I GPS Tracked My Cats For 24 Hours

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    I GPS Tracked My Cats For 24 Hours. After recently letting Ralph & Tom outside for the first ever time, Ralph went missing overnight. I bought a GPS Tracking Device to find out where he went!
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    1. Half-Asleep Chris

      FAQs: - Both cats are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped - I’d love to put a camera on Ralph but that would be invasive of my neighbour’s privacy - The collar is by a brand called Weenect. It was a bit temperamental, and we lost the first one (it had a faulty battery so we couldn't track it to find it), but the company were great a sent a replacement for free. Not sure I'd recommend it nonetheless. Definitely do your research and read all the reviews before choosing a GPS collar yourself - The plan is to never let them out at night - it’s just once every week or two that Ralph doesn't come home. The catflap doesn’t have a setting where you can let cats in but not out again - The collars are quick-release so they can’t hurt themselves. Ralph loses his collar A LOT. The collars also have bells to make it harder for them to catch wildlife. The previous video “Kitten's First Time Outside” explain in a lot more detail!

      1. PrinceOfLillies

        Chezepuff Owo you should harness train your cat and not let it out unsupervised. Better for your cat, you and the local ecosystem.

      2. PrinceOfLillies

        FISH STICKS I mean if it’s let outside probs died 🤷🏻‍♀️

      3. PrinceOfLillies

        Roos lol if your cats would be miserable spending all their time with YOU their owner indoors, maybe don’t get anymore cats. My cat absolutely loves the outdoors, we go on walks and hikes with a harness and lead. I play with him on average 2 hours a day inside. If you stimulate your cat enough it will not be miserable in an indoor/supervised outdoor lifestyle.

      4. FISH STICKS

        What happened to your old cat?

      5. random channel of eevee

        Wait Micro chipped you can track them already

    2. Julia F

      Tom is me

    3. M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

      This is like anti-"THIS WENT SO WRONG" videos, it's so anticlimactic at the start, and calm, and then the action happens The anticlimactic-ness pulls you in so much better than saying "THIS WENT SO WRONG..."

    4. Kdog

      Reggie :(

    5. Courage Wilkerson

      That green mile reference tho

    6. petey twofinger

      enjoyed this video ! KeetaH says "hi"

    7. Dizzynoodles

      Could've used this before someone murdered my cat but such is life especially when your cat's breed is extremely rare.

    8. The Egg Wars

      Don’t press read more You have bad luck for 5 years. Like to have good luck

    9. The Egg Wars

      Your cat went to McDonald’s and he got cat burgers

    10. 윤

      He went to the gas station the buy a pack of cigs.. But changed his mind and came back..

    11. Patrick Callaghan

      When ralph came in, it was 5:10 not 5:09

    12. Vegan Games

      Maybe put a bell on him so he doesn't eat birds?

    13. Koalalover'sworld

      I love the narration, editing and content of this video!!

    14. E D

      All child-friendly, then PERDITION ROAD lmao

    15. Kawzdxs

      Yeah lol my Tom cat hunts outside at night and loves coming back at 5am when my dad goes to work to come inside eat and maybe sleep around 10 am

    16. Marey Armbrust

      It’s nearing Halloween. Keep your cats inside full time for a coupla weeks. There are some evil people out there - just looking for a beautiful black cat.

    17. DuncanAndFriends Pranks

      He was probably hunting for critters and looking for mates

    18. richard klegin

      yes , hes is an super hero . super meow

    19. richard klegin

      he has his own pot farm. lol

    20. Gustaf Söderling

      Check out "The Secret Life of the Cat" www.dailymotion.com/video/x10w49m

    21. Je te cris dessus

      We have the same food bowl ;)

    22. CAT SLOANE


    23. mleav2

      Shouldn’t Tom’s box be blue?

    24. Gulden

      Or maybe Ralph is a cat? cats are nocturnal animals?

    25. Mitchell Keil

      Cats suck Dogs are better

    26. Betty Phage

      I instantly love this channel :')

    27. Made In Layers

      Your videos are great! I feel the passion and time you put into them great work!

    28. kappueki neko


    29. shrubbie leaf

      Fantastic video, my lazy cat mugsy can't be arsed to go more than 20 metres from home when she is awake for a couple of hours a day, so gps tracking would not be interesting for her...

    30. Jimmy Jazz

      Looks like a fine route/schedule for guard duty.

    31. mmdirtyworkz

      So which backyard is he using as a toilet? Cats have designated places for that

    32. Travis Anderson

      He was hunting most cats spend most there time trying to catch something or another when not sleeping

      1. Joey Knight


    33. Christina H

      This video just randomly got recommended for me but it is so Hugh quality and the story telling was so engaging!!

    34. Françis ponge

      Great vid and very relaxing thank you 👌👍

    35. Lisa Klapsma

      you funny man 😀👍

    36. chewy

      My cats were living inside an the house their whole life and 3 months ago we moved to an apartment that has a small garden and we were kinda scared that our cats would jump over the fence but they didnt till 2 days ago one of my cats just jumped over a shelf we put in a place where the fence stopped I didnt see it tho I just saw him jumping in our garden again he wasnt outside for long bc the door was just open for like 15 mins maybe but I was terrified lmao I wanted to buy him a collar so he could go outside bc he really wanted to go outside again but we placed some flowerpots on the shelf so he couldnt jump on the shelf but my mom was scared bc he wasnt familiar with cars and roads and stuff so we just yeh put the flowerpots on there

    37. Suzie Talbot

      This is the content im looking for !

