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    AN ANIMAL lover sees his two grizzly bears as family members after raising them from cubs. Jeff Watson from Paoli, Indiana has been a bear handler for more than 29 years. His bears, Bob and Screech were given to him as cubs by a tourist attraction in Georgia that was going out of business. Now seven years old, the bears live with Jeff and also form part of his educational presentations where he teaches people how to co-exist more safely with the grizzlies. Follow Jeff here:
    Video Credits:
    Videographer / director: Brenton Oechsle
    Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
    Editor: Ian Phillips
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Ivan Droid

      I LIKE THIS GUY :)

    2. schakenbake90

      This is exactly what i think of when i hear grizzly man almost exactly how i imagined a guy who loves bears looks lol

    3. Do it Right now

      I would love to visit and hug them! They rescue us!

    4. Randell Darcky

      I just want to hug one, before it bites My throat.

    5. Jersey One

      Not sure anybody would give this a thumbs down 👎. You have someone do something the make this world better and I ask the those people what are you doing .

    6. Lady-T Survival

      have you had them castrated to help with mating urges and territorial urges associated with "usually female" influence? i would think gelding them would help keep them calmer. but idk for sure

    7. Mr. Scoot Scooter

      Step one: Grow beard. Step two: Make friends with bears. Step three: Eh, I'm good.

    8. Interactant

      At 0:42 this man looks like Chris Hemsworth

    9. Chris C

      I got here from the I_am_puma channel. It just keeps escalating... Next thing I know I'll be watching someone who has a gryphon as a pet.

    10. Daniel M Connolly

      Da Bears...


      Grizzlys are what i fear most. Even your big cuddlys..lol. They seem very content as you do . ..what an AWESOME gift. ✌🌐. ..aside..can yall imagine this guy walking to the store w his "BUDDIES" for a Pepsi and 200lbs of fish ? 😂

    12. spida817express

      He is one of the few people who have wild bears that I truly respect.He does it for the right reasons and truly loves these bears. He does not do it for publicity, he does it for love. I hope he gets enough income to keep doing what he can and must to ensure these bears are happy and healthy till it is time to go to the other heaven. God willing this guy will live long enough to make sure these bears are taken care of till the end.

    13. Rodd Huge

      He looks like Jim Carrey

    14. TheGreatest Quest

      Best guard dogs EVER!

    15. 14 88

      Sir, I think your rottweilers are eating too much..

    16. Rozampuia Rzpa

      nobody going to rob them

    17. Michael Dietrich

      How do you get a bear for a pet?

    18. P d

      I choose to live in Afghanistan, much more peaceful to this.

    19. jerrydavishnful

      Bears are good boy

    20. Crimea_River

      Is this the trailer for *Thor: Retirement* ?

      1. Madhur Suryawanshi

        Yeah lol....*bear* for life😂😂

    21. Ahmad Qadan

      They’ll eat him one day.

    22. Krengket Bingkut

      takkar's offspring..

    23. Cyrus Vane

      Chris Hemsworth/Thor sosia. 0:39

    24. John Doe

      If I had a pet bear I'd keep a .45 on me everywhere I go. Just in case he decides to attack i can take myself out before he does

    25. Unubayar Nyamaa

      Mongolian bears killing people and animals

    26. Unubayar Nyamaa

      This bear is cute

    27. D R

      This man is absolutely wonderful. Thank you good sir for doing this.

    28. Rogin

      and you are the third but their smaller brother

    29. Paul O'Neal

      Until they get hungry and eat you...

    30. corey adams

      Dogs were wild animals before domesticated so the same could happen with any animal

    31. Goobeek

      "When they young they see you as a mother"...when they adult they see you as a juicy steak.

    32. Devin M

      Bears beats battle star galactica!

    33. Mарат Isakov

      U foku

    34. 91Bar

      Dan Bilzerian with 70_years old

    35. Tahumako Ji

      Can anyone noticed that he looks like chris hemsworth with beard when he was young???

    36. Mistress YT

      Thor raises bares? No way 😂

    37. Rex Gridge

      This is awesome. The Lord is definitely allowing this.

    38. Sayysa Carlin

      Open season in real life

    39. Gasper

      when you want a dog but you are more into bears

    40. nagib ali


    41. Richard Keogh

      “ I love them but I watch them “ This guy knows his stuff.

    42. Massive Action

      I see he makes a lot if money calling a bear a low maintenance animal.

    43. AJ Kelly


    44. A. Double

      The new Grizzly Adams or Marty Stouffer wild America.

    45. tranquility rose valerian

      Very charming n informational guy keep up the work with the bears

    46. Ankit Sharma

      WoW !

    47. Kalen Taylor

      Sooner or later those monsters will turn back into monsters. Careful dude

    48. benjamin bethel

      Girlfriend: " It's either me or the game" 2:16: Game it is!

    49. Anthony Black

      I love animals.

    50. Paul Attard

      Kind man with a very level head.

    51. Lisa Crawford

      Love this guy.. Bears are great protectors

    52. The Kids Nice

      It’s so funny because this dude looks like a bear in human form

    53. QuantumRehab

      I thought he was the second grizzly in the thumbnail

    54. Muhammad Arif Noor

      this is nothing I Live with a T-REX

    55. Robert Morris


    56. Chris Mathews

      This dude look like Chris Hemsworth for real

    57. julie mead

      Wow, a real, intelligent, rugged man; they do exist.

      1. julie mead

        Are you jealous of him? Don't be; I'm sure you're someone's type. 😊

      2. estoban kupah

        julie mead wow, a judgemental women; they’re everywhere.

    58. BIG TIME

      What an awesome guy! Indiana sure is beautiful where you and these 2 Bears are at! The Bears know that you love them and they will always love you for raising them and taking great care of them.


      Next video:My two Grizzly bears buried me

    60. All good In the hood

      I once spotted a Bear waiting outside of a Mcdonalds rear exit waiting for the left over food to be thrown out, not sure whether it had Cubs nearby but it was acting as though it didn't want to be seen

    61. Jessica Ev

      It’s a shame any of these wild animals are in captivity But that’s reality! Nice to know he’s educating in reality

    62. Bulgarian football Xd

      Russia we have bear U.S.A - yeah and so do we

    63. dequan spruill

      Take this sane logic and apply it to females, you can treat them as best as possible but be aware they are still women, their instincts always win

    64. Terry Quelet

      It’s all fun and games until they rip your face off. Good luck.

    65. Jonathan

      I love this video

    66. Joseph Stokes

      Dude! Bravo! Well done! We owe you a beer!

    67. tony stark

      what a braveman! ...

    68. blahblah

      Yea, but can he fetch a beer from the fridge? My German Shorthaired Pointer can.😉

    69. The Homies

      We gotta keep the 2nd amendment alive for these 2