I got the Fast & Furious Lykan for Free!



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    Ed (IG: @edbolian) is always open to a strange car deal. Here's how he ended up with the W Motors Lykan Hypersport from Fast & Furious.
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    Published on 4 days ago


    1. Louis Greenberg

      O o put a VW bug frame under it

    2. Louis Greenberg

      Hang it on the wall with leds

    3. menachem rabin

      Tavarish should buy it and do a build

    4. lil cam

      I have a real lykan hypersport

    5. St Hr

      So...you got the Fast & Furious FAKE Lykan for free...important distinction.

    6. M4RZ

      Came for the title and thumbnail, stayed for the cool details.about exactly what that lykan is!

    7. Not Hitler

      yeah? well one time i found 20 bucks on the ground

    8. Ben Sutherland

      From wanting a chandelier to that haha

    9. Jason Hoover

      You should talk to tavarish about making it a functional car

    10. Darin Warren

      What is he looking at? Is there anyone actually there?

    11. Darin Warren

      Yup. I clicked.

    12. Richie Rich

      Looks like a project for Tavarish

    13. Thodieous K

      ED, Push it in to Tavarish's driveway and ask him" Still Think Your So Cool"

    14. krevo_ 6c

      I woud love to see that this thing woud be rebuild by @Tavarish Mabye instad of the Countach shell now...

    15. Greg Cocchia

      Ask goon squad they may have one

    16. The State of Art Grimsby

      And that's how I bought another car for 50 cents and flipped it for $1mil. The stories never get any better.

    17. Brooklyn J

      Give it to samcrac or tj

    18. AudioASMR

      A jaguar motor in the meci

    19. Djaber Reguieg

      up next how i got a chiron for 12.99

    20. Dylan Watson

      CLICK BATE!!!!!

    21. Niragon

      Murci lykan...

    22. Donalddump

      Fuck off ed bolian

    23. SLVRFOX88

      Put them together

    24. Wolfen Her

      Be smart man. Take that Muercielago V12 engine and put it in that Lykan and you got yourself a power Lykan V12 car!

    25. Martin Vu

      b is for build: *heavy breathing*

    26. Jack Bxi

      Remold in carbon and put it on a Porsche Boxster chassis

    27. eric wsmith

      I guess you could pick up a Boxster with a bad motor for,,,, idk 3 or 4 grand get a 5 or 600 hp LS motor, and conversion kit ( they sell them just for Boxsters , toss the Lykan body on it, and you have,,,,,,,, A kit car, Sounds like about a $75,000 project, but then whats it worth ? I think some were more then 75K or way less, lol

    28. Ricky Bobby

      Is it just me or does this man, Edd Speak Sooooo ,Fast!! 😱

    29. grandmaglasses

      ! thats all i have to say is !

      1. bilinas mini


    30. Aditya Mehta

      Murcie engine + lykan shell

      1. bilinas mini


    31. Kimmie Alonzo

      sell it to #bifb

    32. Shavan Irving

      Plot twist, ain't no one behind the camera

    33. Gianky Cruz

      What is his US-new channel name

      1. VINwiki

        Ed Bolian

    34. CHINK wong

      I know what they do they use another company that makes models and they are not real you would be stupid if you think they use real cars

    35. FBI

      please build this

    36. Tyler Powers

      It kills me everytime I realize he lives an hour away from me

    37. Mike Cronis

      *Fenrir, named after the Norse Wolf-god.

    38. Bryant Arnold

      So the third brother from property brothers flips cars?

    39. Spookygaming

      This man. 14:puberty 18:puberty 30:puberty 45: we may never know how deep his voice may be

    40. Jacob Bosworth

      This is awesome brother!

    41. Pistol Pete

      I’ll give you a Porsche Boxster so you can do that build if you like..

      1. mikea hiooi

        You should put the merci engine in the Lykan

    42. Kwint

      Litteraly watched that movie yesterday

      1. mikea hiooi

        This has to be a record for the most words per minute in any you tube video, ever. I pretty much zoned out after the first minute....yikes.....were you a car salesman?

