Hulk’s Pitbull Puppies Fight For Survival | DOG DYNASTY



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    THE world’s biggest pitbull Hulk celebrated the arrival of three new puppies after the litter faced a dramatic battle for survival. Breeder, Dark Dynasty K9s’ (DDK9s) huge 140lb female pitbull Stella was carrying canine colossus Hulk’s latest litter, with everything going to plan in the pregnancy.
    But with her due date rapidly approaching, a major storm hit the northeastern USA, with 70mph-plus winds felling trees and leaving 1.3 million people in the region without power.
    Unfortunately two of the puppies were stillborn, while two others passed away in the days after the birth, leaving three surviving pups. And the sole surviving male, King Kong, is being tipped to outgrow his famous doggy dad by owner Marlon Grennan - who predicts Kong could one day top the 200lb mark.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Heron Pedraza

      Bro when. Ya said on ly 3 made it. Iwas sad. are ya gonna sell the puppies i want one

    2. Michelle JD

      just let the dog have her dang litter.

    3. Yahul Wagoni

      Why didn't they invest in a back up power system, diesel or, better still, natural gas?

    4. Bride of Christ

      In this situation I would suggest a good qualified generater in case of an emergency.

    5. teck gamer 2

      I know I'm super late but do you have a dog named chief of boss yet

    6. terry turner

      GENERATOR!!! I mean REALLY!!

    7. Wrecksheeps

      This is not a youtube channel this is a holy sanctuary of love where we can celebrate life learn about respect embrace rules and discipline and sometimes just sometimes witness death and its sadness. You are a blessed couple with a unique and rare quality life. Thank you guys for all these amazing videos. My favourite youtube channel.

    8. J Rae

      Explain to me why these backyard breeders are breeding the one breed of dog that's overflowing in shelters across North America? These people simply had a male pit bull who grew very large, and anyone can see that they're merely capitalizing on that to make money That aside, any responsible breeder would know that a cleft palate is a genetic defect, and it's expected practice among breeders to spay and neuter the parents of offspring born with defects. Add to that the fact that these people had no contingency plan for a power outage (not a super-rare event, let's be honesf - we've all experiened them), and in a sweltering climate, that's unacceptable if you have children and animals under your care. Not at all impress3d with this show - much prefer the rescue folks at Villalobos, who end up cleaning-up after all these irresponsible backyard breeders. Finally, it's hard to respect anyone who would pay this much for a puppy, simply in the hopes that he'll be "really big," while countless beautiful, highly adoptable pit bulls are euthanized each year.

    9. Georgia Collard

      Y’all should always be careful number one let her do some she knows what she’s doing way more than you number two breeding dogs for money is just so wrong but make sure all the pups have homes were no one will dump them then they’ll land of the streets number three y’all seem to only care about the money and not the actual puppies...

    10. Ravioli _boy

      I was eating and clicked the vid :/

    11. Jelena Gravara

      King Kong survived! ❤️

    12. Love is a lie

      U know when the sad music starts popping in, one of them died

    13. DomHeKnows ‘

      Could have just gotten a generator for the house

    14. Jack Deal

      Surely you would have a generator

    15. luv porirua porirua

      Hulks a baby daddy❤

    16. Sharon Powell

      Back up heating wood burning stove, candles or lanterns would work great for the family and your dog business especially in unforeseen occurrences like this really bad storm.

    17. Calaysia Cobb

      First off why are you rubbing them so hard with the towel 😂

      1. Ninetails-Ninehearts

        That helps them breathe and open their lungs, while warming them up and cleaning.

    18. lil boat

      Beastly I strongly suggest buying back up generators so nothing bad ever happens again god bless y’alls family I love y’all 😘

    19. Didusnsnjd Sksususjsnjd

      I love this US-new channel I’ve been subscribed since the start but I hope early think you should stop and think what your doing becuase to many little babies dying and the health should be ok maybe take a break for family time

    20. Didusnsnjd Sksususjsnjd

      1:09 prettiest dogs I’ve ever seen

    21. Koz Kozz


    22. Theodenmandige

      i realy love dogs so i hope its ends good for them

    23. Robin Lynn

      She protecc She attacc But most importantly she made DAT 😍

    24. Brendan Rameriez

      Why just why this is not right breeding dogs just for money discussing

    25. Brian Tryin

      All the people giving criticism instead of praise. Shame on you.

    26. Christopher Leyva

      I y Please buy a generator and do not put Stella under that trauma of giving birth to more litters of dogs because their mortality rate is quite high.

