I Live With A 6’6" Alligator | BEAST BUDDIES

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    A FORMER professional wrestler lives with a giant alligator inside her house - and she even shares a bed with him. The 6 foot 6 inch, 200lbs reptile named Rambo not only has his own room in the house, he also watches TV on the sofa and eats dinner at the kitchen table. Mary Thorn, 57, adopted her beloved pet Rambo 13 years ago, rescuing him from imminent death. Now the 17-year-old gator freely walks inside the house, bosses the dogs around and loves to be the centre of attention. Rambo, who Mary often dresses up in leather jackets and sunglasses, is potty trained, he obeys 70 commands and poses “no threat to humans”. Mary, who resides in Lakeland, Florida, considers Rambo as a significant part of her family and says she has a special bond with the gator - who responds to her sign language.
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Parents

      Itchy and scratchy.. the itchy and scratchyyy showww!

    2. DerpyPlayzYT

      He so cute :>

    3. Linken Birkhead

      I’m sorry for your loss

    4. Maxwell Mendoza

      Anyone else see the rebel flag hat

    5. Quire

      Not even the first minute of the video, I am shitting myself. The gator is wearing glasses and a camouflage cover, has a monkey backpack, and likes to watch SpongeBob. 😂😭😂😭

    6. Mr. YeetMan

      I think something's wrong with her cat...

    7. Shannon Fields

      Awww, how sweet!! All animals need love!! I would have never thought an alligator would accept love though!!🦎♥️♥️♥️

    8. Bin Laden

      Thats not 6’6 liars

    9. Vines & Memes

      I think it’s real cool to be that brave to take on a garter in need well done 👍🏻😺

    10. DepressedMarvel _

      THE LADY’S FACE AT 3:17

    11. simmick1

      That gator looks brain dead!!

    12. madlyinlove7

      I love this lol. This made my day.

    13. Chris Sean

      white ppl

    14. Carne Lobo

      I love this lady, I love Ramno, I love the monkey, I love everything about this thank you.

    15. Mckina Artis

      Your the best keep taking care of those babys..... coming from NYC..

    16. Eyon

      I could never imagine sleeping with that thing in my house

    17. Apollonia Arterburn

      This is so precious when she pets him he closes his eyes

    18. coquijean

      ....so he was in the "closet" for years? and she helped him come out?? she's a sweety😉😉🤔😬....sorry u lost your son

    19. Walter White

      This is why I love the south

    20. YouTube searley715

      This is cruelty

    21. Montage Gaming

      I absolutely love alligators

    22. ronoel aile

      This woman literally dont understand why people classified animals into domestic and wild.

    23. Jamie Dowson

      That’s a good lady

    24. New Username

      White people

    25. kk8866

      Does she get laid at all?

    26. real waris

      6.6?????}? What and where

    27. jason rash

      She use to try and bring Rambo to my kids birthday parties, nope no way Jose .

    28. susmita mondal

      Which animal's skin was there hanging on the wall??

    29. Nahol Tk

      Why she wearing a confederate flag💀

    30. Lor Tovar

      Gator is not a pet, wild animal

    31. No thing

      She is kissing the..... Gators....

    32. Leslie McCormick

      She is great! And correct when she points out that MEN are the most dangerous animal.

    33. Rachid Machado


    34. Degz

      _so she basically replaced her son with a gator... thats uhhh, kinda sad 😐._

    35. Paris Doesstuff

      The Monkey leash is super cute on him aw

    36. Anklez xoxo

      “The cruelty they did to these gators”



    38. PPen

      She looks like a rough red neck from behind 3:07

    39. Mike Marshall

      5:23 😊

    40. Michael Mouse

      Blessed be to you and your cute animal friend. Be kind to strangers for you know not when an Angel will walk amongst us! =^.^=

    41. Robert Hardee

      At least she is not like that crazy lady that paints the gators nails

    42. Tequila Smith

      Some people are amazing 😍 wow

    43. Honore Chaisson

      ♡Alligators are just ferocious swamp puppies♡

    44. Devil's Heart

      That's a one happy gator

    45. wantafanta01

      is nobody gonna mention she has some mental issues that clearly are not being talked about here? or are we just gonna praise her or blame florida?

    46. Nicholas Main

      Im from Ca, i love this,

    47. Petrichor Weather

      When she pet him he made the same expression my cat does 😂💛💛💛

    48. Jack Harpe 3rd

      1:35 That Smile! 😂

    49. Alondra Castaneda

      I'm crying.... 😢😢😢❤

    50. Samwise G

      This world needs more lovable folks like her. Bless her

    51. Lighsadra Sreivalian

      Vacuum cleaners, even shop vacs aren’t meant to suck up large amounts of water... Although pretty sure this is just one of MANY problems for this woman... 😂

    52. Kathrine Lopez

      Bruh how am I the only one that notices the fucken confederate flag painted on her hat 💀💀💀

    53. Sad Toast

      This ain't about Rambo this is about Mary

    54. Sad Toast

      Got a commercial for "crawl" that new gater movie lol

    55. Kookie monster

      ok forget about her looking after gators etc. look at her hat.

    56. Kookie monster

      soon as i heard that accent i wasn’t even surprised

    57. tom magnum

      got to have me a shotgun and blow him to smithereens.

    58. Michael Wave

      That’s a weird puppy

    59. Michael Wave

      I’ve found it

    60. lee hollebon

      That women is weird

    61. capricorn demon

      That gator is her son.. bless this woman

    62. Slightly Irregular

      Yo did anyone else see that sheet over her door

    63. Ash Marie

      God bless this lady. She has had a rough life...and is in need of a friend human friend that has the same love for animals as she does.

    64. Your- Daily-Beats

      Yea! I actually live with a fuckin brachiosaurus, he’s pretty cool too he likes spongebob as well!

    65. Ms. Johnson

      I bet her house smells like I’ll be damned!

    66. Rachel Bernard

      Humans like this have a beautiful soul. I love this.

    67. Nongthombam Loyanganba

      Wonderful.... God bless you

    68. Betty Daron

      I wish !🤠

    69. JK Baxter

      I love rural American people.

    70. SteelCity1981

      yeah.... this wouldn't work with a croc.