    43. Micheal Peterson

      I spy an Audi 4000 at 2:05...

    44. Daniel B.

      Hello.... I'm a 1/64 Collector of Fast and Furious Diecast & Love to See New Videos of People who were able to get The actual. Car's from the Movie. Thank You for Sharing ❤️😎👍👍

    45. NewNeo64


    46. Jens Mäkinen

      Bisforbuild next project

    47. vwbussesareforever

      Here's a hint, put the lamborghini drivetrain in the Lykan and see what you can do about building it into a SEMA car thats actually functional and driveable. Maybe Tavarish might could hook you up with making that happen?

    48. Mr. Parker

      The first FnadF was sooo good that my buddy almost killed himself by slamming his 90something accord into a tree. Not joking. He literally said he was acting like he was on the fast and the furious, and the hood almost touched itself on the other side of the tree he was going so fast in this residential neighborhood. Now that is cinema gold. They slowly declined in quality from then on...

    49. Fred Kennedy

      This guy oozes pretentiousness... seriously wish US-new would stop recommending vinwiki content. I actually wouldn't mind the stories if he didn't talk like a pompous rich dude.

    50. Craig Bryson

      Rebuild it as a high performance EV.

    51. Earl

      I feel like car flippers are a little self absorbed and cheap

    52. Retired at 49

      You had me until you mentioned "Matt moron"! That narcissistic con man isn't worthy to be on this channel ! He spends most of his time convincing his followers that your just not good enough unless you have the best of everything and then takes advantage of his followers by selling them product above regular retail and pockets the profit! Example ....look at his 350 dollar wash buckets lol! Meanwhile he gives so called "expert" detailing advice even though his only experience is taking one detail class! He openly admits that he thinks he is better than everyone in the room while insinuating that your not "good enough" unless you buy the most expensive products whatever it might be according to his "opinion" which of course is solely based in his limited experience! Hes perfected quit the cult following. The guy is laughable and when the subject of doing interior detailing ever comes up he is response is "I dont eat cheeseburgers in my cars so an interior detail is never needed" lol! The guy is a "charlatan" by every stretch of the meaning! He openly was in therapy for his Narcissism and so called OCD and stopped the therapy because in his words "he knew more than the therapist" lol! It's amazing to me how many people follow him! Smh!

    53. Daniele Daniele

      I think u should sell it to tevarish

    54. Dtrkshadow

      Man you have such a mystical soothing voice

    55. Thegoodtom 1

      Use fiberglass body to make mold. Make subtle changes to make it your own design. Create carbon fiber kits and corner a market .

    56. Heavens to Murgatroyd

      This has to be a record for the most words per minute in any you tube video, ever. I pretty much zoned out after the first minute....yikes.....were you a car salesman?

    57. Evan Kulik

      You should put the merci engine in the Lykan

    58. Doyle Rules

      Off-road buggy??????!!!???

    59. Ronnie Larsson


    60. Maarten van den berge

      so your gonna build it with a merci motor?

    61. alisuo toko

      "Cars don’t fly, Dom."

    62. Dat Boi

      Get driftworks on from the uk

    63. stretchermunkey

      A friend of mine just took delivery of the real orange supra

    64. lubefish

      I just wasted 10 minutes of my life to find out that u got movie prop? Ed please you can do better 🤭

      1. alisuo toko

        dude you could ask freddy to rebulit it to a working car🤷🏻‍♂️ just a suggestion

    65. cvctiger

      Sell the Lykan shell to Tavarish

    66. Lawrence C

      Sell it to b is for build

    67. Mandeep Singh

      What an epic epic story! Loved it and so happy for you that you have this Lykan!

    68. Rasmus Nielsen

      Does anybody what shirt Ed is wearing?

    69. Jean-Marie Muga

      Please please pleeeeease put Tavarish and B is for Build together on this project. They sure will hack it and make for good content.

    70. Luka Asanović

      Imagine that beautiful Lykan body on top of an electric drivetrain and some batteries. That thing would be a stealth beast. :)