I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

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    i made him an instagram. its @declanchamberlain. go follow for beauty shots of him. he's quite photogenic, you wont wanna miss it.... lol....
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Lauren Rebecca

      I have a tip, don’t put the litter next to where the cat eats because my cats something mistakens ya know...... Like this so she can see it

    2. Sohbat Khan

      Gingy or tofy

    3. Q.S Family

      Name him coffee

    4. Rosemary Daly

      You should call him something to do with cheese

    5. Repping The Cats

      How gorgeous! 🐾

    6. Purry Furry

      Most sweet! 💖🐾

    7. Marian

      He should be called "coffee"

    8. Brooklyn

      i have 4 cats, i love cats! they are named ; sydney+scarlet =twins (tabbys) and ringo (silver bengal) that nearly died on us and so happy he didnt, i dont know a life without that funny bugger and finally pepsi, a tabby who was called whiskers and came from a shelter, she came from a abuser. if you live in devon go to cool for cats, there are loads of strays there and they have been there so long they roam around the shelter. there is a cat called cola who is from a overbreeder and she is a mum and is twice the size of her kittens, she has dopey eyes. cool for cats is also a good place to keep your cats in on holiday, there are different pods for the cats , they can go to there own outside bit and the owners provide EVERYTHINGGG! we take our cats when we go away. also cool for cats makes you download an app because the pods have cameras to check on your furry friends! :))

    9. movie girls

      It's name should be latte

    10. Mad 4 Cats

      Much cutie! 🐾

    11. iiPxstelSkyz Z

      I have a kitten aswell, since my other cat had a blood clot and we had to put her down. My aunt heard about it and gave us a cat she got off of craigslist and she’s a cute Calico kitty named Artemis. I was terrified if it would like me but don’t worry, cats are simple feed them and they love you. Them sleeping in you bed is a good thing by the way. (Do NOT keep your litter box in your room. It will stank)

    12. Chana Bukh

      He’s so cute

    13. The cool Gurl

      You’d think she would’ve shut the toilet lid

    14. Nester Beauregard

      Decklin is a cool name

    15. Stop swearing it’s annoying

    16. Helena Stow

      Please name it simba like if u agree

    17. Hannah Winter

      Where is that cat and dog sweater from in obsessed

    18. KoolBoyKheruef Vlogs

      Fettachinnie would be a unique name but nahh it doesn’t sound that good.

    19. Sage Garcia

      You should name him weasley!!!

    20. Martha Reade


    21. Sara Derby


    22. GranolaBa _Gacha

      Welcome Declan/Deckland/Decklan!!

    23. Stephen Rezner

      name her ginger! and yes ikim very very very late

    24. Shayna Petrucci

      “Ok so he didn’t eat any of his food, so that’s bad” Emma 19

    25. nightmare 82

      You should nsme him Alfredo

    26. Briannah73

      Great video! I just adopted a cat and vlogged it on my channel!

    27. S S

      Did anyone notice that at 0:11 Emma doesn't move her head Plus my cousins name is Declan

      1. I may have a small dick, but

        Face tracker.

    28. Shakeydra Washington

      u should name him simon

    29. Cookies _121121

      awww declan is actually the cutest

    30. mother NaTuRe

      Is anybody going to talk about 4:22 the license plate

    31. I love food

      Your cat looks like mine but mines way bigger

    32. Grace St Clair


    33. Melissa Burney

      You should name him cappuccino hahaha

    34. Girl • Fun

      I came home today and had a cat it’s name is Frankie and he looks just like her/him!

    35. Keith Cregan

      Riley is my dogs name and my name is Emma but. Am on my dads account

    36. Caleb Sanders


    37. DS - 06BJ - Sunny View MS (1439)

      Name him dude

    38. Blake Rogers

      awww he's so cute

    39. madison sherretz

      emma is such a good cat mom:)

    40. Sirine Elkbibdi

      Mochi? Uno? Tofu?

    41. Brinley Boyd

      Declen is so cute :3 OMG! I am so exited I might get a cat for Christmas

    42. Chloe Marie

      Meet fettuccine 😂😂

    43. Pinky Pie

      You should name him coffee

    44. katie stot

      My cats name is oliver

    45. Kimberly Rangel

      Ash or ginger

    46. jasey sorsher

      Yes U should sleep with him when U sleep with your pet U create more chemistry

    47. jasey sorsher

      Call him ASLAN of Narnia 🙏

    48. Savannah Siphonekham

      I would have named him toby or taby

    49. Jillian Doyle

      You should name your cat Declan and I’m a big fan.

    50. Amy Fleeman

      Alfredo And ps..stop cussing

    51. C l o e !

      Emma please close you toilet, he could dye!

    52. Hena Jaffry


    53. the wolf

      I love you and Declan

    54. Serenity Webber


    55. LFS Snowgirl


    56. Ante Elizabeth

      She reminds me so much of someone but i don’t know who but she really does look like someone... you know?!

    57. Rosie Grace

      I think Riley was better!!😺😸🐈

    58. Mariam Hunt

      My cat's name is riley😊

    59. Elina Rashidi

      Emma ur my fav ily so much ive asked for all your fuckin merch for xmas lmao

    60. Elina Rashidi


    61. Keira De Vita

      he is sooo cute

    62. Keira De Vita

      you should get clumping litter(non sented) because its more natural and better for declan. ALSO:) cats do need to be potty train a little, it took my kittens 1 day to learn. Lastly, if he ever does go outside dont keep a collar on him because it will a tracked praetors. Love u sm emma, hope some of this helped.

    63. Stephanie Johnson

      It’s been 3 months but if you ever leave him in the bathroom or just in general you should put the toilet seat down so he doesn’t fall in

    64. Hi Itzalyssa


    65. Tom Ardagh


    66. Luz Aguilar

      6:16 why did her face right there remind me of Michel Scott

    67. Lul Groves

      Creamer...... Macchiato......

    68. Keeley Mai

      My brother is called Ryley 😫😫😫

    69. Elizabeth Gammon

      Where's your other earring??

    70. Jaylah Mitchell-Whyte