I Love My 600lbs Tiger | BEAST BUDDIES

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    MEET the brave Czech family who spend their days living with big cats - including a tiger that weighs 44 stone. Petr Augustÿn manages Fauna Park, a sanctuary that houses more than 150 animals and 40 different species, from monkeys and meerkats to tigers and cougars. With the help of his family at their home in Lipová, Czech Republic, 53-year-old Petr is the leader of the pack who has been working with dangerous animals for the last 10 years. Describing the animals as the ‘centre of his life’, Petr interacts closely with Diego - a 44 stone tiger that he hand-feeds and cuddles every day. To follow Petr's story, click here: facebook.com/faunapark.lipova/
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    Published on 4 months ago



      A TIGER ON A LEASH💀💀💀💀

    2. Tim Garcia

      The secret to win anyone's heart = Love and respect

    3. Madeline Castellanos

      That's honestly the saddest thing I've ever seen he went out of his way to bye a tiger that animal doesn't belong in a cage or on a leash funny the things people go through to have a freaking tiger what a jerk poor tiger

    4. ghasan23

      That tiger is not 600lbs, more like 200-230lb cat that's still growing.

    5. watchdealer11

      That tiger needs some Slimfast.

    6. Beach Bunny

      The love he has for these felines in undeniable but it is cruel to keep them away from their natural habits and in just small cages 😥😣😔😓

    7. Mr Taff

      yeah, you cuddle with them maybe a few times a day but what about the rest of the day? do they have an open field where they can run and feel like free animals? just because you treat em right and communicate with them couple times a day doesnt mean they are happy! wild animals man, they need lots of room to run and at least pretend they are hunting something!!!



    9. Gage Byers

      These enclosures are way too small! Also that might be the fattest tiger I’ve ever seen.

    10. AlwaysThere x3

      thats not a tiger. just a big cat who became lazy by all those hugs and small cases- love the love to the animals you give but don't make them just to lazy cuddle pets.

    11. Badger

      I should have guessed all the tiger experts would be in the comments section.

    12. Phantom _


    13. 4OurLegacy

      All it takes is one small mistake, or one instance of fright and that animal will rip him to shreds before either of them has realized what’s happened.

    14. Laylla's Locker

      I respect Kevin and The Lion Whisperer team. Because Kevin's lions have huge enclosures (and he often moves them around, to enrich their space). This is just like any other sad zoo. Big cats (other animals too) are not meant to sit in tight spaces! I know it's a complicated matter, habitat loss and all... but bottom line is, would I want to live 80y as a slave, or 30 as free person traveling the world. I think I'd chose 30y. No hate, just my opinion. Btw, do check The Lion Whisperer youtube channel. :) U will love his videos, if u love big cats!

    15. jermiah peters

      I'd rather be loved by a tiger or a bear or any animal than a human tbh

    16. Klaus Pallesen

      “My tiger” ....lol...captivity for such an amazing animal used as an ego boost. So human, so selfish...

    17. Adam Fowler

      Tiny enclosure for the size of the animals

    18. tgrooms AJ

      These cats need to be rescued by Big Cat Rescue ASAP!!! There's no need to have wild animals as pets!!!

    19. Mr. Reese

      When putting your hand in a Tiger's mouth is just daily business lol.

    20. Frau Blücher

      I dont like cage

    21. Brett K

      Are those Cougars? American Mountain Lions in Czech? That's cool!

      1. Hell


    22. Anoop Rana

      His name is also Diego😍

    23. Ajmal Ameen73413

      We indians always be a fan of The Royal Bengal Tiger ❤

    24. Cristie Brewer

      They definitely love him and are bonded with him. For the people who think the enclosures are small... You aren't seeing the full enclosure, obviously. They have tunnels to walk through, second or third stories. You are just looking at the bottom part which they go in for his attention. They also get walked. If these tigers weren't happy in any way, trust that they will show it. You can see it in their eyes, very easily.

