I Love My 600lbs Tiger | BEAST BUDDIES



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    MEET the brave Czech family who spend their days living with big cats - including a tiger that weighs 44 stone. Petr Augustÿn manages Fauna Park, a sanctuary that houses more than 150 animals and 40 different species, from monkeys and meerkats to tigers and cougars. With the help of his family at their home in Lipová, Czech Republic, 53-year-old Petr is the leader of the pack who has been working with dangerous animals for the last 10 years. Describing the animals as the ‘centre of his life’, Petr interacts closely with Diego - a 44 stone tiger that he hand-feeds and cuddles every day. To follow Petr's story, click here: facebook.com/faunapark.lipova/
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Snaz

      I love how the tiger gets bullied by those 2 dogs, it's so ironic

    2. Think Tank

      poor animals

    3. psychologist A

      This park for animals is awsome..i like the design concept .they still in cage but in same time are free to see and roam everywhere..nice innovative..good stuff mate.

    4. DD Andrews

      This is the best life we can give to a dying species. They will be staying in our enclosures as long as we can afford to do that, until our own survival gets in the way in not too distant future. Tiger is probably the most beautiful big feline to every appear in the history of the planet, but who knows! May be the extinct big cats like sabre tooth and other ones had a fur coat as beautiful as tiger and perhaps a majestic personality as awe inspiring as tiger. We probably would never know since we currently have no way of accurately reproducing what the outer skin looked like of these extinct animals. Either way, all good must come to end, including ourselves. Planet will, in time, produce creatures as beautiful as majestic as tigers and lions. But, it won't be the tiger as we know it. The uniqueness of the tiger will be lost, just like any other extinct exotic species. As a self healing and self correcting entity, I don't think our planet cares poop about the beauty and majestic nature as we humans picture it. We are not that important, though we would love to believe otherwise.

    5. invictux


    6. 피의신야누스

    7. Aadil Williamson

      Live to work on his farm.

    8. Mohammad Kurnia Suranata

      And those're tigers and pumas 😨 how can its like a cat at home....

    9. Kumar Deshmukh

      What's the probability Diego will not attack ??

    10. Mark Dennison

      Good on you!

    11. mohd Azif

      great wait till u get torn

    12. Apex Nerd

      "Papa will give you a massage" 2:39

    13. Anthony L

      Sad that a tiger becomes a pet.

    14. arde

      where is the 600 lbs tiger lol, 300lbs maybe.but still lethal, for sure, its great that you care for these animals, still they are wild predators, and some day it will go wrong, you think you have some real connection with these animals, you dont, trust me, when the killing instinct takes over , you are done, bad things have happened before, and will happen again. but hey, enjoy, and be safe.

      1. Kevin Glimmersten

        These tigers are absolutely more than 300lbs, but I agree 600lbs may be too much. 500lbs seems more like it.

    15. miroslav

      hey idiot, put that thing to sleep or in some zoo before your selfish bizarre need to keep wild beasts costs someone their life when that thing decides to run away from you.

      1. Alan Rosenzweig

        SCREW YOU!!!

    16. Cosmin Despa

      600lbs that's like 300 lbs

      1. Jiminie Kookie

        U don't have any fcking idea . So stfu. They tiger is clearly 400plus. Not 600 thou

    17. Master King Lee

      Just wait ‘till your tiger realizes that human meat 🥩 are delicious 🤤

    18. Seema Rawal

      Very well made video .,The best thing is the Eng subtitles and the animals re really happy and healthy.

    19. Douglas Fulton

      I would like to own a tiger or work with them

    20. yamaha raptor

      So what happens when the tiger decides to run away during his walk. Wild Siberian tiger on the run

    21. yamaha raptor

      How is he just goin to take the name Diego from James channel 😂 any body know what I’m talking about?

    22. Amber Roshen

      The tiger look maximum 400 to 450 lb not more...

    23. Black Jaguar

      Why people have wild animals in cage ???????? WHY

    24. Carl Roberts

      The animals seem to love him and he has love and respect for them obviously but for me these animals need to be free.

    25. chosen_one1

      A tiger on a leash?? lololol If a stranger walks up, your arm is coming off buddy.

    26. Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan

      Russian are crazy

      1. paul cooper

        They arent russian, they are czech. But both are eastern european culturally and therefore crazy

    27. peter yeung

      When you walk your rottweiler down the street, and this shows up with his tiger.

    28. DR M

      If you're having a good time with your tiger and he decides to bites your face off ,it's only because he's a tiger, adding those dogs in the mix will speed up this outcome.

    29. Alex Ortiz

      Toughest little herding dogs I've seen. Putting that big meow in it's place

    30. dat guy you know

      What dogs are those?

