I Can't Believe Dr Phil Said This - Jacksepticeyes Funniest Home Videos (Season 2)

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    Published on 25 days ago


    1. Charlie The froa

      Those pant chair thingy looks like peg pants

    2. DewDew 1598

      In a tweet a few months ago you said “if this gets 10 thousand re tweets I will dye my hair green again” it got way more than 10 thousand rts in a few miniutes and you still haven’t dyed your hair green

    3. alastaire vlogs & gaming

      The dude who couldn’t open the water bottle probably had to big of hands lol

    4. Alium 61

      1.1k people who watched this had no brain.

    5. Mason Johnson

      Stop trying to kill him

    6. Mason Johnson

      I have a bad case of diarrhea I saw it and laughed my ballsaronies off

    7. Mason Johnson

      Hell ya we make money

    8. Mason Johnson

      No not handsome jack

    9. Mason Johnson

      Jack your my life I would not be alive if it wasn’t for your laughs to me

    10. ZeroRequiem

      Omfg I can't believe they got Jack for this episode!

    11. Aydyn Clayton

      This is awesome! And funny

    12. Montana

      That 5:30 has to be in Oklahoma

    13. The Freakshow

      I’m bugged that he has two cardboard cutouts of himself AND a mask.

      1. DewDew 1598

        I have more get on my level

    14. Frog Harger

      Obama's last name revealed Obama-Bin-Ladan

    15. Vortex Bobisdead99

      I had my phone to max volume and when jack said ‘hey Siri ‘ Siri came up on my phone

    16. Kevin Smith

      I can't swear. 3 minutes later: "God damn, son of a bitch"

    17. Webs

      did he put the mask on handsome jack on purpose?? either way... brilliant *chefs kiss*

    18. mr clean

      Your going to love my nuts

    19. william flores

      His name is barracks Obama

    20. Alex Enloe

      133K people were exited for season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Shoulders

      My dumbass: obama *binladen*

    22. Adam LaFountain

      Handsome jack is still alive bruh. Tall jack died.

    23. It Wasn't Funny The First Time

      9:51 Cr1TiCAL: you utter fool!

    24. Phoenix Azrael

      The Minecraft sounds...amazing XD

    25. Boydy x

      Did anyone else see the goat dab? 1:30

    26. Sara Strohschein

      Idk why, but i havent seen any of ur vids in months! Ive missed u so much. Im going to spend the next week or two binge watching ur vids. On the plus side, i leave my tv on all night on auto play, and then have to go back and rewatch them all, so it will really bump up ur views lol.

    27. Refael g.

      The beginning scared tf outa me xD

    28. John Mcclane

      Jack: that is amazing. I'm getting one. Critikal: what a piece of shit product.

    29. jc vlogs/gaming and more 2.0

      the big brain jack is missing/also known as big head jack

    30. Irving Bong

      I miss you swearing

    31. Aiden C

      he actually bought that chair!!!

    32. CoolRealJH Gamer


    33. Skate_row Gaming

      5:17 that wasn’t handsome jack that was tall jack

    34. homework theif 2

      Hey Jack... I think handsome Jack is growing a tumor on his neck

    35. ITSFlopItTime

      we need to do a youtube strike for the demonitization that is going on

    36. Abigail Howard

      Wow. Jack cant even tell the difference between his Jack's. That was tall jack. Get it right

    37. Content Cop

      See that's good, keep your hair like that NO MORE BUN

    38. ItsDragonSlayingTime 2

      Jack: We're Renewing The Series! Also Jack: *Dosent Upload In 3 Weeks*

    39. Sybato

      Just like broken lamp Jack is playing favorites with the backup Jacks

    40. Payden Nelson

      Thought we couldn’t cuss😂 7:25

    41. Alyssa Crowe

      Jack having a bunch of cardboard cutouts in the back of his video feels familiar. Cardboard cutouts of himself... I feel like another US-newr has done this before.... Nah, I must be mistaken.

    42. Alyssa Crowe

      President Thanks Obama

    43. sxnny smiles

      Im sorry jack but this is gonna bother me until i correct you- Its borderlands 2 No hate pls 😅😅

    44. Tituz 8419

      5:51 he did a SWORE

    45. Mika Uzumaki

      You made me LAUGH too hard Sean, my laughing made my sister wake up. I spend a good 30 minutes getting her back to sleep mode. And I scared my hamster Jun, she stopped running in the weel and fell out off it xD. Brought her a snack as apology -w-. Alrighty, it's 3am now bye.

    46. super Jenius11


    47. gabrielle stewart

      this is so funny laughing is the best

    48. Dimitrios Ladas

      At 5:50 Jack said bitch you know what that means If you don't, he's going to get demonetized

    49. Lauren Brown

      I just now realized sean gauged his ears...how late am I???

    50. Ali Khan

      9:24 flashback to eviebot and boibot

    51. DrinkGameRepeat

      I've legit thrown my back out trying to open a Sprite before.

    52. BlackReaper1832

      That country accent though

    53. Nicola Newman

      That was tall jack not handsome jack

    54. Tyler Kowal

      ha ha

    55. Shibeis me

      "son of a bitch" *laughs* "IM sORrY"

    56. mark derp

      Sean(jack idk anymore): *hits whiteboard* LAUGHING!!! *Knocked over the cardboard Jack* JACK!!! Me: Laughing Jack- heh that’s a creepypasta -^-

    57. Baxi

      Oh no.. he's going through the cardboard cutout phase... We know how that goes

    58. Austin Lessard

      I got an ad right after he said THIS!

    59. Elijah Cox

      Man I love being irish, now i know i have something in common with Sean here

    60. alexandria goth

      his name is barack obama. or were you just making a joke?

    61. Jktje K

      I was laughing and enjoying the video. But then he started about how women can be strong and it's 2019. Fucking hell mate nobody cares about that

    62. Soulnebula19

      Heck yeah guys imma smash that like with the power of ZEUUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    63. Legend of awesome productions

      Does Jack just... casually decorate his house with cardboard cutouts of himself?

      1. DewDew 1598

        Yes, oh wait you were wondering about jack

      2. oof magoof

        honestly i would decorate my house with cardboard cutouts of jack sooo...

    64. Taiyo Yamamoto

      3:25 is not Minecraft. But deltra rune

    65. Bronson Arthur

      Somebody call the Cool Patrol, Jack is going to need them this December.

    66. Book Nerds

      5:19.... wasn’t that Tall Jack?

    67. Lillian DiNoto

      no one on planet earth: Dr Phil: *yOu’Re UgLy, YoU aRe DiSgUsTiNg, I’m GoNnA kIlL yOu, GiVe Me $200.*

    68. Gavin Wheeldon

      Yeah but when that sweet sweet VTEC kicks in on the answering machine...



    70. Spencer Howard

      I better see that chair video. You should do that as a vlog lmfao