    27. Haley Does Stuff

      I'm so glad she was willing to try to put in the work for this puppy with a cleft palate. It sadly didn't make it, but she tried! These dogs deserve a chance!

    28. Jessica Marie

      Why are they endorsing breeding? When all their other shows are educational about the negatives of breeding? Smh

    29. Lalo Hernandez

      Imagine being a girl dog and having that painful experience of giving birth just to never see your pups again. Or at least most of them

      1. Cole Spoelstra

        What do you think happens in the wild ?

    30. Random Rojas

      This is why I got out of breeding dogs 15 years ago. When gotti and razor edge were making big money. The dogs suffered the most and it just broke our hearts to see them suffer.

    31. Sanjay Mahajan

      What is Bulldog

    32. Sebastian Distefano

      Dog breeder 30 minute drive to nearest vet

    33. Bane Herrera

      Poor dog seems stressed out and sad

    34. carol kyle

      If y’all have many power outages... might want to think about investing in a couple of generators... be on the safe side

    35. nbabombshell

      How where they left with three ??? I have a feeling they follow breeder protocol , by doing euthanasia on the ones that are not 100.... why are we breading dogs still????

    36. Jake Vallejo

      They should get a generator......

    37. Melisa Nimani

      Even street dogs have successful litters without any care. Does this breed require everything in place? Temperature and stuff?

    38. Dylan VanDyke

      just because stella has had multiple litters does not make her over bread and just because she lost a litter does not make her a bad carrier

    39. Stella Lammers

      My name is Stella

    40. Ray Daniel


    41. Artem Senich

      Уже большоц

    42. Artem Senich

      У меня стаф

    43. Artem Senich


    44. Artem Senich

      Понимая думаю нет извеняюсь☹️😐🇧🇪

    45. Carol Nash

      Sounds like u GUYS had a good ol Buffalo, N. Y. Avg. WINTER. IT'S a mess AIN'T IT. Better then twisters n hurricanes though n Earthquakes. But had a couple E Quakes n a few twisters n suburbs though, but n the city thank GOD. Take care.💖💖💯

    46. Flix

      So sad 😩

    47. Vinh Nguyen

      So I Feel bad do sad

    48. Vinh Nguyen

      I love the little puppies

      1. Vinh Nguyen


    49. Rakesh Saini

      What is the price of hulk pitbull's papi

      1. RuthlessCash192

        Rakesh Saini he said on another video that he is worth half a million

    50. Tyson Stephens

      Omg Are so cute

    51. Kings Always STING

      No hate but how are the rich and don’t have generators

    52. Life of Lilli !!!!!

      Big surprise that the only ones to make it were the best looking puppies This is a glorified puppy mill

    53. karaholden1979

      Where is Hulk

    54. Liberty Ride424

      I dont know if you are supposed to do this but I would put them in warm water

    55. Mirna Hernandez Coreógrafia

      12:38 She was cleaning the litter one to hard she rude

      1. Dandyych1ki

        Mirna Hernandez Coreógrafia that puppy when it came out, didnt look like it was breathing or moving at all, so she tried to make it breathe.

    56. Invisible

      Pit bulls are usually known for birth complications, let alone a female pit that size...

    57. Nick tan

      Just all for money

    58. Michele Johnson

      Puppy mill!

    59. Michael Fitzpatrick

      October 28th is my bday

    60. I like Dogs

      If your dog has a puppy with ANY type of life threatening deformed don’t not breed that dog again

    61. Trent LeQuire

      All the people saying they don't care about the dogs and it's all about money you're dead wrong they care very much. Also.if it was just about the money don't you think they would do w.e. they could to save the puppies who were lost. If their selling a dog for 15k why not spend a few grand at the vet if that would help and then their still making money compared to the dog dying and then they make nothing. You people need to use ur heads before you speak and watch other videos before you say they don't care

    62. Nathalie Romero

      Only 3 🤧 Why did. the Rest die😭

    63. killa haze


    64. Isabelle Perry

      I have cleft palate

    65. elle knightess

      poor stella :(

    66. Myeisha Bethea

      Get me one ☝️ plz

    67. Nidal Hassen

      Look at the blood pore stella

    68. Nidal Hassen

      Oh man that’s oh no first liter died man that’s sad

    69. Harrison Fitzpatrick

      Hulk is my favourite dog your the luckiest family in the world !!!!!

    70. Guillermo Cardenas

      crazy how my pit bull has 9-12 puppy litters and they all seem to live just fine without our help