen ko

        Lele, honey, YOU'RE the celebrity.

    44. Emily An

      Is anyone else gonna talk about the fact that Juanipa legit kidnapped lele

    45. Ree Swift

      omg heart of the oceannn

      1. Ree Swift

        @Emily An he's speaking in that accent purposelyyyy his normal accent isn't that thick

      2. Emily An

        I dont know if juanpa is speaking in that accent purposely or if that is how he speaks....

    46. Tila Mondragon


    47. eruptive -rain

      I’m sorry is that the Heart of the ocean from titanic

    48. Delph mungaraza

      😂 😂 😂 😂 Yu always find a way to make my day ♥️♥️i extremely love your natural uniqueness ♥️♥️ u are good at being yourself 😂😂

    49. roblox have fun

      isacc is my crush omg

    50. Gillian P

      My brother's name is Iasaac

    51. stacey greenspoon

      is tyon your brother

    52. stacey greenspoon

      is tyon your brother

    53. Olivia Reiss

      But Lele is already a celebrity lol.

    54. roksaa aa

      I want second part this story lol

    55. Ibby Days21

      Love ur vids 😎

    56. Missy Stamps

      2:00 Kathrine says Lele instead of anna

    57. Carmelita 1604

      I have that Mickey Mouse t-shirt!😂😂😘😘

    58. Yotokio Cherylyn

      Lele, honey, YOU'RE the celebrity.

    59. Михаил Гришман


    60. FARAH

      i thought that song was " Bodak yellow " by Cardi b lmao

    61. Puppet lover

      I dont know if juanpa is speaking in that accent purposely or if that is how he speaks....

    62. party player

      Sooooo............ U two are together?

    63. Melody Faye Thomas

      it reminds me of Lizzie Mcguire movie

    64. Diia

      2:00 she said ”lele”

    65. VIBGYOR cc

      this is not video! see just confirmed she is dating a celebrity

    66. Preetee Bhogun

      Plzzzz do part 2

    67. Alaa Nabil

      Popular Mexican on his jacket 😂😂

    68. Jordi Potau Menendez

      Love you lele you nexo to be who you are

    69. Zeynep Beyazgul

      Random gurl: "Omg do you see her apren ots the fugles thing I ever seen" Me: k