    38. 0 0

      They make Dash cam, or Drone cams, that have motion sensors, and battery powered, or Mini USB or Micro USB powered that can go to a 120v outlet, or 12v battery, or Lipo battery pack. Example Mobius Action cam/Dashcam/Drone cam - www.amazon.com/Spytec-Lightweight-Mobius-Recorder-Recording/dp/B00DP1WYD2 - Which would suit your purposes much better than a wildlife camera. - There are also dash cams with Buffered recording - A few seconds before, and a Few seconds after Motion sensor (Movement in front of the camera lens)/G sensor (Hits/Bumps). - Anyways your wildlife cam generally will be off, detect motion, and it takes 5-30 seconds to turn fully on. That is why you can't disable it. Dash cams generally are Always on, but only write to the Micro SD card if Motion sensor or G sensor is activated. Thus can record buffered, or immediately after being activated (Not buffered.)

    39. Emiliyan Yankov

      "Licking his lips" ;D

    40. April Hastings

      you are so lucky your cats are beautiful, they seem so happy and that part, when they were sleeping together heads together paws up, was so cute they really look as close as my littermates are...are they littermates? I know you said you got them together as rescues, you did a really good job with the animation, and am I correct it was you singing? The song was really cute and the voice quality was also really good, so I'm thinking you're a musician? I have subscribed, so I will defiantly be back...👍🐾🐱‍👤🐱‍👓❣

      1. April Hastings

        @Half-Asleep Chris my littermates are a brother and sister that I have been with them since the day they were born...they are 6 years old and huge because they are part maincoon...I will definitely check that out...

      2. Half-Asleep Chris

        Thanks a lot! Yes they're littermate / brothers. Glad you like the song - I have a video showing writing / recording it called "I wrote a theme song for my cats" - I write / record all the music in my videos :)

    41. Lurexa Chamaechorie

      I love the work you did put into your videos. Of course I love your cats, too. 💜😻💜

    42. DehOllie

      ay we use some of those motion camera's for keeping an eye on our dog pens. Seen some interesting stuff sometimes but they're not the most reliable :/

    43. Harri Kolehmainen

      My friend had a cat that had the same kind of routine. Usually cats have their favorite places where they sleep, but those tend be closer to food source, aka your home. Even that your cat is neutered, it might still have a friend around your neighborhood who he visits. My friend I was talking about, found out that a different human left food in his yard and enjoyed the company of wandering cats.

    44. Cori McMahon

      I would love to see where my cats go as well. The female is a bit of a homebody like your Tom but the male disappears like your Ralph for hours on end.

    45. Eduardo Rojas

      Ralph's face at 4:32, he's like "for god's sake Chris, not this again".

    46. savemyskin

      What a tail!

    47. RedStone Cato

      Imagine waking up to ''RALPH IF YOU CAN HEAR THIS PLEAS COME BACK"

    48. Big Bones Billy

      Ya blowing up my boy Ralph’s sidepiece bruh chill lol

    49. WingofTech

      That transition set and song was so cute. Subscribed. ;w;

    50. Patrick Callaghan

      As tom and ralph are outside now, Maybe you can put reggie's bridge back up

    51. Hooch Smeeth

      leave that cats alone doing there own thing, don't seeing all the tiome that cat and let him live that cat life okaqy? this is cruel.

    52. Charlotte Dickie

      4:52 secret tapir, just to let you know

    53. Tuff Gamer

      Well done Ralph

    54. AnyThingButSerious

      Also when your cat dissapeared, he most likely whent to hunt a mouse or two as its a common thing among cats.

    55. MR MickeyDi

      Wait you got rid of Reggie

    56. Grandmaster

      Ralph seen in Vietnam at 4 am

    57. Whatzuplizzy

      2 songs in 1 video? Love it!

    58. minepoju 123

      7:07 ralph did elephant

    59. Richard Booth

      I used to have a friend who had a deep freezer in the garage. One day she opened it to get something out and unbeknownst to her the cat jumped into and she shut it in the freezer without knowing. She didn't see the cat for days and thought it had runaway that was until the next time she opened the freezer and found the cat in it frozen to death - with its tongue poking out.

    60. infliqt

      Congrats On 200K !

    61. Firen Wolf

      What Ralph's doing sounds like normal cat behavior. You should go and talk to a therapist, dude.

    62. Danielle O'neill

      Where’s regge

    63. Mary Phillips

      Imagine him approaching the owner of Ralph’s favorite bungalow and saying “Hey my cat really loves your garden, can I check it out too?”

    64. Rizky indra Pratama

      you cant stalk your cat for having romantic night!

    65. Chloe Underwood

      I had a cat who would disappear for days at a time yet he always came back. I miss that old furball

    66. Grace Lavin

      I’m only 26 seconds into this video. Holy hell this my new favorite channel. 😭😭😭😭

    67. Ami Smith

      Do you ever worry that your cat might get hit by a car or attacked by another animal??

    68. Blatantly Fake Name

      Your fluffy cat looks like mine that lived to be about 21 up in Leeds.

    69. Garrett Donohoe

      Wait by old cat do you mean Reggies gone?

    70. Norma Mimosa

      Sincerely hope that since your tracking and video, you have removed those uncomfortable, in-the-way tracking devices and made your garden escape proof. Totally irresponsible to allow your cats out to wander that way. I know of a forest where over 300 cats have congregated -- feral and wild -- sick, wet and hungry (except for human intervention and saviors). How come so many abandoned and feral cats living in such awful conditions? Total irresponsibility of their owners.