Hungry Crocs Kill EIGHT Wildebeest (Vertical Video)



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    A float of crocodiles swarm a herd of wildebeest as they try to migrate across the Masai Mara river
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS

      if it can crush a wildebeest....imagine what it can do to a human! 😳

    2. Christopher S.

      The world needs balance, that's just how nature works.

    3. alain fréville

      Free swiming pool for vegan

    4. Alpha PlayzYT

      Dang the thing is if the wildebeest do survive the bites their going to drown anyway. So sad nature of life

    5. Paulina Dackiw

      Rest in peace!!!💗

    6. Zachary Abner

      The wildebeest are paid actors

    7. Zaki Hydar


    8. My Slime


    9. LGX LIONX

      That right there..... * IS THE DEVIL'S FAVORITE ANIMAL*

    10. Zaiphon

      Vertical Video Syndrom, jesus people still to stupid to film right?

    11. Ruby Green

      Crocs gotta eat 2 . It's part of the circle of life.

      1. PresidentialWinner

        Hakuna Matata

    12. Zoo Fan

      Gotta do what you gotta do

    13. Nazarene Christian Soldier

      Crocs are one of my top 10 animals, Its great to watch them hunting

    14. DaRkSouL

      Oh man. It crushed that wildebeests ribs and torso like its made of jelly. Beastly jaws.

      1. Black182heart

        They have the highest bite force among all the living creature on earth right now. Even higher than great white shark and hyena .

    15. AN MEDIA

      It makes me sad :(

      1. Jamélie Villeneuve

        It's nature :/ The crocs have to survive even if unpleasant to watch

    16. Monetization Bot


    17. Tiger in the Mist

      🐐🐊 As the World Turns survival of the fittest💪

    18. cp maharshi school India 59

      Well good

    19. Miranda Machaidze


    20. Fun Kids

      Early Squad

    21. แอน แลน


    22. J-DAWG VLOGS

      I am second

    23. David Coisman

      I am first

      1. David Coisman

        What do you mean no?

      2. Khaled Amouri