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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Deepika Pravin

      Not up here😆😆

    2. Angelia Haevard

      This is how many times Miranda said down here not up here down here 👇🏻

    3. Lauren Dunleavy

      She posted this video 4 months ago today Who’s here in December?

    4. E 123 Omega


    5. Fiona Zhou

      Omg at the end Colleen was actually scared

    6. Gaming Legend Pro

      Was she actually ment to cut off

    7. Jasmyn Lawson


    8. cait4190 vlogs

      Lol... ok mom!!!! Lmao

    9. Martin Twigg

      A little trim trim trim

    10. Angelena Church


    11. Lil Muchacho

      Every time she was like no Not up here I was like please no

    12. Betty Myers

      @ava_ogint:selling starbucks: {\__/} (• . • ) /> ☕️ •tall/small(like) •grande/medium(follow Miranda ) •venti/large(reply)

    13. Hellen Gqoboka

      **down here aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh**

    14. Emma James

      You: l accidentally cut my hair Me: wtf

    15. Emma James

      How do you accidentally cut your hair

    16. Itz Gacha Isa

      *But I have short hair!* *WHAT IM I SUPPOSE TO DO*

    17. Silly Chilly

      Omg she said “not up here, down here so many times I think Colleen panicked and didn’t know when to do it (I would to lol) also for the 0.000% of people who are wondering I didn’t do one of the comments saying this is how many times she said this because I knew I wouldn’t get any likes coz the only likes I get are blue

    18. chicken gorl

      ok so one time when my brother and i were little he literally cut my freaking bangs off

    19. chicken gorl

      i hEaRd iF yOu sAy a yOutUbeRs nAmE tHiRteEn tImEs yOu wILL gEt pInNed Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings

    20. Madison Birchwood

      I Love you xoxoxo 😘😘

    21. Yoana Gyurina

      Little chunks okayyy

    22. All around the world with Prim

      Do you subscribe to my channel my channel all around the world with prim

    23. Julie Ogier

      Plus I don't want long hair

    24. Julie Ogier

      That looks like a wig and she seems more like a human and changed the music 🎶 from 14years and OK we get it not up the top o mg this girl 😂

    25. Debbie Bechard

      Not up here down her not Here *cuts* MOM!!!!!!!

    26. FluffyCloud


    27. bubbles

      Colleen nice acting at the end😂😂😂

    28. Sammy Peters

      So can you tech me how to sing

    29. Fallen Angel

      Miranda screams “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!” Me screaming for chips “MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    30. Potato-Frost

      Miranda you should not cry 😭 about it but it’s really bad I cut my hair but it looks weird

    31. Madison Bergmann

      I got so anxious every time

    32. Totally Me Gacha

      Keep ur hair messed up

    33. Maria Perez

      My name is Miranda

    34. Master Mendez


    35. Leticia Atencio

      I rewound it so muth times

    36. Jace Salgado

      Iol this is so funny omg and would you watch in 2019

    37. mOOnlight_ spOtlight_

      *Miranda saying that we don’t want short hair and long hairs gorgeous and better* Me: oop..I’m sad

    38. Pickled Cats

      Me when I get my first haircut: 2:02

    39. Kylie Blossom


    40. D and X

      Just saying people don’t try this at home and me lol I love Miranda but her real name is Colleen I thinks that’s how u write it I’m a girl lol why did I say that but I’m sorry Miranda lol

    41. Ruthie Weitzel

      You got to admit that was Hilarious😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    42. Benny and Peppers Love!

      That’s why you never cut your hair kids

    43. Florence Mayers

      Who else gets anxiety when she put the scissors up and says not up here

    44. Ashleigh

      When she screened mom though

    45. alyssa Moore

      You look really beautiful and so cute

    46. Freedom Pancakes

      The anticipation

    47. Haley Egner

      Oh my god😮 that’s an oof

    48. Ching oscar Kwok

      Tutorial how to cut all your hair by accident and cry crazy

    49. Great Greebo

      I’m DYING....sofa king hilarious!!!!!

    50. Samantha Erdody

      What if Im bald???

    51. exelerite

      Bye bye weAvE

    52. Abdul Rahman Abdul Majid

      she is so funny

    53. Aubrey Girl

      Who thinks her hair looks better shorter

    54. Joel Crus

      it just a extension

    55. Vince Tan


    56. P Smith


    57. Derek Rivers

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha that is what you get

    58. Sloph Taylor

      Could anyone else see that when she said “not up here down here” she was shaking

    59. Reagan Klein

      This is my favorite video I’ve ever seen on this channel

    60. Evie's vlog's

      I cut my hair, when I told my mum it was Mirandas action my mum's action not mine

    61. Taylor S

      I have short hair I just donated my hair

    62. Anyssa Jacobs

      Wow I luv to peel of my scabs

    63. abolaji3

      You was a really fun 👧🏾. But not now that is what I was paid to

    64. Alexandra Arizmendi

      Jajaja at 1:57

    65. jnelly313


    66. Trent Brooksher


    67. Jennifer Smith


    68. Holly The Hufflepuff

      Hairdresser: *about to cut my hair* Colleen/Miranda: *naruto runs in* “NoT uP hErE dOwN hErE”

    69. Aliyah Neal

      Why would you do that Colleen what will you do when you go on tour