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    THE owner of the world’s biggest pitbull has paid tribute to his supersized canine companion - with an equally supersized tattoo. Dark Dynasty K9s founder Marlon Grennan, 31, had a giant image of Hulk, the 175lb pit bull who has taken the internet by storm, inked on to his chest. Hulk has become the figurehead of the New Hampshire-based protection dogs company and Grennan said he wanted to immortalise the canine colossus as a mark of respect for changing his life. Hulk’s size and power has catapulted him to internet stardom, with his own book deal, dog food brand and merchandising line - and regular guest appearances at dog shows. The enormous mutt recently attended a dog event in Manhattan to try out his new chunky gold collar, the ‘Midas’, made by the team at Big Dog Chains. Dog Dynasty season 2 is available on Barcroft TV’s US-new and Facebook Watch pages, with a new episode released every Friday.
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    1. Cayden Hayes


    2. sulay juliani 02

      Wen i groow op i wanna be just like you

    3. Soul Nemesis

      So the chain looks nice but is it strong enough?

    4. little x lugo

      My name is xavier that cool oh and you should get ddk chain or a chain of all of your dogs

    5. Car Kid

      RIP Hulk like if u all still have him in your heart

    6. Zxzmist_- _

      That tattoo is crazy and looks hella dope

    7. Leo Fierro

      Do a tribute to god he gave you all of that

    8. Tiffany Edwards

      Love the videos specially the dogs

    9. Tee Ross

      That tattoo was crazy 🔥🔥🔥 👌🏾

    10. Pedro Henrique

      Tatu top

    11. Brooklynhead Blast

      Worlds biggest pitbull massive. Regular pits dont get that big

    12. Clark Kasner

      Ps I love this channel, but come to Canada that’s nothin

    13. Dhh Fhdh

      What if he got a Tattoo of general on his back 🤔

    14. FloPaC Kilawin

      God bless!!

    15. BUVAN 21

      Small dog beside hulk would be thinking what am I up too

    16. Ethan Lee

      6:10 that music is lit

    17. Jazlyn Perez

      I like how he does not leave hulk behind just at home like he brings his family his crew his dog’s it Beautiful 😍❤️

    18. Chrystal Ferrer

      hey you can send me a puppy

    19. KiwibroJF

      My dads friend is dog is 220 pounds/ 100kgs

    20. phong dohong

      dog big

    21. Steve Nelson

      Hulk is worth that nice tattoo Brother the Hulk Man

    22. Valintine Studios

      Is it weird that I think cuddling one of the Pitbulls

    23. MJP HOHAIA

      Thats GOLD💙

    24. Meghan Ager

      omg i love you guys i do not know why people are so scared of pitballs they are cute

    25. Beatriz Miranda

      Que cara burro, porque tatuou um cachorro no peito?!!!!

    26. Shivansh Sarkhandia

      trying to lift hulk would be like weight lifting

    27. Andriy Hirnyak

      It’s funny because you got a tattoo of hulk but that dog is only gonna live for like 12 years.

    28. Dolan Twinzz

      Why do people act like hulk is 6ft tall his like a small/medium dog

      1. Incap1ble

        Its a pitbull/mastiff breed which would make him quite large. If you're gonna compare a chihuahua that is twice the size of a normal chihuahua to a pitbull then ofcourse you would see the difference.

    29. Proreaper

      How old is hulk

    30. Lacey Davis


    31. Menekse Karakus


    32. Daniel Gutierrez

      All them dogs cute

    33. Daniel Gutierrez


    34. Dash Sitcer

      I really appreciate how you care for the dogs on a basis of love and learning/teaching instead of seeing them as a way to get a paycheck. Of course they are worth money but what I mean is your not making the dogs miserable while Traing then, you take your time, love, and money to care for them each and everyday and that makes you and Lisa respectable people.

    35. William Jackson

      The dog is your bodyguard.

    36. DeAmrae Boles

      Hulk is the god of dogs

    37. aaron i

      Stop calling this sloppy monstrosity a Pit Bull

    38. Jessica Cruz

      Rest in Heaven Steven 'The Wall' Schwartz :'( may you be with Mya, General and Ace!

    39. Jaime swifty

      RIP hulk

    40. r1ckNm0rtyz 94

      4:10 what is that beast ?

    41. zeltzin garcia

      He's big he's tough and he's big as f**k

    42. Elliemay Gavo

      Were would I get the gold collar and leashes

    43. No surrender

      He isn’t a dog..He’s our hero 💯

    44. izzy Plays roblox and other things

      Whenever marlin picks up hulk, hulks face is the cutest face ever

    45. Juan Pablo Aceves-Cortez

      Was there any mastiffs there?

    46. Soundcloud Eesti

      Hulk got more bling than us

      1. PandazCanDunk

        Big facts

    47. Mexican Boy

      Steve is a living legend

    48. Aubrey Crawford

      Why would u need security if u gotta dog like that

    49. JXF R3KT

      So wait is he a cat person or a cat person?

    50. Taylor Helton

      This is NOT a pitbull

    51. Fjjnn ffgyjnfghuuf

      Your ego is as big as Kong or hulk Man said he has a celebrity status U also look like a crack head

      1. Maddux Null

        Chill out

    52. Pedro Rer

      What??? This is anorexic man!!!

    53. Batsende Bertus

      Do you need securety? U got a 170+ pound pit bull

      1. Brandie Peterson

        Yeah but what happeneds if he doesn't have hulk or any other dog with him

    54. Jake Wood

      Dude surprised u didn't do his trade mark smile 🙃😸

    55. Jose Hernandez


    56. Lawson Pilkington

      Huge dog but still needs a body guard

    57. Messiah McLean


    58. Robin Sharma

      Wow nice tattoo sir🥰🥰

    59. DOPE-MAN-24-7 Gaming

      Who here because of seen tattoo on snap chat 👇🏽

    60. carolyn marner

      Those dogs LOVE each other!

    61. Swaran Bains

      Maroon should try grow a big beard

    62. ISOGOD

      1:23 that huge water bowl but he’s a big dog Soo.

    63. Thomas Paul

      did hanes sponsor u :p

    64. Thomas Paul

      ever wondered how heavy it wud b for hulk

    65. Divine Virgo

      NICE Tatt... Xclusive Ink in Rocky Hill did a Great job!

      1. H00die Blaze

        I Live the town over from rocky hill

    66. Kiyah Boo

      I wish Hulk was my dog 😭😭😭💕

    67. Rock Rivera

      The dogs at 2:21 look like Presa Canarios

    68. Overhaul

      The only celeb that isn't using their fame to flex money

    69. FaZe Dee

      These episodes are LIT