I Built a Dog House for our 7 Husky Puppies

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    Daniel built a dog house for the dogs!! Go show him some love!
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Katarina Adele

      Green looks like a rottweiler

    2. charmed8933

      they are so cute and great work on the fence and doghouse and I hope he feels better soon

    3. Star{Mad hetters daughter}

      Tell Joey he is the best US-newr ever! And tell him I said get well soon! But Daniel Is so kind to stop time for Joey's vlog!

    4. kinkzz

      That peace is for bugs

    5. Harmony H

      Are u selling the puppies

    6. Elizabeth Murillo

      You should let mama in the puppy pen.🐕🐶🐶

    7. pamela hewitt

      You did a great job. Get Well soon Joey!!! Sending Healing Hugs....💖💖💖💖💖💖😗

    8. pamela hewitt

      So sweet of You! Love and Blessings...🐶❤🐶❤

    9. YDS GANG

      I most definitely want one .!!!!!

    10. Brooks Vlogs

      Love you Daniel get well soon Joey

    11. Ursula Mcconaha

      You gay

    12. Megan Hunter

      Down below

    13. itzMe GALAXY

      when he says that:look all the space so you can run around and i said they can poop around

    14. Ann Wendy

      I love green so much and also can i ask if your in America or Australia, so i can get it from well...Australia anyway thanks and bye.

    15. Nayeong Cho

      3:31 - boii I ain’t no bowl Me- *thinks of shower*

    16. Olivia Losoya

      Daniel and grayson need to get together and build something lol

    17. Angels and Demons.


      1. JanielLove DanielPreda

        Angels and Demons. No

    18. Random Gamer

      10:41 , Me every morning !

    19. TøønTastë


    20. Abbigayle McKlem

      Omg I loved how he “Good damn bye “ like Joey does!!!!!

    21. Lana Anderson


    22. Jayde Mariscal


    23. Audrey Duff

      As much as I love pink but PLEASE keeps red he’s such a sweetheart and he SO fits with the family ♥️ reds the best out of the rest 🤷‍♀️

    24. Abigail Maffin

      sir thiccy Im Dead xDDDD

    25. shlongdaboot


    26. GachaLife AndMore

      I hope you get well soon Joey! Send you all my Prayers!

    27. Allie Kondus

      OMG so you're awesome you did an amazing job

    28. bluebell diamond

      IS that there names IF not what are ya naming them

    29. JAKE

      I have a husky when his angry his eye is red but when his happy his eye is blue is that normal

    30. Ava Vallejo

      Who else is wondering who the dad is

    31. Dilara A

      A handy man 👏🏼 Your smile is beautiful and contagious💖💚

    32. wolf pack

      ALL Your clothes wow no stop

    33. Lexi Jaunarajs 2027

      I love it when Daniel takes over!

    34. Alissa Lyn

      These pups were DEFINITELY not an accident 👀

      1. Bruh IdfkEither

        They are angels! 😇

    35. Kaelyn Delamora

      Who else was going to scream at him because where he put the spot there was no shade but then they deleted everything they typed because they watched the whole video. | | | 👇🏼

    36. Chelsea Hawkins


    37. Logan Younts

      When you are watching the shadows to see if there is a umm 🍆🍆🍆

    38. Lily Smith

      Hope you get better Joey the puppies miss you

    39. haley hubbardgodfrey

      they might like the house better if you put some treats in it

    40. The fire Umpire Daggers Beeson

      I love dogs 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

    41. Lilium Edward

      Y’all are so wholesome.

    42. Zahmir Lewis

      i want one so bad

    43. Kelly Clark

      9:51 LOL

    44. Aim 20

      So you just walking around in the NUDE!!!?????

    45. Alyssiexox 10

      Daniel- "yellow what r you doing go eat?!" Yellow- *slowly walks to the food* Daniel- "you have a reputation to uphold.... Sir thicky"

    46. JD Guerrero42


    47. Lismarie and jayden Santiago

      Can I adopt one please like really for real

    48. BorgQueen316

      Love the puppy run and house and I hope Joey is okay

    49. madelaine richter

      I want one they are so adorbs

    50. Gacha Wolfy

      Are they gay? Or is one of them married to Maria

    51. JanielLove DanielPreda

      Daniel is a god of a man so fking gorgeous damn 🥰

    52. Thecnos 5000

      I have a question to were you got those dog fences

    53. Animal Animator

      Put the pool in there too

    54. Kirkland Fam

      Who's been watching since the birth of the puppies

    55. mckinlea akers

      this reminds me of joey and his tent lol

    56. Elsa Heikkilä

      i cant stop smiling while watching this i love you and all the puppers so much!!

    57. Karen Curtis

      Just catching up on things I missed whilst I was away having my hip replacement. Gorgeous house great choice. The space is fabulous seeing running around, Great Job. They love it . Take care everyone 😉

    58. Monkey Mills

      Sir Thiccy😂

    59. Monkey Mills

      Yes Daniel u annoy ur neighbours carry on😂

    60. Juliana Carney


    61. Charlie And mitch

      Pink tie me home

    62. Sherralee Clark

      You must have spent as much or more than you are going to get from selling a few puppies.

    63. Ricky Hawkins

      Hope you get better soon Joey

    64. Amanda11D

      Aren’t the puppies old enough to go to their new homes already that way the new owners can enjoy the puppy stage too?

      1. JanielLove DanielPreda

        Amanda11D they go in two weeks

    65. Cassandra Carson

      Love the dog house ❤️

    66. Meghan McGregor

      i honestly love green bc of his eyes i want him so much

    67. Deanna Webb

      You guys are so crafty

    68. Sara Evans

      I love daniel he is so hot

    69. Elaina Tran

      I haven’t been catching up but those dogs are huge now

    70. Unicorn Roblox

      Danielsays he’s hot but I am literally so cold