Hulk Ink - The World’s Biggest Pitbull Tattoo | DOG DYNASTY

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    THE owner of the world’s biggest pitbull has paid tribute to his supersized canine companion - with an equally supersized tattoo. Dark Dynasty K9s founder Marlon Grennan, 31, had a giant image of Hulk, the 175lb pit bull who has taken the internet by storm, inked on to his chest. Hulk has become the figurehead of the New Hampshire-based protection dogs company and Grennan said he wanted to immortalise the canine colossus as a mark of respect for changing his life. Hulk’s size and power has catapulted him to internet stardom, with his own book deal, dog food brand and merchandising line - and regular guest appearances at dog shows. The enormous mutt recently attended a dog event in Manhattan to try out his new chunky gold collar, the ‘Midas’, made by the team at Big Dog Chains. Dog Dynasty season 2 is available on Barcroft TV’s US-new and Facebook Watch pages, with a new episode released every Friday.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Rouff Guy

      Very nice tatoo

    2. Adrian Bedolla

      Lol that is not a pitbull but its still cool

    3. Ricky George


    4. eddy49

      animaux en cage pauvre chien hiver

    5. Emily Rxttie


    6. Sharlote Swinto

      Speaking bout my sister her daughter kids ain't sticking are standin

    7. Mustafa Suleman

      i hope hulk never die but everyone has to die

    8. Mary Perez

      Tattoo is hot,very the discipline your dogs have. In every comment I can't stop mentioning how gorgeous your dog chain.

    9. Baby Monkey Pink

      I Like This Dog

    10. lil Havi

      Any time marlon carries hulk . Hulk be like Hulk:ye im the boss bois TAKE PICTURES OF ME NOW 👇make that blue if you agree

      1. MYSTIC_SNIPEz_

        lil Havi shut up

    11. Battle Exprt

      I love how when hulk was picked up it was like 🙄😒 you serious.......LET ME DOWN OR ILL RIP YOUR ARM OFF!!!!

    12. TFabi H.

      Nobody else than me thinking „awww the puppy tries to hide under hulk“ ? 😅😂 so cute tho 🤣

      1. TFabi H.

        Chloe Playz first of all: im german so my cellphone keyboard is in the German way and the autocorrect changes words sometimes. Secondly: don’t get so hyped up over one word 😂

      2. Chloe Playz

        Yeah it’s cute but maybe learn how to spell first 😂

    13. cars Hodges

      Do you guys have any bull mastives

    14. Nmatali Ahmad

      Lisa you are very lovly

    15. Maz Will


    16. Fortnite Finn

      Dude the kid on the Nintendo switch 😂😂

    17. Megalasaurian Yeet

      1:06 kid playing nintedo switch

    18. xxfirst 100

      Can you imagine if you broke into there home, you would have to run like a mf.

    19. Louis McKay

      Every white person wathcing this video at 9:40 said “ dude pull up your pants” if you know what I mean

    20. Aryannah Chavez

      Pitbulls are my most favourite 🐶

    21. lil zero

      Tha chain is like a crown

    22. danielle Blakeway

      Love ur dog Halk love pits

    23. BA TAK

      Eat something

    24. DRAKKY87

      I speak in spanish I love hulk

    25. Jamie Smith

      it's not a pitbull u idiots

      1. Becoming Godsize

        Yeah bullys are mutts.

    26. Savannah Scott

      They look like more of a Cain corso/American bully more then pit bulls

      1. Becoming Godsize

        They're not pitbulls they're mutts.

    27. shiv patel

      I love hulk i wish i had pitbull don't you

      1. Becoming Godsize

        Hulk isn't a pitbull.

    28. Bernice Reyna

      Who remembers ace

    29. rara and alfi alfi


    30. rara and alfi alfi

      subtittle indonesian pleaseee

    31. rara and alfi alfi

      Please sub indo

    32. raataggi96 theplayerXD

      those small "dogs" are rats!!. hulk is a real dog wich protects the owner and does good things.

    33. Nahson Ingram

      Can I get hulk for 1 day

    34. The King

      Timthetatman 7:44

    35. Amber Cotterill

      “It can drop to sub zero temperatures” Later in the video *Takes shirt off outside in the snow*

    36. Grig Amirjanyan

      Кто руский

    37. 808

      Little man playing Switch. Mother: What are you playing. KId: Oh, nothing, quickly turns off game.

    38. Rainet Benjamin

      So its going to b u an your best friend hulk ridding till your die in days.the tattoo so sweet an i love it look good on u.

    39. Chris Hotters

      If anyone touched his wife then ur done the dog would bean you

    40. Emma E

      Love this big boy💚💙🦍

    41. standin calamansi

      Wait hulk should have took the stairs

    42. Luis Alfaro

      Es increíble el perro

    43. Mirian Cristiane Da Silva

      Belo dog👍👏👏👏👏

    44. Charlie Forbes

      Can you please make a video of like all your dogs together 😁

    45. Trilok Kumar

      I love pets love all

    46. Hasham Khan

      I love your dog very much

    47. Crystabel Macario

      My question is. Is it heavy for him

      1. lexthe prince

        Crystabel Macario really bruh do you not see how strong he is

    48. D Stone 144,%

      Not a PITBULL,, FACTS


      O melhor dos melhores do mundo 🇧🇷💎🌍🏆🥇⭐️🌟⭐️🌟👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👆🏿👊🏿👑🥇🍀👍🏿🐻🦁

    50. player uknow battlefield

      Nyasar gw disini anjing, ase de kontol ama lu semua anjing

    51. Afro Bella

      Love HULK. sweet dog 🐶. From Italy 🇮🇹

    52. Valentina Caraiman


    53. Benjamin Sanburn

      Hulk looks like Biggie in the thumbnail

    54. George Poon

      Gosh, you look super sexy with that tattoo on your muscular body.

    55. Renee Schroeder

      I love your dog's because halk is my favorite

    56. Seth Thomson

      Nice tat

    57. Andrew Blake

      Dope Tat, Dope Chain/collar and Dope video!!! Thank you for sharing!

    58. NRK Beast

      Why is the dog bigger than him😂😂😂

    59. Killer Bee !?

      I think they don’t need a body gourd hulk is good

    60. Jagmohan Kaur

      Hulk looks cute

    61. Daksh Verma

      Lokiii it's op

    62. Vanessa Montgomery

      He's not a pitbull!!!!

      1. Becoming Godsize

        Yeah he's a mutt just like you.

    63. Lord Foo BAR

      cute tattoo, now grill can have threeways with daddy and the dog for the rest of her life



    65. Michael Nielsen

      how old are you marlon

    66. TypsisYT

      The guy that owns these dogs makes them look 10x bigger because of how much of a stick he is xDD

    67. Cróga Utreekov

      this guy is a joke. he judges other dog owners and breeders when his ethics are lacking luster or ethics in general

    68. 410 BENCH

      Cool tatt 4sure!

    69. LadyMarley!

      I love how he takes his family everywhere he goes!

    70. The Reaper

      Biggest xxl bully tatto*