I Bought All The Smartphones On Wish...



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    Buying ALL THE SMART PHONES on Wish!! What are the best android or iphones on wish.com? We bought the cheapest and the most expensive even free smart phones off wish to see if they’re as good as the real ones! Should you buy your iPhone or Android Samsung phone off Wish?
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    If you read the entire description, comment down below: "Wish gang" so I know you're a real one and I'll reply

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    1. ItsYeBoi

      What item should I buy all of on WISH next??? Comment your ideas below 🙌🏻🙌🏻

      1. W1NT3R

        I would like one of the phones

      2. Jayden Phantharath

        Buy all the iPhone 11 on wish

      3. Patrick Roche

        The iPhone 11 pro I mac

      4. immanuel alexander

        mini drones on wish pls

      5. Gaming With Adam

        ItsYeBoi Gaming pcs

    2. eXo Dreamkiller

      Wish gang gang gang

    3. Dariana María Tomi

      6:14 it is correct because who wrote it has no sense, I speak Spanish, if somebody wants to know something in Spanish I can translate it

    4. Noah Bailey

      If you still have the phones I'll take one.

    5. Yung TheAlien

      Can i have the IPhone 6?😜😂

    6. José Catalão Ferreira

      The wheel after he spined it says just phones

    7. ItzNojuzx

      Android is way way wayyyy better than iOS

    8. Sup Its Kimberly

      You know what you could do with one of those? ......... Donate one to me☺😏😏

    9. Pro Hydra

      You should buy all the electronic on wish like video games

    10. Pro Hydra

      You should buy all the electronic on wish like video games

    11. kiara ramos

      Do the apps work, I need a new phone. My phone looks worst than the iPhone 6 screen 😂😅

    12. zeedest

      Pm me. You can send them to me. :D

    13. W1NT3R

      I would like one of the phone

    14. Go Out With Me, Levar Burton

      Hi. Sometimes the gimmicks turn me off, but this was generally a fun video. I think I'm one more video away from subscribing :) Please stop the especially obvious gimmicks. I mean, maybe people actually like them. But if it seems I'm not alone in this... Please stop.

    15. Ethan Domino

      Very Derek Gerard inspired I love it

    16. little cute man

      Wish gang

    17. Marcia Kora

      Can I have a iPhone pls I don't have one

    18. SN1PER4Ze _YT

      Ive been in jail buy me a phone instead of breaking them😢

    19. F4austas Šim???is

      19:17 says not working but I can clearly see the sreen is turned on

      1. eXo Dreamkiller

        F4austas Šim???is no it turns on but nothing else

    20. Owen Davies

      You should go on amazon and get the Samsung galaxy a70

    21. Keyth Karega

      plz i dont ha ve a phone

    22. Dalton Fears

      Is there a link to the best phone that you purchased?

    23. Alpha gaming

      The thing is when he’s pinned the wheel changed to all his phones so he planned it

      1. eXo Dreamkiller

        @alpha gaming. Yeah no shit

    24. Neema Mansur Nkya

      I want them plzzzzzzzz

    25. Hassan Brahmi

      Hi my name is aya and I heard you where doing a giveaway and I really need a iPhone for school so if you could please I would love to win the giveaway I'm a big fan!

    26. long run

      Csn i have the one who has four caneras oks

    27. Stephanie Louise

      Scrolling through the comments.... Is anyone gonna talk about how he switched the all the options on the wheel to phones?????

    28. 100000 subs for this Polite Cat

      05:22 *Let's save some money babyyyyy HD Big tiddie Smart phone*

    29. Zharif Noor Ramdhan

      MKBHD, is that you

    30. shisui uchiha

      i still want it please

    31. Dj kyng

      Bro the purple phone somehow looks better quality than the camera recoding the video resolution wise

    32. Jake Rondeau

      How many people have the iPhone 6 and was waiting for him to say nice things

      1. eXo Dreamkiller

        Jake Rondeau bro me

    33. UnicornGaming

      98k likes Hehehe 😂 Hehehe 😂

    34. Richard Shushu

      Hay friend, can i have one phone please, am your fan and love your videos

    35. Carla Filipa Carvalho Gomes carimo

      There are people out there that need food and a home they wish they could have a good Christmas and they don't expect anything for a gift all they want is happynes And your here smashing stopid iPhones like what the heck is wrong with you?!

    36. Shayaan Mirza

      I’ll have those wish phones

    37. TMO

      Why do you keep saying vibe

    38. Evelyn Gonzalez

      Well the video is at 95k soooooooo where’s the folder??? Lol

    39. twitch don comedy

      Best vidz🔥🔥🔥

    40. dark knight

      Wish gang

    41. immanuel alexander

      i want that phone....give away pls

    42. Venus Calixte

      You should take all the extra stuff from you wish stuff and do a giveaway

    43. Emanuel Mares

      And some Asian guy worked like 18 hrs a day and got payed less than minimum wage making those phones

    44. Ariana Duncan

      give away plz meeeeee

    45. Ali Abushanab

      i thought you're buying all LOLOLOLOLOOL :)

    46. Hi Hi

      That editing was legit nice

    47. Marina Wiley

      My iPhone 6 is not slow

    48. Rafa_210_hello Sanchez

      This was so informative

    49. Gaming With Adam

      I subscribed and pressed the bell!

    50. Sean Hornsby

      Lol a NOTE “20???” I didn’t know they’re up that high in model numbers

    51. Matthew Aguirre

      Yes I do

    52. Pratap Singh

      5:05 S9 had 512 MBs of RAM and 4 Gigs of storage.

    53. Erikas Lavuta

      Can I get the iPhone 6 please if it's not takin

    54. Tiktok Rest In Peace X Fortnite is the best

      Who noticed that when he was spinning the wheel it said all phones on it

    55. Gabby Hernandez

      that is not an s9

    56. Shena Brown

      Who else got a wish add

    57. シRoxxane

      Like : Amazon Comment : Wish

    58. Punchline The clown

      I only liked to look st the files

    59. Baby Man

      I feel so poor watching ur videos lmao 💔💔

    60. getoffme308

      Yo u didn’t blur your license plate

    61. Kendra Kuck

      I've got to say this is probably the best "tech channel" I've seen!!! informative, funny, entertaining...did I say funny!! Thanks for answering some questions I had about "Wish" phones... Much appreciated!! 😀

    62. mirandw Worlledge


    63. this will be a 100k chanel with 0 videos

      Thats not s9 hhahhahha

    64. Anijah Marie

      Wish gang👍

    65. Tyla Psg


    66. Younis Arab Gamer4


    67. tay day

      I will take the x9

    68. kamron Payton

      I want all of them

    69. Alex Miller

      Can I have the iPhone plz

    70. Kevin _got games

      All it said on the wheel was phones lol