Human VS Robot: Who Can Do Nail Art Better? (ultimate battle)

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    ~~~Only one of us will survive~~~
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Alexa Hawkins

      I love you and im all ways by your side


      i searched her up and it said Canadian US-newr

    3. comey2610

      'Dragging it like a beauty guru after controversy,' .. The shade. 😂

    4. Elvira Forsberg

      Normal people: sleep eat work eat sleep repeat Christine: **Talking to a nail art robot** Edit: Sorry, Cristine When you realize this comment isn't edited

    5. Grace 3649

      Christine: Really I thought this was the best one Ben: No.

    6. Grace 3649

      Those nail art machines remind me of those things that u put ur finger in when u were a kid and it drew ur blood by poking your finger

    7. TiTianaa Why a last name

      US-new is weird. It’s filled with people who record themselves being lonely and talking to themselves, then watching themselves do so, trying to make the video better. Then probably laugh at themselves. We’re raising psychopaths.

    8. Catie Delaney

      Anyone else want Cristine to add a heading in her description that is called: WHAT'S IN MY STARBUCKS CUPPPPP?!?! I really just wanna know what she is drinking lol

    9. Jo Jo likes Apples Rebecca is an animator

      U r still funny af

      1. Jo Jo likes Apples Rebecca is an animator

        And stop freaking me out obaut thous robots 💅🏻+🤖

    10. Mari S

      We need a part two where you create the nail art and the printer tries to replicate It.

    11. Carsten

      Watch this nail printer video!

    12. ‘lil honey :3

      OMG I was doing math problems and the person was named Cristine with no h AND it said she had friends.You have friends now


      im here for cristine!NOT the nail art! like if you are too.

    14. DangItzTatum XD

      “Which is better?” I want to say human... jkjk

    15. Xylia Blackwood

      SimplyRobotLogical 😎

    16. Hazel Jane Hopkins

      Your attempt was brighter and crisper than the printers; trying to recreate the designs didn’t go so well but I think the final result was better. The self applied nail art popped!

    17. Laughingkid 119

      Literally scarcely just before you said “we’re all gonna die one day” I literally said it like four seconds before you did and I screamed “oh my God”

    18. Ash Ash'sworld

      Christine may be insane but arent most of us probably why we stuck around also because its fun to see what she forces her tea boi to do

    19. Sophie Cross

      I ᗯᗩᔕ ᕼEᖇE ᔕIᑎᑕE TᕼE ᖴIᖇᔕT ᔕᑕᗩᒪE GᖇᗩᗪEᑎT

    20. noelle requa

      you got the nails a lot closer to the pics then the robot except for the roses NAIL VINLES hahaha

    21. Kawaii Unicorn 259

      Humans can do nail art better cause they have holo

    22. Granthollowtree

      Humans do nails a lot cheaper.

    23. Darcie-jo Carter


    24. arifin julvin

      You can ask my big sister she is good at drawing rose

    25. Melanie Robinson

      I did originally did subscribe for nail art but it’s funny what you do now even though I hope you go back to nail art but I do like to watch your videos. Love your videos

    26. Queen Kgirl

      I subscribe because u are funny

    27. Brian Truman

      Is me or when she says (beyyn)is so funny

    28. Andrea Davies

      My husband said he liked your channel! He said your personality and presentation skills are really great! Way to go!

    29. XD_Deseane XD

      BEEEYYYYYYNNNN o wait he’s sick😂

    30. Flipping Rylinn

      Any time I watch me holo everyone it’s me cristine again

    31. Amy Browne

      Human bean iz Betta Autocorrect: Berta Me: SHUT THE HELL UP IM a WeIrDo

    32. Hermione Granger

      Simply Nailogical Canadian US-newr not now according to google

    33. Lauren Rebecca

      7:51 harmony 😂 love youuu xxx

    34. Julia Karp

      Should do toe nail art

    35. Shadow Heart

      The ones that you painted are so muvh better :)

    36. hi Greg hello

      I wish you luck

    37. Ellie Yanks

      The machine has barely any polish in it but cristine has less Just ignore the 200 bottles of nail polish behind her

    38. Puppy Love


    39. Puppy Love

      I bought that robot and it can’t do friggin HOLO!!! F**K Robots that can’t do HOLO

    40. Kim salvi

      do a show us all of your peeled of nails in a video pppllleeeaaassseee

    41. Allie Leblanc

      Only the water colour & the eye look better the way Cristine did it... Don't hate me!! Sorry, not sorry... 😓😓

    42. Chad Fleischhacker

      You did it better the machine didn’t stand a chance

    43. Kayla Pike


    44. Productive In PJs

      I feel like the actual print was worse than Cristines nails but the app looked better that what Cristine had done. Ya feel me?

    45. Rosie Miele

      she seems a bit drunk or a lil hangover🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. hope O'BRIAN

      Not sure if you already have a video on it but have you ever shown your daily food or workout routine if you have one?

    47. Paige Turner

      Oh my god! 16:26 the bottle says HOLO on it. This was close to the start!

    48. Teenager Saveior

      Team Cristine wins!!!!!

    49. Stephanie McPherson

      It would be cool if you printed your designs to see how well it duplicates your nail art

    50. Luna Pearl

      17:01 that is the stuff of nightmares

    51. hanqiu wei

      I just found this channel and I already like it your good

    52. Charlotte Hunt

      I want that thing

    53. Nazifa Islam

      i subscribed cause i love how crazy you are

    54. Nadia Alymova

      *WHAT if those Dots Per Inch are robot cameras and eyeballs’ nail design are really *WATCHING US. P.S. Sorry, for my English.

    55. Vijayan Kaipada

      I like your better

    56. Kaylan Phillips

      Sticking with you for ever no mater what you do

    57. Reagan Haase

      I’m not gonna lie I started watching her when the og polish mountain came out but I haven’t missed a video since. 3 years where does time go?

    58. Emma cloud1068

      Nancy Nguyen you can print the art and add more to it (by hand).

    59. Dylan Sunflowr

      17:06 99% of the comments: Just other random shit. 1% of the comments: Actually saying if they liked Cristines nail art or the robots nail art better.

    60. *Alex* V-i-P

      Buy some warhammer detail brushes they are supper fine and high quality you'll get so much more detail if you ever need to in future

    61. Casaundra Jacobs

      Actually like hooman better

    62. Yaretzi Castro

      16:49 is when you order something and then get scammed😂❤️Also I have been waiting for a nail art video, but still enjoyed all your videos

    63. giada mikoto

      Love this channel. I wasnt a fan of nail stuff. Before :p. Keep going cristine !

    64. Taylor Graffman

      We love you simply!

    65. GabbyTheUnicorn

      ... Who are you? An alien from Area 51? What have you done with Cristine simplynailogical?

    66. Christine Molnar

      Cristine's nail arts were clearer.

    67. XxMikasa WolfxX

      heres a joke xD why is 6 scared of 7 because 7(ate 8) 9 xD btw i love your vids :3

    68. Juliana Schuster

      me and cristine have the same birthday

    69. Addison Alexander

      Who else was here right before she broke her nail? Then she stopped doing nail art but stays so you can stop thinking about your life and have some fun for 20 minutes!😂

    70. _ Abstrats _

      bru the eye one looks really good how did you do that on your hand