Eating The Worlds BIGGEST Candy Was A Mistake

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    Hershey Kisses:
    Gummy Bear:
    Candy Cane:
    Hersheys bar:
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Andrew Moll

      4:20 fun dip :-) got u mini

    2. Whatnda stuff

      That giant Hershey’s bar can be used for an ad

    3. Whatnda stuff

      I put seven packs of sugar in my iced tea, it was good. I don’t have diabetes yet

    4. Whatnda stuff

      Taco Bell ad Nice Now I’m Hungry

    5. MonkeyZay

      4:22 Fun Dip

    6. Comic_Manza 1

      Ah shit here we go again. Shot me that kiss boi

    7. darklos gaming

      I did when I was 4

    8. Paola Carmona


    9. Gacha Otaku

      4:18 Fun’s fun dip Craig

    10. jjustaperson

      i cACKLED so hard 7:58

    11. Comanche Red

      4:15 fun dip

    12. DankAnimeMemes

      4:20 it's a fun dip and dope 420

    13. Herr Darkurve

      Nobody: Craig/Mini in his thumbnails: :O

    14. Princess Crystalwriter

      What dentist gives you lollipops? They give me floss and toothpaste....

    15. M C

      Dude I found that Hershey’s kiss at target and ate it under like 5 minutes

    16. Gaming Panda

      Voodoo donuts is so good!!! I love how weird their donuts are

    17. Captain Deadline

      2:49 I've eaten bigger Hershey kisses

    18. Starlight Kovu

      I laughed so I subscribed and then I liked but before all of that I did my homework.What do I do now?

    19. fox legend101

      Well... I'm a double dipper should I leave??????

    20. Jason Sakuei


    21. Jason Sakuei

      I have eaten that Hershey's kiss before

    22. Kylexcool games

      I dont like chocolate

    23. Waffle Master


    24. Pyrixthepython Oronion

      About your tour what kind of things you and panda are gonna do in Demonetized?

    25. redthemerc45

      I had one of those Hershey kisses for Christmas and OMG it took me THREE DAYS to eat it

    26. Bro2568

      Try round rock donut theirs is bigger

    27. Damian Haineault

      Eating candy has officially became an Olympic sport

    28. wyatt jones

      oh yeah and also I have eaten one of those chocolate bars in 5 days

    29. ANONYMOUS 653

      funny thing is that i am eating them right now

    30. nameless bastard

      "you should watch that video" doesnt say what video... betrayal at its finest

    31. msw 49

      What he right?!?! 4:39

    32. Paxton Venditti

      If you come to Hersey Park in Hershey PA there is more huge candy bars.

    33. Sora

      Selling sexy clothing at restaurants is genius since it just sets your appetite further.

    34. Jaiden Kinson

      Is anyone thinking if willy wonka?

    35. IK4NTF1N84UZRN4M3

      Is it sad that I have eaten all of these items?

    36. Coby Sharp

      7:28 what mini dreams about

    37. goracks69

      Gonna have to start calling you MegaLadd. Yeah, that’s right. I went there. Publicly. DM me if you wanna make it private.

    38. Grant Hagen


    39. MojoNoahGamer

      Girthy B O I

    40. Nascar Steve Bob

      I didn't skip this 2 minute ad i got you're welcome

    41. Darla Walsh

      Mini: It's a bomb! *Immediately kisses* ..Tasty bomb at that.

    42. Moopsta Coopsta

      bottom right 0:00

    43. Valissa marcel

      You neste dicklis

    44. Garrick Carroll

      If it doesn’t come in American size, it doesn’t matter

    45. luis barboza

      I looked up girth and that's not what I found but close

    46. octoknife octoknife

      It's fundip and my friends used to snort it

    47. Black ops 3 Player


    48. Xion zentrion

      Fact: chocolate is made part cow shit

    49. Sir Real

      That herseys kiss is not that big

    50. Dragon Dude

      He is weak. Any American could eat any of these things within one bald eagle screech.

    51. Loudon Heimsoth

      20 minutes for Voodoo Doughnuts? It’s gonna be longer now. Don’t you know your internet!?

    52. Jordon Blake

      There's a bigger donut search ferious pete giant donut

    53. Mark Abkemeier

      Craig there's a you tooz figure of you

    54. Tee McWeirdy Person

      I want that donut....

    55. Soviet Flef

      Mini talks about his childhood of snorting fun-dip...

    56. Grace Dreemur

      Dammit now I'm hungry

    57. S.S Awesomeness

      8:31 thats what she said 11:30 thats what she did

    58. night wolf

      you are referring to FUN DIP

    59. RangerLeaf

      Ever notice he looks like Mini Ladd

    60. Blu Scout

      At least you don't lie your giveaways

    61. Hannah Dawn

      I want chocolate now damn it

    62. Madara Uzumaki

      Mini really

    63. cloudy gamer


    64. Dario Holdback

      That was so anticlimactic 7:56

    65. Rainbo3 Rose

      You mean fundip mini

    66. matalic cyber wolf

      does it smell like fun dip

    67. super8ben

      4:20 FunDip is what you mean. Also, when it comes to gummy candy, Haribo is king. Fact.

    68. Joshua Rodriguez

      7:56 lmao😂

    69. Blue Green

      "I can already feel it going to my thighs" ..??

    70. Gacha Films2

      Gay Friends: come over Me:ok AT 2AM 11:30