    25. Jaspuneet Singh


    26. rachel baias

      Just a regular russian house cat


      These dogs lol are more intrigued by the tigers

    28. rremy 101

      Robber: Give me all possessions Tiger: Am I joke to you

      1. Jack Cough

        Great meme, hasn't been recycled a billion times at all... Good job.

    29. Fuad Radityo

      Is it legal to buy some big cats?

    30. Graeme Glendinning


    31. purple urkle


    32. cash k1

      Against trapping animals in cage all his life he doesn't have life that's not what he want

    33. Milwaukee Brewers

      Tiger on a leash..... lol okay

    34. Lost

      All I’m going to say is you never can predict a wild animals mood. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them or how much love you show. At any given point in time they can attack you.

    35. anonymous brooks

      Let them go back in the wild

    36. Alicia McFadden


    37. Shane Graham

      Until he grabs you by the back of your neck

    38. Chenzy

      Diego seems to be a popular tiger name ;)

    39. Roy Davis

      Simply amazing

    40. Katie Thomason


    41. G MONEY

      Great video

    42. Thirdmate

      Hi think you look after each other ,respect

    43. 215 Philly

      1:38 she looks terrified lol

    44. John Byron

      It weighs 44 stone? The 18th century called and it wants its metric system back.

    45. Poppy Seed

      Omg hello from Czech Republic!! This is cool

    46. Top Winner

      Its a jail .

    47. Mr11ESSE111

      on his place i will have magnum 357 by my belt because with tigers,lions,leopard you never know because they can change behaviour in second

    48. TheGBZard

      Where would you even get a tiger? It’s not like you get them from a pet store because they’re wild animals

    49. Angela Gioia

      These animals need more space. The were not made to live in small cages with cement flooring. Seriously, they need to be in an area similar to their natural habitat.

    50. KFeirg Linn

      450lbs tops

    51. golem hd

      Kde to je dík

    52. Wee Aboo

      Get an enclosure like the tiger youtuber Michael Jamison

    53. B Mell

      A “sanctuary” for “purchased” animals.... ? 🤔 🧐

    54. Kush Lennon


    55. Great Value

      Everyone complaining about the space of the enclosures should donate some money so he can buy bigger enclosures.

    56. No name

      You gotta realize that being in a small enclosure is better than being in the wild nowadays. Their chance of survival is very small because they will get hunted for their fur. This is the best it can get for many wild animals

    57. Jennifer Sicilia

      can i get a like please my grand paw just died last night of throat/stomach cancer

    58. Imonsomebangbanghitemup

      Amazing so many tiger specialists and zoologists in these comments 😂

    59. S Pepe

      cool pet.... unfortunately you never know that day when it gets a little to wild and playful and injures or kills you

    60. loyalty bha

      he should see Michael Jamison's enclosure for his tigers!

    61. R.C. J

      You are one badass when u smooch a Siberian Tiger...

    62. ratatatata tatatata

      He need milk

    63. Vishesh Rathi

      it doesn't appear to be a 600 lbs

    64. shrestha ankit

      2:32 little kitty

    65. ACG Medical

      I would give up my life’s work for this in an instant if I knew I could make a living out of it. You can’t work and take care of tigers at 4 am.

    66. Sherri Edwarda

      Not only therr housing is too small i dont see any pools for them it is not a good place for them yes they are loved but they need alot more

    67. Maria Cristea

      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I❤Tiger! 🙇RESPECT!

    68. vaibhav vekaria

      Unleash that tiger , let him have those dogs .

    69. Atif MIr

      A tiger is a tiger no matter how much you domesticate it. That cat will rip you to shreds if you catch it on a bad day.

      1. Lost

        Atif MIr exactly. You can love them their whole life and one day they will attack you

    70. ishfaqfitness freak gymgym nanoo

      Okay Wat time a tiger is he because I hate it when they don't include the type am just guessing is this a siberian tiger bec there massive