    31. emraan Khan

      They inject injection and make them pet,tiger is tiger one day u vl be in his stomach

    32. nahshon white

      In Jesus name those animals will never attack or hurt you. I hope you get more funding for larger enclosures for the animals

      1. devis ago


    33. Kazam K

      Another bloody idiot, he's gonna be there dinner soon

    34. Average Joe

      This Tiger weighs never 600 lbs,sorry.I guess 450-500

      1. Sergio Dario

        Not even that... 380 lbs top! People always exagerate tigers' weight, don't they?

    35. J L

      God bless you

    36. Mishra Sagun

      I too want to cuddle with the tiger😘😘


      Lion are more dangerous because they love fighting

      1. paul cooper

        You are delusional. Lions start fights because they are evolved to establish dominance within a group. Tigers are the most intelligent cat and its docility is a sign of that.

    38. Farhad Azizi

      Poor tigers. This is disgraceful. You do not cage these animals. Wrong. Just wrong.

    39. jj mm

      what a great man!!

    40. H M

      Do you have a link, where weight is confirmed or is that just your estimation?

    41. Such wow

      I want one

    42. Lisaa

      opening bit made me realize this man is not careful or really reads the body language of the cats his dogs could be ripped in bits so quick also space for these big cats is just to small its cruel to keep in small cages this is one of worst sizes ive seen its tiny for each big cat

    43. Adrice Smada

      Such majestic wild animals should not be friends with domestic dogs. WHY O PPLE DO THIS!!

    44. 이이

      Tiger never being a pet....

    45. ghost viki

      Indian tiger or siberian tiger

      1. Vishwajeet Kumar.

        That's Siberian tiger

    46. Madeleina Wolcott

      "Hey bro,can you hang out today?" "Nah man, gotta walk the tigers"

    47. Robert Gray

      Haha. He walks him on a leash. If that tiger sees something he wants that mans arm is coming out of its socket and is getting removed from his body😂

    48. carole lerman

      Warm climate animals.

    49. mega0876

      Of course it has to be Russia.

      1. paul cooper

        Not Russia but still eastern europe.

    50. Leonor Pinero

      The only way those beautiful felines can be safe.

    51. Tatiya bichoo

      That's a huge cat

    52. checkMyLikedVideos

      The kitties look very happy. Seems like a lovely place and family.

    53. gsteel98

      3:24 was enough to show they love this dude

    54. AleC Ardanova

      Nice Tiger but look more like 250-350 pound Tiger.

      1. Jiminie Kookie

        He is 400 plus.

    55. sanju Baba


    56. Charles Pukeowski

      Why is there a fence around this animals?

    57. TheMetalheadextreme

      He can setup a US-new channel and make an option for monthly payments for people if they want to. Might help him gather the finances needed for a bigger space in future. The guy that runs his channel and has two tigers Diego and Enzo. Even his space looks a lot more ideal. He has made certain things inside it too for the tigers to chill out. That guy is super rich though.

    58. One Creator

      My friend. They need more space to live in surely!!!

    59. Ashley Baggio

      Think he’s asking for trouble there but what do I know, I don’t keep Tigers

    60. Bruhlol

      This dude : In the wild these tigers would struggle to find food and it would be dangerous Tigers ( *who are literally the most apex predators on the planet* ) : *Am I a joke to you ?*

      1. MTS BOUR

        Someone need to teach them how to hunt. Their mother mainly. Plus they are not afraid of humans, they may see you people as food. So they shouldn't be released.

      2. Myamdane 777

        What do glum mean the most apex predators? That makes no sense

    61. Kenneth josefosky

      I love your tigers

    62. מירנה דה פז

      The Tigers are Happy, that is what's count, The Man and his family are protecting Big Cats!!!!! Thank you,sir @ your family. 🐯

    63. 동동

      I think that the cage is too small for the tiger

    64. Rishabh Sharma

      Tigers are not pets when will people learn this....

    65. Ana Rodriguez

      Mi opinión eso animales debería estar en su hábitat no se porque las personas los tiene .las personas no piensa que ellos envejece quién va a cuidar a eso animales salvajes.mi opinión personal 🇵🇷🏝️

    66. P B

      Would the tiger 🐯 turn against the human???

      1. Byron Welch

        Yes absolutely if it wanted to.

    67. Baskar Sai

      Very nice ..keep going..God bless

    68. Chris T

      I like the land looks like USA.

    69. yuki04831

      Wow - český chovateľ :0

    70. Prasun Kumar

      This is insane. Why is he walking in unarmed without any security. That tiger is a wild instinctual 600 lb killing machine