Human VS Robot: Who Can Do Nail Art Better? (ultimate battle)

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    ~~~Only one of us will survive~~~
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    1. Elena Dragoi

      Maybe you could do a video where you and ben switch roles for a day, like ben does a weird challenge and sits in your chair and films, and you get him the tea and BeyYyYn experiments on you. I love this video! :)

    2. Paris Mikylah Hester

      When Christine said “I haven’t seen Ben in hours I should probably feed him or something” then did nothing is literally how I feel every time I need to do chores. 🤣🤣😑😑

    3. Audrey Gray

      y’all at 18:12 you can see her using holo taco top coat months before it was released🤭

    4. Huda’s Vlog

      Are you the toy box thing?

    5. Haloworldz XD


    6. Khalix Zandee Robles

      My youtube page is just u

    7. Christina

      i love Christine❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    8. O Wise

      Wait am I the only one watchimg this in 2020? Lol I am rewatchimg vids XD

    9. Anaera doe’s stuff

      The robot did it better haha

    10. Random Person

      Poor poor BYYEN

    11. Amira Aranki

      Is nOt A pRoBleM aNyMorE

    12. awadhesh kumar

      I actually liked cristine's (with no h ) because it looked more bright and colorful

    13. Ellis Mallett

      I'm still waiting for the simply-face logical video CrisTEAn!

    14. Anonymous Viola

      Is this a Christine Clone, patent pending?

    15. Daisy's world

      If it can’t do Holo it is bad u can do holo so u are better ❤️

    16. Daisy's world

      ItS noT a ProbLeM AnYmoRe

    17. Rachelle Hinkle

      I remember the nail art tutorials! Lol. I was SOOO excited to see that you have your own line! I saw that on Suzies page.

    18. Lily Jeays

      She touches NoThINg. *slams hands on desk*

    19. Sara Jeanne

      Well Cristine your nails lookEd a shit ton better because they actually looked like you did them with nail polish.

    20. Zella Bailey

      You should do your makeup based on nail art

    21. Zella Bailey

      You should let Ben paint your nails

    22. Maddie McClure

      Zieler for your cat 🐱

    23. Maddie McClure

      Where did you get the name zili

    24. Haley Barriger

      I know this is an old video however I do believe that Ben is one of the best US-newr boyfriend's out there because he has stuck by Cristine (sorry if I spelt the name wrong) for a very long time, knows how to joke around, and walks in the house with tea on a daily for her while she's probably painting the whole house with nail polish that has Holo in it of course. Point is that these two have to be one of my favorite US-new couples out there. :)

    25. Elisia Rueda

      I now believe i am now a SOCK!!!!!!!!! IM A SOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Navya Sriram

      I need the link for that straw drink cup thingy

    27. Alana Almeida


    28. Lyddia Coussinns

      You definantly won one this video

    29. Jacob Mahaffey

      Simply did it better

    30. TheJessiGirl12

      I gotta should start doing nail ar-.... *looks through video history* fuck you are a nail channel 🤣🤣🤣

    31. sadaf samuel

      SpEAkiNg oF tEa... 5 minutes later, I HaZ mEh TeA!!!!!!

    32. Jasmine Freya

      Still think Cristine’s nail art is still better than the machine

    33. Cameron L

      She gave Ben a heart mug 😭

    34. Bailey Hill

      You should paint the nail art robot with HOLO NAIL POLISH!!!

    35. Karina Garcia

      Is it weird that im watching this actually 1 year later 😂

    36. Breanna Mullen

      When the robot "said" im stilling your iphone data rn i thought it said im dating your iphone rn

    37. skyluna

      just happen to be here for the two year anniversary

    38. Arianna Lopez

      What the hell I looked on when this was made and found out it was 2/2/2019 and I’m watching this on 2/2/2020

    39. Sam Frizzell

      whoa im watching this a year later when it was originally posted lmao its my day off i just miss these videos uwu

    40. Skyla Wolf

      I’m watching this EXACTLY a year after it was posted, this was not on purpose XD

    41. Lana Hozjan

      Who else watching this in 2020 .... happy 1year video anyversary ❤❤❤

    42. ky kittens

      Human wins

    43. Antonia Alves Schlünzen

      Honestly great work Cristine

    44. Eline Vlogs

      I think human is better but That eye 😂😂😂

    45. ChuckGlitches

      Hi! I was like the printer did a really good job but then I saw yours and was like "daaamn those are mad good" because the printer nails were so dull and dark. But your nails are bright and exciting!! Yay!! They're really good for not doing nail art for a while. 💕 BTW this is not my account it's my fiancees😂

    46. Billy Headford

      I wish it snowed like that in england

    47. Gianna Reny

      The robot of coursely won

    48. Mohan Ammanath

      How do you not get dirt under your nails?!?!?!?!???!! I get it every time! ?!????!!!!😠

    49. Marshmallow Are Great

      I love both your regular videos AND the nail art ones! I'm totally binge watch videos I've missed lol

    50. Baylee’s Channel

      I’m in some sort of twilight zone. Cristine gets her tea for Ben Zyler is in the video Menchie isn’t and she’s not licking her bed Simply is doing nail art?!

    51. i pinky promise !

      now is it weird that the first thing i‘ve noticed when the comments appeared on screen was that one persons baekhyun icon? no, no it‘s not

    52. Yvonne q:

      Menchie: *walks on laptop keyboard*

    53. Delaney Ellis

      U did very good u won

    54. Sidney Shae

      Cristine definitely won!

    55. Brigitte Nguyen

      When you realize that the music at 13:02 is from iMovie as you have used it before in a school project

    56. Ali Deno

      I don't care what you do you make me laugh and your the best at nails and when ever you do your nails I want to do mine

    57. Galen Adams

      Hey Christeen I want you to know that you do what you want on your channel and if people don’t like it then who cares

    58. HK Doucet

      For not doing nail art in 3 years your nails look pretty good

    59. yaneli sanchez

      ... but it's command-Z, not control-Z 😅

    60. Someone Something

      Cristine, you always talk about your channel name and how it doesn’t fit to well anymore, it’s 2020 now and just a suggestion would you consider simplyCristinelogicl (if I spelled wrong my bad) just an idea

    61. Fynn Mint

      I'm actually really impressed! Cristine's colors are more vibrant and the designs pop way better than the spy- i mean robot's- versions

    62. Gãçhä _Flõwêr

      You not old I mean I think...


      The human nail art is better a robot could never 🤖🤖🍵🍵🍵

    64. •someone passing by •

      I was waiting for Ben to say "CHRYSTIIIINE, IS THAT MA TEA?"

    65. Hadia Shaheen

      Happy chai

    66. Hadia Shaheen

      Crystine you do a great job

    67. Hadia Shaheen

      Crystine you do a great job

    68. Rama Pati Verma

      Best of luck lol!

    69. Dea Mindeli

      cool video

    70. Antonietta Latorre

      I honestly think the nails she painted is better!the colours are bolder Plus you put effort into itXD soz