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    A FORMER professional wrestler lives with a giant alligator inside her house - and she even shares a bed with him. The 6 foot 6 inch, 200lbs reptile named Rambo not only has his own room in the house, he also watches TV on the sofa and eats dinner at the kitchen table. Mary Thorn, 57, adopted her beloved pet Rambo 13 years ago, rescuing him from imminent death. Now the 17-year-old gator freely walks inside the house, bosses the dogs around and loves to be the centre of attention. Rambo, who Mary often dresses up in leather jackets and sunglasses, is potty trained, he obeys 70 commands and poses “no threat to humans”. Mary, who resides in Lakeland, Florida, considers Rambo as a significant part of her family and says she has a special bond with the gator - who responds to her sign language.
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Koji

      Now you see, unlike the other other videos on this channel, this alligator seems very happy despite it all. He seems very relaxed even with glasses on his head. Good work.

    2. Perry Pelican

      I think almost every animal feels love. I say almost because some are too dangerous because of their instincts that take over.

    3. Slayer Sigma

      Astonishing, this really shouldn't be possible. For a reptile to express this amount of affection is unprecedented. Their brains simply aren't built for this type of interaction.

    4. Michael Herrmann

      I can't get over the fact that this lady will have the gators face right next to hers? Friggin nuts!!!

    5. longliveavalon12

      God bless them!!

    6. Mdhasan Mdhasan

      Very nice

    7. Muhammad Ali Ashraf

      Her children and sister don't live with her, well I guess we know the reason

    8. eric abbatoy

      Awesome pet keep its up

    9. Anthony Bryson

      Not sure about the whole allergic sunburn thing. Wouldnt recommend putting sunscreen on a reptile

    10. Sam Winchester

      Die Trulla hat'ne Meise

    11. Lavender Villeneuve

      Awwwwww cutie love reptiles

    12. Techno Toad

      Cool to have a gator, but not the type of pet one should cuddle lol

    13. ruffgook

      why do all croc owners look like hillbillies or hippies?

    14. Strange

      I could handle that gator, except the POOPING

    15. Mark Arandjus

      1:35 A gator cuddling. I never thought I'd see the day.

    16. myMAC

      This would be a great suspense thriller movie 👌🏻

    17. Mick Taylor

      Dude that thingll tear an arm clean off

    18. hg1990

      I would sheet my pants off but this woman just kisses her gator...

    19. Drake Deardorff

      Lady: I potty trained my gator *fast forward in video where gator shits on her*

    20. Friedrich Nietzsche

      I’m waiting for “My Pet Komodo Dragon”

    21. Tiffany Grimsely

      He should eat her and that ugly hat.

    22. Brooklyn Morehart

      You have had a whole bunch of gators

    23. Brooklyn Morehart

      What can you do that with them things I feel so bad for you but you lost four other ones that you

    24. Рейнхард Гейдрих

      Very kind woman, God bless her

    25. Gabriel 44jj5

      Somebody please put this lady in a mental hospital.

    26. Marcin Ktl

      You a a pro Hunter 😁 that understands Animals 💯%

    27. Queen Shay

      You call her crazy ? Steve Irwin would be smiling in his grave. He wasn't crazy

    28. Wulframm Rolf

      if you want a gator, have two things. plenty of food, and the proper environment. otherwise you are asking for a limb to be removed.

    29. Jerry Moran

      Your animals are amazing ... Makes me want one

    30. Hudson rivera

      Finally he came out of the closet I’m so proud Lmao.

    31. Chapman Wise

      If gators are allergic to the sun what happens to all the gators out there not gettin rubbed down with that 85 spf???? Solar genocide??

    32. Faizan Lateef

      Why this gator lady look like shes the monster from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Lol

    33. M 3

      Good lady with a great heart, glad to see she cares so much about these animals

    34. Gerry Martinez

      Cool...but she is a nut!

    35. WRECK 215

      You my lady have a very amazing life I always wanted a gator for a pet but I don't know where I can get ONE.

    36. Oscar Asso'o

      I bet it’s in Florida. Yeah. Only in Florida.

    37. K Kk

      Others: Beware of Dogs. She: Beware of Alligators.

    38. Mike leone

      Better watch out. She might get stabbed in the heart by a stingray. 😒

    39. Gwen Thomas

      I love how much trust there is between this woman and her alligator. She is right - man is the most dangerous.

    40. We the People

      You couldn’t get a dog like other normal people

    41. perrynelson777

      He's allergic to the sun!? LOL

    42. Louve Vontana

      One of those “humans” are animals types of people, huh... yet she’s sporting a painted confederate flag on her straw hat...🥴

    43. bbrinser

      How did I end up watching this episode of Hoarders?

    44. Mitchel

      Hi. What is the chance for a tourist in Florida to become an alligator food?

    45. 407 Kid

      This right here is a good genuine lady

    46. 407 Kid

      Never seen this type of dog before but hey I bet it’s a hell of a guard dog

    47. Samantha Tucker

      She has a lot of hurt in her heart..

    48. Samantha Tucker

      Lol so cute.. She really loves her animals..

    49. Phi Phi Jackson

      Her hat...

    50. Robyn Mcdonald

      "Crazy gator"? You mean crazy lady! Let the poor thing go so he can live out his days in the wild. He's a reptile, he has no sense of emotional attachment to anyone or anything, he runs on pure instinct. Allergic to sun, good grief. You can tell he obviously wants to be free. No biting, no scratching, no head rolling, all the things that are natural as breathing to an alligator. She's said she's been pooped on, so lying about the potty training as well. Poor creature. She probably keeps it docile with drugs. The squirrel needs to be free as well. Why the state of Florida allowed this woman to keep this gator...well it's Florida. Sick.

    51. Alex M

      This video is so emotional

    52. Nivya 06

      I can't even potty train my kid how did she potty trained an alligator

    53. INCARNATE x


    54. Larrymcjones

      Two things I associate with Lakeland Florida is gators and cocaine cowboys

    55. Cam Łove

      Me when she shows me the picture of her holding her alligator and a woman gave her a dirty look I went to the comments

    56. Cheyenne Bates

      Video Starts... I HAVE A A GATOR NAMED RAMBO

    57. Daniel Silk

      That's just wrong it should be in the everglades or national park where it can be taken care of properly.

    58. philip japitana

      Her: he loves people Me: im sure he do 😟 i dont doubt it.

    59. Amorodium

      the hypocrisy, this lady seems to have a heart of gold yet she wears a confederate flag hat......

    60. Jose Calderon

      Big and dangerous animals, I call that a man. Well said lady

    61. Pest Pro

      The way he closes his eyes when she's petting him he loves the affection lol

    62. Cinderellie

      So, um. I just watched Crawl last week.

    63. crackhead generation

      same girl same 😂 i call it man

    64. Rose Jackson

      they very small though this things are 12 plus feet long

    65. Diana James

      I love it when she says a dangerous animal? Thats a man. Hal ha ha. I love this woman because she has so much compassion. Perhaps she can teach the hunters of this world a thing or two.

    66. Jay Cavinder

      I’m in California. I’m glad we don’t have 🐊. Just saying.

    67. Abraham Xd

      Us Floridians :^)

    68. wolves and butterflies

      never really thought these kind of animals could interact with mankind as pets.. damn they taught us wrong from the very beggining..! i conclude we must save all animals.. including these we thought ferocious

    69. djef ardeur

      Men are the most dangerous animals

    70. John Doe

      White people will pet a dangerous animal, but won't go to the hood because they're afraid a black guy will shoot them. Hahahahah